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Publication Number: 291074 Rule Parts:  Publication Date: 07/19/2022
Keyword: U-NII 5.9 GHz, U-NII-4, 5.850-5.895 GHz band, 15E

First Category: Unlicensed Service Rules and Procedures
Second Category: UNII devices- 15.401

Question:   What are the requirements for obtaining a Certification for U-NII-4 band 5.9 GHz devices operating in the 5.850-5.895 GHz band under Part 15, Subpart E?

Answer:   The following attachments provide guidance for obtaining Certification for devices operating in the 5.850-5.895 GHz band under Part 15, Subpart E:

291074 D01 General Requirements.  Form 731 and supporting information requirements.

291074 D02 EMC Measurement.  Test report exhibits and RF Measurement Procedures for demonstrating: EIRP, Bandwidth, and Out of Band Emissions, as applicable to 5.9 GHz devices.

291074 D03 Q&A General Questions and Answers. 

291074 D04 UN5GHZ Checklist v01. D04 is a PAG checklist for TCBs when UN5GHZ is listed in Publication 388624 D02 Pre-Approval Guidance List as a PAG item. If UN5GHZ is delisted in 388624 D02 then D04 can be used as a general guide for key requirements.

Attachment List:

291074 D01 General Requirements v01.pdf
291074 D02 EMC Measurement v01.pdf
291074 D03 QA General Questions and Answers v01
291074 D04 UN5GHZ Checklist v01


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