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  FCC Form 499 Filer Database Search Results

FCC Form 499 Filer Database


Name, Trade Name or DBA contains "a"

14599 Records Found

499 Filer ID Legal Name of Reporting EntityDoing Business As
832939 #Ai Computing Corporation
828089 &TV Communications, Inc.&TV Communications, Inc.
819698 01 Communications, Inc.01 Communications, Inc.
829883 0921585 B.C., Ltd.TelStar Systems
833898 1 Accord Technologies, LLC
827953 1 Call Connect1 Call Connect
832881 1 FORCE COMMUNICATIONSLarry Shackelford
829084 1 Point Communications LLC1 Point Communications LLC
832284 10X Communications, LLC
825633 123.Net, Inc.Prime Circuits
827597 12Callnow, Inc.12Callnow, Inc.
830479 186 Communications, LLCFirstLight Fiber
828795 19 Stone LLCiasyweb
829786 1C Corporation1C Network Services, LLC
836403 1Path Managed Services, LLC
830498 1Source International, LLC1Source International, LLC
828922 1st Choice Communications, Inc.1st Choice Communications, Inc.
827336 1St Class Internet Solutions, Inc.1St Class Internet Solutions, Inc.
826870 1St Payphones, LLC.1St Payphones, LLC.
833720 1st Stop Communication
830095 1Stop Media & Entertainment Inc.1Stop Media & Entertainment Inc.
829392 1stPoint Communications, LLC1stPoint Communications, LLC
828069 1Wire Communications, LLC.1Wire Communications, LLC.
805626 2 M Communications, Inc.2 M Communications, Inc.
832960 20/20 TeknoloogyStephanie Rubin
831611 200 Networks LLC
801708 2001 Telecommunications, Inc.2001 Telecommunications, Inc.
825640 2088460 Ontario Ltd.Connect Live
826860 2152526 Ontario Inc.2152526 Ontario Inc.
804580 24-7 Telcom, Inc.24-7 Telcom, Inc.
829550 24/7 Mid-Atlantic Network, LLC24/7 Mid-Atlantic Network, LLC
834593 2825 Ultimate Wireless, Inc.Fresh Mobile
819752 2ND Century Communications, Inc.2ND Century Communications, Inc.
827928 2Talk LLC.2Talk LLC.
830234 2Way Telecom LLC2Way Telecom LLC
833338 3 Billionaires Corporation3 Billionaires
805676 3 Rivers F/O, Inc.3 Rivers F/O, Inc.
805679 3 Rivers PCS, Inc.3 Rivers PCS, Inc.
805677 3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
828011 3-CEO, LLC (f/k/a) Simple Mobile, LLCSimple Mobile, LLC
825630 3-Way Communications Corporation3-Way Communications Corporation
827944 310network, Inc.310network, Inc.
826816 321 Communications321 Communications
836635 360 Broadband, LLC360 Broadband
833666 360 Communications, INC360 Communications, INC
826405 Corporation
820874 360Networks (USA 2), LP360Networks (USA 2), LP
821352 360networks (USA) Inc.360networks
828083 365 Data Centers Services, LLC365 Data Centers Services, LLC
828643 382 Communications Corporation382 Communications Corporation
829825 3Comm Global, Inc.3Comm Global
833222 3E8 Broadband Solutions, LLC.empower
828121 3Fi Limited, Inc. dba Yapaway Direct3Fi Limited, Inc. dba Yapaway Direct
826235 3G Innovative Solutions, LLC.3G Innovative Solutions, LLC.
829233 3L Communications Missouri, LLC3L Communications Missouri, LLC
826945 3S Communications LLC.3S Communications LLC.
829444 3States.Net LLC3States.Net LLC
828506 3V Communications LLC3V Communications LLC
822606 4 Connections, LLC4 Connections, LLC
829066 4 Tech Media LLC4 Tech Media
830198 42com International Inc.42com International Inc.
828529 4C Communications4C Communications
833653 4ip TechnologyNexstream
811540 4M Communications, Inc.Michigan Public Phone Company
828854 4Wire Communications, Inc.4Wire Communications, Inc.
834150 5 Bars LLC
835806 50 stars it technologies llc50 stars it technologies llc
832125 5K Technical Services LLC
826248 5linx Enterprises, Inc.GLOBALYNX
831030 5Nines Data, LLC
834483 6409024 Canada Inc
836491 6x6 Termination Corporation6x6 Termination Corporation
819964 7-Eleven Incorporated7-Eleven Incorporated
834124 71 communications inc
835176 7D Communications, LLC7D Communications
828017 7Seas Connect, LLC.7Seas Connect, LLC.
827175 8 Communications LLC.8 Communications LLC.
825473 800 Response Information Services, LLC800 Response Information Services, LLC
828406 800 Special Services LLC800 Special Services LLC
834635 844SpeakEZ, LLC
828892 88 Connection Corporation88 Connection Corporation
825996 8x8, Inc.8x8, Inc.
835489 903 Broadband, Inc903 Broadband
834885 99Cords LLC99Cords LLC
820256 @Communications, Inc.@Communications, Inc.
833470 @Link Services, LLC@Link
816710 A & K Pawn Shop, IncA & K Pawn Shop, Inc.
812922 A & L Communications, Inc.A & L Communications, Inc.
818802 A & R CommunicationsA & R Communications
812885 A & S Communication, Inc.A & S Communication, Inc.
812886 A & S Communications & Services, LLCBeeperland
822664 A & S InternationalA & S International
819010 A & W Communications, Inc.A & W Communications, Inc.
815950 A - P - Variety BeepersA - P - Variety Beepers
820154 A Medical Alert, Inc.A Med Alert
827805 A New Vision In Educational and Materials IncNEVESEM INC.
816538 A Plus Communications, Inc.A Plus Communications, Inc.
827788 A Q Communications, LLC.A Q Communications, LLC.
832792 A&A Communications llcA&A Communications llc
826795 A&A Communications, Inc.A&A Communications, Inc.
827422 A&D Montana Corp.X10 TIME
833272 A&G Computer Services LLC
831777 A&K GroupAKT Company
827825 A&N Telecom LLC.A&N Telecom LLC.
827685 A&W Data Communications, Inc.A&W Data Communications, Inc.
827276 A+ Conferencing, LTD.A+ Conferencing, LTD.
824086 A+ Wireless, Inc.Advantage Wireless
815944 A-1 Answering ServiceA-B Communications
818948 A-1 Paging, Inc.A-1 Paging, Inc.
826136 A-1 Telecom, Inc.A-1 Telecom, Inc.
801076 A-G Long Distance, Inc.A-G Long Distance, Inc.
836687 A-Z Bus Sales Inc
833590 A-Z Technology Hub LLCA-Z Technology Hub LLC
816240 A. Gregorian Enterprises, Inc.A. Gregorian Enterprises, Inc.
828512 A.A. SmartComTech USA LLCA.A. SmartComTech USA LLC
835001 A.A.S. Management Services LLCA.A.S. Management Services LLC
815802 A.D. Pagers, Inc.A.D. Pagers, Inc.
825329 A.E. Payphone ServicesA.E. Payphone Services
820375 A.J. Triolo Co., Inc.Air Guys
822858 A.M.S. Voicecom, Inc.A.M.S. Voicecom, Inc.
821232 A.R. CommunicationsA.R. Communications
813032 A.R.C. Networks, Inc.InfoHighway
813235 A.S. Brooks & C.T. FulpOne-Stop Cellular/ Pagestar
827516 A.T Telecom, Inc.A.T Telecom, Inc.
834902 A.T.C. Voice Data Inc.
815768 A.Z.M., Inc.A.Z.M., Inc.
831780 A101 Technology LLCAmp Telecom
830160 A2Z Pro SolutionsA2Z Pro Solutions
827220 A2Z Telecom, Inc.A2Z Telecom, Inc.
833667 A3 Communications, Inc.
835573 AAA American leasing LLC
806673 AAA Payphone, Inc.AAA Payphone, Inc.
830140 AAA Technology Solutions, Inc.AAA Technology Solutions, Inc.
824910 aardisServicesaardisServices
809304 Aaron Communications Service, Inc.Aaron Communications Service, Inc.
830402 AB&T Telecom, LLCAB&T Telecom, LLC
828710 Abacus Group, Inc.Abacus Group, Inc.
835753 Abadata Computer Corporation
835770 Abadata Connect Inc.
830200 Abbax Technologies, Inc.Abbax Technologies, Inc.
819436 Abbott AmbulanceAbbott Ambulance
833665 Abby Road Psychiatric Services LLCAbby Road Psychiatric Services LLC
827116 ABC Telcom, Inc.ABC Telcom, Inc.
835931 ABCO Electrical Construction & Design, LLC
828902 Abdul Communication IncAbdul Communication Inc
834082 Abele Technologies LLCAbele Technologies LLC
832600 AberVoice, Inc.AberVoice
828527 Abest Radios & Communications, Inc.Abest Radios & Communications, Inc.
826318 ABH Communications, Corp.ABH Communications, Corp.
831283 ABI Consumer & Business Services LLC
832216 Abiscom Inc.Atlantic Business Systems
809312 Able Communications, Ltd.Able Communications, Ltd.
836473 Able Computer Services Inc.Computer Troubleshooters
826172 Able Infosat CommunicationsAble Infosat Communications
825680 ABM Financial Services, Inc.ABM Financial Services, Inc.
818878 ABM TelecomABM Telecom
820598 Abovenet Communications, Inc.Abovenet Communications, Inc.
829463 Abria, Inc.AbriaCloud Technologies
822324 ABS-CBN InternationalThe Filipino Chanel
815865 ABS-CBN Telecom North America, Inc.ABS-CBN Telecom North America, Inc.
802314 Absaraka Coop. Tel. Co.Absaraka Co-Operative Telephone Co., Inc.
832777 ABSi CorpABSi Telecom
828081 Absolute Home Phones, IncAbsolute Home Phones, Inc
829007 Absolute Mobile, Inc.Absolute Mobile, Inc.
834209 Absolute Technology Solutions, LLCAbsolute Technology Solutions, LLC
835823 Absolute Voice LLC.AbsoluteVoice LLC.
821576 Abucus, Inc.Abucus, Inc.
823948 AC License Holding CorporationAC License Holding Corporation
833596 AC Marketing, Inc.ACM Computers
828881 ACA Prepaid, Inc.ACA Prepaid, Inc.
824964 AcademicPlanet, Inc.AcademicPlanet, Inc.
832861 Acadian PC & Network Services. LLCP3 Voip
819526 Acadian Smart Phones LLCAcadian Smart Phones, LLC
804330 Acadiana Cellular General PartnershipCingular Wireless
827204 ACANAC Inc.ACANAC Inc.
808548 ACC of Kentucky, LLCCellular One
811194 ACC of Michigan CorporationCellular One
811200 ACC of Minnesota Corporation for ACC of Minnesota License, LLCCellular One
811692 ACC of Ohio CorporationCellular One
811691 ACC of Pennsylvania for ACC of Pennsylvania License LLCCellular One
815590 ACC of Tennessee, LLCCellular One
811188 ACC of Wausau License, LLCCellular One
811689 ACC of West Virginia for ACC of West Virginia License LLCCellular One
811196 ACC of Wisconsin License, LLCCellular One
822586 ACC Telecommunications of Virginia, LLCACC Telecommunications of Virginia, LLC
821106 ACC Telecommunications, LLCACC Telecommunications, LLC
826390 Accela, Inc.Accela, Inc.
835518 Accelecom GA LLC
833712 Accelerate Networks
827248 Accelerated Broadband, LLC.Accelerated Broadband, LLC.
828111 Accelerated Data Works, Inc.Accelerated Data Works, Inc.
828797 Accelerated Technologies, Inc.Accelerated Technologies, Inc.
830886 Accelerated Voice LLCGoToPhone
829774 Accent Communication Services, Inc.Accent Information Systems
829159 Accent Telecom, Inc.Accent Telecom, Inc.
821378 Acceris Communications Corp.Acceris Communications Corp.
825593 Acceris Management and Acquisition, LLC.Acceris Management and Acquisition, LLC.
827507 Access Cable Television, Inc.Access Cable Television, Inc.
825556 Access Communications Technologies, Inc.Access Communications Technologies, Inc.
825526 Access Communications, LLC.Access Communications, LLC.
834521 Access Converged Solutions LLC
822874 Access Fiber Solutions, Inc.Access Fiber Solutions
828805 Access Long Distance, Inc .Access Long Distance, Inc .
826568 Access Media 3, Inc.Access Media 3, Inc.
831165 Access Media Holdings LLCAccess Media Holdings LLC
828252 Access One Solutions LLCAccess One Solutions LLC
819798 Access One, Inc.Access One, Inc.
824578 Access Payphones, Inc.Access Payphones, Inc.
835960 Access Point Technologies
815074 Access Point, Inc.Access Point, Inc.
827113 Access Sales International and Marketing Corp.Access Sales International and Marketing Corp.
830507 Access Tandem, Inc.Access Tandem, Inc.
832711 Access Technologies, Inc.Access Systems
831164 Access Technologies, Inc.
835244 Access Technology, Inc.Access Technology, Inc.
836674 Access Wireless Data Solutions
833709 Access, Inc.Access, Inc
823836 AccessCom, Inc.AccessCom, Inc.
825528 Accessible Wireless, LLC.Accessible Wireless, LLC.
820846 AccessLine Communications CorporationAccessLine Communications Corporation
834077 AccessOn Networks, Inc.
829266 AccessPlus Communications, Inc.AccessPlus Communications, Inc.
814657 Accipiter Communications, Inc.Zona Communications
833707 accomtec incaccomtec
830002 Accoona Global LLCAccoona Global LLC
831422 Accord Communications, Inc.Accord Communications, Inc.
834301 Accounting Systems, Inc.
836146 Accqua, Inc.
811048 AccuCom CorporationAccuCom Corporation
819586 AccuPage, LLCAccuPage, LLC
831525 Accurate Networks, LLCAccurate Networks, LLC
831876 Accuretta Voice, Inc.Accuretta Voice, Inc.
824292 Accutel of Texas, LP1-800-4-Aphone
821916 ACCXX Communications, LLCACCXX Communications, LLC
823280 ACD Telecom, Inc.ACD Telecom, Inc.
834721 ACDIN, LLC
816234 Ace Answering ServiceAce Answering Service
825787 Ace Communications, Inc.Ace Communications, Inc.
831009 Ace Computer Center, Inc.
826949 Ace Innovative Networks, Inc.Ace Innovative Networks, Inc.
816340 ACE Levittown Check CashingAce Beeper Co.
819750 Ace Link Telecommunications, Inc.AcenTek
834738 Ace Peak Invest Pte LtdAce Peak Invest Pte Ltd
802098 Ace Tel. Co. of Michigan Inc.AcenTek
802095 Ace Telephone AssociationAcenTek
832185 Ace-Call LtdAce-Call Ltd
835416 Acefone LLCAcefone
836150 Acero Networks, LLCAcero Networks, LLC
824814 Acertion Connect, Inc.Acertion Connect
835881 ACES Management Group LLCDYFNZ
834484 ACHH LLC
823002 Achieve Telecom Network of MA, LLCAchieve Telecom Network of MA, LLC
827493 Achilles Networks, Inc.Achilles Networks, Inc.
835465 ACL Telecom LLCHeritage Telecom
826656 Acme Communications, Inc.Acme Communications, Inc.
830939 Acme Voice Services LLC
826231 ACN Communication Services Virginia, LLC.ACN Communication Services Virginia, LLC.
820854 ACN Communication Services, LLCACN Communication Services, LLC
827173 ACN Digital Phone Service Puerto Rico, LLC.ACN Digital Phone Service Puerto Rico, LLC.
826006 ACN Digital Phone Service, LLCACN Digital Phone Service, LLC
818676 ACO Petroleum, Inc.ACO Petroleum, Inc.
803376 ACOMM, Inc.ACOMM, Inc.
836329 AComp IT Services LLCAComp IT Services LLC
831265 Acordis International CorpAcordis International Corp
835271 ACP CreativIT LLC dba TLX CommunicationsTLX Communications
826577 Acrobat Communications, Inc.Acrobat; Telstar; Telstar Express
825868 Across The Globe Telecommunications, Inc.Across The Globe Telecommunications, Inc.
830093 ACS Business Systems, Inc.ACS Business Systems, Inc.
827547 ACS Cable Systems, Inc.ACS Cable Systems, Inc.
812272 ACS Long Distance, Inc.ACS Long Distance, Inc.
817870 ACS of Alaska, LLCACS of Alaska, LLC
803328 ACS of Anchorage, LLCACS of Anchorage, LLC
804984 ACS of Fairbanks, LLCACS of Fairbanks, Inc.
817858 ACS of the Northland, LLCACS of the Northland, LLC
819054 ACS Systems, Inc.ACS Systems, Inc.
835289 ACS Technologies Group, Inc.
803592 ACS Wireless, Inc.ACS Wireless, Inc.
818976 ACSI Local Switched Services, Inc.e.spire
830519 ACSinc.NET, LLCACSinc.NET, LLC
821518 ACT Telecom, Inc.ACT Telecom
830833 ACT Teleconferencing Canada Incorporated
827282 ACT Teleconferencing Services, Inc.ACT Teleconferencing Services, Inc.
827283 ACT Video Conferencing, Inc.ACT Video Conferencing, Inc.
815170 ACTEL, Inc.ACTEL, Inc.
820316 Action Communications, Inc.Action Communications, Inc.
803603 Action Communications, Inc.Action Communications, Inc.
836536 Action Digitech, LLC
812221 Action Page, Inc.Action Page, Inc.
805383 Action VendingAction Vending
811596 Action Video and VendingAction Video and Vending
832611 Action Vox Inc.ActionVox
834829 activate wireless incultimate mobile
827963 Activatel, LLC.Activatel, LLC.
830746 Active Solutions GroupActive Solution Group
830153 ActiveServe, Inc.ActivePBX
836202 Acts Consulting, Inc.ACTS360
836419 Actual Broadband LLC
831710 Acuative Corporation
828959 AcuCall, LLCAcuCall
831986 AcuityVOIP LLCAcuityVOIP LLC
834551 Aculab, Inc.Aculab, Inc.
832588 Adaggio LLC
825304 Adair CommunicationsAdair Communications
825714 Adak Eagle Enterprises, LLC. dba Adak Telephone UtilityAdak Telephone Utility
830199 Adalex EnterpriseAdalex Enterprise
826829 Adams CATV Inc.Adams CATV Inc.
807846 Adams Tel. Coop.Adams Telephone Co-Operative
807847 Adams TelSystems, Inc.Adams TelSystems, Inc.
832010 Adamscomm, Inc.Adams Communications
811241 Adaptable Commercial Properties, Inc.Adaptable Commercial Properties, Inc.
827549 Adaption Technologies Ventures, Ltd.Adaption Technologies Ventures, Ltd.
835013 AdAstra Telco LLCAdAstra Telco
827025 ADB, LLC.ADB, LLC.
835520 Adcomm MDU Services LLCAdcomm MDU
831198 AdComp Systems Inc.AdComp Systems
817624 Adelphia Business Solutions Atlantic, Inc.Adelphia Business Solutions Atlantic, Inc.
815798 Adelphia Telecommunications of Florida, Inc.Adelphia Telecommunications of Florida, Inc.
815796 Adelphia Telecommunications, Inc.Adelphia Telecommunications, Inc.
821828 Adeptel, Inc.Adeptel, Inc.
827989 ADG CommunicationsADG Communications
828344 ADG Telecom LLCADG Telecom LLC
831515 Adirondack Technical Solutions
818198 Adler CommunicationsAdler Communications
826102 ADMA Telecom, Inc.ADMA Telecom, Inc.
831816 ADN Internet Telephone, LLC
832435 adNET, Inc.adNET, Inc.
