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Publication Number: 789033 Rule Parts:  Publication Date: 04/08/2016
Keyword: Part 15 Subpart E, UNII, U-NII, , U-NII Test Procedures

First Category: Unlicensed Service Rules and Procedures
Second Category: UNII devices- 15.401

Question:   What are the test procedures for measuring U-NII devices subject to the requirements in Section 15, Subpart E?


The Commission initially revised the rules for U-NII devices in 2014 (FCC 14-30, ET Docket No. 13-49).  Subsequently, the Commission updated some of the rules for devices operating in the U-NII-3 band on March 2, 2016 (FCC 16-24, ET Docket No. 13-49; referred to in this document as New Rules).  These rules become effective on May 6, 2016.  The Commission has established a transition period, during which devices may be approved under different rules subject to the following conditions:

  • All new devices or already approved devices seeking to add operations under Part 15 Subpart E must meet the requirements of the New Rules.
  • Permissive changes to already approved devices under the Old Rules may be made until June 1, 2016 using the Old Rules.
  • Starting June 2, 2016, permissive changes will not be permitted for devices approved under the Old Rules, unless they meet the requirements of the New Rules.
  • All devices approved partially or completely under the Old Rules cannot be marketed starting June 2, 2016 unless they meet the requirements of the New Rules in all the bands of operation.
  • Applications for new devices and permissive change applications for devices for approval under the New Rules must apply all the appropriate test procedures for such devices as described in in attachment 789033 D02 General UNII Test Procedures New Rules below, including software security requirements in KDB Publication 594280 attachment 594280 D02 U-NII Device Security and the appropriate procedures from KDB Publication 905462.
  • For further information on transition rules and requirements for permissive changes of already approved devices refer to KDB Publication 926956.


[1] New Rules: effective date of June 2, 2014 (FCC 14-30) and as modified on March 2, 2016 (FCC 16-24)

[2] Old Rules: rules in effect prior to June 2, 2014 and certain extensions.

Attachment List:

789033 D01 General UNII Test Procedures Old Rules v01r04
789033 D02 General UNII Test Procedures New Rules v01r02
789033 D03 Part 15 E Old Rules


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