FRN Financial


FRN Financial gives users the ability to view an FRN’s financial standing, whether in RED or GREEN light status, view open bills, make payments on bills owed to the FCC, manually input and pay application fees, view and pay any remittance generated from FCC systems where payment is not yet complete, and view the FRN’s payment history.

Application Fee Overview

The Application Fees option is for users who have filed an application on another FCC Bureau licensing system but are unable to complete the payment process. Users accessing application filing systems from the following FCC Bureaus can use CORES:

Universal Licensing System (ULS) users: Use the Fee Filer Pay ULS Fees option


Accessing CORES

Log into CORES with your FCC Username. (see Figure 1)

Please note, users can temporarily access CORES with the payer FRN to enter and pay application fees, any remittances awaiting payment, ULS Fees, and annual Regulatory Fees. Go to (see Figure 2). Payers are highly encouraged to access CORES with an FCC Username.

Figure 1: CORES Login Page

Figure 2: FRN Login (does not offer full FRN Financial functionality.)

From the main menu, select “Manage Existing FRNs | FRN Financial | Bills and Fees”, then select, “FRN Financial”. (see Figure 3 and 4)

Figure 3: CORES Main Menu


Figure 4: Manage Existing FRNs Sub Menu


From the FRN Financial dashboard (see Figure 5), you can view the Red/Green light status of all FRNs you manage with “view Financial Info” permission. This feature is restricted to Username Access. To continue, select “View/Make Payment” next to the FRN you wish to do business for.

Figure 5: FRN Financial Dashboard


Once you select “View/Make Payments”, you’ll be presented with four tabs: (see Figure 6)

The “Open Bills” tab will show all the bills for an FRN, their status, and other details.

The “Application Fees” tab will allow entry of application fees by Bureau/Lockbox.

The “Awaiting Payment Completion” tab will display any remittances generated where the selected FRN is the payer FRN. Remittances can be selected from here to finish payment. If a payment was declined, or cancelled, this is where it can be retrieved.


Figure 6: FRN Financial Tabs










To view your Payment History and Receipts, select the “Payment History” tab (see Figure 7)

Figure 7: Payment History


NOTE: by default, the payment history tab will show 6 months of data. Use the REFINE SEARCH button to change the filter and see payments within a different time range.