835100 Adored WiFi LLCAdored WiFi
834091 AdRem Systems CorporationAdRem Systems
828715 Advance 2000, Inc.Advance 2000, Inc.
815537 Advance Paging Systems Corp.Advance Paging Systems Corp.
833908 Advance Telecom Group Inc
816228 Advanced Audio Systems, Inc.Advanced Audio Systems, Inc.
824778 Advanced Business Integration Network Corp.Advanced Business Integration Network Corp.
820329 Advanced Business Network Services, Inc.ABNS, Inc.
816186 Advanced Communication Solutions, Inc.Advanced Communication Solutions, Inc.
836431 Advanced Communication Solutions, LLC
828564 Advanced Communication Technology & Services, Inc.CauseBox
832061 Advanced CommunicationsAdvanced Communications
821262 Advanced CommunicationsAdvanced Communications
812345 Advanced Communications & Electronics, Inc.Advanced Communications & Electronics, Inc.
832761 Advanced Communications L.L.C
812415 Advanced Communications of Rome, Inc.Advanced Communications of Rome, Inc.
826993 Advanced Communications Solutions, LLC.Advanced Communications Solutions, LLC.
821072 Advanced Communications Technology, Inc.RangeLongDistance/ RT Connect/ DTE World
812825 Advanced Communications, Inc.Advanced Payphones
832803 Advanced Communications, Inc.DataTel Cloud
832048 Advanced Computer Electronics, Inc.
831382 Advanced Computer Technologies
824216 Advanced Corporate Networking, Inc.Advanced Corporate Networking, Inc.
831906 Advanced Cyber Promotions, Inc
832764 Advanced Digital World Inc.Advanced Digital World Inc.
835268 Advanced Document Solutions, IncAD Solutions
832932 Advanced Emergency Communications, LLC.Advanced Emergency Communications
833151 Advanced Global Communications, Inc.
832067 Advanced Hosted Services, Inc.Advanced Hosted Services, Inc.
831016 Advanced Integrated Platform Corp
823496 Advanced Integrated Technologies, Inc.Advanced Integrated Technologies, Inc.
835164 Advanced IT LLCAdvanced IT LLC
836699 Advanced Light and Sound LLC
802128 Advanced Lightwave Communications, Inc.Advanced Lightwave Communications, Inc.
826422 Advanced Marketing Solutions, Inc.Advanced Marketing Solutions, Inc.
826555 Advanced Metrocomm, Inc.Advanced Metrocomm, Inc.
832996 Advanced Micro Technologies Inc.
817986 Advanced Nationwide Messaging CorporationMetrocall, Inc
833696 Advanced Network Consulting SolutionsAdvanced Network Consulting Solutions
832331 Advanced Network Management Inc
831588 Advanced Network Solutions, LLC
835769 Advanced Networks LLCAdvanced Networks, LLC
835507 Advanced Office Solutions Inc.Advanced Office Solutions Inc.
817706 Advanced Paging & Telemessaging, Inc.Advanced Paging & Telemessaging, Inc.
816764 Advanced Paging, Inc.Advanced Paging, Inc.
831483 Advanced Personal Computing Inc.Liquid Networx
831275 Advanced Prepaid Partner Solutions, LLCAdvanced Prepaid Partner Solutions, LLC
836359 Advanced Procomm, LLCAdvanced Procomm, LLC
829699 Advanced Stream Broadband IncorporatedAdvanced Stream Broadband
812994 Advanced Technologies Cellular Communications, Inc.Advanced Technologies Communications
829675 Advanced Technology Distributors, Inc.Adtech IT Solutions
830753 Advanced Technology Group, LLCAdvanced Technology Group, LLC
835918 Advanced Technology Solutions, Inc.Advanced Technology Solutions, Inc.
811134 Advanced Tel, Inc.Eatelnet
822008 Advanced Tel, Inc.ATI
822106 Advanced Tel, Inc.- CONSOLIDATEDEatelnet
817168 Advanced TelCom Group, Inc.Advanced TelCom Group, Inc.
830677 Advanced TelecomAdvanced Telecom
832310 Advanced Telecom Solutions LLCAdvanced Telecom Solutions LLC
811135 Advanced Telecom. Network, Inc.Advanced Telecom. Network, Inc.
833998 Advanced Telecommunications of Illinois, Inc.
821202 Advanced Telemangement Group, Inc.ATG
829575 Advanced Voice Technologies LLCAdvanced Voice Technologies LLC
829841 Advanced Wireless Communications, Inc.AWC Telecom
822282 Advanceed Network Communications. L.L.C.ANC
827250 Advanta Technologies, Inc.Advanta Technologies, Inc.
809445 Advantage Cellular Systems, Inc.Advantage Cellular Systems, Inc.
820497 Advantage Group of Florida CommunicationsAdvantage Group of Florida Communications
828032 Advantage International Inc.Advantage International Inc.
835988 Advantage InvestorsAdvantage Investors
832614 Advantage IT Management, Inc.
834154 Advantage IT Services, LLC
825363 Advantage Mortgae SolutionsAdvantage Solutions
834060 Advantage Telecom IncAdvantage Telecom Inc
823828 Advantage Telecommunications Corp.Advantage Telecommunications Corp.
831011 Advantage Telephone CommunicationsAdvantage Telephone Communications
834656 Advantage Voice & Data, LLC
820094 Advantage Wireless Communications, Inc.Advantage Wireless Communications, Inc.
830032 AdvanTel, Inc.AdvanTel, Inc. d/b/a AdvanTel Networks
824652 Advantone Florida IncAdvantone Florida Inc
827042 Advanza Telecom, Inc.Advanza Telecom, Inc.
830935 Advent Technologies, Inc.Advent Technologies, Inc.
824168 Advertel Corp.Advertel Corp.
829884 AE&E CorporationAE&E Corporation
836648 Aecero Inc.
831590 AEGIS Concepts, Inc.Aegis Concepts, Inc.
835709 Aegis Telecom LLC
828591 Aegis Telecom, Inc.Off The Hook Telecom
823578 Aeneas Communications, LLCAeneas Internet & Telephone
828996 Aeon Communications LLCAeon Communications LLC
827833 Aeon, Inc.Aeon, Inc.
830621 Aerialink, Inc.Aerialink, Inc.
835175 AerioConnect, LLCBAI Connect
823886 Aero Communications, LLCAero Communications, LLC
835851 Aero IT SolutionsAero IT Solutions
828352 Aero North Communications, Inc.Aero North Communications, Inc.
831024 Aeronet Wireless Broadband LLC
835807 Aertechhub LLC
831048 Aerux LLPAerux LLP
833989 AervivoAervivo
832660 AEX Communications, Inc.
831642 Affiliated Technology Solutions, LLCAffiliated Technology Solutions, LLC
830506 Affiniti Colorado, LLCAffiniti Colorado, LLC
825580 Affiniti PA, LLCSting Communications
829950 Affiniti, LLCAffiniti, LLC
830235 Affiniti, PA LLCAffiniti, PA LLC
826683 Affinity Mobile, LLC.Affinity Mobile, LLC.
809136 Affinity Network, Inc.Quantum Link Communications
836042 Affinity Networks, Inc.Affinity Networks, Inc.
834106 Affinity Tech Solutions, LLC
821552 Affinity Telecom, Inc.C-Com
835755 Affinity Unified LLC
830421 Affliated Unified Communications, LLCAffliated Unified Communications, LLC
822000 Afford-A-Phone, Inc.Afford-A-Phone, Inc.
827806 Affordable Long Distance LLCAffordable Long Distance LLC
827286 Affordable Phone Service, Inc.Affordable Phone Service, Inc.
818048 Affordable Voice Communications, Inc.Affordable Voice Communications, Inc.
829006 Affordable Wireless, Inc.Affordable Wireless, Inc.
834620 AffordixGoVoIP
820656 AFN Communications, LLCAFN Communications, LLC
820664 AFN Telecom, LLCAFN Telecom, LLC
834172 AFN Wyyerd LLCAFN Wyyerd LLC
835595 AFNET, LLC
829355 African Communication Services LLCACS
829170 Afrilinx Communication, LLCAfrilinx Communication, LLC
819124 Afton Communications Corp.Afton Communications Corp.
835047 AGA Voice, Inc.
814659 Agate Mutual Tel. Coop. Assoc.Agate Mutual Telephone Coop. Assoc., Inc.
835142 AGC Agency Inc.AGC Agency Inc.
828573 AGCOM Group Inc.AGCOM Group Inc.
818826 AGI Coin Phone SystemsAGI Coin Phone Systems
829956 Agile Network Builders, LLCAgile Network Builders, LLC
828873 Agile Networks, LLCAgile Networks, LLC
829683 Agility Communications and Technology Services CompanyAgility Communications
835219 Agility Communications CorpAgility Communications
834932 Agility Communications Group LLC
827945 AGL Networks, LLC.Zayo Fiber Solutions LLC
825460 AGM Telecom CorporationAGM Telecom Corporation
835431 Agnes Sophisticated Hair LLC
836607 Ahoi llcAhoi
831712 Ahoy Telecom, LLC
833934 AIC TRIAD Consulting
834358 AIM Technical Consultants, Inc.AIM Technical Services
830337 AIO Telecom, LLCAIO Telecom, LLC
830815 AIO TEXAS, LLCAIO Network Solutions, LLC
831113 Air Comm CorporationAir Comm
829839 Air Link Rural Broadband, LLCAir Link
819957 Air Spectrum III, Inc.Air Spectrum III, Inc.
812607 Air Star Paging, Inc. (Formerly Bell Paging Co.)Air Star Paging, Inc.
831345 Air Voice IncAir Voice Inc.
812780 Airadigm Communications, Inc.Einstein PCS
825978 airband communications, inc.airband communications
832553 AirCable Network Corp.AirCable Network
812644 Aircall, Inc.Aircall, Inc.
834029, Inc.Aircall
826095 AirCanopy Internet Services, Inc.AirCanopy Internet Services, Inc.
832565 AirCell, Inc.AirCell, Inc.
823822 AirCover Network Solutions, Inc.AirCover
829437 AirDat, LLCAirDat, LLC
825540 Airdis, LLCAirdis Telecom
831628 AireCast, LLCAireCast, LLC
831101 AireComm, LLCAireComm, LLC
826075 aireIP, LLC.aireIP, LLC.
822812 Airespring, Inc.Airespring, Inc.
835065 AirGap Labs LLCAirGap Labs LLC
836087 Airiam BWI LLC
825539 Airinfinite, Inc.Airinfinite, Inc.
834676 Airklic Technologies, LLC
816768 AirlinkAirlink
825357 AirLink Mobile, Inc.AirLink Mobile
825827 Airmission, LLC.Airmission, LLC.
818610 Airnex Communications, Inc.Airnex Communications, Inc.
831963 AirNorth Communications Inc.AirNorth
831401 AiroComm, LLCAiroComm
835161 Airosurf Communications, Inc.Airosurf Communications, Inc.
815845 AIRPEAK Communications, LLCAIRPEAK
826336 Airspeedway, Inc.Airspeedway, Inc.
829323 Airtap Communications, LLCAirtap Communications, LLC
819832 Airtec Communications, Inc.Airtec Communications, Inc.
827929 Airtel USA, Inc.Airtel USA, Inc.
821520 Airtel Wireless, LLCAirtel Wireless
819270 Airtime of Santa Fe, Inc.Airtime of Santa Fe, Inc.
814949 Airtime Rentals, Inc.Airtime Rentals, Inc.
834255 AIRTIME Technologies USA, Inc.
809266 Airtouch CellularVerizon Wireless
824418 Airus, Inc.Airus, Inc.
828760 AirVoice Wireless, LLCAirVoice Wireless, LLC
829813 Airwave Broadband Wireless, Inc.Airwave Broadband Wireless, Inc.
828342 Airwave Wireless, LLCAirwave Wireless, LLC
815338 Airwaves Communications, Inc.Airwaves Communications, Inc.
833185 Airwavz Solutions, Inc.Airwavz Solutions
832921 Airwire Communications, LLCAirwire PCS
820453 AIS CommunicationsAIS Communications
824318 AIT Telecom, Inc.AIT Telecom
835839 AITelecom, LLC
829432 Aiton Caldwell Inc.Aiton Caldwell Inc.
835434 Ajoxi LimitedAjoxi Limited
834756 AJTEL Communications Network Group LLCAJTEL Communications Network Group
823114 AK Communications, Inc.AK Communications, Inc.
830261 AKA Management, Inc.AKA Management, Inc.
831854 Akabis, LLCAkabis, LLC
827558 Akabis. Inc.Akabis. Inc.
827431 Akan Communications, Inc.Akan Communications, Inc.
835476 Akiak Technology LLC
825520 AKM Partners, LLC.AKM Partners, LLC.
820728 Akron Canton Communications, Inc.Acction Communications
827504 AKS Communications Inc.AKS Communications Inc.
832384 AKS EnterpriseAKS Enterprise
835026 AKS INFOTECH LLCSandeep Makkad
819282 AKS, LCAKS LC
819474 Al-Call, Inc.Access ATC
829994 AL3 Enterprises LLCStarr Telecom
828286 Alabama Broadband, LLCAlabama Broadband, LLC
804258 Alabama Cellular Service, LLCCingular Wireless
836003 Alabama Telephone LLC
818030 Alabama Wireless, Inc.Cellular One
811807 Alacrity Communications, Inc.Alacrity Communications, Inc.
830766 Alamo Broadband, Inc.Alamo Broadband, Inc.
814235 Alamo EnterprisesAlamo Enterprises
818940 Alamo Telecom, Inc.Alamo Telecom, Inc.
836479 Alamon, IncAlamon, Inc
821838 Alamosa Missouri, LLC.Sprint PCS (Sprint affiliate)
821836 Alamosa Wisconsin Limited PartnershipSprint PCS (Sprint Affiliate)
830597 AlarmSIM LLCAlarmSIM
819304 AlasConnect, LLCAlasConnect
819783 Alaska CommunicationsAlaska Communications
826513 Alaska Communications Internet, LLCAlaska Communications Internet, LLC
817468 Alaska Digitel LLCAlaska Digitel and Sparks Wireless
819538 Alaska Fiber Star, LLCAlaska Fiber Star, LLC
825860 Alaska Native Broadband 1 License, LLC.Cricket ANB
804807 Alaska Telephone CompanyAlaska Telephone Company
834776 Alaska Tribal Spectrum
823038 Alaska Wireless Communications, LLCAlaska Wireless Communications, LLC
834591 Alaweb, IncBuzz Broadband
802557 Albany Mutual Telephone Ass'nAlbany Mutual Telephone Association
805926 Albion Tel. Co. Inc.ATC Communications
831659 ALC Telecom Corporation
828123 Alcaller, LLC.Alcaller, LLC.
833145 Alcasagar Investment CorpAlcasagar
829031 Alcazar Networks, Inc.Alcazar Networks, Inc.
809865 ALD Communications, Inc.ALD Communications, Inc.
827670 ALD Telecom, LLC.ALD Telecom, LLC.
830690 ALE USA Inc.ALE USA Inc.
818158 ALEC, IncVolaris Telecom, Inc.
826878 Alec, LLCAlec, LLC
834812 Alef Edge, Inc.
831015 Alegro Mobile LLCAlegro Mobile
802461 Alenco Communications Inc.ACI
831214 Alestra, S. de R.L. de C.V.
818580 Alex AltmanAlex Altman
832362 Alex's PC Solutions
822290 Alexander's Group TelecommunicationsASG Telecom
811190 Alexandra Cellular Corp.Cellular One
833746 Alextricity Communications, LLC
836527 ALF TelcomALF Telcom
815326 Alger Communications IncorporatedAlger Communications Incorporated
822832 Algona Municipal UtilitiesAlgona Municipal Utilities (AMU)
801075 Alhambra-Grantfork Tel. Co.Alhambra-Grantfork Telephone Company
826973 Alianza, Inc.Alianza, Inc.
832559 Align Mobility Inc.Align Mobility Inc.
833407 Aline Phone Systems, LLCAline Phone Systems
828320 Alixina LLCAlixina LLC
829325 Alkaip Telecom LLCAlkaip Telecom LLC
832047 Alkhateeb Trading, Inc.
826848 All Access inc.TIPIDCalls.
828077 All Access Telecom, Inc.All Access Telecom, Inc.
828376 All American Conferencing, Inc.All American Conferencing, Inc.
827960 All American Telecom, Inc.All American Telecom, Inc.
823486 All American Telephone Company, Inc.All American Telephone Company, Inc.
827816 All Care Communications, Inc.All Care Communications, Inc.
812756 ALL Cellular, Inc.ALL Cellular, Inc.
830923 All Communications, Inc.All Communications
827284 All Conferencing, Inc.All Conferencing, Inc.
830675 All Day Techs IncAll Day Techs Inc
836415 All Good Telecom Inc
823936 All Idaho, LLCAll Idaho, LLC
835993 All IN IT CorpAll IN IT Corp
836185 All in IT, LLC
834918 All In One IT Solutions
816770 All In One, Inc.All In One, Inc.
820360 All Island Payphone, Inc.All Island Payphone, Inc.
830593 All Mountain Technologies, LLCAll Mountain Technologies, LLC
818796 All Points Communications, Inc.All Points Communications, Inc.
829886 All Points Technologies of NYAll Points Technologies
821368 All Pro Paging, Inc.All Pro Paging, Inc.
832038 All Tel Networks, LLCAll Tel Networks, LLC
834978 All Tribal Networks LLCALl Tribal Networks
809003 All West Communications, Inc.All West Communications
809006 All West UtahAll West Utah
826223 All West Wireless, Inc.All West Wireless, Inc.
822882 All West/Wyoming, Inc.Evanstan CLEC
827007 All Wireless, Inc.All Wireless, Inc.
835641 All World Internet
834074 All-Access Infotech, LLC
833817 All-Data Communications, LLCAll-Data Communications
815946 All-Line Services, Inc.All-Line Services, Inc.
820347 All-Ways Communications, LLCAll-Ways Communications, LLC
836683 All8Series LLC
831077 Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative, Inc.Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative, Inc.
821496 Allan L. WilliamsWilliams Payphone Services
825885 Allband Communications CooperativeAllband Communications Cooperative
831846 Allbridge, LLCAllbridge, LLC
833777 AllClear Connect Inc.AllClear Connect Inc.
828463 AllcomAllcom
824800 Allcom Communications, Inc.Allcom Communications, Inc.
814773 Allcom Communications, Inc.Allcom Communications, Inc.
820774 AllCom LLCAllCom LLC
825481 Allcom Telink CorporationAllcom Telink Corporation
820812 AllCom USA, Inc.AllCom USA, Inc.
835754 AllComm LLC
812056 ALLCOMM Long DistanceALLCOMM Long Distance
812055 Allcomm Wireless, Inc.Allcomm Wireless, Inc.
824656 Allegheny Communications Connect, Inc.Allegheny Communications Connect, Inc.
807177 Allegheny Telephone Co.Allegheny Telephone Co.
827333 Allegiance Communications, LLC.Allegiance Communications, LLC.
818012 Allegiance Telecom International, Inc.Allegiance Telecom International, Inc.
821318 Allegiance Telecom of Arizona, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Arizona, Inc.
820249 Allegiance Telecom of California, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of California, Inc.
820237 Allegiance Telecom of Colorado, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Colorado, Inc.
820231 Allegiance Telecom of Florida, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Florida, Inc.
820229 Allegiance Telecom of Georgia, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Georgia, Inc.
820245 Allegiance Telecom of Illinois, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Illinois, Inc.
820227 Allegiance Telecom of Maryland, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Maryland, Inc.
820243 Allegiance Telecom of Massachusetts, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Massachusetts, Inc.
820225 Allegiance Telecom of Michigan, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Michigan, Inc.
821320 Allegiance Telecom of Minnesota, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Minnesota, Inc.
820223 Allegiance Telecom of Missouri, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Missouri, Inc.
820221 Allegiance Telecom of New Jersey, Inc.Allegiance Telecom New Jersey, Inc.
820241 Allegiance Telecom of New York, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of New York, Inc.
820219 Allegiance Telecom of Ohio, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Ohio, Inc.
821730 Allegiance Telecom of Oregon, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Oregon, Inc.
820239 Allegiance Telecom of Pennsylvania, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Pennsylvania, Inc.
820235 Allegiance Telecom of Texas, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Texas, Inc.
820233 Allegiance Telecom of the District of Columbia, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of the District of Columbia, Inc.
