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Publication Number: 941225 Rule Parts: 27, 22H, 24E Publication Date: 04/09/2024
Keyword: SAR test procedures for 3GPP and 3GPP2 devices, CDMA2K, UMTS, GSM, LTE etc. Section 2.1093.

First Category: RF Exposure *
Second Category: Test Procedures (RF Exposure)

Question:   What are the SAR test procedures for 3G/4G devices?


Attached document 941225 D01 SAR test for 3G devices v03r01 provides SAR test procedures for 3G devices that operate under rule Parts 22H, 24E, 27L. Note: This attachment consolidates previous versions of KDB 941225 D01, D02, D03 and D04 into a single document to provide SAR measurement guidance for 3G wireless technologies.

Attached document 941225 D05 SAR for LTE Devices v02r05 provides SAR test procedures for devices incorporating Reel. 8 Long Term Evolution (LTE) capabilities.

Attached document 941225 D05A LTE Rel. 10 KDB Inquiry Sheet v01r02 provides guidance on submitting KDB inquiries regarding the evaluation of devices using LTE Rel. 10 to SAR requirements.

Attached document 941225 D06 Hotspot SAR v02r01 provides SAR test procedures for devices incorporating SAR Evaluation Procedures for Portable Devices with Wireless Router Capabilities (Hot Spot SAR).

Attached is document 941225 D07 UMPC Mini Tablet v01r02, which provides SAR Evaluation Procedures for UMPC Mini-Tablet Devices.

NOTE on KDB 941225 D07 UMPC Mini Tablet v01r02? added o4/09/2024.
The following clarification is being provided regarding KDB 941225 D07 UMPC Mini Tablet v01r02.
Only for this Publication attachment 941225-D07, the diagonal dimension to be compared to the 20 cm threshold for considering a device as UMPC Mini-Tablet is to be rounded to the first decimal, i.e., the nearest tenth. In other words, any number less than 20.05 cm will be considered the same as less than 20 cm, while any number 20.05 cm or larger will be regarded as greater than 20 cm.

Attachment List:

941225 D01 3G SAR Procedures v03r01
941225 D05 SAR for LTE Devices v02r05
941225 D05A LTE Rel.10 KDB Inquiry Sheet v01r02
941225 D06 Hotspot Mode v02r01
941225 D07 UMPC Mini Tablet v01r02


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