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Publication Number: 147736 Rule Parts:  Publication Date: 04/09/2007
Keyword: Part 73, 8 VSB translators, Digital TV

First Category: Radio Service Rules
Second Category: Digital Television

Question:   What are the FCC rules for 8 VSB translators used for DTV?

An 8 VSB translator is a device that receives off-air Digital TV signals (ATSC receiver) and either translates down-covert / up-convert, or translates and trans-modulates to QAM for further distribution over a Cable, Master Antenna or SMATV cable television system.
This device must be compliant with the FCC's requirements in three areas:
(1) Part 15 as a receiver and Class A or B Digital Device.
(2) Part 73 as a Digital Broadcast Television Re-distribution Control
(3) Part 76 Multi-channel Video and Cable Distribution System.
This type of product may be marketed differently and may range from a device that is only used in Head-End Cable Systems to in-building Master Antenna Systems. The manufacturer must therefore understand the rules and how to apply them to the different markets targeted.
8-VSB (ATSC) receivers must comply with the following requirements:
Part 15, Subpart A
General Part 15, Subpart B - Unintentional Radiators
Part 73, Subpart L - Digital Broadcast Television Redistribution Control (Section 73.8000)
Part 76, Subpart D - Carriage of Television Signals
Part 76, Subpart K – Technical Standards


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