820217 Allegiance Telecom of Virginia, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Virginia, Inc.
820215 Allegiance Telecom of Washington, Inc.Allegiance Telecom of Washington, Inc.
822100 Allegiance Telecom, Inc.- CONSOLIDATEDAllegiance Telecom
829141 Allegiant Networks, LLCAllegiant Telecom
833364 Allegro Telecom LLC
823010 Allen Lamont ScottIntellicom
812746 Allen Wireless Group, Inc.Allen Wireless Group, Inc.
828244 Allen's T.V. Cable Service, Inc.Allen's T.V. Cable Service, Inc.
824112 Allendale Sales & Service, Inc.Allendale Long Distance
808482 Allendale Tel. Co.Allendale Telephone Company
820283 Allentown SMSA, LPVerizon Wireless
832550 Alleswolke Wireless, LLC
803445 Alliance Communications Cooperative, Inc.Alliance Communications Cooperative, Inc.
835723 Alliance Connect
827853 Alliance Global Networks, LLC.Alliance Global Networks, LLC.
820411 Alliance Group Services, Inc.Alliance Group Services, Inc.
815813 Alliance Payphone, Inc.Alliance Payphone, Inc.
830562 Alliance Phones Inc.Alliance Phones
824196 Alliance Services/ International, LLCAlliance Services/ International, LLC
826873 Alliance Technologies, LLC.Alliance Technologies, LLC.
829407 Alliance Telecom, Inc.Alliance Telecom, Inc.
827459 Alliance Telecom, Inc.Alliance Telecom, Inc.
827861 Alliance Telecommunication, Inc.Alliance Telecommunication, Inc.
830170 Alliant Technologies, LLCAlliant Technologies, LLC
835875 AllicomAllicom
829733 Allied Communications, LLCAllied Communications, LLC
825655 Allied Telecom Group, LLC.Allied Telecom
833005 Allied Telesis Capital Corp.
828499 Allied Wireless Communications CorporationALLTEL
813090 Allis Communications Operating Associates, LPAllis Communications Operating Associates, LP
831969 Allnet Air Inc.Allnet Air Inc.
836264 ALLO Asset Entity 1, LLCALLO Fiber
824034 Allo Communications, LLCAllo Communications, LLC
833616 Allpoint NetworX, Inc.Allpoint NetworX
815276 Allsafe Security Service, Inc.Allsafe Security Service, Inc.
836080 AllSeeingConnect LLCAllSeeingConnect LLC
833958 Alltech Computer Works IncAlltech IT Solutions
816668 AllTech TelecomAllTech Telecom
806658 Alltek Ltd., Inc.Alltek Ltd., Inc.
806175 ALLTEL Cellular Associates of Arkansas, LPALLTEL
806208 ALLTEL Central Arkansas Cellular, LPALLTEL
808638 ALLTEL Communications of Nebraska, Inc.ALLTEL
818494 ALLTEL Communications of New Mexico, Inc.ALLTEL
818374 ALLTEL Communications of North Carolina LPALLTEL
821284 ALLTEL Communications of Ohio #3, Inc.ALLTEL
818378 ALLTEL Communications of Texas, LPALLTEL
818428 Alltel Communications of the Southwest, LPALLTEL
821286 ALLTEL Communications of Virginia #1, Inc.ALLTEL
818380 ALLTEL Communications of Virginia, Inc.ALLTEL
806033 ALLTEL Communications Wireless, Inc.ALLTEL
806258 ALLTEL Communications, Inc.ALLTEL
823790 ALLTEL Communications, Inc.- CONSOLIDATEDALLTEL
818376 ALLTEL Kansas Limited PartnershipALLTEL
806235 ALLTEL Missouri RSA 14, Ltd. PartnershipALLTEL
806205 ALLTEL Northern Arkansas RSA, Ltd. PartnershipALLTEL
820944 ALLTEL Ohio Limited PartnershipALLTEL
820722 ALLTEL Wireless Holdings, LLCALLTEL
822094 ALLTEL Wireless of Alabama, Inc.ALLTEL
829035 allteleco LLCallteleco LLC
824632 Allure Communications, LLCAllure Communications
836271 Allure Telecom Inc
807021 Allvend, Inc.Allvend, Inc.
833340 Allvoi Communications, IncAllvoi Communications, Inc
827668 Allvoi, Inc.Allvoi, Inc.
830231 Allvoitel, Inc.Allvoitel, Inc.
832252 Ally Communications LLC
820296 Alma Long DistanceAlma Long Distance
804645 Alma Tel. Co.Alma Telephone Company
805008 Alma Tel. Co. Inc.Alma Telephone Company, Inc.
827086 ALO Communications & Services, LLC.ALO Communications & Services, LLC.
835828 Alo World Inc.
828993 Alpha 1 Investment, Inc.Roots Tel / Lotus Call
835280 Alpha and Omega Telecom Group, Inc.Alpha and Omega Telecom Group, Inc.
824286 Alpha Communications Sites, Inc.Alpha Communications Sites, Inc.
830241 Alpha Connect, LLCAlpha Connect, LLC
832907 Alpha Data Technologiesgino valconi
804660 Alpha Display Paging, Inc.Alpha Display Paging, Inc.
826533 Alpha Enterprises, LTDAlpha Enterprises, LTD
835051 Alpha Medix GP IncAdjecta Technologies
812195 Alpha Message Center, Inc.Alpha Message Center, Inc.
834479 Alpha Networks Corporation
815540 Alpha Page, Inc.Alpha Page, Inc.
825433 Alpha Phone, Inc.Alpha Phone
831540 Alpha Technologies IncAlpha Technologies Inc.
805428 Alpha Telecom, Inc.Alpha Telecom, Inc.
829728 AlphaNine Networks, Inc.AlphaNine
818864 Alphatel Payphone ServiceAlphatel Payphone Service
831430 AlphaWave Networks LLCAlphaWave Networks LLC
820926 Alpheus Communications, LLCAlpheus Communications, LLC
826472 Alpheus Data Services, LLC.Alpheus Data Services, LLC.
814655 Alpine Communications, L.C.Alpine Communications, LC
816808 Alpine Long Distance, LCAlpine Long Distance, LC
815774 Alpine PCS, Inc.Alpine PCS, Inc.
836385 Alpine Valley Consulting LLC
824898 ALPS Systems, LLCALPS Systems, LLC
830461 ALSAT Home Electronics, LLCALSAT Wireless
835728 ALT Telecom Solutions Inc
820938 Alta Municipal UtilitiesAlta Municipal Utilities
817744 Altair Communications, Inc.Altair Communications, Inc.
824068 Altair Enterprises, Inc.Altair Enterprises, Inc.
834827 Altamaha Electric Membership Corporation
829384 AltaWorx LLC
813109 Altech Electronics, Inc.Altech Electronics, Inc.
807795 Alternate Communications Technology, Inc.A.C.T.
832517 Alternate Network Technologies, Inc.ClearTalks
829449 Alternative Choice Wireless, LLCAlternative Choice Wireless, LLC
807796 Alternative Communications Source, LLC17 Sound & Cellular
827584 Alternative Phone, Inc.Alternative Phone, Inc.
829529 Alternative Techs Cooperative, Inc.Alternative Technologies
827164 Alteva Hometown, IncAlteva Hometown, Inc
804650 Alteva Long Distance, Inc.Alteva Long Distance, Inc.
808452 Alteva of Syracuse, IncAlteva of Syracuse, Inc
804651 Alteva of Warwick LLCAlteva of Warwick LLC
825998 Alteva Solutions, Inc.Alteva Solutions, Inc.
829968 Altex Group Corp.Altex Group Corp.
822772 AltiComm, Inc.AltiComm, Inc.
835436 Altigen Communications, Inc.
827446 ALTIUS Broadband, LLC.ALTIUS Broadband, LLC.
829249 Altiva Operations and Resources Group, L.L.C.Altiva Operations and Resources Group, L.L.C.
820391 Alton CellTelCo PartnershipCellular One
821734 Altrio Communications, Inc.Altrio Communications, Inc.
825549 Altura International, LLCAltura International, LLC
827087 ALTUS Communications Group, Inc.ALTUS Communications Group, Inc.
816528 Always Answering Service, Inc.Always Answering Service, Inc.
835673 Always On Communications, IncAlways On Communications, Inc
827579 Always Telecom Services, Inc.Always Telecom Services, Inc.
827326 Alxtel, Inc.Alxtel, Inc.
831607 Alyrica Networks, Inc.Alyrica Networks, Inc.
832727 Alyrica Telephone LLC
832292 AlyricaTel, Inc
834408 AM Communication Labs Inc.
832774 AM Exclusive Business Machines, Inc.AM Exclusive Business Machines, Inc.
822868 AMA Communications, LLCAMA- Techtel Communications
806118 Amana Colonies Telephone CompanyHickoryTech
827415 Amani, Inc.Amani, Inc.
804507 Amarillo CellTelCoCellular One of Amarillo
822104 Amarillo CellTelCo- CONSOLIDATEDCellular One of Amarillo
819892 Amarillo Digital Paging, Inc.Amarillo Digital Paging, Inc.
816660 Amarillo Telephone Co., Inc.A-1 Communications
829852 AMB Global Communication LLCAMB Global Communication LLC
821330 AMBE Telecommunications, Inc.AMBE Telecommunications, Inc.
821772 Ambess Enterprises, Inc.Ambess Enterprises, Inc.
832749 Ambient Network LLC
834115 Ambient Telephonics, LLC
836728 Ambit Solutions LLC
823834 Ambria, Inc.Ambria, Inc.
827904 AMC Telecom, LLC.AMC Telecom, LLC.
823892 Amcom Communications CorporationAmcom Communications Corporation
832041 AMCS LLC
829129 Amdesh, Inc.Amdesh, Inc.
806607 Amelia Telephone CorporationTDS Telecom
831486 Amenitek, Inc.
829935 Ameraconnect Telecom LLCAmeraconnect Telecom LLC
831744 America Europe Connect Licenses LimitedAmerica Europe Connect Licenses Limited
826503 America Net, LLC.America Net, LLC.
831900 America Routes, LLCAmerica Routes, LLC
811778 America West CommunicationsAmerica West Communications
822676 America's Digital Satellite Telephone, Inc.America's Digital Satellite Telephone, Inc.
814715 America's Tele-Network Corp.America's Tele-Network Corp.
831516 AmeriCALL Communications Company, Inc.AmeriCALL Services
809708 AmeriCall Enterprises, Inc.AmeriCall Enterprises, Inc.
827943 American Axess, Inc.American Axess, Inc.
834046 American Bandwidth LLCAmeriBand
825609 American Broadband & Telecommunications CompanyAmerican Broadband & Telecommunications Company
829483 American Broadband Services, L.P.American Broadband Services
822698 American Broadband, Inc.American Broadband, Inc.
825917 American Business Telephone Co., Inc.American Business Telephone Co., Inc.
832844 American Cell, LLC
804286 American Cellular Communications, LLCCingular Wireless
824082 American Cellular CorporationCellular One
821732 American Cellular Wireless, LLCCellular One
811788 American Coin Telephone, Inc.American Coin Telephone, Inc.
809589 American Communication Services of Albuquerque, Inc.e.spire
811351 American Communication Services of Amarillo, Inc.e.spire
818958 American Communication Services of Atlanta, Inc.e.spire
820407 American Communication Services of Austin, Inc.e.spire
818962 American Communication Services of Baton Rouge, Inc.e.spire
811353 American Communication Services of Birmingham, Inc.e.spire
811355 American Communication Services of Charleston, Inc.e.spire
818970 American Communication Services of Chattanooga, Inc.e.spire
818954 American Communication Services of Colorado Springs, Inc.e.spire
811350 American Communication Services of Columbia, Inc.e.spire
811357 American Communication Services of Columbus, Inc.e.spire
819933 American Communication Services of Corpus Christi, Inc.e.spire
820405 American Communication Services of D.C., Inc.e.spire
820401 American Communication Services of Dallas, Inc.e.spire
811352 American Communication Services of El Paso, Inc.e.spire
811354 American Communication Services of Fort Worth, Inc.e.spire
811356 American Communication Services of Greenville, Inc.e.spire
811359 American Communication Services of Irving, Inc.e.spire
811361 American Communication Services of Jackson, Inc.e.spire
818956 American Communication Services of Jacksonville, Inc.e.spire
818960 American Communication Services of Kansas City, Inc.e.spire
811363 American Communication Services of Las Vegas, Inc.e.spire
811364 American Communication Services of Lexington, Inc.e.spire
811358 American Communication Services of Little Rock, Inc.e.spire
818964 American Communication Services of Louisiana, Inc.e.spire
809588 American Communication Services of Louisville, Inc.e.spire
811365 American Communication Services of Maryland, Inc.e.spire
809587 American Communication Services of Mobile, Inc.e.spire
811360 American Communication Services of Montgomery, Inc.e.spire
811362 American Communication Services of Pima County, Inc.e.spire
820403 American Communication Services of San Antonio, Inc.e.spire
818966 American Communication Services of Shreveport, Inc.e.spire
811349 American Communication Services of Spartanburg, Inc.e.spire
818968 American Communication Services of Tulsa, Inc.e.spire
818974 American Communication Services of Virginia, Inc.American Communication Services of Virginia, Inc.
820462 American Communications Network, Inc.Americom
822344 American Communications, LLCAmerican Communications, LLC
829140 American Connect Services, LLCAmerican Connect Services, LLC
815786 American Consulting ServicesAmerican Consulting Services
819152 American Cyber CorporationDiscount Plus
832305 American CyberSystems Inc.American CyberSystems Inc.
832681 American Dark Fiber, LLCAmerican Dark Fiber, LLC
832639 American Datapath, Inc
825803 American Dial Tone, Inc.American Dial Tone, Inc.
813123 American Farm Bureau, Inc.The Farm Bureau Connection
821538 American Fiber Network, Inc.American Fiber Network, Inc
824528 American Fiber Systems of Georgia, Inc.American Fiber Systems of Georgia, Inc.
821650 American Fiber Systems, Inc.American Fiber Systems, Inc.
833743 American Financial Marketing Group Inc.AFMG Telecom
812005 American General PayphoneAmerican General Payphone
823584 American Group, Inc.American Group, Inc.
815542 American Installation Co., Inc.NationLink Wireless
827785 American Internet Sales Group, Inc.American Internet Sales Group, Inc.
835957 american invest holding llcaih telecom
820890 American Lightwave Communications, Inc.American Telephone Network
821846 American Long Lines, Inc.American Long Lines, Inc.
808735 American Messaging Services, LLCAmerican Messaging Services, LLC
812314 American MetroComm Long Distance Corp.American MetroComm Long Distance Corp.
819438 American MetroComm/ Alabama, Inc.American MetroComm/ Alabama, Inc.
819440 American MetroComm/ Florida, Inc.American MetroComm/ Florida, Inc.
819442 American MetroComm/ Louisiana, Inc.American MetroComm/ Louisiana, Inc.
819444 American MetroComm/ Mississippi, Inc.American MetroComm/ Mississippi, Inc.
819446 American MetroComm/ Texas, Inc.American MetroComm/ Texas, Inc.
822430 American Millennium Corporation, Inc.American Millennium Corporation, Inc.
823024 American Money CorporationQuick Connect
822280 American Network, Inc.American Network, Inc.
824108 American Network, Inc.American Network, Inc.
817968 American Page One, Inc.American Mobil
818314 American Payphone Communications, Inc.American Payphone Communications, Inc.
812972 American Payphone Services, Inc.American Payphone Services, Inc.
808738 American Payphone, Inc.American Payphone, Inc.
811156 American PCS Communications, LLCSprint PCS
819426 American Phone Services, Corp.American Phone Services, Corp.
820214 American Phone SystemsAmerican Phone Systems
817948 American Phones, Inc.American Phones, Inc.
831176 American Prepaid Telecard, Inc.
827093 American ProductsAmerican Products
819286 American Public Payphone CorporationAmerican Public Payphone Corporation
818016 American Roaming Network, Inc.American Roaming Network
819970 American Samoa License, Inc.Blue Sky Communications
812534 American Samoa Telecommunications AuthorityAmerican Samoa Telecommunications Authority
836638 American scientific technical solutions llc
829662 American Surveillance Co., Inc.American Surveillance Co., Inc.
824868 American Telco of IowaAmerican Telco of Iowa
817296 American Telcom, Inc.Fonetel
816714 American Tele-Communication Systems, Inc.American Tele-Communication Systems, Inc.
835112 American Telecom Solutions LLCAmerican Telecom Solutions LLC
818590 American Telecom Systems, Inc.American Telecom Systems, Inc.
818356 American Telecommunications Systems, Inc.American Telecommunications Systems, Inc.
827254 American Teleconferencing Services, LTD.Premiere Global Services
826190 American Telephone Company, LLC.Windstream
821260 American Telesis, Inc.American Telesis
811464 American TeleSource International, Inc.American TeleSource International, Inc.
828371 American VoIP, Inc.American VoIP, Inc.
827698 American Warrior Networks, LLC.American Warrior Networks, LLC.
829315 American Wireless, Inc.American Wireless, Inc.
819316 American-Canadian Payphone, Inc.American-Canadian Payphone, Inc.
830349 Americanet Communication LLCAmericanet Communication LLC
809883 Americatel Corporation1010123 Americatel
826210 Americatel Corporation1010123 Americatel
815618 Americell PA3, LPIndigo Wireless
821488 Americom Government Services, Inc.Americom Government Services, Inc.
816666 Americom One CellularAmericom One Cellular
815135 Americom Technologies, Inc.Network Utilization Services, Inc.
826767 AmeriMedia, Inc.AmeriMedia, Inc.
822058 Amerimex Communications CorporationAmerimex Communications Corporation
830934 AmeriMex Solutions Inc.AmeriMex Solutions Inc.
823514 AmeriTalk Corp.AmeriTalk Corp.
834345 Ameritech Alarm LLC.Guardian Security & Merritt Phone
803221 Ameritech Communications International, Inc.Ameritech Communications International
819710 Ameritech Communications, Inc.Ameritech Communications, Inc.
820076 Ameritech Mobile Communications, Inc.Cellular One
809115 Ameritech Wireless Communications, Inc.Cingular Wireless
831911 Ameritel Communications Corp
829887 Ameritel IncAmeritel Inc
835892 Ameritel Voice and Data, Inc.
821644 Ameritel, Inc.Ameritel, Inc.
815133 AmeriVision Communications, Inc.Affinity 4, LifeLine Communications
820466 AmeriVoice Telecommunications, Inc.AmeriVoice Telephone Company
825535 AmeriVon LLC.AmeriVon
811456 Ameron CommunicationsAmerican OnLine Communications, Inc.
802578 Amery Telcom, Inc.Amery Telcom, Inc.
821758 AMF Telecommunications, Inc.AMF Telecommunications, Inc.
829373 AMG Technology Investment GroupNextLink
804600 Amherst Tel. Co.Amherst Telephone Company
813231 AMI Communications, Inc.AMI Communications, Inc.
836246 Amiba Inc
831754 Amicus Voice, LLC
817922 AmMex Communications, Inc.Easycomm Beepers, Inc.
831179 Amnet Systems LLCAmnet Technology Solutions
826349 AMP Networks, LLC.PressOne
826184 Amp'd Mobile, Inc.Amp'd Mobile, Inc.
811787 Amphone Enterprises, LTDAmphone Enterprises, LTD
830020 Amplex Electric, Inc.Amplex Internet
831522 Amplify Networks, INCAmplify Networks
829943 AMS.NET, IncAMS.NET, Inc
829261 Amtel Communications Co.Amtel Communications Co.
829144 Amtel CorporationPond Mobile
833444 Amtel South, Inc.
811388 Amtel, Inc.Amtel, Inc.
827729 AMU-SkyLink, LLC.AMU-SkyLink, LLC.
823362 AMV Gateway, LLCAMV Gateway, LLC
826521 AN Subsidiary, L.L.C.AN Subsidiary, L.L.C.
835007 Anafone, Inc.
834691 Ananya traders llcAnanya traders llc
835933 Anatomy IT, LLC
831805 Anax Business Technology, LLC
828926 Ancero LLC.Ancero LLC.
827851 Anchor ConsultingAnchor Consulting
811600 Ancon CorporationAncon Corporation
833398 Anders business Solutions, LLC
820271 Anderson CTCVerizon Wireless
829983 Anderson Telephone, Inc.Anderson Telephone, Inc.
822802 Andesat S.A.E.M.A. CorporationAndesat S.A.E.M.A. Corporation
824762 Andiamo Telecom, LLCAndiamo Telecom, LLC
825797 Andina CorporationAndina Corporation
835612 Andrew Byrd Networks LLC
830854 Andrew David BalholmNorcell
809142 Andrew Tel. Co. Inc.Andrew Telephone Company, Inc.
812020 Andrew WareniusDWM Phones
822854 Anew Broadband, Inc.ANEWBROADBAND
835821 Anfield LLC
830017 Angel Americas LLCAngel Americas LLC
836281 Angel Internet LLC
828682 Angeles Communications, Inc.Angeles Communications, Inc.
835514 Angeles Enterprises CorpWIND NET
831467 Angelo Titan Technology Systems LLCAngelo Titan Technology Systems LLC
829996 Angelstrade Networks Inc.Angelstrade Networks Inc.
833405 Angle-TzConnect
830038 Angular Tel LLCAngular Tel LLC
817298 ANJ CommunicationsANJ Communications
829264 Anne Arundel Broadband, LLCDBA Broadstripe
831076 Anne Arundel, County of
811426 Anniston-Westel Company, LLCCingular Wireless
829944 Annto Corp.Annto Corp.
820850 ANPI Business, LLCANPI Business d/b/a Voyant Communications
824974 ANPI, LLC
824852 ANS Connect, Inc.ANS Connect, Inc.
815282 Anser-Quick Enterprises, Inc.Anser-Quick Enterprises, Inc.
815280 Anser-Quick of Kinston, Inc.Anser-Quick of Kinston, Inc.
813135 Anserphone of Natchez, Inc.Answerphone of Natchez, Inc.
812546 Answer Fort Smith, Inc.Answer Fort Smith, Inc.
815292 Answer, Inc.Answer, Inc.
829556 Answer360 Telecommunications LLCAnswer360 Telecommunications LLC
818800 Answerphone Services, Inc.Direct Page Communications
832898 Ant Design Build, LLCAnt Design Build, LLC
833113 ANT TONE INC.
835651 Antares Technology Solutions Holdco, Inc.Centaris
836554 Antemodal LLC
832012 Anteris Solutions, Inc.
831508 Anterix, IncpdvWireless
835541 Anthem Broadband of Nevada, LLC
835870 Anthem Technology LLC
823976 Anthony ParrASP Communications
827490 Anthony WestAnthony West
815782 Antietam Answering Service, Inc.Antietam Answering Service, Inc.
826759 Antietam Cable Television, LLC.Antietam Broadband
836521 Antilles TechnologiesStratusTalk
826350 Antilles Wireless, LLCUSA Digital and Cable USA
825365 Anuera TelecommunicationsAnuera Telecommunications
830937 Anveo, Inc.
831284 llc
831062 Anza Electric Cooperative, Inc.Anza Electric Cooperative, Inc.
834216 AOC Connect, LLC
826048 AOL Enhanced Services LLC.AOL Enhanced Services LLC.
833923 AON Systems, Inc.
835867 Aovatalk Communications Limited
834534 Aovatalk Communications Limited
835154 Aozora Devices, Inc.BlueSkies Communications
823548 AP&T Long DistanceAP&T Long Distance
824072 AP&T WirelessAP&T Wireless
831554 Apex Computers, Inc.
836305 Apex dynasty ltdApex dynasty ltd
836499 Apex Premier Solutions, LLC
833882 Apex Telecom LLC
831721 ApexcueTeleground
818136 Apgar, Inc.Apgar, Inc.
831036 Api Connect LLC
831259 AplusVoIP, LLCAplusVoIP, LLC
831264 APN Solutions, Inc.
821184 Apogee Telecom, Inc.Aegis
807663 Apollo Communications, Inc.Apollo Communications, Inc.
823470 Apollo Communications, LLCApollo Communications, LLC
826471 Apollo-USA, LLC.Apollo-USA, LLC.
828076 Apollophone, Inc.Apollophone
833633 Appalachian Telecom, Inc.ATI Broadband
830276 Appalachian Valley Fiber Network LLCAppalachian Valley Fiber Network LLC
834000 AppCom Systems, LLC.
835623 appcropshop
836646 Appello VoIP, LLC
826355 Appia Communications, Inc.Appia Communications, Inc.
807195 Apple Beeper Co.Apple Beeper Co.
824752 Apple Telecom, Inc.Apple Telecom
827102 Applewood Communications, Corporation.Applewood Communications, Corporation.
836602 Application Specialist Kompany, LLC
831102 Applications Technology SolutionsApplications Technology Solutions
820636 Applied Communications Technology, Inc.Applied Communications Technology, Inc.
832933 Applied ImagingApplied Imaging
829116 Applied Messaging, Inc.AMI
