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Publication Number: 162908 Rule Parts: 18 Publication Date: 02/25/2008
Keyword: Part 18, Magnetic Field cancellation

First Category: Radio Service Rules
Second Category: Part 18 Consumer ISM

Question:   Does a device that uses radio frequency energy to cancel magnetic fields for computer monitors, require FCC approval?

If a device uses RF energy above 9 kHz to perform work such as cancelling a magnetic field, it is regulated under Part 18, Industrial Scientific Medical (ISM) Equipment.  The device must be tested, labelled and documented according to the equipment authorization procedures specified under Part 18, Subpart B before it can be marketed.
There are different applicable procedures and technical limits, depending on the type of device and the application for which it is marketed (see Part 18 Subpart C). In general, if this type of device is intended for consumer use, the equipment authorization procedure is Declaration of Conformity or Certification and for non-consumer equipment, the procedure is Verification under Part 2, Subpart J - Marketing of Radio Equipment.
If the Part 18 function is integrated into a computer monitor, it will also be subject to Part 15 regulations as an unintentional radiator under Section 15.101.  A computer monitor is classified as a Class B, Personal Computer Peripheral, subject to the Declaration of Conformity or Certification equipment authorization procedure.  In general, testing for compliance to different regulations is accomplished by disabling the Part 18 transmitter function, to determine if the unit meets the Part 15 requirements.  Test reports and documentation of compliance must be clearly segmented to identify the procedure used to determine compliance to both rule parts.  Labelling requirements will depend on the combination of equipment authorization procedures.  If both are Verification or Declaration of Conformity (DoC), then the labelling requirements for a Part 15 device is applicable.  If one is Verification and the other is DoC, then the DoC label is applicable.  For a Certification procedure the Certification FCC ID or IDs (for separate Certifications) must be on the device in addition to any applicable DoC label.


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