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Publication Number: 754507 Rule Parts:  Publication Date: 11/08/2007
Keyword: Rack Mounted Transmitter System, Multiple Amplifiers, 2.1043

First Category: Radio Service Rules
Second Category: Certification

Question:   Can a rack mounted licensed transmitter system with multiple amplifiers marketed with one to N external amplifier modules be approved under one FCC Identifier?


Yes, rack mounted licensed transmitters with multiple amplifiers marketed with one to N amplifier modules can be approved under one FCC Identifier under the following conditions:

1) The amplifier modules must be identical in design;

2) The addition or deletion of the modules only changes the output power. For each output power version, the Grant must list a separate Equipment Specifications line item. For example, each combination (e.g. 1, 2, or 3 identical "stacked" power amplifiers) must have 3 line items;
3) The frequency range of different models with different modules must be identical. There can be no changes in the frequency operational range or determining circuitry between the different models with different installed modules;
4) For Certification submittals, each rack must be tested with the maximum number of modules installed. While only the full rack must be tested and submitted, the Grantee is responsible for compliance of all configurations.
Additional information:
Section 2.1043 does not allow a change in maximum output power, therefore a Class 2 Permissive Change (C2PC) will not be allowed to add modules to increase output power beyond the configurations in the original application.
Section 2.1043 does not allow a change in frequency determining or output power circuitry, therefore non-identical plug-in modules other than the original module cannot be added with a C2PC.
For unlicensed Part 15 transmitters, the requirements for Part 15 amplifiers (Section 15.204) must be followed.


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