829745 Applied Systems, Inc.Applied Systems, Inc.
831103 Applied Tech Solutions, Inc.Applied Tech Solutions, Inc.
826776 Applied Technology Solutions, Inc.Applied Technology Solutions, Inc.
835992 Approved Contact, LLC
829470 Approved Link LLCApproved Link LLC
825551 Apps Communications, Inc.Apps Communications, Inc.
831405 Appsalute, IncAppsalute, Inc
825000 AppSmart TGN, Inc.Telegration, Inc.
826640 Apptix, Inc.Apptix, Inc.
826707 Apriz, Inc.Apriz, Inc.
817962 APS, Inc.APS, Inc.
831205 Apsara Networks, Inc.
829750 Aptech CommAptech
826051 Aptela, Inc.Aptela, Inc.
836239 Aptitude Internet LLCAptitude Internet LLC
829310 APX Net, IncAPX Net, Inc
835097 AQ Technology LLC
835786 AQUABLUE Corp.
832619 Aquablue, LLCITL Global Services, LLC
836550 Aquarius SIlver LLC
819230 Aquis Wireless Communications, Inc.Aquis Wireless Communications, Inc.
833227 AR Consulting IncDentalPC
825080 AR Group, Inc.AR Group Broadband
826811 Arab American TelecomAAT
818806 Aranusian Oil Company, Inc.Aranco Oil Company
804543 Arapahoe Telephone CompanyATC Communications
830097 Arbeit Software LLCArbeit Software LLC
819923 ARBROS Communications Licensing Company NEARBROS Communications Licensing Company NE
829218 Arbuckle Communications, LLCArbuckle Communications, LLC
836276 Arc Inventador LLCArc Inventador
815368 ARC, Inc.ARC, Inc.
806545 Arcadia Tel. Coop.Arcadia Telephone Cooperative
806544 Arcadia Telephone Co.TDS Telecom
831889 Arch Tech Computers LLCArch Tech Computers LLC
822064 Arch Telecom, IncArch Telecom, Inc
818060 Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc
822352 Arch Wireless Operating Company, Inc.Arch Wireless
836736 Archie Supply LLCArchie Supply
836089 Archtop Fiber LLC
815772 Arco Communications Network Corp.ACN Pagers & Cellulars
827708 ARCOS-1 USA, Inc.ARCOS-1 USA, Inc.
828661 Arctele Communications, Inc.Arctele Communications, Inc.
836542 Arctic Fox Networks Inc
803715 Arctic Slope Tel. Assn. Coop. Inc.Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative
803716 Arctic Slope Telecommunications and Cellular, Inc.Arctic Slope Telecommunications and Cellular, Inc.
836463 Arctic Telecom, Inc
817654 Arden Fair Associates, L.P.Arden Fair Associates, L.P.
831175 Ardigy Communications, LLCArdigy Communications, LLC
820640 Ardmore Communications, LLCArdmore Communications, LLC
801078 Ardmore Telephone Company, Inc.Ardmore Telephone Company, Inc.
831231 Area Wide Communications, LLCArea Wide Communications
820086 Arelion U.S. Inc.Telia Carrier U.S. Inc.
826122 Arena One, LLC.Arena One, LLC.
828080 Aretta Communications, IncCbeyond Cloud Services
809852 Argonaut Enterprises, Inc.Argonaut Enterprises, Inc.
822678 Argosy Learning Network, Inc.Alnet, Inc.
831185 Aria Hosted, LLCAria Hosted, LLC
825146 Arialink Telecom, LLCArialink Telecom, LLC
817958 Ariana Telecommunication, Inc.Ariana Telecommunication Inc.
823050 Aries Network, Inc.Aries Network, Inc.
827987 Arinc Direct, LLC.Arinc Direct, LLC.
831145 ARINC Incorporated
833435 Arista Enterprises Limited Liability CompanyArista Enterprises Limited Liability Company
829272 Arista Telecom IncArista Telecom Inc
831108 Aristotle Unified Communications Inc.AristotleVoIP
830121 Aristus LLCAristus LLC
836505 ARit services LLC
836467 Aritel LLCAritel LLC
802404 Arizona Coin Telephone, Inc.Arizona Coin Telephone, Inc.
821472 Arizona Dialtone, Inc.Arizona Dialtone, Inc.
834926 Arizona Public ServiceArizona Public Service
805434 Arizona Telephone CompanyTDS Telecom
822584 Arkansas Photo Supply, Inc.ACCUPAGE
818074 Arkansas RSA #2 Limited PartnershipALLTEL
834499 Arkansas Rural Internet Services, LLC
802047 Arkansas Tel. Co. Inc.Arkansas Telephone Company, Inc.
809688 Arkwest Communications, Inc.Arkwest Communications, Inc.
812113 Arlen Communications, Inc.Arlen Communications, Inc.
831377 Arlington County, VirginiaConnectArlington
802266 Arlington Tel. Co.Arlington Telephone Company
832754 Arma Tel LLC
830714 Armed Forces Wireless/Mobile, IncAF Mobile
801882 Armour Independent Telephone Co.Armour Independent Telephone Company
825987 Armstrong Digital Services, Inc.Armstrong Digital Services, Inc.
808083 Armstrong Tel. Co. - NYArmstrong Telephone Company - New York
808092 Armstrong Tel. Co. - PAArmstrong Telephone Company - Pennsylvania
808086 Armstrong Tel. Co. NorthArmstrong Telephone Co. - North
808080 Armstrong Tel. Co. of MarylandArmstrong Telephone Company - Maryland
822660 Armstrong Telecommunications, Inc.Armstrong Telecommunications, Inc.
808089 Armstrong Telephone Company - Northern DivisionArmstrong Telephone Company - Northern Division
808095 Armstrong Telephone Company of WVArmstrong Telephone Company - West Virginia
834653 AronTel IncAronTel Inc
825805 Aroostock Technology, Inc.Aroostock Technology, Inc.
828658 Aroostook Internet Inc.Aroostook Internet Inc.
826938 Aroostook Internet, Inc.Aroostook Internet, Inc.
815214 Aroostook Paging, Inc.Aroostook Paging, Inc.
827823 Arqiva, Inc.Arqiva, Inc.
803442 Arrival Communications, Inc.TelePacific Communications
826294 Arrival Telecom, Inc.Arrival Telecom
811394 Arrow Communications, Inc.Arrow Communications, Inc.
836303 Arrow Networks
812121 Arrow Phone Company, Inc.Arrow Phone Company, Inc.
801930 Arrowhead Communications Corp.Arrowhead Communications Corp.
832046 Arrowhead Electric Cooperative, Inc.Arrowhead Cooperative
829145 Arrowpoint Solutions, Inc.Arrowpoint Solutions, Inc.
830680 Arrowtel, Inc
827775 Arsenal Interactive, Inc.Arsenal Interactive, Inc.
820402 Artech LLCArtech, LLC
831190 ARTHAR Communications LLCARTHAR Communications LLC
828925 Arthur E. Boerner Inc.Art's Enterprises
833646 Articul8, LLCArticul8
834828 Artilus, IncL.I. Computer Networks, Inc
827588 Artisan Communications, Inc.Artisan Communications, Inc.
829787 Artisan Infrastructure Inc.Artisan Infrastructure
827530 Artium Wireless Partners, LLC.GTC WIRELESS
831388 Arugie Enterprises CorporationARG Communications
806766 Arvig Telephone CompanyTDS Telecom
828059 Arween International, Inc.Arween International, Inc.
829069 ARX Communications, LLCARX Communications, LLC
817128 Arya International Communications Corp.Arya International Communications Corp.
831658 Arycom USA LLC
828946 Arymyx, Inc.Arymyx, Inc.
822808 AS & J Associates, Inc.AS & J Associates, Inc.
817908 AS Telecommunications, Inc.ALLSTAR Telecom
830361 ASAP Communications CorpASAP Communications Corp
823738 ASAP Paging, Inc.ASAP Paging, Inc.
817198 ASC Telecom, Inc.Alternatel
829578 ASCC, Inc.ASCC, Inc.
822128 Ascendtel, LLCAscendtel, LLC
832348 Ascension Technologies, LLC
823142 Ascent Media Network Services, LLCAscent Media
811618 ASE CommunicationsASE Communications
829446 Asean Telecommunications, LLCAsean Telecommunications, LLC
833431 ASG Technical LLC
831233 Ashby Communications, IncN/A
820273 Asheville, Inc.Verizon Wireless
833009 Ashton Communications CorporationAcNet
833068 Asia Access Telecom, Inc.Asia Access Telecom, Inc.
821038 Asia Access Telecom, Inc.Asia Access Telecom, Inc.
822070 Asia Business Communications, Inc.Asia Business Communications, Inc.
824268 Asia Communications International, Inc.Asia Communications International, Inc.
826726 Asia Netcom Japan Corp.Asia Netcom
826725 Asia Netcom Korea LimitedAsia Netcom
826724 Asia Netcom Sevices (S) PTE. LTD.Asia Netcom
824624 Asia Netcom USA, Inc.Asia Netcom USA, Inc.
831263 Asia Pacific Network Corporation
827751 Asia Pacific Telecom, Inc.Asia Pacific Telecom, Inc.
823452 Asia Talk Telecom, Inc.HelloCom, Inc.
819688 Asiatone, LLCAsiatone/ Hudson Telecom/Gorilla Mobile
826717 Asif KhanFlexcom Solutions
834592 Asiya Comunicaciones SA de CV
822416 ASKL Enterprises, Inc.ASKL Enterprises, Inc.
829062 ASM Communication, Inc.ASM Communication, Inc.
805437 Asotin Telephone Co.TDS Telecom
832999 Aspen CommunicationsAspen Engineering & Contracting
826178 Aspen Communications, Inc.Aspen Communications, Inc.
835029 Aspen Leaf Networks, LLC
816782 Aspen Messaging, Inc.Aspen Messaging, Inc.
827268 Aspen Solutions, Inc.Aspen Solutions, Inc.
823220 Aspen Telecommunications, LLCAspen Telecommunications, LLC
834542 Aspen Wireless Technologies, IncAspen Wireless Technologies, Inc
830149 ASPIDER Solutions US, Inc.ASPIDER Solutions US, Inc.
836751 Aspire Broadband, LLC
834811 Aspire Communications LLC
835045 Aspire Networks 1, LLCHighline
826773 Aspire Telecom, Inc.Aspire Telecom, Inc.
825983 Aspireworks, IncINVIVNI
829475 Asset Black, LLCAsset Black, LLC
828858 Assist 123, LLCAssist 123
828631 Assist Wireless, LLCAssist Wireless, LLC
815930 Association Administrators, Inc.Association Administrators, Inc.
828577 Assurance Home Phone Services, Inc.Assurance Home Phone Services, Inc.
833346 Assurance Telecom, LLC
822596 Assurance Wireless USA, L.P.Assurance Wireless
836127 Assure Global, LLC
828000 Assure Telecom, LLC.Assure Telecom, LLC.
820062 Assured Communications, Inc.Assured Communications, Inc.
828022 AST Connections LimitedAST Connections Limited
831587 AST Telecom LLCBlue Sky Communications
817714 Astac Long DistanceAstac Long Distance
826823 Astac Wirless, Inc.Astac Wirless, Inc.
834852 aSTEAM Village Inc.aSTEAM VIllage
825683 Astound Broadband, LLC.Astound Broadband
835090 Astoundant Communications Inc
827152 Astrium Services Business Communications SASAstrium Services Business Communications SAS
833847 Astro Telco LLCAstro Telco LLC
830283 Astro Telecommunications LLCAstro Telecommunications LLC
826317 Astrocom CoroprationAstrocom Coropration
828771 Astrotel, Inc.Astrotel, Inc.
827707 Asurnet, Inc.Assurnet, Inc.
833727 Asurnet, Inc.Asurnet, Inc.
827279 AT Conference, Inc.AT CONFERENCE, INC.
818260 AT&T Broadband Phone of Virginia, Inc.AT&T Broadband, LLC
806172 AT&T Corp.AT&T Corp.
820089 AT&T Corp.AT&T Advanced Solutions, Inc.
819971 AT&T Corp.Ameritech Advanced Data Services - Ohio, Inc.
819973 AT&T Corp.Ameritech Advanced Data Services - Michigan, Inc.
819975 AT&T Corp.Ameritech Advanced Data Services - Indiana, Inc.
819969 AT&T Corp.Ameritech Advanced Data Services - Wisconsin, Inc.
819977 AT&T Corp.Ameritech Advanced Data Services - Illinois, Inc.
820161 AT&T Transoceanic Communications, LLCConcert
803059 AT&T Wireless PCS, LLCAT&T Wireless PCS, LLC
827790 At-Net Services, Inc.At-Net Services, Inc.
826505 ATC Long Distance, Inc.ATC Long Distance, Inc.
827386 ATC Outdoor DAS, LLC.ATC Outdoor DAS, LLC.
806406 ATC Teleports fka American Tower, LPATC Teleports
835250 ATCOM Inc.
833899 ATEC Communications INC
827140 Atem Wireless, LLC.Atem Wireless, LLC.
826079 Atengo, LLCAtengo, LLC.
830404 ATG Group IncAdvanced Telesystems Group
831510 Athena Broadband G.P.Athena Broadband G.P.
815544 Athena International, LLCAthena International, L.L.C.
812199 Athens Business Communications, Inc.Athens Business Communications, Inc.
809261 Athens CellularVerizon Wireless
832820 Atheral LLCAtheral LLC
829230 ATI Applied Technology, LLCQuickphones
832523 ATI Networks Inc
806835 Atkins Telephone Company, Inc.Atkins Telephone Company, Inc.
820518 ATL CommunicationsSunriver Telecom
830781 Atlanta Datacom Inc.ADCom Solutions
815142 Atlanta Link TechnologyAtlantic Link Technology
804285 Atlanta-Athens MSA Limited PartnershipCingular Wireless
826123 Atlantech Online, Inc.Atlantech Online, Inc.
828289 Atlantel Inc.Atlantel Inc.
831128 Atlantic Broadband (CT), LLC
831131 Atlantic Broadband (Delmar), LLC
831132 Atlantic Broadband (Miami), LLC
832940 Atlantic Broadband (NH-ME), LLC
831130 Atlantic Broadband (Penn), LLC
831129 Atlantic Broadband (SC), LLC
830062 Atlantic Broadband Enterprise LLCAtlantic Broadband Enterprise LLC
828091 Atlantic Coast Capital Partners, LLC.Atlantic Coast Capital Partners, LLC.
815140 Atlantic Coast Communication, Inc.Atlantic Coast Communication, Inc.
823332 Atlantic Communications Group, LLCAtlantic Communications Group, LLC
819748 Atlantic Communications, Inc.Atlantic Communications, Inc.
835292 Atlantic Computer Services, LLc.Atlantic Computer Services, LLc.
815546 Atlantic Connections, LLCChoice One Communications
827659 Atlantic Crossing, LTD.Atlantic Crossing, LTD.
819248 Atlantic Digital, Inc.Atlantic Digital
808500 Atlantic Diversified Technologies, Inc.Atlantic Diversified Technologies, Inc.
829579 Atlantic Engineering Group, Inc.Atlantic Fiber Networks
830790 Atlantic Fiber Networks
817294 Atlantic Media, Inc.Atlantic Media, Inc.
830027 Atlantic Metro Communications II, Inc.Atlantic Metro Communications
835537 Atlantic Mobile US LLCThrive Mobile
836371 Atlantic Radio Telephone, Inc.SatPhoneStore
801780 Atlantic Tel. Membership Corp.Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation
811462 Atlantic Telecom CorporationAtlantic Telecom Corporation
828861 Atlantic Telecom Multimedia Consolidated, LLCATMC
826574 Atlantic Telecom, Inc.Atlantic Telecom, Inc.
811461 Atlantic TelecommunicationsAtlantic Telecommunications
820481 Atlantic Telephone Company, Inc.Atlantic Telephone Company
823912 Atlantic.Net Broadband, Inc.Atlantic.Net Broadband, Inc.
834102 Atlantis Electrical Systems LLCAtlantis Electrical Systems LLC
834873 Atlantis Utility Inc.
811100 Atlas Communications, Ltd.Atlas Communications, Ltd.
835664 Atlas Direct Marketing LLC
832440 Atlas IP
812135 Atlas Mobilfone, Inc.Atlas Mobilfone, Inc.
808503 Atlas Tel. Co.Atlas Telephone Company, Inc.
829803 ATM Carolina, Inc.ATM Carolina, Inc.
816568 ATM CommunicationsMike's 129 Food Mart
821370 ATMC, Inc.ATMC, Inc.
832035 ATN Technology Inc
828425 ATN Telecom IncATN Telecom Inc
811688 ATN, Inc.ATN, Inc.
834164 Atron Solutions, LLC
814747 ATS Mobile CommunicationsATS Mobile Communications
820136 ATS Mobile Telephone, Inc.ATS THE BEEPER PEOPLE
806853 ATSC, Inc.ATSC
834661 AttunedCommTech, IncAttunedCommTech, Inc
831782 ATV Holdings, LLCMitchell Telecom
827185 Atwood Cable Systems, Inc.Atwood Cable Systems, Inc.
836427 ATX Telco LLC
826915 Auburn Essential ServicesAuburn Essential Services
826922 AudeamusSebastian
831855 Audian, Inc.Audian
831523 Audio Advantage LLCAudio Advantage
816776 Audio Video JunctionAudio Video Junction
828764 Audio-Video CorporationA-1 Communications
817112 AudioLandAudioLand
823734 Auglink Communications, Inc.Auglink Communications, Inc.
816916 Aulds And Garner Tele-Com Services, Inc.Aulds And Garner Tele-Com Services, Inc.
835491 AUM LLC
830867 Aunalytics, IncAunalytics, Inc
835114 Aura Alliance Inc
835929 AURA Network Systems, Inc.AURA Network Systems, Inc.
829226 Aureon Communications, L.L.C.Aureon Communications, L.L.C.
823802 Auris, LLCAuris, LLC
834053 Aurora Communications Technology, Inc.
826435 Aurora Communications, Inc.Aurora Communications, Inc.
836656 Aurora Fiber Optic Networks, LLCAurora Fiber Optic Networks
831923 Aurora Telecom LLC
830850 Aurora Telecom, Inc.DSX VOICE
828353 Aurora Trade LLCAurora Telecommunications
807543 Austin Limited PartnershipAustin Limited Partnership
834100 Autelecom LLC
814237 Auto Cellular Systems, Inc.AirPage
820164 Auto Dial, Inc.Auto Dial, Inc.
835687 Autodial Telecommunication LLC
834033 Automated Business Machines, Inc.
831339 Automated Business Solutions, Inc.Xactec
831994 Automated Cable Services, Inc.N/A
809246 Automated Coin Phone & TelecommunicationsAC&T Telecommunication Services
833871 Automated Network Solutions, LLC
815634 Automated Telecom Technology, Inc.A-Tel, Inc.
825290 Automatic Vending Service, Inc.Automatic Vending
807675 Autopage, Inc.Autopage, Inc.
829780 Autumn Leaf Networks, LLCAutumn Leaf Networks, LLC
830035 Autus Technology, LLCAutus Technology, LLC
835803 Av 360 LLCRyan Installation
830427 AV Conference Solutions, Inc.AV Conference Solutions, Inc.
827034 AV Lauttamus Communications, Inc.AV Lauttamus Communications, Inc.
834084 AV Solutions Plus LLCAV Solutions Plus LLC
833240 AVAIL Technology Solutions, LLCAVAIL Technology Solutions, LLC
833569 Avalo Network Solutions, LLC
818772 Avalon TelcomAvalon Telcom
827846 Avalon Telecom Services, LLC.Avalon Telecom Services, LLC.
827191 Avantek, LLC.Avantek, LLC.
828884 AvantGuard Monitoring Centers LLC
829460 Avatar TechVentures, Inc.Avatar TechVentures, Inc.
836370 Avatarius LLC
833947 Avatel Technologies Inc
829275 Avaya Cloud Inc.Avaya Cloud Inc.
828057 Avaya Inc.Avaya Inc.
834019 AVDS Inc.Ameritel Voice and Data
824832 Aventura Networks, LLCAventura Networks, LLC
825749 Aventure Communication Technology, L.L.C.Aventure Communication
827445 Avenue Broadband Communications, Inc.Avenue Broadband Communications, Inc.
825876 Avid Communications, LLC.Avid Communications, LLC.
828064 Avid Telecom LLCAvid Telecom LLC
834794 Avidex Industries, LLC
836438 AvidityAvidity LLC
824504 Avika Communications, Inc.Avika Communications, Inc.
834129 Avisight LLCAvisight LLC
820472 Avista Communications of IdahoAvista Communications of Idaho, Inc.
820474 Avista Communications of Washington, Inc.Avista Communications of Washington, Inc.
820476 Avista Communications of Wyoming, Inc.Avista Communications of Wyoming, Inc.
833789 Avista Development, IncAvista Edge
830300 Avolutia, LLCShelby Broadband
821968 AVOXI, Inc.AVOXI, Inc.
826501 AVT Group, Inc.AVT Group, Inc.
836749 AVX Networks
830919 Awaaz Cloud Telecom Inc.
815460 Award EnterprisesAward Enterprises
832127 Awareness Systems, LLCAwareness Systems, LLC
822382 Awesome Communications, Inc.Awesome Communications, Inc.
825762 Awesome Paging, Inc.Awesome Paging, Inc.
835254 Awesome Telenet, Inc.
833342 AWV Communications incAWV Communications inc
835443 Axacore, IncAxacore, a division of Scrypt, Inc.
832254 Axcede LLC
835829 Axcelerate Networks Inc.Axcelerate Networks
812297 Axces, Inc.Axces, Inc.
829714 Axia NGNetworks USA, Inc.Axia NGNetworks USA, Inc.
828405 Axia Technology Partners, LLCAxia Technology Partners, LLC
811798 Axiom Communications, LLCAxiom Communications, L.L.C.
827690 Axiom Technologies, LLC.Axiom Technologies, LLC.
830811 Axiom Telecom LLCAxiom Telecom LLC
828176 AxisInternet, IncAxisInternet, Inc
832590 Axispoint Technology Solutions Group, Inc.ATSG
834496 Axistel FZE
822244 Axius, Inc.Axius Communications
834557 Axkan Consultores S de RL de CV
832130 Axo Telecom, Inc
832379 Axtel, S.A.B. de C.V.
827105 Axxess Connect, LLC.Axxess Connect, LLC.
834153 Axxess Networks LLC
824248 Axxis Communications, Inc.Axxis Communications, Inc.
831713 Axxtel, LLCAxxtel, LLC
834689 Ayden Consulting, LLCvoip-account
801288 Ayersville Telephone Co.Ayersville Telephone Company
802452 Ayrshire Farmers Mutual Tel. Co.Ayrshire Farmers Mutual Telephone Company
811803 AZ Metro Communications, LLCAZ Metro, LLC
814981 AzcomAzcom
820724 AZLE Communications Solutions, LLCBreakthrough Communications
805432 Aztec Communications, Inc.Aztec Communications, Inc.
833783 Aztec Sound and Communications IncAztec Sound and Communications Inc
825846 Azteca Mobile, LLC.Azteca Mobile
805431 Aztech CommunicationsAztech Communications, Inc.
825464 Aztech Communications, Inc.Aztech Communications, Inc.
824368 Azultel, Inc.Azultel, Inc.
832451 Azur GCS Inc
827306 Azzurro HD, LLC.Azzurro HD, LLC.
815762 B & B Communications Network, Inc.Butler-Bremer Communications
820356 B & B Pay Phones, LLCB & B Pay Phones, LLC
818930 B & B Telecom, Inc.B & B Telecom, Inc.
812215 B & C Mobile Communications, Inc.Colorado Mobile
819120 B & M Communications, Inc.B & M Communications, Inc.
818628 B & P CompanyB & P Company
821854 B & S Telecom, Inc.MI Quick Connect & Quick Connect USA
831306 B and B Technologies LLCB and B Technologies LLC
827872 B Kruse and AssociatesB Kruse and Associates
818336 B W Telcom Long DistanceB W Telcom Long Distance
833555 B&B Communications, LTDAutophone of Laredo
829220 B&C Betzen LLCB&C Betzen LLC
828770 B&C Telecommunications CorpB&C Telecommunications Corp
830118 B&Z Solutions, Inc.B&Z Solutions, Inc.
819002 B. C. Sterling CommunicationsB. C. Sterling Communications
814763 B. E. Mobile Communications, Inc.B E Mobile Communications, Inc.
812835 B. Neer CommunicationsB. Neer Communications
820964 B.B.G. Communications, Inc.B.B.G. Communications, Inc.
822554 B2B CommunicationsBack2Basics Communications
828082 BA TelecomBA Telecom
827519 BAB Communications, Inc.BAB Communications, Inc.
831356 Babcock Enterprises LLCStraight Shot Wireless
803250 Baca Valley Telephone Co., Inc.Baca Valley Telephone Company, Inc.
814903 Bachow/Coastel, LLCCoastel Communications
826438 Backbone Central, LLCClearcom Services
819568 Backbone Communications, Inc.Backbone Communications, Inc.
836038 Backcountry Broadband LLC
834570 Backhaul Network LLC
826778 BackPack Software,
805563 Badger Telecom, Inc.TDS Telecom
836272 Badger Wireless Net LLC
805242 Badlands Cellular of North DakotaVerizon Wireless
830834 Bailey Systems, LLCBailey Systems
812013 Bair Payphones, Inc.Bair Payphones, Inc.
826819 Baja Broadband LLCBaja Broadband LLC
822002 BAK Communications, Inc.BAK Communications, Inc.
819830 Baker's Electronics & Communications, Inc.Baker's Electronics & Communications, Inc.
826447 Bald Knob Video, Inc.Bald Knob Video, Inc.
826828 Baldwin Boadband, LLC.Baldwin Boadband, LLC.
819766 Baldwin Cellcom, Inc.Baldwin Cellcom, Inc.
826894 Baldwin County Internet/DSSI Service LLC.Baldwin County Internet/DSSI Service LLC.
809020 Baldwin Nashville Tel. Co. Inc.Baldwin-Nashville Telephone Company, Inc.
803229 Baldwin Telecom Inc.Baldwin Telecom, Inc.
816778 Baldy's Bargains UnlimitedBargains Unlimited
830142 Ballantyne Broadband Partners, LLCOptical Communities
809648 Ballard Rural Tel. Coop. Corp. Inc.Ballard Rural Telephone Cooperative Corporation, Inc.
825834 Balpak CorporationPhreestile
824680 BalsamWest FiberNET, LLCBalsamWest FiberNET, LLC
803262 Baltic Telecom Coop.Baltic Telecom Cooperative
832160 Baltimore County, Maryland
813113 Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.
