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Publication Number: 657217 Rule Parts: 15B Publication Date: 10/01/2008
Keyword: 15.32, 15.101 Notebook Motherboard, Chassis, Power Supply approvals, assembly using separately authorized components

First Category: Radio Service Rules
Second Category: Part 15 Unintentional Radiators

Question:   How can a motherboard, power supply  and enclosure for a notebook personal computer be separately authorized with a Declaration of Conformity or a Grant of Certification under Section 15.101(c)(3), and sold as separate components under Section 15.102 procedures?  Since Section 15.32 does not address notebook computers what are the test procedures for these devices?

See the attached guidelines below: 657217 D01 Notebook CPU Brds and Pwr Suply v01r01.
Test procedures for Notebook Computers Based on Assembly Using Separately Authorized Motherboard, Enclosures, Power Supplies and Other Devices
Approvals for computer system components in accordance with Section 15.101(c)(2) or (c)(3), when the resulting product is not separately tested, require the individual components be tested according with Section 15.31 or 15.32. The attached guidelines provide additional clarification of test procedures specifically for notebook motherboards, power supplies and enclosures.
A notebook computer enclosure, unlike a desktop computer enclosure, contains active circuitry typically integrated with a video display unit, keyboard, touchpad and other possible components that must also be separately treated as a peripheral device, and authorized as such. Separately authorizing all the individual devices, including the notebook computer enclosure, under the Declaration of Conformity or Certification procedure, allows a party to market and sell a complete notebook computer, assembled without further testing, under the provisions of Section 15.202.
Manufacturers or responsible parties marketing separately authorized parts must document, for the party marketing an assembled notebook computer, the complete installation procedures that must be followed to ensure compliance. The marketing individual, or the seller, of an assembled notebook computer must ensure:
(1) Each device used in the system, including the notebook enclosure combination, has been authorized under the Declaration of Conformity or Certification procedure;
(2) The original label and identification on each piece of equipment remain unchanged;
(3) Each responsible party's instructions to ensure compliance (including, if necessary, the use of shielded cables or other accessories or modifications) are followed when the system is assembled;
(4) The final notebook computer is authorized under a Declaration of Conformity in accordance with Section 15.101(c)(4); contains a compliance information statement as described in Section 2.1077(b); conforms with the labelling requirements in Section 15.19(b)(ii) ("Assembled from tested components Complete system not tested"); and conforms with the required information to end users described in Sections 15.21, 15.27 and 15.105.
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657217 D01 Notebook CPU Brds and Pwr Suply v01r01


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