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Publication Number: 175505 Rule Parts:  Publication Date: 04/05/2007
Keyword: Scanning receiver policy

First Category: Radio Service Rules
Second Category: Part 15 Unintentional Radiators

Question:   What is the definition of a scanning receiver?  What authorization is required and what special circumstances exist that apply to scanning receivers?

Answer:   Scanning receivers are defined in 47 CFR 15.3(v) and, as such, are subject to certification per 47 CFR 15.101(a). The followings are four questions concerning scanning receivers and the FCC answer for each question. Question 1 -- The device is considered as an amateur receiver. It scans the frequency outside regular receiver range, so it is considered as a scanning receiver. If of such scanning receiver, is certification is required?
FCC Answer 1 --  Yes, scanning receivers are subject to certification, per 47 CFR 15.101(a)
Question 2 -- This scanning receiver has mini 6DIN I/F. Users can connect them to enjoy TNC or slow scan TV. The manufacturer will offer no options for the other side of the connector. It is all up to the user to connect whatever they chose to. In such case there may be a possibility that the user may choose to operate this device with PC at home, although the manufacturer does not have any intention to configure this device in such way. Will this device be subjected as a PC peripheral and subject to certification or DOC?
FCC Answer 2 -- Because of the capability of the device to connect to a PC and be programmed from the user's home, it is a composite device - Class B peripheral and scanning receiver. The scanner must be certified and the peripheral is subject to Certification or Declaration of Conformity (DoC).
Question 3 -- As for the GPS I/F, we understand that this portion is not subject to the FCC Rule 15 if it operates at the frequency of over 1 GHz.  Is this Correct?
FCC Answer -- Yes, the definition for a scanning receivers only applies to receivers that tune to two or more frequency bands between 30 MHz to 960 MHz.  All receivers are still subject to the general operating requirements of 47 CFR 15.5.
Question 4 -- If this device is strictly to be intended and used in the automobile only, will this device be exempted from all FCC rules?
FCC Answer -- The scanning receiver always requires certification. The peripheral portion will be exempt from authorization requirements under Section 15.103(a)


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