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There have been 2 comment(s) made on this document:
  • Mike Heckrotte commented on 2017-05-02 04:27:55.89:
    Allowing the alternative to use procedures from C63.26 or TIA-102, in addition to currently-specified TIA-603, provides much-needed flexibility pending the anticipated formal adoption of C63.26. While such flexibility is beneficial to the manufacturing and test industries as well as the FCC, the requirement that all test laboratories add TIA-102.CAAA-E-2016 to their Scope of Accreditation, as stated in KDB 641163 TCB Program Roles and Resp v03r01, imposes an undue burden on test laboratories that is not matched by any regulatory benefit. Most of the procedures in TIA-102, while clearly of value for R&D laboratories in the course of designing transmitters and receivers, cover tests that are not required by FCC regulations applicable to Licensed Devices. The procedures in TIA-102 that could be applied to tests required by FCC regulations are either already specified in TIA-603, or covered by suitable procedures in ANSI C63.26-2015 and/or 971168 D01 Power Meas License Digital Systems DR03-42830.

  • David Case commented on 2017-04-12 11:04:09.503:
    Cisco supports the proposal in regards to allowing the use of C63.26 for testing products used in the Licensed services. This will help streamline the testing process for these devices.

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