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Publication Number: 967957 Rule Parts: 90 Publication Date: 04/05/2007
Keyword: Radar Detector, US and European frequency bands on grant of certification

First Category: Radio Service Rules
Second Category: Part 90 Land Mobile

Question:   Can a grant of certification show the European Frequency band 13.4 to 13.5 GHz band, as well as the applicable U.S. frequency band for radar detectors?   Does this band pose any threat of interference in the U.S.?  Should manufacturers disable this band in Radar Detectors that they market in the U.S.?

Answer:   Yes, it is acceptable to list the bands without any qualifying statement on the grant of certification.   The 13.4-13.5 GHz band is shared with the Federal Government, and is available for non-Federal government radiolocation use (such as police radar) on a secondary basis to Federal Government radiolocation uses.  See Sections 90.103(b) and (c)(12).  It is not used for police radar in the U.S.  There is no apparent harm if manufacturers want to include this frequency band in their radar detectors so they will work in other countries that use this band.  Including this band should not raise any interference concerns because the interference potential of a radar detector depends on the level and frequency of the local oscillator radiation rather than on the frequency it is intended to receive.  The only interference concerns about radar detectors that the Commission has investigated is to VSAT downlinks in the 11.7 and 12.2 GHz band, which was the reason for the emission limits and certification requirement the Commission adopted.  Including a statement on a radar detector grant that the 13.4-13.5 GHz band is for European use is not recommended.  It is permissible to include the band in U.S. models.  There is no need for manufacturers to disable this band in U.S. models.


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