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Publication Number: 249634 Rule Parts:  Publication Date: 10/15/2015
Keyword: Change in identification of equipment, Section 2.933 , Change in ID

First Category: Equipment Authorization Process *
Second Category: Certification [Equipment Authorization Process]


What is the procedure for filling an application for a change in ID under ยง2.933 of the FCC rules?


Section 2.933(b) permits a change in the FCC Identifier for equipment where there is no change in design, circuitry, or construction. The rule allows a new responsible party (Party A) to file an abridged authorization application through a Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) that references existing FCC ID(s) and the technical compliance data previously granted by another party (Party B).

The following procedure should be used for situations when Party A acquires manufacturing rights to a subset of products granted under Party B?s FCC ID(s) and/or when Party B still continues to market and sell the same products, but also wants to permit Party A to market the same products under a different FCC ID. See also Notes [1] and [2] below.

Party A must use their own grantee code, or obtain a new grantee code, to file for the change in FCC ID. See KDB Publication 204515 on how to obtain a new grantee code.

Party A must submit a change in ID application to a TCB; see Note [3] below.

The information for this application must include the following:

1. Party A's new or existing Grantee Code and their applicable FRN number.

2. A signed permission letter from the original grantee Party B, on Party B?s letterhead, giving permission to file the change in ID(s), and listing all the applicable FCC IDs and the dates of the original grants of equipment authorization.

3. A statement that there is no change in the design, circuitry, or construction, and the original test results continue to be representative of and applicable to the equipment. Also include a description of any minor cosmetic or model differences if applicable. Changes permitted by Section 2.1043 must be done after the change in ID is approved.

4. Photographs required by Sections 2.1033 (b)(7) or (c)(12) showing the exterior appearance of the equipment, including the operating controls available to the user and the identification label. Photographs of the construction, the component placement on the chassis, and the chassis assembly are not required to be submitted, unless specifically requested by the Commission.


[1] If a new Party A is acquiring all the grants associated with Party B in a merger or sale of company assets, such that Party B will no longer be held responsible for all of the granted FCC ID(s), then the transfer of control procedure described in KDB Publication 204515 should be followed,. not the change in ID procedure of this publication. Upon completion of the transfer of control, the new acquiring party will assume all Party B's FCC IDs as the new responsible party (maintaining the same FCC ID(s)). Transfer of control is done through the online OET Laboratory Division Electronic Filing Site (EAS) using the Modify Grantee Information link.

[2] The change in ID filing may be completed by a TCB for the original grantee when there is no change in ownership or responsibility, in which case step 2 listed above is not applicable.

[3] A list of TCBs is available at www.fcc.gov/tcb by clicking on the link for TCB Search.


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