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Erratum - Restoring Internet Freedom
Released Date: 02/20/2018
Description: Bureaus Issue Restoring Internet Freedom Erratum to Conform with Federal Register Style
Word : DOC-349312A1.docx 
PDF : DOC-349312A1.pdf 
Text : DOC-349312A1.txt 
Restoring Internet Freedom
Released Date: 01/04/2018
Description: Reverses Title II Framework to Spur Investment, Innovation, and Competition; Increases Transparency to Protect Consumers
Word : FCC-17-166A1.docx  FCC-17-166A2.docx  FCC-17-166A3.docx  FCC-17-166A4.docx  FCC-17-166A5.docx  FCC-17-166A6.docx 
PDF : FCC-17-166A1.pdf  FCC-17-166A2.pdf  FCC-17-166A3.pdf  FCC-17-166A4.pdf  FCC-17-166A5.pdf  FCC-17-166A6.pdf 
Text : FCC-17-166A1.txt  FCC-17-166A2.txt  FCC-17-166A3.txt  FCC-17-166A4.txt  FCC-17-166A5.txt  FCC-17-166A6.txt 
FCC Record : FCC-17-166A1_Rcd.pdf
FCC Acts To Restore Internet Freedom
Released Date: 12/14/2017
Description: Reverses Title II Framework, Increases Transparency to Protect Consumers, Spur Investment, Innovation, and Competition
Word : DOC-348261A1.docx  DOC-348261A2.docx  DOC-348261A3.docx  DOC-348261A4.docx  DOC-348261A5.docx  DOC-348261A6.docx 
PDF : DOC-348261A1.pdf  DOC-348261A2.pdf  DOC-348261A3.pdf  DOC-348261A4.pdf  DOC-348261A5.pdf  DOC-348261A6.pdf 
Text : DOC-348261A1.txt  DOC-348261A2.txt  DOC-348261A3.txt  DOC-348261A4.txt  DOC-348261A5.txt  DOC-348261A6.txt 
FCC Facilitates Review of Restoring Internet Freedom Record
Released Date: 11/07/2017
Word : DA-17-1089A1.docx 
PDF : DA-17-1089A1.pdf 
Text : DA-17-1089A1.txt 
FCC Record : DA-17-1089A1_Rcd.pdf
Restoring Internet Freedom
Released Date: 08/11/2017
Description: Extends Restoring Internet Freedom Reply Comment Deadline
Word : DA-17-761A1.docx 
PDF : DA-17-761A1.pdf 
Text : DA-17-761A1.txt 
FCC Record : DA-17-761A1_Rcd.pdf
Restoring Internet Freedom
Released Date: 07/17/2017
Description: Denied motion of the National Hispanic Media Coalition for extension of time to file comments in the Restoring Internet Freedom proceeding
Word : DA-17-686A1.docx 
PDF : DA-17-686A1.pdf 
Text : DA-17-686A1.txt 
FCC Record : DA-17-686A1_Rcd.pdf
Restoring Internet Freedom
Released Date: 05/23/2017
Description: Proposes to restore the Internet to a light-touch regulatory framework by classifying broadband Internet access service as an information service and seeks comment on the existing rules governing Internet service providers' practices
Word : FCC-17-60A1.docx  FCC-17-60A2.docx  FCC-17-60A3.docx  FCC-17-60A4.docx 
PDF : FCC-17-60A1.pdf  FCC-17-60A2.pdf  FCC-17-60A3.pdf  FCC-17-60A4.pdf 
Text : FCC-17-60A1.txt  FCC-17-60A2.txt  FCC-17-60A3.txt  FCC-17-60A4.txt 
FCC Record : FCC-17-60A1_Rcd.pdf
FCC Proposes Ending Utility-Style Regulation Of The Internet First Step Toward Restoring Internet Freedom, Promoting Investment, Innovation & Choice
Released Date: 05/18/2017
Description: .
Word : DOC-344948A1.docx  DOC-344948A2.docx  DOC-344948A3.docx  DOC-344948A4.docx 
PDF : DOC-344948A1.pdf  DOC-344948A2.pdf  DOC-344948A3.pdf  DOC-344948A4.pdf 
Text : DOC-344948A1.txt  DOC-344948A2.txt  DOC-344948A3.txt  DOC-344948A4.txt 
Guidance on the FCC's Sunshine Period in the Restoring Internet Freedom Proceeding
Released Date: 05/11/2017
Word : DA-17-454A1.docx 
PDF : DA-17-454A1.pdf 
Text : DA-17-454A1.txt 
FCC Record : DA-17-454A1_Rcd.pdf
Wireline Competition Bureau Opens WC Docket No. 17-108
Released Date: 04/27/2017
Description: By this Public Notice, the Wireline Competition Bureau opens WC Docket No. 17-108, which is captioned "Restoring Internet Freedom."
Word : DA-17-396A1.docx 
PDF : DA-17-396A1.pdf 
Text : DA-17-396A1.txt 
FCC Record : DA-17-396A1_Rcd.pdf
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