823202 Baltimore-Washington Telephone CompanyBaltimore-Washington Telephone Company
835540 BAM Broadband OpCo LLCBAM Broadband
827475 Banana Communications Ventures, LLC.Banana Communications Ventures, LLC.
832152 Bandera Electric Cooperative, Inc.
826595 Bandtel, LLC.Bandtel, LLC.
826134 Bandwidth Inc.Bandwidth Inc.
833831 Bandwidth Services LLC
827083 CLEC, CLEC, LLC.
828641 Bangla Trac International USA LLCBangla Trac International USA LLC
802647 Bangor Cellular Telephone, LPU.S. Cellular
834935 Banke IT Consulting LLCBanke IT Consulting
834949 BAP Creative, LLCBAP Technology
804735 Baraga Tel. Co.Baraga Telephone Company
828151 BARAKAH, Inc.BARAKAH, Inc.
828729 Barat Wireless, LPBarat Wireless, LP
811862 Barba's Keystone Ent.Barba's Keystone Ent.
830314 Barcks CorpBarcks Corp
835602 BARConnects, LLCBARC Connects
829739 Barden Technology, LLCBarden Technology, LLC
836119 Bare Necessities LLCAirGrids
833888 Bare Telecom LLC
811102 Barely Making It, Inc.BMI, Inc.
836295 Barger Creek LLC
832405 Barking Dog Communications LLCBarking Dog Communications LLC
828201 Barmont LLC dba Deposition Conference Calling Service, Inc.Deposition Conference Calling Service, Inc
806562 Barnardsville Telephone CompanyRiverStreet Networks
809238 Barnes City Coop. Tel. Co.Barnes City Cooperative Telephone Company
823372 Barnes Engineering, LLCBellecom, LLC
828949 Barr Tell USA, Inc.Barr Tell USA, Inc.
829837 Barrier Communications CorporationBarrier Communications Corporation
828401 Barry Communications, Inc.Barry Communications, Inc.
806379 Barry County Tel. Co.Barry County Telephone Company
827609 Barry Group International, Inc.Barry Group International, Inc.
831209 Barry Technology Services, LLCBarry Technology Services, LLC
834110 Barson Business SolutionsVoIP Doctors
835004 Barter Communications LLC
821940 BAS Communications, Inc.BAS Communications, Inc.
808097 Bascom Long Distance, Inc.Bascom Long Distance, Inc.
808098 Bascom Mutual Tel. Co.Bascom Mutual Telephone Company
828565 Base Communications, LLCBase Communications
834179 Basesix SystemsBasesix Systems
821832 Bashas' Inc.Western American Communications
831087 Basic Access LLCBasic Access LLC
829360 Basic Solutions Wholesale, Inc.Basic Solutions Wholesale, Inc.
833394 Basic, Inc.Sunbeam Wireless
821806 BasicPhone, Inc.BasicPhone, Inc.
819652 Basin Communications Systems, Inc.Basin Communications Systems, Inc.
829183 Bassone Global, LLCBassone Global, LLC
829823 Bat Consulting CorporationBat Consulting Corporation
828182 Batch Telecommunications Inc.Batch Telecommunications Inc.
833109 Batchlink Inc
818322 Baton Rouge Payphone, Inc.Baton Rouge Payphone, Inc.
825776 Battles Communications, Inc.Battles Communications, Inc.
830684 Batts Communications Services, Inc.Batts Communications Services, Inc.
808908 Bauce Communications of Beaumont, Inc.Centennial Wireless
827022 Baway, LLC.Baway, LLC.
826397 Bay Broadband Communications, LLC.Bay Broadband Communications, LLC.
832972 Bay Business Edge, LLC
828291 Bay City Cablevision, LPBay City Cablevision, LP
828481 Bay Country CommunicationsBay Country Communications
828984 Bay Creek Communications, LLCBay Creek Communications, LLC
830023 Bay Pointe Tech Services, LLCBay Pointe
828669 Bay Springs Communications, Inc.Bay Springs Communications, Inc.
813020 Bay Springs Long Distance, Inc.Bay Springs Long Distance, Inc.
802530 Bay Springs Telephone Co. Inc.Bay Springs Telephone Co., Inc.
815094 Bay Star Communications, Inc.Bay Star Satellite Paging
821720 Baycom, Inc.Baycom, Inc.
820399 Bayland Communications, LLCBayland Communications, LLC
801918 Bayland Telephone, LLCBayland Telephone, LLC
832696 Baymark CloudNet LLCCloudNet Group
819222 Baynet, Inc.Baynet, Inc.
825997 Bayou Internet Inc.Bayou Internet Inc.
833472 Bayou VOIPBayou VOIP
819846 Baytown Communications, Inc.Baytown Communications, Inc.
833809 BBJR Holidngs LLCCall via
824438 BCE Nexxia CorporationBCE Global - USA
826583 BCE Nexxia Voice Services CorporationBCE Nexxia Voice Services Corporation
830010 BCG Systems That Work IncBCG Systems That Work Inc
819448 BCI CorporationAmerican Beeper
830712 BCI Mississippi Broadband, LLCMaxxSouth Broadband
830206 BCM Altus, Inc.
835284 BCM One Cloud Communications, LLC
816450 BCM One, Inc.McGraw Communications, Inc.
827450 BCR Network Services, Inc.BCR Network Services, Inc.
825028 BCS Global Networks, Inc.Broad Band Collaborative Solutions, Inc.
828163 BCT Consulting, Inc.BCT Consulting, Inc.
818584 BCTC of Texas, LLCCingular Wireless
828136 BD Communications, Inc.BD Communications, Inc.
805317 BDA Payphones Inc.B.D.A. Payphones, Inc.
829812 BDDL CommunicationsBDDL Communications
834475 Beacon Broadband, IncBeacon Broadband
827290 Beacon Communication Services, LLC.Beacon Live
831661 BeaconLive, LLC
818532 Bealls Communications GroupBealls Communications Group, Inc.
819102 Beals Pay Phones, LLCBeals Pay Phones, LLC
834239 Bear Bones IT LLCBear Bones IT
835116 Bear Communications LLCBear Communications LLC
805423 Bear Lake Communications, Inc.Bear Lake Communications, Inc.
830816 BearCreek Networks, LLCBearCreek
835996 Beardon Services
833033 Beasley Technology, Inc.Beasley Technology, Inc.
833684 Beautiful Smile LLCBeautiful Smile LLC
808101 Beaver Creek Coop. Tel. Co.Beaver Creek Telephone Company
825563 Beaver Creek Telephone CompanyBeaver Creek Telephone Company
830046 Beaver Valley Cable Co. IncBeaver Valley Cable Co. Inc
834980 BEC Communications, LLCBEC Communications
815468 Bedhesda Payphones, Inc.Bedhesda Payphones, Inc.
836474 Bee Creek Communications, Inc.Bee Creek Communications, Inc.
827619 Bee Line Inc.Bee Line Inc.
822638 Bee Line Long Distance, LLCSame As Above
818130 Beeline Long Distance, Inc.Beeline Long Distance, Inc.
815898 Beeper Shag Eastwood & HermitageBeeper Shag Eastwood & Hermitage
814945 Beepers Etc. of Tahlequah, Inc.Beepers Etc. of Tahlequah, Inc.
816214 Beepers To Go of Wood Dale, Inc.Beepers To Go of Wood Dale, Inc.
825565 Beepertime CommunicationsBeepertime Communications
802023 BEK Communications Coop.BEK Communications Cooperative
835174 Bel Air Internet, LLCBAI Connect
826394 Belgacom International Carrier Services N.V./S.A.Belgacom International Carrier Services N.V./S.A.
825985 Belgravia Telecommunications Company, LLCBelphone
829128 Believe Wireless LLCBelieve Wireless LLC
819865 Bell Atlantic Mobile of Massachusetts, Inc.Verizon Wireless
825934 Bell South MNS, LLC.Bell South MNS, LLC.
822580 Bell USA LLCBell USA, LLC
833482 Bellacom Technologies & Design IncBellacom Technologies & Design Inc
827742 Bellerud CommunicationsBellerud Communications
819182 BellSouth BSE, Inc.BellSouth BSE, Inc.
815048 BellSouth Carolinas PCS, LLCCingular Wireless
804262 BellSouth Long Distance, Inc.BellSouth Long Distance, Inc.
804261 BellSouth Mobility, LLCCingular Wireless
815046 BellSouth Personal Communications, LLCCingular Wireless
802970 BellSouth Public Communications, Inc.BellSouth Public Communications, Inc.
802971 BellSouth Telecommunications, LLCBellSouth Telecommunications, LLC
804432 Belmont Tel. Co.Belmont Telephone Company
823426 Belmont Telecom, Inc.Belmont Telecom, Inc.
820508 Belrioux CorporationBelrioux Corporation
834808 beltalk solutions LLCbeltalk solutions LLC
829047 BelWave Communications, Inc.BelWave Communications
831995 Belzoni Cable, LLC
801103 Ben Lomand Communications, LLCBen Lomand Communications, LLC
801102 Ben Lomand Rural Tel. Coop. Inc.Ben Lomand Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
816788 Benanna Pay PhonesBenanna Pay Phones
825130 BenchMark Communications, LLCComone
826089 Bend Cable Data Services, LLC.Bend Cable Data Services, LLC.
835046 Bendial LLC
824056 BendtelBend Data Center
829697 Benet ElectricalBenet Electrical
827754 Benga Networks, LLC.Benga Networks, LLC.
822164 Benitos CommunicationBenitos Communication
819158 Benjamin J. Bopp, IIIBOPP Telecommunications
804537 Benkelman Telephone CompanyBenkelman Telephone Company
833178 Bennet Communications Columbia LLC
829888 Bennet Communications, Inc.Bennet Communications, Inc.
804795 Bentleyville Telephone CompanyBentleyville Telephone Company
801729 Benton Coop. Tel. Co.Benton Cooperative Telephone Company
808104 Benton Ridge Tel. Co.Benton Ridge Telephone Company
827461 BEOGRADDIS LLCVoiagenet, International IP
828785 BeoX LLCHasan Kivanc TATLICI
803247 Bergen Tel. Co.The Bergen Telephone Company
825274 Berkeley Cable Television, Inc.Berkeley Cable Television, Inc.
808832 Berkmont Communications, Inc.Berkmont Communications, Inc.
824726 Berkshire Cable CorporationBerkshire Long Distance
819034 Berkshire Communicators, Inc.Berkshire Communicators, Inc.
802959 Berkshire Tel. Co.Berkshire Telephone Corporation
835455 Berkshire USA LLCBerkshire Receptionists
818750 Bernard CommunicationsBernard Communications
826401 Bernard Communications, Inc.Bernard Communications, Inc.
801036 Bernard Tel. Co. Inc.Bernard Telephone Company, Inc.
831180 Bespoke Communications LLCBespoke Communications LLC
833699 Best Buy Health, Inc.Greatcall
830034 Best Rate CellularBest Rate Cellular
826221 Best Rate Communication, Inc.Best Rate Communication, Inc.
816716 Best-Comm, LLCBest-Comm, LLC
819522 BESTEL, USA, Inc.BESTEL, USA, Inc.
806721 Bestline Communications, LPBestline Communications, LP
822932 BestNet Communications Corp.BestNet Communications Corp.
826242 BestWeb CorporationBestWeb Corporation
819108 Beta Communications, LLCBeta Communications, LLC
830601 Betaview Technology IncBetaview Technology Inc
804804 Bettles Tel. Co.Bettles Telephone Inc
819887 Beulahland Communications, Inc.Beulahland Communications, Inc.
820075 BEV Comm, Inc.BEV Comm, Inc.
834461 Bexar System LLCBexar System LLC
816790 Beyond Beepers of Minnesota, Inc.Beyond Beepers of Minnesota, Inc.
809867 BFC Communications - LDBrooks Fiber Communications - LD, Inc.
831133 BG Networking
826599 BG Telecommunications, LLC.BGT
826582 BGN Enterprises LLCAmericom
826875 Bharti Airtel (USA) LimitedBharti Airtel (USA) Limited
826876 Bharti Airtel LimitedBharti Airtel Limited
823292 Bibeau, Fernand A. & Phyllis M.Computel
824628 Biddeford Internet CorporationGreat Works Internet
815102 Biddle's Shop-Ettes, Inc.Pageport
806943 Big Bend Telephone Co. Inc.Big Bend Telephone Company, Inc.
834951 Big Black Internet IncBig Black Internet Inc
834415 Big Dog Internet Puerto Rico, LLCBig Dog Internet Puerto Rico, LLC
825308 Big Game Telecom, Inc.Big Game Telecom, Inc.
830633 Big Ideas Cabling LLCBig Ideas Cabling LLC
828140 Big Inc. dba PhonztBig Inc. dba Phonzt
820936 Big Planet, Inc.Big Planet, Inc.
829073 Big River Broadband LLCBig River Broadband
821170 Big River Telephone Company, LLCBig River Telephone Company, LLC
828063 Big Sandy Broadband, Inc.Big Sandy Broadband, Inc.
801105 Big Sandy Telecom, Inc.Big Sandy Telecom, Inc.
834760 Big Water Technologies Corporation
825881 Bigfoot Communications, LTD.Bigfoot Communications, LTD.
836661 Bigly Sales, Inc.Bigly Sales
808874 Bijou Telephone Co-op Association, Inc.Bijou Telephone Cooperative Association, Inc.
827847 Billing Services of America, Inc.Billing Services of America, Inc.
831838 BillyRonks LLC
834079 Bilqees Technology Solutions Inc
834456 Binary Ventures INCCall Cowboy
832312 binaryPBX LLC
820295 Binghamton MSA, LPVerizon Wireless
835258 Bingotelecom Incorporated
826163 Biopass Medical System, Inc.DSL Express
833513 Birdi Systems, Inc.Birdi & Associates, Inc.
822310 Birmingham Jefferson Convention ComplexBirmingham Jefferson Convention Complex
805155 Bismarck MSA, LPVerizon Wireless
835067 Bit Happens IT Solutions LLC
823480 Bitec Company, Inc.Bitec Company, Inc.
834101 Bitnetix IncorporatedSmartVox
809887 Bittel Communications CorporationBittel Telecommunications Corporation
807237 Bixby Tel. Co. Inc.Bixby Telephone Company
821632 Bixby Telephone Long DistanceBixby Telephone Long Distance
828183 Biz-Net Services, IncBiz-Net Services, Inc
817772 Biztrans Technology, Inc.Biztrans Technology, Inc.
835104 BizVox Communications, Inc
819342 BK Marine, Inc.BK Marine, Inc.
836626 BK Sales and Service, LLCBK SALES AND SERVICE
821014 BKT Telecom Corp.BKT Calling Card
828443 Black Cloud Networks, incBlack Cloud Networks, inc
836706 Black Diamond Computer CorpBlack Diamond IT
805560 Black Earth Telephone Company, LLCTDS Telecom
820754 Black Hills Phones, Inc.Black Hills Phones, Inc.
836216 Blackburn Networks LLCBlackburn Networks LLC
807105 Blackduck Tel. Co.Blackduck Telephone Company
818046 Blackfoot Communications, Inc.Blackfoot Communications
809435 Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative, Inc.Blackfoot CFT
803277 Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative, Inc.Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
835343 Blackhawk Solutions LLC
834130 BlackPoint IT Services, Inc.BlackPoint IT Services, Inc.
833262 Blackport Solutions, LLC
828960 Blackstone Calling Card, Inc.Blackstone Calling Card, Inc.
829695 BlackWire Consulting Group, LPBlackWire Consulting Group, LP
835974 Blade Technologies, Inc
802269 Blair Tel. Co.The Blair Telephone Company
828536 Blakes Telecommunications NetworkBlakes Telecommunications Network
804621 Blanca Telephone CompanyBlanca Networks
832434 Blanca Telephone Company - HC RecoveryBlanca Telephone company - HC Recovery
808864 Blanchard Tel. Assn. Inc.Blanchard Telephone Association, Inc.
826864 Blanchard Telephone Co.Blanchard Telephone Co.
834192 Blank Point CommunicationsBlank Point Communications
834493 Blast Communications, IncBlast Communications, Inc
834962 Blaze DigiTelBlaze DigiTel
823960 BLC Management, LLCAngles Communication Solutions
807240 Bledsoe Tel. Coop.Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
835300 Blockchain Cellular IncSarmad Harake
801378 Bloomer Tel. Co.Bloomer Telephone Company
822348 Bloomingdale Communications, Inc.Bloomingdale Communications, Inc.
809612 Bloomingdale Home Telephone Co., Inc.Bloomingdale Home Telephone Company, Inc.
801396 Bloomingdale Tel. Co.Bloomingdale Telephone Company, Inc.
804354 Bloomington Cellular Telephone Co.Cingular Wireless
803469 Blossom Telephone Co., IncBlossom Telephone Company, Inc.
827553 BLS Telecom, LLCBLS Telecom, LLC
833093 Blu Space IncBlu Space
831594 Blu TelecommunicationBLU Space
827198 Blue Apple Telecom CorporationBlue Apple Telecom Corporation
832700 Blue Atlas, LLCEZTel
823304 Blue Casa Communications, Inc.Blue Casa Communications, LLC
831828 Blue Casa Mobile, LLCN/A
828801 Blue Casa Telephone, LLCBlue Casa Telephone
833451 Blue Communications, LLC
827867 Blue Crane Networks, LLC.Blue Crane Networks, LLC.
828315 Blue Devil Cable TV, Inc.Blue Devil Cable TV, Inc.
834917 Blue Diamond Communications Inc
825510 Blue Diode Communications, LLCBlue Diode Communications, LLC
804720 Blue Earth Valley Tel. Co.Blue Earth Valley Telephone Company
833924 Blue Harbor Telecom, LLCBlue Harbor Telecom, LLC
829394 Blue Jay Wireless, LLCBlue Jay Wireless, LLC
835548 Blue Mountain Networks LLC
833562 Blue Mountain Telecommunication Services IncBlue Mountain Telecommunication Services Inc
830876 Blue Ocean Technologies, Inc.Blue Ocean Technologies, Inc.
834323 Blue Plains Technology, LLCBlue Plains Technology, LLC
832811 Blue Planet Networks LLCBlue Planet Networks LLC
820275 Blue Ridge CTCVerizon Wireless
826103 Blue Ridge Digital Phone CompanyBlue Ridge Digital Phone Company
806634 Blue Ridge Telephone Co.TDS Telecom
826058 Blue River Communications, Inc.Blue River Communications, Inc.
828264 Blue Rooster TelecomBlue Rooster Telecom
825002 Blue Sky Telecommunications, Inc.Blue Sky Telecommunications, Inc.
826357 Blue Sky Telecommunications, LLCBlue Sky Telecommunications, LLC
831148 Blue Star Communications, LLCBlue Star Communications, LLC
825238 Blue Star TELECARD, Inc.Blue Star TELECARD, Inc.
827186 Blue Stream Communications, LLCBlue Stream Communications, LLC
828158 Blue Valley Technologies, Inc.
806661 Blue Valley Tele-Communications, Inc.Blue Valley Tele-Communications, Inc.
822800 Blue Vista Phone ServiceBlue Vista Phone Service
834538 Blue Water Networks, Inc.Blue Water Networks
819310 Blue-Line PayphoneBlue-Line Payphone
831835 BlueBird Communications LLC
826807 Bluebird Wireless Broadband Services, LLC.Bluebird Wireless Broadband Services, LLC.
829420 BlueBridge Media, LLC
836446 BlueCastle IT Solutions LLC
829832 BlueCloud Communications LLCBlueCloud Communications LLC
833134 Blueface US, LLC
822760 Bluegrass Network, LLCBluegrass Network, LLC
819624 Bluegrass Telecom, LLCBluegrass Telecom, LLC
825723 Bluegrass Telephone Company, Inc.Bluegrass Telephone Company, Inc.
825310 Bluegrass Wireless, LLCBluegrass Wireless, LLC
828836 BluegrassNet Voice, Inc.BluegrassNet Voice
832139 Blueram Technology Solutions, Inc.Blueram Technology Solutions, Inc.
833448 Blueray ConceptsBlueray Concepts
835236 Bluerock Communications, LLC
819808 BlueStar Networks, Inc.BlueStar Networks, Inc.
811597 Bluestem Telephone CompanyBluestem Telephone Company
833527 Bluestone Communications, Inc.Bluestone Communications, Inc.
829573 Bluetone Communications, LLCBluetone Communications, LLC
833808 Bluewater, LLCSpringPoint Technologies, LLC
831147 BlueWave Computing, LLC
806109 Bluffton Telephone Company, LLCHargray
825649 BMA Communications, Inc.BMA Communications, Inc.
823924 BMC Telcom, Inc.BMC Telcom, Inc.
822062 BMG Group, LLCU.S. Cellular
812301 BN1 Telecommunications, Inc.BN1 Telecommunications, Inc.
834230 BNT Broadband LLCBNT Broadband
830047 Bny Communication, Inc.Bny Communication, Inc.
827676 BoaGroup, LLC.BoaGroup, LLC.
835052 Boakye Holdings IncThird Vision Tech
830094 Board of County Commissioners of Garrett County MarylandBoard of County Commissioners of Garrett County Maryland
832979 Board of Water Electric & CommunicationMuscatine Power and Water
836005 Bob Dobalina HOldings CompanyTrives Wireless
827732 BOB LLC.Business Only Broadband LLC
821974 Bobwhite Communication, Inc.Newport Bay
835101 Bohannan Huston, Inc.EnvisionIT Solutions
836265 Bohannon LLC
804846 Boise City MSA Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
829468 Bolder Thinking Communications, Inc.Bolder Thinking Communications, Inc.
830772 Bonaco Telecommunications LLC
835200 BondarTech Inc
805566 Bonduel Telephone Co.TDS Telecom
830599 Bonita Senorita IncBonita Senorita Inc
829072 Bontel Software Solutions, Inc.Bontel Software Solutions, Inc.
827225 Boomerang Wireless, LLC.Boomerang Wireless, LLC.
827850 Boostlink, LLC.DOUGLAS FAST NET
832386 Boot State Technologies LLC.BSTWIFI
809449 Border to Border Communications, Inc.Border to Border Communications
811118 Bordercomm PartnersBordercomm Partners
820558 Borderland Communications, Inc.Borderland Communications, Inc.
835347 Borderless Communications IncBorderless Communications Inc
818988 BoricubaBoricuba
815954 Boricuba II, Inc.Boricuba II, Inc.
819452 Boston 220 SMR PartnershipBoston 220 SMR Partnership
815746 Boston Metro 220 SMR PartnershipBoston Metro 220 SMR Partnership
816556 Boston SMR PartnershipBoston SMR Partnership
804678 Botel Company, Inc.Botel Company, Inc.
831576 Botnay Bay Technology, Inc.Botnay Bay Computers
828847 Bowling Green Municipal Utilities, General Services DivisionBowling Green Municipal Utilities, General Services Division
832478 Boycom Cablevision, Inc.Boycom Cablevision, Inc.
805869 BPM, Inc. dba Noxapater Telephone Co. Inc.Noxapater Tel. Co.
835426 Bpo innovateBpo innovate
812095 BPS CommunicationsBPS Communications
812054 BPS Telephone CompanyBPS Telephone Company
831977 Braden Business Systems, Inc.Braden
825524 Brae Group, Inc.Brae Group, Inc.
821952 BrahmaCom, Inc.Brahmacom
827837 BrainStorm InternetBrainStorm Internet
828606 Braintree Electric Light DepartmentBELD Broadband
801338 Branch Cable, Inc.Branch Cable Inc.
822050 Brandenburg Telecom, LLCBrandenburg Telecom, LLC
801339 Brandenburg Telephone CompanyBrandenburg Telephone Co., Inc.
831913 Brandon Business Machines, Inc.Brandon Business Machines, Inc.
829949 Branham Information Technology Solutions, LLCBranham Information Technology Solutions, LLC
801822 Brantley Tel. Co. Inc.Brantley Telephone Co., Inc.
835566 Bravo Lines LCCAnwaar Ahmed Chaudhary
835685 Bray Telecom LLCBray Telecom LLC
835989 Bray-Pey Holdings, LLCMaine Technology Group
801237 Brazoria Tel. Co.Brazoria Telephone Company
832415 Brazos 2020 Vision, Inc.Brazos 2020
811130 Brazos Telecommunications, Inc.Brazos Telecommunications, Inc.
802158 Brazos Telephone COOP, Inc.Brazos Telephone COOP, Inc.
809875 Breda Tel. Corp.Western Iowa Networks
832333 BREK Communications, IncBREK Communications, Inc
836195 BRESCO Solutions LLC, dba BRESCO BroadbandBRESCO Broadband
824408 Bresnan Communications, LLCBresnan Communications, LLC
828728 Brevard Wireless, Inc.FLORIDA HIGHSPEED INTERNET
826619 Brevient Communications, LLC.Brevient Communications, LLC.
832828 Brick Technology Group, LLCBrick Technology Group, LLC
835621 Bridge Communications, LLCBridge Communications, LLC
826460 Bridge Water Telecom, LLC.Bridge Water Telecom, LLC.
804465 Bridge Water Telephone Co.TDS Telecom
824102 BridgeBand Communications, Inc.BridgeBand Communications, Inc.
822108 Bridgecom International, Inc.- CONSOLIDATEDBridgeCom
820427 BridgeCom International, LLCBridgeCom International, LLC
834455 Bridger Cable TVBridger Cable TV
827400 BridgeVoice, Inc.BridgeVoice, Inc.
801881 Bridgewater-Canistota Independent Tel. Co.Bridgewater-Canistota Telephone Co.
821900 Bright CLEC, LLCBright CLEC, LLC
825038 Bright House Networks Information Services (Alabama), LLCBright House Networks Information Services (Alabama), LLC
825472 Bright House Networks Information Services (California), LLCBright House Networks Information Services (California), LLC
824478 Bright House Networks Information Services (Florida), LLCBright House Networks Information Services (Florida), LLC
825452 Bright House Networks Information Services (Indiana), LLCBright House Networks Information Services (Indiana), LLC
825451 Bright House Networks Information Services (Michigan), LLCBright House Networks Information Services (Michigan), LLC
