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  • Mark Luksich commented on 2010-10-22 16:02:00.04:
    Amend Answer Para 1: cannot have the ability to be configured by end users or professional installers to operate outside the authorized bands or above approved maximum transmitter output power listed on the grant. Amend Answer Para 4: If the device certification requires professional installation, installers are allowed access to configuration parameters identified in the equipment. Remote or local access by professional installers is permitted. Adjustments to the transmitterÂ’s frequency bands beyond those on the Grant or certain other technical parameters like Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) by any control, setting, or adjustment is not permitted under any circumstance. Reasoning: Hotels / College campuses have many hundreds of Access Points that are designed to be configured and controlled from a central switch location which was one of the driving mechanism for switches that provided Power over Ethernet. Almost all existing large scale rural PTP and PTMP wireless networks are remotely monitored and controlled. All existing wireless networks are remotely controlled and configured. The days of non-networked manually controlled devices is rapidly coming to an end.

Note: It is important to understand that the staff guidance provided in the KDB is intended to assist the public in following Commission requirements and does not constitute rules. Accordingly, the guidance is not binding on the Commission and will not prevent the Commission from making a different decision in any matter that comes to its attention for resolution.