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  • Tony Henriques commented on 2010-05-06 02:39:32.833:
    Sample rate Point (3). Suggest the date be changed by when a TCB needs to submit an annual report of their post-market surveillance activities for the calendar year to the FCC by January 31st of the following year to something more realistic. Suggest at the very least March 31st but even then this does not leave any time to examine for devices certified in the latter part of the previous calendar year which may not have entered full production in the early part of the reporting year. To properly be able to perform market surveillance on units certified during the previous calendar year I believe a period of six month to June 30th would be an ideal time frame to allow manufacurers to supply products certified, for example in the period October to December of the report year.

Note: It is important to understand that the staff guidance provided in the KDB is intended to assist the public in following Commission requirements and does not constitute rules. Accordingly, the guidance is not binding on the Commission and will not prevent the Commission from making a different decision in any matter that comes to its attention for resolution.