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Publication Number: 845799 Rule Parts:  Publication Date: 04/16/2007
Keyword: Section 15.117, Cutoff Dates for ATSC & NTSC Tuners

First Category: Radio Service Rules
Second Category: Part 15 Unintentional Radiators

Question:   When does the FCC require that all television manufacturers ship TVs with ATSC Tuners? What is the cutoff date to manufacture televisions with NTSC Tuners?What is the last date that television manufactures can ship TVs with NTSC Tuners, within the USA?

Answer:   The current schedule for DTV Tuner implementation is contained in Section 15.117(i), as amended by FCC Second Report and Order on Requirements for Digital Television Receiving Capability - released November 8, 2005 (http://hraunfoss.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-05-190A1.pdf).

The rule requires that new television broadcast receivers shipped in interstate commerce or imported into the United States, must include DTV Tuners by the following dates:

By July 1, 2005, 100% of television receivers with screen sizes 36” and above and 50% of receivers with screen sizes 25” to 36” must include ATSC Tuners

By March 1, 2006, 100% of television receivers with screen sizes 25” to 36” must include ATSC Tuners.

By March 1, 2007, 100% of television receivers with screen sizes less than 25" and 100% of other video devices that receive television signals (e.g., VCRs, DVRs, and DVD recorders) must include ATSC Tuners.

The rules do not separate dates for manufacturing vs. shipped in interstate commerce, or imported into the United States. There is no FCC requirement to eliminate NTSC Tuners from televisions that include ATSC Tuners.


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