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View Attachment Exhibit Type Date Submitted to FCC Display Type Date Available
Cover Letters_20180614_v1 - FCC Authorization Cover Letter(s) 06/21/2018 pdf 06/21/2018
Cover Letters_20180614_v1 - M2000 FCC Confidentiality Request Cover Letter(s) 06/21/2018 pdf 06/21/2018
External Photos_20180614_v1 - M2000 External Device Photos External Photos 06/21/2018 pdf 06/21/2018
ID Label & Location Info._20180614_v1 - M2000 Label Drawing ID Label/Location Info 06/21/2018 pdf 06/21/2018
Internal Photos_20180614_v1 - M2000 Internal Device Photos Internal Photos 06/21/2018 pdf 10/01/2018
R11694639-E1 v3 M2001 EM FCC 15.207-209 RSS-210 REPORT Test Report 06/21/2018 pdf 06/21/2018
Test Setup Photos_20180614_v1 - R11694639-EP1 v1 M2001 EM SETUP PHOTOS Test Setup Photos 06/21/2018 pdf 10/01/2018
M2000 Quick Start Guide Users Manual 09/26/2018 pdf 10/01/2018
M2000 Safety Guide & Regulatory Information Users Manual 09/26/2018 pdf 10/01/2018


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