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Publication Number: 842590 Rule Parts:  Publication Date: 04/20/2021
Keyword: Millimeter wave device measurement procedures

First Category: Licensed Service Rules and Procedures
Second Category: Part 30 Upper Microwave Flexible User Service


What measurement procedures should be used for demonstrating compliance of millimeter wave devices?


See attachment 842590 D01 Upper Microwave Flexible Use Service v01r02 for guidance on the evaluation of millimeter wave (mmW) devices that are subject to Part 30 of the FCC rules.

Clause 9 of ANSI C63.10-2013 provides general measurement procedures for performing compliance measurements on millimeter wave devices operating under Sections 15.253, 15.255, 15.257, and 90.103. Note that Sections 15.255 and 15.257 require that the fundamental emission be measured using an RF detector.

Supporting information:

Attachment Oct 30 2013 60 GHz Clarification Letter clarifies that Section 15.255(c)(1)* should be read such that for products other than fixed field disturbance sensors and short- range devices for interactive motion, operating in this band and located outdoors, may comply with either Section 15.255(c)(1)(i) or Section 15.255(c)(1)(ii).

* Section 15.255(b)(1) referenced in the 60 GHz Clarification Letter has now been renumbered to 15.255(c)(1).

Attachment TR 14-1001 MMW Measurements with Harmonic Mixers, is a technical report that discusses test instrumentation considerations when making millimeter wave measurements.

NOTE: ANSI C63.10-2013 in 9.5 at Equation (23) should read:

EIRP = P_cond + G_EUT
rather than:
EIRP = P_cond - G_EUT.

Attachment List:

842590 D01 Upper Microwave Flexible Use Service v01r02
Oct 30 2013 60 GHz Clarification Letter
TR 14-1001 MMW Measurements with Harmonic Mixers


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