FCC Recent Releases for Wireline Competition Bureau Documents Release by Federal Communication Commission http://www.fcc.gov en-us Wed, 04 Mar 2015 17:30:55 -0500 Wed, 04 Mar 2015 17:30:55 -0500 Form 480 User Guide Rural Call Completion Reporting https://apps.fcc.gov:443/edocs_public/index.do?document=332361 332361 Wireline Competition Bureau Announces That Certain Long Distance Providers Must Begin Recording The Data Required For Rural Call Completion Reporting https://apps.fcc.gov:443/edocs_public/index.do?document=332368 332368 Status Update: Local Number Portability Administrator Contract . https://apps.fcc.gov:443/edocs_public/index.do?document=332364 332364 Wireline Competition Bureau Announces Additional Provisionally Selected Bidders For Rural Broadband Experiments and Sets Deadlines for Submission of Additional Information https://apps.fcc.gov:443/edocs_public/index.do?document=332362 332362 Tariff Transmittal Public Reference Log https://apps.fcc.gov:443/edocs_public/index.do?document=332356 332356