FCC Recent Releases for Enforcement Bureau Documents Release by Federal Communication Commission http://www.fcc.gov en-us Fri, 27 Feb 2015 12:24:38 -0500 Fri, 27 Feb 2015 12:24:38 -0500 FCC Plans $9 Million Fine Against GPSPS, Inc. for Illegally Billing Customers and Switching Their Phone Companies; Long Distance Carrier Allegedly Relied on Fabricated "Authorization" Recordings to Mislead the Commission and State Regulators https://apps.fcc.gov:443/edocs_public/index.do?document=332286 332286 GPSPS, Inc Notified GPSPS, Inc. of this Apparent Liability for Forfeiture in the amount of $9,065,000 for illegally billing customers and switching their phone companies, and fabricating audio recordings, et al https://apps.fcc.gov:443/edocs_public/index.do?document=332258 332258 Alpha & Omega Communications, LLC Denied the Petition for Reconsideration. Affirmed the Forfeiture Order assessing a $2,400 forfeiture against Alpha & Omega Communications, LLC, for failing to notify the Commission about a change in ownership of a registered antenna structure https://apps.fcc.gov:443/edocs_public/index.do?document=332238 332238 The Syner Foundation, Inc The Syner Foundation, Licensee of Station WQAZ-LP Edmond, West Virginia, entered into this consent decree to resolve the Bureau's investigation into noncommercial underwriting violations https://apps.fcc.gov:443/edocs_public/index.do?document=332063 332063