820588 Bright Long Distance, LTDBright Long Distance, LTD
829447 Bright Packet, Inc.Bright Packet
834844 Bright Pattern, Inc.
820602 Bright Personal Communication Services, LLCBright Personal Communication Services, LLC
834350 Bright Sound Communications, Inc
828373 Brightlink Communications, LLCBrightlink Communications, LLC
829350 brightstack Technologies, LLCbrightstack Technologies, LLC
830972 Brightstar Global Solutions, LLC
826551 Brikan Networks, LLC.Brikan Networks, LLC.
807789 Brindlee Mountain Telephone LLCBrindlee Mountain Telephone LLC
836518 Brisco Communications Inc
809089 Bristol Bay Cellular PartnershipBristol Bay Cellular Partnership
809088 Bristol Bay Tel. Coop. Inc.Bristol Bay Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
825832 Bristol Tennessee Essential ServicesBristol Tennessee Essential Services
828028 Brivia Acquisition, LLC.Brivia Acquisition, LLC.
827942 Broad Band Voice, LLC.Broad Band Voice, LLC.
829253 Broad Communication Solutions, LLCKey2IP
829219 Broad Sky Networks LLCBroad Sky Networks LLC
826885 Broad-Connect Telecom, LLC.Broad-Connect Telecom, LLC.
826883 Broadband Associates InternationalBroadband Associates International
826302 Broadband Centric, Inc.Broadband Centric, Inc.
821540 Broadband Communications CorporationBroadband Communications Corporation
824074 Broadband Communities of Florida, Inc.Broadband Communities of Florida, Inc.
830852 Broadband Connexions, Inc.
833162 Broadband Corp
828453 Broadband CTI, LLCBroadband CTI, LLC
823522 Broadband Dynamics, LLC.Broadband Dynamics, LLC.
831193 Broadband EnterpriseBroadband Enterprise
829818 Broadband in Hand LLCBroadband in Hand LLC
829387 Broadband LLCBroadband LLC
828587 Broadband Office Solutions, LLCBroadband Office Solutions
826180 Broadband Solution Communications, Inc.Broadband Solution Communications, Inc.
826041 Broadband System Group, Inc.Broadband System Group, Inc.
835722 Broadband Telecom Services, LLCBroadband Telecom Services
825817 Broadband Telecom, Inc.Broadband Telecom, Inc.
830534 Broadband VI, LLCBroadband VI, LLC
832894 Broadcast Networks, LLC.
828242 Broadcast Voice Networks, IncBVN Telecom Group
833952 Broadcord Communications Inc.
835249 BroadLife Communications, Inc.
824924 BroadLink Telecom, LLCBroadLink Telecom, LLC
834246 Broadnet Teleservices LLC
825429 Broadplex, LLCBroadplex, LLC
803550 Broadpoint, LLCBroadpoint
822690 BroadRiver Communication CorporationBroadRiver Communication Corporation
820576 Broadslate Networks, IncBroadslate Networks, Inc.
827269 Broadsmart Florida, Inc.Broadsmart Florida, Inc.
831676 Broadsmart Global, Inc.
829410 Broadsoft Adaption LLCBroadsoft Adaption LLC
818088 BroadSpan Communications, Inc.Primary Network Communications
827561 Broadstar, LLCPrimecast, LLC
825938 Broadstripe, LLC.Broadstripe, LLC.
824088 Broadview Networks Holdings, Inc.- CONSOLIDATEDWindstream
819184 Broadview Networks, Inc.Broadview Networks, Inc.
822372 Broadview NP Acquisition Corp.Broadview NP Acquisition Corp.
826037 BroadVoice, Inc.BroadVoice, Inc.
826005 Broadvox LLCBroadvox LLC
827640 Broadvox-CLEC, LLC.Broadvox-CLEC, LLC.
827091 BroadvoxGo!, LLC.BroadvoxGo!, LLC.
828908 Broadwan Networks LLCBroadwan Networks
835273 Broadwave, LLCBroadwave
835645 Broadway Telecom LLC
826588 Broadweave Networks, Inc.Broadweave Networks, Inc.
809880 Broadwing Communications Services Inc.Broadwing Communications Services, Inc.
822866 Broadwing Communications, LLCBroadwing Communications, LLC
821200 Broadwing Local Services, Inc.Broadwing Local Services, Inc.
829821 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
815498 Brock Atlantic Telephone, Inc.Brock Atlantic Telephone
811152 Brock Telecom CompanyBrock Telecom Company
833756 Broker Exchange Telecom, LLCBroker Exchange Telecom, LLC
817272 Brooklyn Communications SystemsBrooklyn Communications Systems
829922 Brooklyn Mailing & CommunicationsBrooklyn Mailing & Communications
808854 Brooklyn Mutual Telephone Co.Brooklyn Mutual Telephone Co.
807216 Brooks Fiber Comm. of Michigan, Inc.Brooks Fiber Communications of Michigan
812087 Brooks Fiber Communication of NevadaBrooks Fiber Communication of Nevada
811212 Brooks Fiber Communications of ArkansasBrooks Fiber Communications of Arkansas
811209 Brooks Fiber Communications of BakersfieldBrooks Fiber Communications of Bakersfield
811208 Brooks Fiber Communications of ConnecticutBrooks Fiber Communications of Connecticut
811207 Brooks Fiber Communications of FresnoBrooks Fiber Communications of Fresno
809868 Brooks Fiber Communications of Massachusetts, Inc.Brooks Fiber Communications of Massachusetts, Inc.
807218 Brooks Fiber Communications of Minnesota, Inc.Brooks Fiber Communications of Minnesota, Inc.
812082 Brooks Fiber Communications of Mississippi, Inc.Brooks Fiber Communications of Mississippi, Inc.
812083 Brooks Fiber Communications of Missouri, Inc.Brooks Fiber Communications of Missouri, Inc.
812088 Brooks Fiber Communications of New England, Inc.Brooks Fiber Communications of New England, Inc.
811213 Brooks Fiber Communications of New MexicoBrooks Fiber Communications of New Mexico
807220 Brooks Fiber Communications of New York , Inc.Brooks Fiber Communications of New York, Inc.
812084 Brooks Fiber Communications of Ohio, Inc.Brooks Fiber Communications of Ohio, Inc.
811210 Brooks Fiber Communications of Oklahoma CityBrooks Fiber Communications of Oklahoma
811214 Brooks Fiber Communications of Rhode IslandBrooks Fiber Communications of Rhode Island
809869 Brooks Fiber Communications of SacramentoBrooks Fiber Communications of Sacramento
811202 Brooks Fiber Communications of San JoseBrooks Fiber Communications of San Jose
811205 Brooks Fiber Communications of StocktonBrooks Fiber Communications of Stockton
811215 Brooks Fiber Communications of TennesseeBrooks Fiber Communications of Tennessee
812080 Brooks Fiber Communications of Texas, Inc.Brooks Fiber Communications of Texas, Inc.
811211 Brooks Fiber Communications of TucsonBrooks Fiber Communications of Tucson
811206 Brooks Fiber Communications of TulsaBrooks Fiber Communications of Tulsa
812081 Brooks Fiber Communications of Utah, Inc.Brooks Fiber Communications of Utah, Inc.
820630 Brown County CLEC, LLCLocal Nsight
803352 Brown County MSA Cellular Ltd. PartnershipCellcom
824182 Brown Hills Enterprises, Inc.AccuCom Payphones
825366 Bruce MilhizerTELBRUCE Communication
819852 Bruce SamuelsCointel Communications
823036 Bruce Telecommunications, LLCBruce Telecommunications, LLC
801792 Bruce Telephone Co., Inc.Bruce Telephone Co., Inc.
807279 Bruce Telephone Company, Inc.Bruce Telephone Company, Inc.
809802 Bruning Enterprises, Inc.Quikshop-Gas Stops
827664 Brydels Communications, LLC.Brydels Communications, LLC.
833558 BryMak & Associates, Inc.
832311 BryteCall LLC
829700 BSI, The Answer Group Inc.The Answer Group Inc.
821030 bSmart Communications, Inc.bSmart Communications, Inc.
832654 BSO Network, Inc.BSO Network, Inc.
809483 BT Americas, Inc.BT Americas, Inc.
827277 BT Conferencing Video, Inc.BT Conferencing Video, Inc.
821924 BT Conferencing, Inc.BT Conferencing, Inc.
833384 BT Federal Inc.BT Federal
825498 BT Lat AM Corp.BT Lat AM Corp.
832730 BT Procure LLCBT Americas
821634 BTC BroadbandBTC Broadband
833024 BTC Communications, Inc.BTC Communications, Inc.
820612 BTC Communications, Inc.BTC Communications, Inc.
836333 BTC Communications, LLCBTC Fiber
820084 BTC Long Distance, Inc.BTC Long Distance, Inc.
821922 BTC, Inc.Western Iowa Networks
826271 BTI America LLCBTI America LLC
827397 BTI Communications, Inc.BTI Communications, Inc.
829163 BTS Global, LLCBTS Global, LLC
831291 BTS of North Platte, Inc.BTS of North Platte, Inc.
832602 BTS Technologies, Inc.BTS Technologies, Inc.
833419 Buckeye Cablevision, Inc.Buckeye Broadband
825975 Buckeye Cablevision, Inc.Buckeye CableSystem
817466 Buckeye Telesystem, Inc.Buckeye Telesystem
809644 Buckland Telephone CompanyBuckland Telephone Company
808107 Budget Call Long Distance, Inc.Budget Call Long Distance, Inc.
827253 Budget Conferencing, Inc.Budget Conferencing, Inc.
824692 Budget Minutes Ltd.Quest Communications
814995 Budget PrePay, Inc.Budget PrePay, Inc.
811136 Budtel AssociatesBudtel Associates
817164 Buehner-Fry, Inc.Buehner-Fry, Inc.
822962 Buffalo Valley, Inc.Buffalo Valley, Inc.
824700 Buffalo-Lake Erie Wireless Systems Co., LLCBlue Wireless
827411 Buford Communications 1, L.P.Buford Communications 1, L.P.
828980 Bug Tussel Wireless, LLCBug Tussel Wireless, LLC
823702 Building Communications, Inc.Rural Communications
829800 Bulk Solutions, LLCBulk Solutions, LLC
831691 Bulldog Cable Georgia, LLC
836367 Bullins-Guynn, Inc.Preferred Communications
828806 Bulloch Cellular, IncBulloch Cellular, Inc
801012 Bulloch County Rural Tel. Coop. Inc.Bulloch Telephone Cooperative
825916 Bullroar Telecom, LTDBullroar Telecom, LTD
826241 BullsEye Telecom of Virginia, LLC.BullsEye Telecom of Virginia, LLC.
830757 Bunn Communications, Inc.Bunn Communications, Inc.
814663 Burke's Garden Tel. Co. Inc.Burke's Garden Telephone Company, Inc.
827663 Burlington Communications Service Center, Inc.Burlington Communications Service Center, Inc.
805569 Burlington, Brighton, & Wheatland Telephone Co.TDS Telecom
818192 Burney Communications Group, Inc.Burney Communications Group, Inc.
832006 BurstTel Communications, LLCBurstTel Communications, LLC
808774 Burt Tel. Co.The Burt Telephone Co.
830902 Burwood Communications LLC
824930 Business Automation TechnologiesData Network Solutions
825587 Business Automation Technologies, Inc.Data Network Solutions
836129 Business Communications IncBusiness Communications Inc
831400 Business Communications Services, Inc.
835781 Business Communications Systems, Inc.
829027 Business Communications, Inc.Business Communications, Inc.
814239 Business Discount PlanBusiness Discount Plan
823390 Business Network Long Distance, Inc.Business Network Long Distance, Inc.
825496 Business Productivity Solutions, Inc.Business Productivity Solutions, Inc.
812591 Business Service Center, Inc.Business Service Center, Inc.
817464 Business Services Group, Inc.Telnet Global Communications
834118 Business Systems Management
835984 Business Techs, Inc.BT Iris Communications
808512 Business Telecom, Inc.Earthlink Business
835638 Business Telecommunication Systems Inc.Business Telecommunication Systems Inc.
822338 Business Telecommunications Services, Inc.Business Telecommunications Services, Inc.
833868 Business Telephone eXchange, Inc.Business Telephone eXchange, Inc.
836548 Business Telephone of South Carolina, IncBusiness Telephone of South Carolina, Inc
822026 BusinessNet Telecom, Inc.BusinessNet Telecom, Inc.
806589 Butler Telephone CompanyTDS Telecom
801633 Butler-Bremer Mutual Tel. Co.Butler-Bremer Communications
835677 Button 108, LLCLost Island Communications
815738 Buy Rite Communications, Inc.Buy Rite Communications, Inc.
823540 Buy-Tel Communications, Inc.Buy-Tel Communications, Inc.
836344 Buze Mobile Inc.Buze Mobile
830855 BuzNet CommunicationsBuzNet
825615 Buznet Communications, Inc.Buznet Communications, Inc.
822538 Buzz Telecom CorporationBuzz Telecom
830515 BYO Wireless, LLCBYO Wireless, LLC
836713 BZ Mart IncBZ Mobile
820145 C & C CommunicationsC&C Communications
820196 C & C Communications, Inc.MIDCOM Service
817280 C & E Communications, Ltd.Chautauqua & Erie Communications, Ltd.
818740 C & F CommunicationsC & F Communications
817302 C & J CommunicationC&J Communication
818168 C & M TelecommunicationsC & M Telecommunications
816810 C & S Phone Associates, Inc.C&S Phone Associates, Inc.
822942 C & W Communications, Inc.C & W Communications, Inc.
824506 C A Networks, Inc.C A Networks, Inc.
828583 C and T T Tech IncC and T T Tech Inc
835485 C Squared Networks, LLC
817736 C&M COMMUNICATIONS LLCC&M Communications
825802 C&M Telecommunications, Inc.Bayphones & owens Valley Payphones
832829 C&S Communications, LLCDominion Voice and Data
822158 C+C CommunicationsC+C Communications
819990 C-I CommunicationsC-I Communications
807288 C-M-L Tel. Cooperative Assn.C-M-L Telephone Cooperative Association
801346 C-R Long Distance, Inc.C-R Long Distance, Inc.
801345 C-R Tel. Co.C-R Telephone Company
816136 C. Dino SakkisC. Dino Sakkis
821856 C.F. Communications, LLCTelekenex
811603 C.I.C. Communications, Inc.C.I.C. Communications, Inc.
822414 C.L.Y.K., Inc.Affinity Telecom
827717 C.P. Sparkman Co, LLC.C.P. Sparkman Co, LLC.
811452 C.R. Telco, Inc.Cap Rock Telecommunications
808167 C.T. Cube, L.P.West Central Wireless/ West Central Net
834267 C2T Incorporated
827155 C3 ManagementC3 Holdings LLC
825991 C3IP Communications LLCC3IP Communications LLC
827980 C9 Operations, LLC.C9 Operations, LLC.
828408 CA Belservices B.V.CA Belservices B.V.
821700 Cabal Services, Inc.Cabal Services, Inc.
835189 CaberLink Technologies LLC
812411 Cable & Cellular Communications LLCMid-Rivers Cellular
832219 Cable & Wireless Americas Systems, Inc.
828789 Cable & Wireless Holdings, Inc.Cable & Wireless Holdings, Inc.
833725 Cable & Wireless Holdings, Inc.Cable & Wireless Holdings, Inc.
808113 Cable & Wireless USA, Inc.Cable & Wireless USA, Inc.
830652 Cable Guyz Communications, Inc
836048 Cable Internet bill LLCCable Internet bill LLC
826352 Cable Montana, LLC.Cable Montana
826351 Cable Nebraska, LLC.Cable Nebraska
825949 Cable One Inc.Cable One Inc.
830611 Cable One VoIP LLCCable One
832195 Cable Systems LLC
828987 Cable USA III, LLCRCOM
824138 CableCo, LLCghValley LD
836579 Cablelytics, LLCCablelytics, LLC
835179 CableNOW LLCCableNOW LLC
815736 Cables & Connectors, Inc.Cables & Connector, Inc.
830202 CableSouth Media III, LLCMedia3
820423 Cablevision Lightpath CT, Inc.Optimum Lightpath
819612 Cablevision Lightpath NJ LLCCablevision Lightpath NJ LLC
826274 Cablevision of Marion County, LLC.Cablevision of Marion County
825973 Cablevision VOIP, LLC.Optimum Voice
832049 Cabling Solutions, Inc.Cabling Solutions, Inc.
822934 Cache Valey Wireless, LCCache Valley Wireless, LC
812165 Cactus Communications, Inc.Cactus Communications, Inc.
826691 Cactus International, Inc.Cactus International, Inc.
830272 Cadatel CorpCadatel Corp
833690 Cadence Care NetworkHomes For Kids of Ohio Inc.
832114 Cadence Technology Services LLC
827293 CADRE Industries CorporationCADRE Industries Corporation
830639 Cady Business Technologies, Inc.Cady Business Technologies, Inc.
817914 Cagle Communications, Inc.Cagle Communications, Inc.
814717 Cal AutofoneCal Autofone
834972 Cal State Communications, Inc.Cal State Communications, Inc.
812867 Cal Tel, Inc. of North CarolinaCTINC
826208 Cal-One Cellular, LPCal-One Cellular, LP
801027 Cal-One Cellular, LPCal-North Wireless
825577 Cal-Ore Communications, Inc.Cal-Ore Communications, Inc.
821160 CAL-ORE Long DistanceCAL-ORE Long Distance
804141 Cal-Ore Telephone Co.Cal-Ore Telephone Co.
830613,, Inc.
830647 CalAmp Radio Satellite Integrators, Inc.
817288 CalAmp Wireless Data Systems, Inc.Wireless Matrix USA
804144 Calaveras Telephone CompanyCalaveras Telephone Company
836240 Calculated Research and Technology Inc.
811740 Caldwell Communications, Inc.Pagers Plus
832525 Caleidoscope Virtual Services, LLCCaleidoscope Virtual Services, LLC
826288 Calence, LLC.Calence, LLC.
806637 Calhoun City Telephone Company, Inc.TDS Telecom
831627 Caliber Network Solutions LLCCaliber Network Solutions
835193 Calico ITCalico IT
836361 Calico Technologies LLCCalico IT
816298 Calif. Tele-CommCalif. Tele-Comm
829987 California Broadband Cooperative, Inc.California Broadband Cooperative, Inc.
823428 California Catalog & Technology, Inc.CCT Telecommunications
833321 California Computer Options, Inc.California Computer Options, Inc.
830350 California Internet, LPGeolinks
826812 California Oregon Broadcasting, Inc.California Oregon Broadcasting, Inc.
817488 California Phones LP-00Digital Access Communications (agent)
817490 California Phones LP-01Digital Access Communications (agent)
817492 California Phones LP-02Digital Access Communications (agent)
817494 California Phones LP-03Digital Access Communications (agent)
817496 California Phones LP-04Digital Access Communications (agent)
817498 California Phones LP-05Digital Access Communications (agent)
817500 California Phones LP-06Digital Access Communications (agent)
817502 California Phones LP-07Digital Access Communications (agent)
817504 California Phones LP-08Digital Access Communications (agent)
817506 California Phones LP-09Digital access Communications (agent)
817508 California Phones LP-10Digital Access Communications (agent)
817510 California Phones LP-11Digital Access Communications (agent)
817512 California Phones LP-12Digital Access Communications (agent)
817514 California Phones LP-14Digital Access Communications (agent)
817516 California Phones LP-15Digital Access Communications (agent)
807174 California RSA No. 3 Limited PartnershipGolden State Cellular
807345 California RSA No. 4 Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
802608 California Rural Service Area #1, Inc.United States Cellular
831606 California Telecom, Inc.
826907 Californina Alliance Telecard, Inc.Californina Alliance Telecard, Inc.
832062 Calista Networks Inc.
827145 Calitech CommunicationsCalitech Communications
821826 Call America, Inc.Call America
819276 Call America, Inc.Prime Matrix
834931 Call Bound LLCCall Bound LLC
826655 Call Catchers, Inc.Call Catchers, Inc.
835571 Call Center Tech LLCCall Center Tech LLC
835093 Call Centers India. inc.Telgoo5
815286 Call Concept CorporationCall Concept Corporation
834957 Call connect LtdCall connect Ltd
821702 Call Home Telecom, LLCCall Home Telecom, LLC
835672 Call Hub IncCall Hub Inc
831358 Call Mobile Inc.
832218 Call Networks Inc.
803805 Call One, Inc.Call One, Inc.
815715 Call Plan USA Holdings, Inc.Call Plan USA Holdings, Inc.
820494 Call Processing, Inc.Call Processing, Inc.
836299 Call Rings LLC
830012 Call Tell, IncCall Tell
833805 Call Tools IncCall Tools Inc
828466 Call Touba LLCCall Touba LLC
835283 Call Tracking Metrics LLCCall Tracking Metrics LLC
832170 Call Two LineJuan Acosta
834503 Call Universal IncCall Universal Inc
828930 Call Utah LLCCall Utah LLC
808122 Call West Communications, Inc.Call West Communications, Inc.
827803 Call X Communications INCCall X Communications INC
824780 Call-O-Call, Inc.Call-O-Call, Inc.
834719 Call.Net, LLC
829265 Call249 LLCCall249 LLC
831314 Callabyte Technology, LLCCallabyte Technology, LLC
811492 Callaway Telephone CompanyCallaway Telephone Company
823956 Callax Telecom Holding GmbHCallax Telecom Holding GmbH
831238 CallCaribe Inc
825450 CallCeneter ASP, Inc.CallCeneter ASP, Inc.
829117 Callcentric, Inc.Callcentric, Inc.
834934 CallCurrent, Inc.MightyCall, Omnivoice
833714 Caller Technologies, LLCCaller Technologies, LLC
827578 Callfinity, Inc.Callfinity, Inc.
829923 CallFire, Inc.CallFire, Inc.
830814 Callifi LLC
826815 Calling 10, LLCCALLING 101515800
819274 Callis Communications IncCallis Communications Inc
834109 Callisto Digital IncCallisto Digital
824734 CallKey LimitedCallKey Limited
836611 CalllinkersCalllinkers
831845 Callmonitor LLCSatphone America
830849 CALLMR WirelessVoice,text,data,phones resales
828928 Calls Life - Wonder of Life CorporationCalls Life - Wonder of Life Corporation
831222 CallShaper, LLC
835197 CallsyNetwork LLC
830401 Calltelligent, INC.Calltelligent, INC.
823246 CallTower, Inc.CallTower, Inc.
831083 Callture America Inc.Callture America Inc.
829701 CallUSA, Inc.CallUSA, Inc.
827111 Callverse LLC.Callverse LLC.
829533 Callvox LLCCallvox LLC
835252 CallWin LLC
833092 CallWorks CorporationCallWorks Corporation
821282 Calmtel USA, Inc.Calmtel USA, Inc.
829824 CalNeva Broadband, LLCCalNeva Broadband, LLC
832958 Calneva TowersCalNeva Towers
834217 Caltek Technologies, Inc.
821146 CALTEL Long DistanceCALTEL Long Distance
820292 CalTel, Inc.CalTel, Inc.
821070 Cam Digital, Inc.Cam Digital
826446 Cam-Tel CompanyCam-Tel Company
827812 Cambio Communications, Inc.Cambio Communications, Inc.
821880 Cambrian Communications, LLCCambrian Communications, LLC
815734 Cambridge PartnersCambridge Partners
803235 Cambridge Tel. Co.Cambridge Telephone Company
805719 Cambridge Tel. Co.Cambridge Telephone Company
806475 Cambridge Tel. Co. Inc.Cambridge Telephone Company, Inc.
816696 Cambridge TeleCom Services, Inc.Cambridge TeleCom Services, Inc.
808742 Camco Pay Telephone CompanyCamco Pay Telephone Company
827039 Camden Corporate Investments, LLC.Camden Corporate Investments, LLC.
806823 Camden Tel. & Tele. Co.TDS Telecom
802068 Camden Telephone CompanyTDS Telecom
834809 Camellia City Fiber LLC
829418 Camelot Technology Corp.F/K/A Excalibur Technology Corporation
801180 Cameron Communications, LLCCameron Communications, LLC
806349 Cameron Telephone Company, LLCCameron Telephone Company, LLC
824552 Cametel, Inc.Cametel, Inc.
825942 Campaign Marketing, Inc.Campaign Marketing, Inc.
832428 CampoRico Group, Inc.CRG Communications
831650 Camps Bay Communications LLC
809646 Campti-Pleasant Hill Telephone Co., Inc.CP-Tel
821384 Campus Communications Group, Inc.CCG, Inc.
830516 CampusSIMs, Inc.CampusSIMs, Inc.
833347 Can-Am Wireless LLCCan-Am IT Solutions
828438 Cana-Tel Communications, Inc.Cana-Tel Communications, Inc.
807285 Canadian Valley Telephone Co., Inc.Canadian Valley Telephone Company
802368 Canby Tel. Assn.Canby Telephone Association
831537 Canis Major Group, LLCCanis IT
820560 Cannon Communications CorporationCannon Communications Corporation
806988 Cannon Valley Telecom Inc.Cannon Valley Telecom, Inc.
827291 CANOPCO, Inc. (U.S.)CANOPCO, Inc. (U.S.)
833324 Canopy Networks, Inc.
832579 Canyon Falls Managed IT, Inc.Canyon Falls Managed IT, Inc.
828651 Cap Cable, LLCUSA Communications
804978 Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative, Inc.Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
