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Publication Number: 415081 Rule Parts: 15B Publication Date: 04/09/2007
Keyword: Satellite Receiver System Authorization Requirements

First Category: Radio Service Rules
Second Category: Part 15 Unintentional Radiators

Question:   What are the equipment authorization requirements for satellite receiver systems?

Answer:   A satellite receiver system consists of an outdoor dish antenna with one or more Low Noise Block-down converters, (LNB), connected to one or more indoor set-top receiver units. The dish antenna and each LNB receives about a 1.1 GHz block of frequencies typically assigned between 2 GHz to 12 GHz. The LNB translates the block into lower intermediate frequencies, typically between 950-2150 MHz, for transmission over a coaxial cable to the set-top receiver unit. The receiver unit usually connects to a TV, computer or other piece of equipment

The set-top receiver unit is subject to DOC or Certification per 47 CFR 15.101(a), if it receives frequencies between 30-960 MHz. Its emissions should be tested based on the frequency range specified under Section 15.31(m), for the portion of the receiver that tunes below 960 MHz.  If the receiver unit contains digital circuitry, the digital device portion of receiver must be tested while the set-top receiver unit is tuned above 960 MHz.  In the latter test, the receiver unit Local Oscillator (LO) emission and its harmonics may be ignored, but the remaining emissions are considered to be from the digital circuitry.  Although a set-top receiver unit that only tunes into frequencies above 960 MHz may be exempt from the receiver requirements according to15.101(b), it may still need to be verified if it includes digital circuitry above 9 kHZ.  In most cases additional authorization procedures and testing may likely be applicable in the following situations.  

Example I:
The set-top receiver unit has an RF modulator output (channel 3 or 4), that connects to the RF Input of the TV.  This causes the receiver unit to be subject to DOC or Certification, plus the requirements of a TV Interface device (47 CFR 15.114).

Example II:
The set-top receiver unit may be designed to connect to a Class B computer via a LAN, USB or Firewire (IEEE 1394) port.  In this case, the set-top receiver unit is subject to DOC or Certification per Section 15.101(a) as a Class B computer peripheral.


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