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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ Summary List
What is the procedure for multiple FCC IDs of an RF Device? Can the same devices be marketed under different FCC IDs?

Are there any guidelines for requesting a waiver of the importation requirements in Section 2.1204? Our company would like to import devices in an amount in excess of the rules for the purposes of either testing and evaluation or suitability for marketing

What is a Grantee Code, what are the guidelines for acquirin

What fees are applicable to an equipment authorization?

What marketing conditions apply when a Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) grant is dismissed?

What information and equipment do I need to provide to the FCC when I submit a device to the FCC Lab in response to a sample request received from the FCC?

If a composite device is subject to both the Certification and Declaration of Conformity (DoC) approval procedures, does the DoC compliance information have to be submitted with the Certification filing?

What are the requirements for approving a different antenna with an approved modular transmitter?

What are the compliance requirements for a product subject to Declaration of Conformity (DoC)?

Is it against the law to operate a device for eavesdropping?

What web services are available for accessing data in the FCC Laboratory Equipment Authorization System?

What is the difference between Verification, DOC and Certification?

Where can the FCC test procedures be found?

What must be done to receive an equipment authorization prior to marketing an RF device?

Can an exhibit submitted with an application be referenced in a subsequent application filing, as opposed to being uploaded in the subsequent filing?

What are the FCC requirements for a product that was tested outside of the US and has a "CE" mark?

What are the labeling requirements for an implanted medical device?

What are the FCC rules for marketing of licensed transmitters prior to Certification. 

How can information included with a request for an equipment authorization be held confidential?

What measurement procedures should be used for Part 15 intentional and unintentional radiators compliance testing?


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