827818 Capacity Provisioning, Inc.Capacity Provisioning, Inc.
831696 Capalon Communications, Inc.Capalon Communications
817258 CapCom, Inc.CapCom, Inc.
833929 Capcon Networks LLCCapcon Networks LLC
829580 CapeNet LLCCapeNet LLC
823586 Capital 4 Outsourcing, Inc.Capital 4 Outsourcing, Inc.
829102 Capital Communications Consultants, Inc.Capital Communications Consultants, Inc.
831250 Capital Communications, Inc.
824990 Capital Fiber, LLCCapital Fiber, LLC
827241 Capital Improvement Board of ManagersCapital Improvement Board of Managers
802341 Capital Telecommunications, Inc.Capital Telecommunications, Inc.
822110 Capital Telecommunications, Inc.- CONSOLIDATEDCapital Telecommunications, Inc.
826327 Capital Telephone Company, Inc.Capital Telephone Company, Inc.
812567 Capital Two-Way Comm., Inc.Capital Two-Way Comm., Inc.
836472 Capital Voice Services LLC
823704 Capitol City Taxi, Inc.Capitol City Taxi, Inc.
827278 Capitol Conferencing, LLC.Capitol Conferencing, LLC.
819871 Capitol Electronics, Inc.Capitol Electronics, Inc.
808038 Capitol Radiotelephone Co., Inc.Capitol Radiotelephone Co., Inc.
818832 Capitol TelephoneCapitol Telephone
830000 Capizmo, LLCCapizmo, LLC
826627 Capraro Development. LLC.Capraro Development. LLC.
803517 Caprock Cellular Limited PartnershipCaprock Cellular
834514 Caprus Digital LLC
834670 Capshaw Enterprises, LLCCrossroads Internet
825676 Capstone Communications, LLC.Capstone
808866 Capsule Communications, Inc.Capsule Communications, Inc.
830303 CapTex Telecom, LLCCapTex Telecom, LLC
830295 CaptionCall, LLCCaptionCall, LLC
830112 Captive CommunicationsOneCloud Networks
819116 Car-Tel Communications, Inc.Car-Tel Communications, Inc.
833020 Carahsoft Technology Corporation
821124 Carbon/Emery TelcomCarbon/Emery Telcom
824430 Cardinal 2-Way Radio Sales, Inc.Cardinal 2-Way Radio Sales, Inc.
825356 Cardinal Broadband, LLCCardinal Broadband, LLC
831626 Cardinal Group Technologies LLC
829177 Cardinal Point Communications, Inc.Cardinal Point Communications, Inc.
833740 Cardiovascular Institute of San DiegoCardiovascular Institute of San Diego
831896 Caribbean Channel One, Inc.
827956 CaribbeanLink, Inc.CaribbeanLink, Inc.
820978 Caribe Communications, Inc.Caribcom
826285 Caribetel, Inc.Caribetel, Inc.
830767 Caribphone Telecommunications LLC
826181 Carl Sandburg CollegeCarl Sandburg College
803595 Carnegie Telephone Co.Carnegie Telephone Company, Inc.
829591 Carolina Digital Phone IncCarolina Digital Phone Inc
812189 Carolina Mobile Communications, Ltd.Carolina Mobile Communications, Ltd.
826666 Carolina Mountain Cablevision, Inc.Carolina Mountain Cablevision, Inc.
806925 Carolina Payphone SystemsCarolina Payphone Systems
806927 Carolina Personal Communications, Inc.CTC Wireless
836316 Carolina Software As A Service, Inc.
801552 Carolina West Wireless, Inc.Carolina West Wireless
819626 Carolina Wireless Dispatch, Inc.Carolina Wireless Dispatch, Inc.
834093 CarolinaConnect Cooperative Inc.CarolinaConnect
819228 Caronet, Inc.Caronet, Inc.
831619 Carousel Industries of North America, Inc.
820101 Carr Communications, Inc.Carr Communications, Inc.
803700 Carr Telephone CompanyCarr Telephone Company
829989 Carrboro Telephone, Inc.Carrboro Telephone, Inc.
824384 Carrera Communications, LPCarrera Communications, LP
817570 Carrier Communication Corp.Carrier Communication Corp.
829082 Carrier Connect CorporationCarrier Connect Corporation
830970 Carrier Exchange Inc.
830760 Carrier Network Solutions, LLC
834314 Carrier One Inc.
835177 Carrier One Telecom (N.B.) Inc.
831524 Carrier Ready, LLC
828772 Carrier Termination Inc.Carrier Termination Inc.
836252 Carrier2 NetworkN/A
823052 CarrierTel, Inc.CarrierTel, Inc.
832866 CarrierX, LLC
826602 Carroll County Wirless, LLC.Carroll County Wirless, LLC.
827675 Carroll Wireless, LP.Carroll Wireless, LP.
834718 Carson TelecomPatrick A. Carson Jr.
835468 Carthage Water & Electric Plant
812932 Cartman TelecomCartman Telecom
821886 Cartronix, Inc.Cartronix, Inc.
830450 Caryco TechAxion Communications
828134 CAS Communications, LLC.CAS Communications, LLC.
831058 Cascabel Networks LLCCascabel Networks LLC
821048 Cascade Access, LLCCascade Access, Inc.
801351 Cascade Communications CompanyCascade Communications Company
826417 Cascade Networks, Inc.Cascade Networks, Inc.
805353 Cascade Utilities Inc.Cascade Utilities, Inc.
822492 Cascade Wireless, LLCCascade Wireless, LLC
830656 CASCO Communications, Inc.CASCO
812916 Casco Pay PhonesCasco Pay Phones
835118 Casey Cable CompanyCasey Cable Company
809740 Casey Mutual Tel. Co.Casey Mutual Telephone Company
826499 Casey Wireless, L.L.C.Casey Wireless, L.L.C.
818600 Cash Back Rebates LD Com, Inc.Cash Back Rebates LD. Com, Inc.
830273 Caspian Technology ConceptsCaspian Technologies
832033 CASS
826147 Cass Cable TV, Inc.Cass Cable TV, Inc.
805459 Cass County Telephone CompanyCass County Telephone
808126 Cass Long Distance Service, Inc.Cass Long Distance Service, Inc.
808125 Cass Telephone CompanyCass Telephone Company
808128 Cassadaga Telephone CorporationCassadaga Telephone Corporation
829765 Castle Access, Inc.redIT
828160 Castle Cable TV, IncCastle Cable TV, Inc
828355 Castle Rock Capital Management LtdCastle Rock Ltd Seychelles
834353 Castle Rock Microwave LLC
805914 Castleberry Tel. Co. Inc.Castleberry Tel. Co., Inc.
813209 Casual Communications Corp.Casual Communications Corp.
822374 CAT Communications International, Inc.CCI, Inc.
808930 Catalina Transmission Corp.Catalina Transmission Corp.
834667 CatchMark Technologies, LLCCatchMark Technologies, LLC
834011 Cathect Communications Inc.
815490 Catskills Communications, Inc.Catskills Communications, Inc.
826031 Cause Based Commerce IncorporatedThe Sienna Group and Sienna Communications Group Inc
820454 Cavalier Telephone, LLCWindstream
816230 Cawley Enterprises, Inc.Starved Rock Communications
825728 CBB Carrier Services, Inc.Expedient
827731 CBC BroadBand Holdings, LLC.CBC BroadBand Holdings, LLC.
833731 CBTR Services, LLCDigital Passage
809872 CBTS Technology Solutions LLCCBTS Technology Solutions LLC
808143 CC CommunicationsCC Communications
835350 CCA Computers LLC
826237 CCD Communications, Inc.CCD Communications, Inc.
828135 CCI Systems, Inc.CCI Systems, Inc.
826506 CCM Wireless, Inc.CCM Wireless, Inc.
808513 CCPR of the Virgin Islands, Inc.Cingular Wireless
808516 CCPR Paging, Inc.Cingular Wireless
808517 CCPR Services, Inc.Cingular Wireless
818618 CCPR TelecommunicationsCingular Wireless
826432 CCT Communications, Inc.CCT Communications, Inc.
819946 CD Communications, LLCCD Communications, LLC
828976 CD Hawke CommunicationsCD Hawke Communications
835131 CDC Holdings LLC
835169 CDE LightbandCDE Lightband
832449 CDS V2, LLCAura Fiber
825751 Cebridge Telecom CA, LLC.Cebridge Telecom CA, LLC.
830294 Cebridge Telecom KS, LLCSuddenlink Communications
830292 Cebridge Telecom KY, LLCSuddenlink Communications
825750 Cebridge Telecom LA, LLC.Cebridge Telecom LA, LLC.
825752 Cebridge Telecom MO, LLC.Cebridge Telecom MO, LLC.
830293 Cebridge Telecom MS, LLCSuddenlink Communications
825911 Cebridge Telecom NC, LLC.Suddenlink Communications
830291 Cebridge Telecom NM, LLCSuddenlink Communications
830290 Cebridge Telecom OH, LLCSuddenlink Communications
825753 Cebridge Telecom OK, LLC.Cebridge Telecom OK, LLC.
818512 Cebridge Telecom TX, LPCox Communications
831163 Cebridge Telecom VA, LLCSuddenlink Communications, LLC
825824 Cebridge Telecom WV, LLCCebridge Telecom WV, LLC
828253 Cedar Cable Ltd.Cedar Cable Ltd.
828982 Cedar Communications, LLCCedar Communications, LLC
820069 Cedar Communications, LLCCedar Communications, LLC
826024 Cedar Communications, LLCCedar Communications, LLC
822956 Cedar County PCS, LLCCedar County PCS, LLC
802644 Cedar Rapids Cellular Telephone, L.P.U.S. Cellular
829046 Cedar Telecard IncCedar Telecard Inc
820970 Cedar Valley Communications, Inc.Cedar Valley Communications Inc.
829757 Cedar Wireless, Inc.Cedar Wireless, Inc.
825821 Cedar-Wapsie Communications, Inc.Cedar-Wapsie Communications, Inc.
808968 CEI Networks, IncorporatedCEI Networks, Incorporated
808201 Celebrate Communications, LLCCelebrate Communications, LLC
832111 Celera Group LLCCelera Group LLC
833259 Celera Telecom LLC
832112 Celera Telecom Ltd.Celera Telecom Ltd.
832338 Celeretech, Inc.Celeretech, Inc.
828938 Celerity Innovations, Inc.Powered by C-Talk from Celerity Innovations, Inc.
833315 Celerity Telecommunications
829044 Celito Communications, Inc.Celito Communications, Inc.
822750 Cellco Partnership & Affiliated Entities- CONSOLIDATEDVerizon Wireless
824576 CellCom Tech, Inc.JusTalk!
809324 CellNet Communications, Inc.CellNet Communications, Inc.
830759 CellSeguroMarcos A.Gonzalez
816248 Cellular Connections by Service UnlimitedCellular Connections by Service Unlimited
802227 Cellular Dynamics Telephone Co. of GACellular One
805231 Cellular Inc. Network CorporationVerizon Wireless
815906 Cellular Mobile Systems & Paging of KS, Inc.Cellular Mobile Systems & Paging of KS, Inc.
815678 Cellular Mobile Systems & Paging of OK, Inc.Cellular Mobile Systems & Paging of OK, Inc.
802707 Cellular Mobile Systems of Saint Cloud, LLCCellular 2000 of St. Cloud
801762 Cellular Network PartnershipCellular Network Partnership
816832 Cellular Phone CenterCellular Phone Center
806194 Cellular Phone StoreCPS Communications
806505 Cellular Phones of Kentucky, Inc.Ramcell of Kentucky
816048 Cellular Plus Communications, Inc.Cellular Plus Communications, Inc.
808518 Cellular Properties, Inc.Cellular One of East Central Illinois
819272 Cellular Service, Inc.Cellular Service, Inc.
832666 Cellular Services, LLC
822022 Cellular South Licenses, LLCC Spire Wireless
833123 Cellular South, Inc.C Spire Wireless
816330 Cellular Telephone CompanyCellular Telephone Company
815720 Cellular WorldCellular World
831958 Celtic Communications, LLC
821484 CenCom, Inc.NNTC Long Distance
829111 CENIC Broadband Initiatives, LLCCENIC Broadband Initiatives, LLC
834204 Centavo LLCVOXO Wisconsin
824132 Centel Communications, Inc.Centel Communications, Inc.
808919 Centennial Beauregard Cellular, LLCCentennial Wireless
811019 Centennial Benton Harbor Cellular Corp.Centennial Wireless
808903 Centennial Caldwell Cellular Corp.AT&T MOBILITY
811016 Centennial Cellular Tri-State Operating PartnershipCentennial Wireless
808909 Centennial Clairborne Cellular Corp.AT&T MOBILITY
808915 Centennial Hammond Cellular, LLCCentennial Wireless
811024 Centennial Lafayette Communications, LLCCentennial Wireless
823906 Centennial Michigan RSA 6 Cellular Corp.Centennial Wireless
811026 Centennial Michigan RSA-7 Cellular Corp.Centennial Wireless
808911 Centennial Morehouse Cellular, LLCAT&T Mobility
811030 Centennial Puerto Rico Operations Corp.Centennial De Puerto Rico
808916 Centennial Randolph Cellular, LLCCentennial Wireless
822328 Centennial USVI Operations Corp.Centennial USVI
821620 Centernet, Inc.Phone 1 Michigan, LLC
818156 CentracomCentracom
824690 Centracom, Inc.Centracom, Inc.
835524 Central Access, Inc.Central Access Broadband
807135 Central Arkansas Telephone Cooperative, Inc.Central Arkansas Telephone Cooperative
825406 Central Cellular LLCCOTC Connections
826008 Central Coast Internet, Inc.Central Coast Internet, Inc.
817590 Central Communications Services Co.Central Communications Services Co.
829857 Central Communications USA IncCentral Communications USA Inc
816740 Central Communications, Inc.Central Communications, Inc.
812553 Central Communications, Inc.Page Call
802836 Central Florida Cellular Telephone Company, Inc.United States Cellular
836462 Central Florida Phones and Internet, LLCTelknight
836099 Central Georgia Technology, LLC
827141 Central Indiana Communications, Inc.Central Indiana Communications, Inc.
829704 Central Iowa Broadband, Inc.Central Iowa Broadband, Inc.
836167 Central Iowa Consulting, Inc.B3 Technology
819994 Central Iowa Wireless Co.Central Iowa Wireless Co.
822996 Central Kentucky Payphones, Inc.CKYP, Inc.
828595 Central Louisiana Cellular, LLCCentral Louisiana Cellular, LLC
818652 Central Michigan Communications, Inc.Central Michigan Communications, Inc.
814761 Central Mobilphone, Inc.Chariton Valley TriStar Communications
809467 Central Montana Communications Inc.Central Montana Communications, Inc.
830637 Central Nevada Communications and Electric, LLC
803613 Central Oklahoma Telephone Co., LLCCentral Oklahoma Telephone Co., LLC
828184 Central Park Systems CorporationFortis Telecom
834646 Central Plains Computer Service, Inc.Central Plains Computer Service, Inc.
833689 Central Point Networks, LLC.Central Point Networks, LLC.
806640 Central Scott Telephone Company, Inc.Central Scott Telephone
805572 Central State Telephone Co.TDS Telecom
828119 Central Stearns Comsis, Inc.Central Stearns Comsis, Inc.
832330 Central Technology SolutionsCentral Technology Solutions
820345 Central Telcom Services, LLCCentral Telcom Services, LLC
812956 Central Tele-Leasing, Inc.Central Tele-Leasing, Inc.
829847 Central Telecom Inc.Central Telecom Inc.
826991 Central Telecom Long Distance, Inc.Central Telecom Long Distance, Inc.
834923 Central Telephone Sales & Service, Inc
807000 Central Telephone, Inc.Central Telephone, Inc.
802156 Central Texas Communications, Inc.Central Texas Communications, Inc.
824954 Central Texas Technologies, LPCTT
808131 Central Texas Telephone Cooperative, Inc.Central Texas TeleCommunications
805424 Central Utah Communications, LLCWRLD Alliance
805425 Central Utah Telephone, Inc.Central Utah Telephone, Inc.
829625 Central Valley Cable TV LLCCentral Valley Cable TV
812141 Central Vermont Communications, Inc.Central Vermont Communications, Inc.
834728 Central Virginia Computer Services, LLCCentral Virginia Computer Services, LLC
832816 Central Virginia Services, IncFirefly Fiber Broadband
832167 Central Voice & Data LLCTurner Teleco-Alexandria
813040 Central Wisconsin Communications, LLCSolarus Long Distance
834487 Centranet, LLCCentranet
831429 Centratel Services International Inc.
816866 Centre Communications, Inc.Centre Communications, Inc.
835905 Centre WISP Venture Company, LLCBlack Bear Fiber
833921 Centric Fiber, LLCCentric Fiber
808474 Century Enterprises, Inc.Century Enterprises, Inc.
825564 Century Tel Acquisition, LLC.Century Tel Acquisition, LLC.
808882 CenturyLink Communications, LLCCenturyLink Communications, LLC
820908 CenturyTel - Central WICenturyTel of Central Wisconsin, LLC
835139 CenturyTel Broadband Services, LLC.CenturyLink Broadband
823352 Centurytel Fiber Company II, LLCLightcore a Centurytel Company
818150 CenturyTel Long Distance, LLC.CenturyTel Long Distance
804201 CenturyTel Midwest-Michigan, Inc.CenturyTel of the Midwest - Michigan, Inc.
806263 CenturyTel of Eastern Oregon, Inc.CenturyTel of Eastern Oregon, Inc.
804213 CenturyTel of Adamsville, Inc.CenturyTel of Adamsville, Inc.
822566 CenturyTel of Alabama, LLCCenturyTel of Alabama, LLC
804171 CenturyTel of Arkansas, Inc.CenturyTel of Arkansas, Inc.
820918 CenturyTel of Central Arkansas, LLCCenturyTel of Jacksonville & Mammoth Spring, LLC
804195 CenturyTel of Central Indiana, Inc.CenturyTel of Central Indiana, Inc.
804162 CenturyTel of Central Louisiana, Inc.CenturyTel of Central Louisiana, LLC
804252 CenturyTel of Chatham, LLC.CenturyTel of Chatham, LLC
804159 CenturyTel of Claiborne, Inc.CenturyTel of Claiborne, Inc.
804234 CenturyTel of Colorado, Inc.CenturyTel of Colorado, Inc.
806277 CenturyTel of Eagle, Inc.CenturyTel of Eagle, Inc.
804177 CenturyTel of East LouisianaCenturyTel of East Louisiana, LLC
804186 CenturyTel of Evangeline, Inc.CenturyTel of Evangeline, LLC
803583 CenturyTel of Fairwater-Brandon-Alto, Inc.CenturyTel of Fairwater-Brandon-Alto, LLC
804210 CenturyTel of Idaho, Inc.CenturyTel of Idaho, Inc.
806260 CenturyTel of Inter-Island, Inc.CenturyTel of Inter-Island, Inc.
802890 CenturyTel of Lake Dallas, Inc.CenturyTel of Lake Dallas, Inc.
804225 CenturyTel of Larsen-Redfield, Inc.CenturyTel of Larsen-Readfield, Inc.
804219 CenturyTel of Michigan, Inc.CenturyTel of Michigan, Inc.
801408 CenturyTel of Midwest-Kendall, IncCenturyTel of the Midwest - Kendall, Inc.
805554 CenturyTel of Minnesota, IncCenturyTel of Minnesota, Inc.
806265 CenturyTel of Montana, Inc.CenturyTel of Montana, Inc.
804165 CenturyTel of Mountain Home, Inc.CenturyTel of Mountain Home, Inc.
804174 CenturyTel of North Louisiana, Inc.CenturyTel of North Louisiana, LLC
804256 CenturyTel of Northern Michigan, Inc.CenturyTel of Northern Michigan, Inc.
804198 CenturyTel of Northwest Louisiana, Inc.CenturyTel of Northwest Louisiana, Inc.
804246 CenturyTel of Ooltewah - Collegedale, Inc.CenturyTel of Ooltewah-Collegedale, Inc.
804156 CenturyTel of Port Aransas, Inc.CenturyTel of Port Aransas, Inc.
804255 CenturyTel of San Marcos, IncCenturyTel of San Marcos, Inc.
804180 CenturyTel of South Arkansas, Inc.CenturyTel of South Arkansas
804183 CenturyTel of Southeast Louisiana, IncCenturyTel of Southeast Louisiana, LLC
804189 CenturyTel of Southwest LouisianaCenturyTel of Southwest Louisiana, LLC
817854 CenturyTel of the Gem State, Inc.CenturyTel of the Gem State, Inc.
803998 CenturyTel of the Northwest Arkansas, LLCCenturyTel of Northwest Arkansas, LLC
815632 CenturyTel of Upper Michigan, Inc.CenturyTel of Upper Michigan, Inc.
806259 CenturyTel of Washington, IncCenturyTel of Washington, Inc.
806481 CenturyTel TelecommunicationsCenturyTel Telecommunications
828590 CENX IncCENX Inc
827243 Cequel Communications, LLC.Suddenlink Communications
826101 Cequel III Communications II, LLC.Cequel III Communications II, LLC.
830777 CereTel Incorporated
827555 Certain Communications CorporationCertain Communications Corporation
816870 Certified Alarm DistributorsCertified Alarm Distributors
826983 Cervor Global Solutions, LLC.Cervor Global Solutions, LLC.
836660 Cetra Group IncPacific Wave
832641 CFAVoice, LLCCFAVoice, LLC
817454 CFL, LLCCFL Payphones
825282 CfLca, LLCCfLca, LLC
820441 CGI IncCommuni Group
809455 CGKC&H No. 2 Rural Cellular LTD. PartnershipWest Central Wireless
820343 CH CommunicationsCH Communications
811806 Chacom, Inc.Chacom, Inc.
812750 Chadmoore CommunicationsChadmoore Communications
815350 Chadmoore Wireless GroupChadmore Wireless Group
812016 Chaim Drizin (Cid)Osher Muflag Corp.
825126 CHAL Communications, Inc.CHAL Communications, Inc.
822198 Chama CommunicationChama Communication
823200 Chama Wireless, LLCChama Wireless, LLC
831865 Chamelco, LLC
835660 ChameleonCloud, Inc.
833062 Champaign County Telephone Sales and Service LLCCCTSS LLC
802212 Champaign Tel. Co.CT Communications, Inc.
824760 Champion Broadband California, LLCChampion Broadband California, LLC
812235 Champion Communication Service, Inc.Champion Communication Service, Inc.
826690 Champion Communications, LTD.Champion Communications, LTD.
824302 Champlain Broadband LLCBurlington Telecom
808856 Champlain Telephone CompanyChamplain Telephone Company
831511 Channel Networks, Inc.Channel Networks, Inc.
835555 Chaparral CableVision Inc
825436 Chapin Long Distance, Inc.Chapin Long Distance, Inc.
812926 Chapman Services, Inc.Chapman Services, Inc.
831273 Charge Communication Inc.
832841 Charger Access, LLC
821698 Charice Roburn, Inc.C & R Communications
834023 ChariTel, Inc
836532 Chariton Valley Broadband LLC
824350 Chariton Valley Communication CorporationChariton Valley Communication Corporation
823058 Chariton Valley Communications CorporationChariton Valley Communications Corporation
807094 Chariton Valley L.D. CorporationChariton Valley L.D. Corporation
807093 Chariton Valley Tel. Co.Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation
820172 Charles BeardCharles Beard
817569 Charles C. StullBusiness Radio Products, Inc.
822412 Charles EldersBrokenhorn Ltd.
818142 Charles Hart Communications, Inc.Charles Hart Communications, Inc.
819722 Charles IngrassinCJ Systems
818172 Charles S. HayesCharles S. Hayes
812385 Charles W. CulverSkyline Communications
830227 Charleston Telecom Solutions, LLC, Inc.Charleston Telecom Solutions, LLC, Inc.
818424 Charleston-North Charleston MSA Limited PartnershipALLTEL
835658 Charlotte Wi-Fi, IncNational Wi-Fi
802658 Charlottesville Cellular PartnershipUnited States Cellular
829610 Charter Advanced Services (AL), LLCCharter Advanced Services (AL), LLC
829598 Charter Advanced Services (CA), LLCCharter Advanced Services (CA)
829925 Charter Advanced Services (CO), LLCCharter Advanced Services (CO), LLC
829599 Charter Advanced Services (CT), LLCCharter Advanced Services (CT), LLC
829611 Charter Advanced Services (GA), LLCCharter Advanced Services (GA), LLC
829600 Charter Advanced Services (IL), LLCCharter Advanced Services (IL), LLC
829601 Charter Advanced Services (LA), LLCCharter Advanced Services (LA), LLC
829602 Charter Advanced Services (MA), LLCCharter Advanced Services (MA), LLC
831570 Charter Advanced Services (MD), LLCCharter Advanced Services (MD), LLC
829612 Charter Advanced Services (MI), LLCCharter Advanced Services (MI), LLC
829613 Charter Advanced Services (MN), LLCCharter Advanced Services (MN), LLC
829614 Charter Advanced Services (MO),LLCCharter Advanced Services (MO),LLC
830063 Charter Advanced Services (MS), LLCCharter Advanced Services (MS), LLC
829603 Charter Advanced Services (NC), LLCCharter Advanced Services (NC), LLC
829615 Charter Advanced Services (NE), LLCCharter Advanced Services (NE), LLC
829604 Charter Advanced Services (NH), LLCCharter Advanced Services (NH), LLC
829616 Charter Advanced Services (NV), LLCCharter Advanced Services (NV), LLC
829605 Charter Advanced Services (NY), LLCCharter Advanced Services (NY), LLC
829606 Charter Advanced Services (OR), LLCCharter Advanced Services (OR), LLC
829622 Charter Advanced Services (SC), LLCCharter Advanced Services (SC), LLC
829617 Charter Advanced Services (TN), LLCCharter Advanced Services (TN), LLC
829618 Charter Advanced Services (TX), LLCCharter Advanced Services (TX), LLC
829607 Charter Advanced Services (VA), LLCCharter Advanced Services (VA), LLC
829619 Charter Advanced Services (VT), LLCCharter Advanced Services (VT), LLC
829608 Charter Advanced Services (WA), LLCCharter Advanced Services (WA), LLC
829620 Charter Advanced Services (WI), LLCCharter Advanced Services (WI), LLC
829621 Charter Advanced Services VIII (MI), LLCCharter Advanced Services VIII (MI), LLC
829609 Charter Advanced Services VIII (MN), LLCCharter Advanced Services VIII (MN), LLC
829623 Charter Advanced Services VIII (WI), LLCCharter Advanced Services VIII (WI), LLC
