FCC Recent Releases for Media Bureau Documents Release by Federal Communication Commission http://www.fcc.gov en-us Mon, 23 Apr 2018 15:24:41 -0400 Mon, 23 Apr 2018 15:24:41 -0400 Grande Communications Networks, LLC Dismissing Grande's Petition as Moot https://apps.fcc.gov:443/edocs_public/index.do?document=350369 350369 Order of Dismissal in the Matter of Carriage of Digital Television Broadcast Signals: Amendments to Part 76 of the Commission's Rules Dismissed the Petition for Reconsideration of ION Media Networks, Inc. (formerly known as Paxson Communications Corporation) https://apps.fcc.gov:443/edocs_public/index.do?document=350370 350370 FCC To Host Supplier Diversity Workshop To Include One-On-One Networking Opportunities https://apps.fcc.gov:443/edocs_public/index.do?document=350365 350365 Broadcast Actions https://apps.fcc.gov:443/edocs_public/index.do?document=350347 350347 Broadcast Applications https://apps.fcc.gov:443/edocs_public/index.do?document=350345 350345