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Publication Number: 711889 Rule Parts: 95A Publication Date: 05/17/2010
Keyword: Part 95A, Section 95.183, GMRS device, Voice scrambling

First Category: Radio Service Rules
Second Category: Part 95 Personal Radio Services

Question:   Is voice scrambling allowed for a GMRS device?

Answer:   No, Section 95.183(a)(4) prohibits a station operator from communicating "coded messages or messages with hidden meanings."  Voice scrambling by a GMRS device is a method of encoding a message so that the message's meaning (content) is hidden from operators of certain other GMRS devices.  Also, Section 95.181(e) states that all messages must be in plain language (without codes or hidden meaning).  Therefore, any technique such as scrambling, encryption, inversion, or masking that hides, obscures, or confuses the voice message so that it cannot be readily understood by any listener with a GMRS device that is designed to receive the transmitted emission type is prohibited.  See Section 95.631(a), (e), and (f) for permitted emission types and emission limits.


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