Federal Communications Commission Logo Red Light Display System Overview

Red Light Display System Overview

The Red Light Rule was adopted as part of the Federal Communication Commission's ongoing effort to implement the Debt Collection Improvement Act, which provides that the Commission checks to determine whether entities or individuals seeking licenses or other benefits from the FCC are delinquent in debt owed to the Commission.

Anyone filing an application or seeking a benefit that is found to be delinquent in debt owed to the FCC is notified of the delinquency and given 30 days to pay the debt in full or make other satisfactory arrangements. Failure to do so will result in dismissal of the application or other request for a benefit.

If the Red Light Display system discovers that you have a delinquent bill, it provides a method for you to pay online by credit card; or if required, to pay a bill by credit card number or check directly to the U.S. Treasury via regular mail. To pay a bill directly to U.S. Treasury, print your Form 159B. Complete the payer information section and select a payment method, then mail your payment and form to the U.S. Treasury.


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