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NOTICE: On December 1, 2021, pursuant to a Public Notice , the FCC decommissioned and permanently discontinued its in-house online electronic payment system for regulatory and other fees, effective December 15, 2021. The online electronic payment systems include: the electronic FCC Remittance Advice Form 159, the Fee Filer Online System, the Red Light Display (RLD) system, and the Universal Licensing System (ULS) Pay Fees system.

Per that Public Notice, you are being re-directed to the FCC's updated Commission Registration System (CORES) where you may perform these same functions. The FCC will now only accept funds through CORES.

The FCC will also soon require an FCC Username to access CORES. Therefore, if you do not already have an FCC Username registered and activated, please go to the FCC User Registration system here to receive and activate your FCC Username. We encourage all FCC Registration Number (FRN) managers to access and manage their FRNs in the updated CORES with an FCC Username. For instructions on associating and managing FRNs in CORES, please refer to the help link. In the interim, as a temporary measure, the FCC's Office of Financial Operations is allowing limited access to CORES with a user's Payer FRN. Users can complete the following payment transactions with a Payer FRN:

Payment Transaction Date Access Will Transition to

CORES2 Username and Password
How to Access
Annual Regulatory Fees July 15, 2022 click here
Red Light Status Detail August 5, 2022 click here
Universal Licensing System Payments (ULS Pay Fees
Link utilized by Electronic Batch Filing filers)
August 26, 2022 click here
Application Fee Payments (including completing
payments on any remittances awaiting payment
completion for all FCC filings and fees. This
includes ULS Payments from individual filers)
November 18, 2022 To access CORES with an
FCC Username, click here.

To access CORES with a
Payer FRN, click here.