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Publication Number: 899624 Rule Parts: 22H, 24E Publication Date: 09/14/2007
Keyword: Tri-band, Single-band Cell and PCS Phones

First Category: Radio Service Rules
Second Category: Part 22 Public Mobile Service

Question:   Do Tri-band and Single-band cell and PCS phones need separate FCC Identifiers (FCC ID)?

Answer:   Cell phones and PCS telephones are certified under Parts 22 and 24 of the FCC Rules.  The procedures for filing an application for Certification are contained in Section 2.1033-2.1057. If tri-band and single band handsets have the identical electrical components for tri-band operation but single band operation is accomplished by software, both handsets can have the same FCC ID.  However, if the single band version of the handset is accomplished by leaving off components from the tri-band device, a different single-band (depopulated) version of the original tri-band cell/PCS phone exists.  Section 2.907(b) states that Certification applies to all devices that are identical.  As defined in Section 2.908, identical means within the variation that can be expected to arise as a result of quantity production techniques.  Leaving components off a device to limit its capabilities does not meet this definition.  These devices have different capabilities, are considered different products, and must be approved under separate FCC IDs.

Each version must therefore, have a separate application and test report, though for most of the single band tests, the tri-band data that applies to the single band version may be submitted.  Spurious radiated emission tests and SAR tests must be conducted for each version of a handset.  There may be instances where the removal of components affect spurious radiated emissions. For SAR, such changes have a definite, unpredictable impact on near-field radiation, which is the cause of RF radiation exposure. 


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