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Publication Number: 218634 Rule Parts: 15B Publication Date: 06/17/2016
Keyword: Section 15.117, TV receiver, ATSC and NTSC tuners

First Category: Unlicensed Service Rules and Procedures
Second Category: Unintentional Radiators 15B Devices (UnLic)

Question:   Can an ATSC TV receiver without an NTSC function be manufactured, marketed, and/or imported into the United States under the FCC requirements?

No, a device sold and marketed as a TV receiver must contain both an ATSC and an NTSC tuner. The NTSC requirements of Sections 15.117, 15.118, and 15.120 remain in effect. For example, Section 15.117 applies to all TV broadcast receivers shipped in interstate commerce or imported into the United States for sale or resale to the public. This requirements do not apply to devices which are only sold and marketed as display monitors.
Until August 31, 2017, TV broadcast receivers shall be capable of adequately receiving all channels allocated by the Commission to the television broadcast service, which includes analog signals. Analog low power TV and TV translator stations in the United States are permitted to continue broadcasting analog signals until 51 months (i.e., end of transition period) from the completion of the incentive auction and the release of the post-auction Channel Reassignment Public Notice.

After August 31, 2017, a manufacturer may choose to include an NTSC tuner. If the receiver has an NTSC tuner, it must comply with all of the aforementioned NTSC requirements during the transition period.

For additional information, see:

LPTV Order released December 17, 2015 (FCC 15-175; docket no. 14-175): https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-15-175A1_Rcd.pdf

Incentive Auction Order released June 2, 2014 (FCC 14-50) https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-14-50A1_Rcd.pdf

The information provided above applies to those devices that are marketed and sold as TV receivers. Devices that are marketed and sold as monitors or displays do not require an internal tuner and the above does not apply.



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