FCC Registration Number Enter the 10 digit numeric code obtained when you or your business registered with FCC Commission Registration System (CORES). This field will become required on or about December 1, 2001.
Applicant Name If this STA application is not associated with a current license, please enter the applicant's complete name. If this is associated with an existing license, the applicant's name displayed on this form is not modifiable by the applicant. A change to the applicant's name in this case must be requested in writing and sent via mail to the Experimental Licensing Branch. (refer to the address at the bottom of this document).
Applicant Address The address information is initialy displayed from the current license. Applicants may update this information as required. At a minimum, applicant's must enter the first address line, city and state.
Contact Information Please indicate the person who can best handle inquiries by the FCC. If applicable, please include the contact person's e-mail address.
STA Explanation Before submitting this application, please explain in detail why this request for Special Temporary Authority is necessary
Purpose of Operation Before submitting this application, please explain in detail the type of operation that will be performed as a result of this STA grant.
Current License Information This section of the form will be displayed only if this STA pertains to an existing license on file with the OET Experimental Licensing Branch. This section is not modifiable by the applicant.
Location of Operation Please indicate the geographical location where the proposed operation indicated this STA will be performed. Please enter this information on the antenna registration screen. In addition, specify the estimated dates when this operation will begin and end.
Equipment Information Please indicate all equipment that will be involved in the operation indicated in this application. If this is in reference to an existing license, the equipment associated with that license will be displayed in this section. Please ensure the information displayed is accurate and includes all equipment applicable to this STA.
Applicant Signature The applicant is required to enter their name in order to submit this application. This will be accepted as the applicant's signature. If applicable, please specify the applicant's title within the organization holding the current license.
Confidential Flag

Select this option if you request that the application should be held confidential.

Additional Information Regarding Confidentiality:

A letter requesting confidentiality must be submitted to the FCC as an exhibit and contain:

  • Reference rule sections 0.457 and 0.459 under which the information is to be held confidential
  • Specifically identify what information is to be held confidential
  • State why the information should be held confidential
  • Be signed and dated

FCC MAILING ADDRESSES: Federal Communications Commission
Office of Engineering and Technology
Experimental Licensing Branch
445 12th St., S.W.
Room 7-A322
Washington, DC 20554