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Office of Engineering and Technology Laboratory Division Knowledge Database (KDB)

Welcome to the OET Laboratory Division Knowledge Database (KDB). The FCC Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) publishes equipment authorization procedures and measurement guidance in the form of FCC Public Notices and Knowledge Database (KDB) publications. The staff guidance provided in the KDB is intended to assist the public in following Commission requirements and does not constitute rules. Accordingly, the guidance is not binding on the Commission and will not prevent the Commission from making a different decision in any matter that comes to its attention for resolution.

The Basic KDB Search is a full text search and the Advanced KDB Search allows for input of multiple search criteria. The KDB Publication Number search is a quick search for a specific publication. We hope that your visit is both timely and useful.

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Recent KDB Publications:
Publication NumberQuestionAnswer
940660  What procedures should be used to evaluate Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) for compliance under Part 96? Attachment 940660 D01 Part 96 CBRS Eqpt v02 provides guidance on applicable approval procedures, technical requirements, and Part 96 Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) interaction with Spectrum Access System (SAS) evaluation.Attachment 940660 D02 CBS...
935210  What is the Commission guidance for the evaluation of Signal Boosters? A regulatory framework for signal boosters was established and has been updated in FCC rulemaking docket no. 10-4 (e.g., FCC 13-21, FCC 14-138, FCC 18-35), also including the Network Protection Standard that specifies the technical and operational require...
653005  What are the requirements for vehicular radars operating in the 76 to 81 GHz band under Part 95 Subpart M? Guidance on the technical requirements for vehicular radars operating in the 76 to 81 GHz band is provided in attachment 653005 76-81 GHz Radars v01r01.
842590  What measurement procedures should be used for demonstrating compliance of millimeter wave devices? See attachment 842590 D01 Upper Microwave Flexible Use Service v01 for guidance on the evaluation of millimeter wave (mmW) devices that are subject to Part 30 of the FCC rules. Clause 9 of ANSI C63.10-2013 provides general measurement procedures fo...
558074  What are the test procedures for measuring Digital Transmission System (DTS), Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum systems (DSS), and hybrid devices subject to the requirements in Section 15.247? Test procedures for measuring Digital Transmission System (DTS), Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Systems (DSS), and hybrid devices are provided in the attachment 558074 D01 DTS  Meas Guidance.  
641163  What guidance does the FCC provide to Telecommunication Certification Bodies (TCBs) regarding their roles and responsibilities in order to be recognized by the FCC? The FCC provides guidance to the TCBs, and an overview of the TCB program, in the TCB Program Roles and Responsibilities document: 641163 D01 TCB Program Roles and Resp v04r01.
974614  What guidance is available for FCC recognition of accredited testing laboratories that perform testing of RF Devices subject to the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and Certification approval procedures? The FCC provides guidance to accredited testing laboratories in the Accredited Testing Laboratory Program Roles and Responsibilities document, 974614 D01 Accredited Test Lab Roles and Resp v05r01. This guidance has been updated to address the decision i...
668797  What guidelines does the FCC provide to an accreditation body performing an assessment of a certification body seeking to authorize equipment in compliance with the FCC requirements? The attachment 668797 D01 TCB Accreditation Checklist v03r02 below is intended to serve as a guide and provide a minimum list of items to be included in the assessment of a certification body as part of the complete ISO/IEC 17065 assessment for a certific...

Recent Guidelines and Interpretations:

Posted on Apr 28 2009 3:02PM:

Updates will be forthcoming.

Important Notes:

Inquiry Responses and Publications: FCC staff publications and replies to inquiries from the KDB are based on one or more of the following criteria:

1. Responses that the FCC staff have given to prior inquiries.
2. Staff guidance of the Commission's rules and policies.
3. Prior staff practices

The KDB publications regarding measurement procedures constitute staff guidance only and do not necessarily represent the only acceptable methods for measuring RF emissions. Nor are these guidelines binding on the Commission or any interested party.

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