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Publication Number: 662911 Rule Parts:  Publication Date: 10/31/2013
Keyword: Measurement of Transmitters with Multiple Output, MIMO, Smart Antenna

First Category: Unlicensed Service Rules and Procedures
Second Category: General Part 15 Transmitters (UnLic)


What is the guidance for measurement of output emission of devices that employ single transmitter with multiple outputs or systems with multiple transmitters operating simultaneously in the same frequency band?


The attached document, 662911 D01 Multiple Transmitter Output v02r01 provides guidance for measurements of conducted output emissions of devices that employ a single transmitter with multiple outputs in the same band. The guidance applies to devices that transmit on multiple antennas simultaneously in the same band through a coordinated process. Examples include, but are not limited to, devices employing beamforming or multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO.) This guidance applies to both licensed and unlicensed devices whenever the FCC rules call for conducted output measurements. Guidance is provided for in-band, out-of-band, and spurious emission measurements.

The attached technical report, OET 13TR1003 Directonal Gain of 802 11 MIMO with CDD 04 05 2013, provides the technical basis for array gain formulas included in 662911 D01 for IEEE 802.11 transmissions using cyclic delay diversity.

The attached document, 662911 D02 MIMO with Cross-Polarized Antennas v01, provides additional guidance for measurements of both conducted output emissions and radiated emissions from devices that have two outputs driving linearly polarized antennas that are cross-polarized with respect to each other.

Attachment List:

662911 D01 Multiple Transmitter Output v02r01
662911 D02 MIMO with Cross Polarized Antenna v01
OET 13TR1003 Directonal Gain of 802 11 MIMO with CDD 04 05 2013


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