829876 Charter Advanced Services(MT), LLCCharter Advanced Services(MT), LLC
829877 Charter Advanced Services(UT), LLCCharter Advanced Services(UT), LLC
829874 Charter Advanced Services(WY), LLCCharter Advanced Services(WY), LLC
832346 Charter Communications Operating, LLC
821400 Charter Fiberlink - Missouri, LLCCharter Telephone Service
822294 Charter Fiberlink - Nebraska, LLCLong Distance USA
830925 Charter Fiberlink - PennsylvaniaCharter Fiberlink - Pennsylvania
821426 Charter Fiberlink - Wisconsin, LLCCharter Fiberlink
823752 Charter Fiberlink AL-CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink AL-CCVII, LLC
824006 Charter Fiberlink AR- CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink AR- CCVII, LLC
824012 Charter Fiberlink AZ-CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink AZ-CCVII, LLC
823750 Charter Fiberlink CA- CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink CA- CCO, LLC
823748 Charter Fiberlink CA- CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink CA- CCVII, LLC
827517 Charter Fiberlink CC VIII, LLC.Charter Fiberlink CC VIII, LLC.
823754 Charter Fiberlink CCO, LLC.Charter Fiberlink CCO, LLC.
824010 Charter Fiberlink CO-CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink CO-CCO, LLC
824008 Charter Fiberlink CO-CCVI, LLCCharter Fiberlink CO-CCVI, LLC
823746 Charter Fiberlink CT- CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink CT- CCO, LLC
823744 Charter Fiberlink GA-CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink GA-CCVII, LLC
824276 Charter Fiberlink ID-CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink ID-CCVII, LLC
823742 Charter Fiberlink KS-CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink KS-CCO, LLC
823778 Charter Fiberlink KS-CCVI, LLCCharter Fiberlink KS-CCVI, LLC
824000 Charter Fiberlink LA-CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink LA-CCO, LLC
824002 Charter Fiberlink LA-CCVI, LLCCharter Fiberlink LA-CCVI, LLC
823776 Charter Fiberlink MA-CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink MA-CCO, LLC
824704 Charter Fiberlink MS- CCVI, LLCCharter Fiberlink MS- CCVI, LLC
824004 Charter Fiberlink MS-CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink MS-CCVII, LLC
823774 Charter Fiberlink NC-CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink NC-CCO, LLC
823772 Charter Fiberlink NC-CCVI, LLCCharter Fiberlink NC-CCVI, LLC
823770 Charter Fiberlink NC-CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink NC-CCVII, LLC
823998 Charter Fiberlink NH-CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink NH-CCO, LLC
824014 Charter Fiberlink NM-CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink NM-CCO, LLC
824016 Charter Fiberlink NV-CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink NV-CCVII, LLC
824018 Charter Fiberlink NY-CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink NY-CCO, LLC
824020 Charter Fiberlink OH-CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink OH-CCO, LLC
823860 Charter Fiberlink OK-CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink OK-CCVII, LLC
823858 Charter Fiberlink OR-CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink OR-CCVII, LLC
823768 Charter Fiberlink PA-CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink PA-CCO, LLC
823766 Charter Fiberlink PA-CCVI, LLCCharter Fiberlink PA-CCVI, LLC
823764 Charter Fiberlink SC-CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink SC-CCO, LLC
823762 Charter Fiberlink SC-CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink SC-CCVII, LLC
823856 Charter Fiberlink TX-CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink TX-CCO, LLC
824028 Charter Fiberlink UT-CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink UT-CCVII, LLC
824026 Charter Fiberlink VA-CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink VA-CCO, LLC
824054 Charter Fiberlink VA-CCVI, LLCCharter Fiberlink VA-CCVI, LLC
824024 Charter Fiberlink VA-CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink VA-CCVII, LLC
823760 Charter Fiberlink VT- CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink VT- CCO, LLC
823854 Charter Fiberlink WA-CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink WA-CCVII, LLC
823756 Charter Fiberlink WV- CCO, LLCCharter Fiberlink WV- CCO, LLC
823758 Charter Fiberlink WV-CCVI, LLCCharter Fiberlink WV-CCVI, LLC
822740 Charter Fiberlink, LLCCharter Telepone Service
823418 Charter Fiberlink- Alabama, LLCCharter Fiberlink- Alabama, LLC
823422 Charter Fiberlink- Georgia, LLCCharter Fiberlink- Georgia, LLC
823864 Charter Fiberlink- Illinois, LLCCharter Fiberlink- Illinois, LLC
823862 Charter Fiberlink- Indiana, LLCCharter Fiberlink- Indiana, LLC
823806 Charter Fiberlink- Michigan, LLCCharter Fiberlink- Michigan, LLC
823420 Charter Fiberlink- Tennessee, LLCCharter Fiberlink- Tennessee, LLC
831569 Charter Fiberlink-Maryland II, LLCCharter Fiberlink-Maryland II, LLC
827518 Charter Fiberlink-MI, LLC.Charter Fiberlink-MI, LLC.
836513 Charter IP Enabled Services, LLC
819914 Charter Payphones of Texas, LLCCharter Payphones of Texas, LLC
827795 Chase Com, IncGo Conference
819332 Chase Communications CorporationChase Communications Corporation
832383 Chase Network Services, LLCChase Network Services, LLC
834845 Chase Tower LLC
836300 ChaseData Corp.DialedIn
806523 Chatham Telephone Co.TDS Telecom
804306 Chattanooga MSA Ltd. PartnershipCingular Wireless
826203 Chatter Box, Inc.Chatter Box, Inc.
803052 Chautauqua & Erie Communications, Inc.Chautauqua & Erie Communications, Inc.
803055 Chautauqua & Erie Tel. Corp.Chautauqua & Erie Telephone Corporation
804972 Chazy & Westport Tel. Corp.Chazy and Westport Telephone Company
834553 Cheap Geeks IT ConsultingCheap Geeks IT Consulting
829828 Cheap TalkCheap Talk
826953 Cheap2Dial Telephone LLC.Cheap2Dial Telephone LLC.
820814 Checkpoint of Pennsylvania, Inc.Checkpoint of Pennsylvania, Inc.
815716 Chelsea Communications, Inc.Chelsea Communications, Inc.
802416 Chequamegon Communications Cooperative. Inc.NORVADO, INC.
818120 Chernow Communications, Inc.C-Com
830548 Cherokee Broadband EnterpriseCherokee Broadband
835504 Cherokee Cablevision, Inc.
808134 Cherokee Communications, Inc.Cherokee Communications, Inc.
816624 Cherokee Payphone, Inc.Cherokee Payphone, Inc.
803685 Cherokee Telephone CompanyCherokee Telephone Company
815144 Cherokee Telephone Company, Inc.Cherokee Telephone Company, Inc.
830243 Cherry Capital Connection LLCCherry Capital Connection LLC
833991 CherryRoad Technologies Inc.
830584 Chesapeake Bay Communications, LLCChesapeake Bay Communications
831682 Chesapeake Telephone Systems, Inc.
834368 Chesnee Cable, IncChesnee Communications
820302 Chesnee Long DistanceChesnee Long Distance
802149 Chesnee Telephone Company, Inc.Chesnee Telephone Company, Inc.
801423 Chester Long Distance Services, Inc.Chester Long Distance Services, Inc.
801357 Chester Tel. Co.Chester Telephone Company
809682 Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Tel. AuthorityCheyenne River Sioux Tribe Telephone Authority
803016 Chibardun Tel. Coop. Inc.Chibardun Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
821586 Chicago 20MHz, LLCPrimCo Personal Communication Services
830117 Chicago Business VoIP, LLCChicago Business VoIP, LLC
811784 Chicago Payphones, Inc.Chicago Payphones, Inc.
814967 Chicago Public TelephoneChicago Public Telephone
809096 Chicago SMSA Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
805902 Chickamauga Tel. Corp.Chickamauga Telephone Corp.
804124 Chickasaw Long Distance CompanyChickasaw Long Distance Company
812139 Chickasaw Personal Communications, Inc.Chickasaw Personal Communications, Inc.
804123 Chickasaw Tel. Co.Chickasaw Telephone Company
804125 Chickasaw Telecommunications Services Inc.Chickasaw Telecommunications Services, Inc.
834938 Chief Communications LLC
811858 Chill Cellular Corporation for ACC New York II License LLCCellular One
823086 China NetCom (USA) Operations, Ltd.China NetCom (USA) Operations, Ltd.
822646 China Telecom (Americas) Corporation
808137 China Telephone CompanyChina Telephone Company, Inc.
824402 China Unicom Americas Operations LTDChina Unicom Americas Operations LTD
805755 Chippewa County Tel. Co.Chippewa County Telephone Company
801868 Chippewa Valley Communications, Inc.Chippewa Valley Communications, Inc.
833391 Chisholm Broadband LLC.
829351 Chit Chat Holdings LLCChit Chat Mobile
826116 ChitChat Communications, Inc.ChitChat Communications, Inc.
820128 Choctaw Communications, Inc.Smoke Signal Communications
808029 Choctaw Tel. Co.Choctaw Telephone Company
835729 Choice 1 Communications, Inc
823208 Choice Alliance Group, Inc.Choice Alliance Group, Inc.
833247 Choice Communications LLC
815426 Choice Communications, LLCChoice Communications, LLC
819052 Choice One Communications of Connecticut, Inc.Choice One Communications
819050 Choice One Communications of Massachusetts, Inc.Choice One Communications
819048 Choice One Communications of New Hampshire, Inc.Choice One Communications
817912 Choice One Communications of New York, Inc.Choice One Communications
819472 Choice One Communications of Ohio, Inc.Choice One Communications of Ohio, Inc.
817918 Choice One Communications of Pennsylvania, Inc.Choice One Communications
819046 Choice One Communications of Rhode Island, Inc.Choice One Communications
825094 Choice Phone, LLCi-Connect
823150 Choicetel Acquisition, Inc.Choicetel Acquisition, Inc.
803301 Choicetel Communications, Inc.Intelliphone; Telco Northwest; AAA Payphones
823268 Choicetel, LLCChoicetel, LLC
833144 Choose Networks, Inc.
834516 Choptank Fiber, LLC
827294 Chorus Call, Inc.Chorus Call, Inc.
806861 Chorus Networks, Inc.Chorus Networks, Inc.
825629 Choudhury Group, Inc.Choudhury Group, Inc.
832427 CHR Creative, LLCCHR Creative, LLC
801735 Christensen Communications Co.Christensen Communications Co.
823254 Christian Media Technologies, Inc.Christian Media Technologies, Inc.
836493 Chroma Wave LLCChorma Wave LLC
829850 Chronicle 410Voice Asia
817678 Chuck CassardDiamond J. Systems
803361 Chugwater Tel. Co.Chugwater Telephone Company
822616 Chunghwa Telecom Global, Inc.Chunghwa Telecom Global, Inc.
823846 CI2, Inc.CI2, Inc.
826716 Cianka International L.L.C.Cianka International L.L.C.
828855 Ciao Telecom, Inc.Ciao Telecom, Inc.
801908 Ciara TravelCiara Travel
828841 Cibolo Creek Ventures, LLCRoutePoint Communications
819901 Ciera Network Systems, Inc.Ciera Network Systems, Inc.
820458 Cignal Global Communications Carrier Services, Inc.Cignal Global Communications Carrier Services, Inc.
833210 Cim Tel Cable, L.L.C.Cim Tel Cable, L.L.C.
823122 Cima Telecom, Inc.Cima Telecom, Inc.
803253 Cimarron Telephone Company, LLCCimarron Telephone Company, LLC
801909 CIMCO Communications, Inc.CIMCO Communications, Inc.
825068 Cincinnati Bell Extended Territories LLCCincinnati Bell
825783 Cincinnati Bell Inc.Cincinnati Bell Public Communications
820085 Cincinnati Bell Public Communications, Inc.Cincinnati Bell Public Communications, Inc.
805713 Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company, LLCCincinnati Bell Telephone
819126 Cincinnati Bell Wireless, LLCCincinnati Bell Wireless, LLC
828751 Cincinnati Communications LLCCincinnati Communications LLC
832380 Cincinnati Copiers, Inc.Prosource Technologies, Inc.
809104 Cincinnati SMSA Limited PartnershipCingular Wireless
817142 Cinema Amusement Management CompanyCAMCO
828007 Cinemark USA, Inc.Cinemark USA, Inc.
823282 Cinergy Telecommunications, Inc.Cinergy
809337 Cingular Interactive, LPCingular Interactive
822350 Cingular Wireless, LLC- CONSOLIDATEDCingular Wireless
828568 Cintex Group, LLC.Liberty Wireless, Movida Cellular
828887 Cintex Wireless, LLCCintex Wireless, LLC
826264 Cinthex, LLC.CInthex LLC dba i-wireless, LLC.
825448 Ciontel, Inc.Ciontel, Inc.
836311 CipherTV Corporation
833001 Cira Infotech IncCira Infotech Inc
835148 Circle Gx DFW Metroplex Inc.CircleGx
825879 Circle K Communications, Inc.Circle K Communications, Inc.
814731 Circle Telephone & Electric, LLCCircle Telephone & Electric, LLC
835585 Cirion Technologies Latin America, LLCCirion Technologies
836014 Cirrinity, LLCCirrinity, LLC
826750 Cisco WebEx LLCCisco WebEx LLC
828384 CitiBroadband Wireless IncCitiBroadband Wireless Inc
828343 CitiLink Communications, LLCCitiLink Broadband Solutions
826581 Citistream Communications, Inc.Citistream Communications, Inc.
812274 Citizens Communications CompanyCitizens Long Distance
822926 Citizens Communications CorporationCitizens Communications Corporation
819640 Citizens Long Distance CompanyCitizens Long Distance Company
820090 Citizens Long Distance, Inc.Citizens Long Distance, Inc.
801891 Citizens Mutual Telephone CooperativeCitizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative
804816 Citizens Tel. Co.Citizens Telephone Company
809686 Citizens Tel. Co. of KecksburgCitizens Telephone Company of Kecksburg
807018 Citizens Tel. Company of Higginsville, MissouriCitizens Telephone Company
801231 Citizens Tel. Coop.Citizens Telephone Cooperative
827051 Citizens Telecom Solutions, LLC.Citizens Telecom Solutions, LLC.
805146 Citizens Telecomm Company of the Volunteer State, LLCCitizens Telecommunications Company of the Volunteer State
805119 Citizens Telecommunications Co. of Golden State, IncFrontier Communications of the Golden State
803994 Citizens Telecommunications Co. of IdahoCitizens Telecommunications Company of Idaho
803995 Citizens Telecommunications Co. of MontanaFrontier Communications of Montana
803931 Citizens Telecommunications Co. of Tennessee, LLCCitizens Telecommunications Co. of Tennessee, LLC
805107 Citizens Telecommunications Co. of TuolumneFrontier Communications of Tuolumne
805038 Citizens Telecommunications Co. of West VirginiaCitizens Telecommunications Co. of West Virginia
820800 Citizens Telecommunications Company of Minnesota, LLCCitizens Telecommunications Company of Minnesota, LLC
805137 Citizens Telecommunications Company of OregonCitizens Telecommunications Company of Oregon
821100 Citizens Telecommunications of North Dakota, Inc.Frontier Citizens Communications of North Dakota
812275 Citizens Telecommunications Technologies, Inc.Citizens Long Distance
803598 Citizens Telephone Company of Hammond NY, Inc.Citizens Telephone Company
803373 Citizens Telephone Company, Inc.Citizens Telephone Company, Inc.
801393 Citizens Telephone Cooperative, IncCitizens Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
801066 Citizens Telephone CorporationCitizens Telephone Corporation
827758 Citrix Online Audio, LLCCitrix Online Audio, LLC
827759 Citrix Online Conference Services Group, LLC.Citrix Online Conference Services Group, LLC.
831279 City Communications, Inc.City Communications, Inc.
823780 City of Albany, Water, Gas and Light CommissionCity of Albany, Water, Gas and Light Commission
830146 City of Ammon, IdahoCity of Ammon, Idaho
833798 City of Anacortes
825402 City of AntigoCity of Antigo Broadband Utility
826371 City of BainbridgeCity of Bainbridge
809716 City of Barnesville Municipal TelephoneCity of Barnesville Municipal Telephone
803619 City of BeresfordBeresford Municipal Telephone Co.
806727 City of Brookings Telephone FundSwiftel Communications
822510 City of CairoCairo CNS Cable
823888 City of CalhounCALNET
822498 City of CamillaCity of Camilla
827143 City of Cartersville, GeorgiaCity of Cartersville, Georgia
823866 City of Danville, VirginiaCity of Danville, Virginia
828762 City of DunnellonGreenlight Dunnellon Communications
827067 City of Elberton, Georgia.City of Elberton, Georgia.
832136 City of FairlawnFairlawnGig
808185 City of Faith Telephone CompanyFaith Municipal Telephone Co.
822122 City of GainesvilleGRUCOM
827610 City of Glenwood SpringsCity of Glenwood Springs
819524 City of Hawarden dba HITECHitec
831922 City of HudsonCity of Hudson
803718 City of KetchikanKetchikan Public Utilities
827068 City of Lagrange, Georgia.City of Lagrange, Georgia.
827556 City of Lebanon Telecommunications DivisionCity of Lebanon Telecommunications Division
829747 City of Longmont Power & CommunicationsLongmont Power & Communications
833685 City of Loveland - Municipal FiberPulse
827221 City of Manchester, GeorgiaCity of Manchester, Georgia
826844 City of Marshall-Municipal UtilitiesCity of Marshall-Municipal Utilities
831112 City of Martinsville VACity of Martinsville, VA
832530 City of MonroeMonroe Access
829207 City of Morganton, NC DBA Compas CableCompas Cable (City of Morganton Public Antenna System)
825341 City of NapervilleCity of Naperville
825349 City of Newport Beach-TelecomCity of Newport Beach-Telecom
830832 City of OcalaOcala Electric Utility
834271 City of Pella TelecommunicationsPella Fiber
821462 City of Portland d.b.a. Integrated Regional Network Enterprises (IRNE)IRNE
822648 City of Quincy FloridaNETQuincy
829178 City of Richmond, Richmond Power and LightParallax Systems
828893 City of SalisburyFibrant
834297 City of SallisawDiamondNet
826834 City of San BrunoCity of San Bruno
834452 City of Sandy, ORSandyNet
828924 City of Shafter, a California Municipal CorporationCity of Shafter
825076 City of Tacoma, Dept. of Public Utilities, Light DivisionClick! Network
829594 City of Wadsworth, OhioCity of Wadsworth, Ohio
832209 City of WilliamstownWilliamstown Cable
827099 City of WilsonCity of Wilson
819600 City Thomasville UtilitiesThomasville Utilities
827575 CityLink Fiber Holdings, Inc.CityLink Fiber Holdings, Inc.
829940 CityLink Telecommunications NM LLCCityLink Telecommunications NM LLC
827591 Citynet Arizona, LLC.Citynet Arizona, LLC.
833186 Citynet West Virginia LLCCitynet
827441 Civicom, Inc.Civicom, Inc.
835293 CJC Global Connections & Consulting LLC
833450 CKC Data Solutions
824558 CKK Exact Communications, Inc.CKK Exact Communications, Inc.
813128 CL Tel Long Distance, Inc.CL Tel Long Distance, Inc.
831917 Clantera, LLCCabertel
805917 Clara City Telephone Co.Clara City Telephone Company
801594 Clarence Telephone Co. Inc.Clarence Telephone Company, Inc.
809208 Claricom Networks, LLCClaricom Networks
835748 Clarion Lines LLC
826328 Clarity Communication Advisors, Inc.CLARITY COMMUNICATION ADVISORS, INC.
827365 Clarity Conferencing, Inc.Clarity Conferencing, Inc.
836196 Clarity Networks LLCClarity Networks LLC
830462 Clarity Technologies Group, LLCClarity Technologies Group, LLC
832473 Clarity Technology Group, Inc.
830477 Clarity Telecom, LLCBluepeak
833511 Clarity Works, LLC
827653 Clark Cablevision, Inc.Clark Cablevision, Inc.
815274 Clark Communications, Inc.Clark Communications, Inc.
831326 Clark Inc
819674 Clarks Telecom Co.Clarks Telecom Co.
821136 Clarks Telecom Long DistanceClarks Telecom Long Distance
802164 Clarks Telecommunications Co.Clarks Telecommunications Company
832001 Clarksville Light & WaterClarksville Light & Water
822406 Clarksville Mutual Tel. Co.Clarksville Mutual Telephone Company
802165 Clarksville Telephone Co.Butler-Bremer Communications
819922 Claro Enterprise Solutions, LLCClaro Enterprise Solutions, LLC
833423 Clarus Broadband, LLC
819352 Classic Ventures DiversifiedClassic Ventures Diversified
827614 Claud A. ChellstorpCommunication Specialist
825529 Claude SomersClaude Somers
834939 Claverack Communications, LLCClaverack Communications
826488 Clay County Communications, LLC.Clay County Communications, LLC.
833906 Clay County Connect, Inc.Clay County Connect
803472 Clay County Rural Tel. Coop. d/b/a Endeavor CommunicationsEndeavor Communications
834531 Clay Telecom
836206 Clay Telecom LLC
817518 Clayton GunstClayton Gunst
815414 Clear Call Communications, Inc.Clear Call Communications, Inc.
829490 Clear Call Telecom Inc.Clear Call Telecom Inc.
828555 Clear Choice Telecom, Inc.Clear Choice Telecom, Inc.
801897 Clear Creek Mutual Telephone CompanyClear Creek Mutual Telephone Company
834356 cLear Digital Networks, Inc.
805704 Clear Lake Independent Tel. Co.Clear Lake Independent Telephone Co.
801324 Clear Lake Telephone Company, Inc.Clear Lake Telephone Company
836594 Clear Live, LLC
835012 Clear Mobile, LLC
832493 Clear Networx LLCClearnetworx
831321 Clear North Technologies
812183 Clear Page, Inc.Clear Page
821168 Clear Rate Communications, Inc.Clear Rate Communications, Inc.
833004 Clear Solutions LLCClear Solutions
827935 Clear Telecom LLC.Clear Telecom LLC.
826276 Clear Voice telecom, IncClear Voice telecom, Inc
827038 Clear Voice, LLC.Clear Voice, LLC.
826033 Clear Voip Calling LLC.Clear Voip Calling
822836 Clear Wave CommunicationsClear Wave Communications
818112 Clear World Communications Corp.Clear World Communications Corp.
833568 ClearCom USA, LLC
820210 Clearcom, Inc.Clearcom, Inc.
833533 ClearConnect, LLCClearConnect
825616 ClearEnd, LLC.ClearEnd, LLC.
831864 Cleareon Fiber Networks, LLC
832938 ClearFuze Networks, Inc.ClearFuze Networks, Inc.
833932 ClearLink Broadband LLC
834040 Clearly IP Inc.
831830 ClearNuvo Technology Inc.
833049 Clearpath Technology LLCClearPath Technology
823234 ClearPop, Inc.ClearPop, Inc.
831028 ClearSIP Inc.ClearSIP
831534 ClearSKY Systems, Inc.
806865 Cleartel Communications, Inc.Cleartel Communications
823716 Cleartel Telecommunications, Inc.Cleartel Telecommunications, Inc.
818234 CleartoneCleartone
827794 Cleartone Group, LLC.Cleartone Group, LLC.
826764 ClearTone Voip, Inc.ClearTone Voip, Inc.
833382 Clearview Voice, LLC
830718 ClearVoice, Inc
827797 Clearwire Communications LLCClear Wireless LLC
825944 Clearwire Telecommunications Services, LLC.Clearwire Telecommunications Services, LLC. or Clearwire
825943 Clearwire US, LLC.Clearwire US, LLC or Clearwire
834890 ClemenTel CommunicationsClemenTel Communications
804762 Clements Tel. Co.Clements Telephone Company
812472 Cleveland 220 SMR, LLCCleveland 220 SMR, LLC
805440 Cleveland County Telephone CompanyCleveland County Telephone Company
812470 Cleveland Mobile Radio Sales Inc.Cleveland Mobile Radio Sales, Inc.
821814 Cleveland PCS, LLCNorthcoast PCS
824878 Cleveland Unlimited, Inc.Cleveland Unlimited, Inc.
827554 Client Instant Access, LLC.Client Instant Access, LLC.
834330 Clik Broadband, LLCClik Broadband, LLC
808146 Climax Telephone Co. Inc.Climax Telephone Company
836397 Cliq Communications LLCCliq Mobile
835279 Cloaked Wireless Inc
826135 Clon Communications, LLC.Clon Communications, LLC.
821270 CloseCall America, Inc.CloseCall America
809829 Clothesline/Liberty PayphoneClothesline/Liberty Payphone
832205 Cloud 9 Business Solutions, Inc.Cloud 9 Business Solutions, Inc.
829977 Cloud Call Center PBX Solutions, LLCCloud Call Center PBX Solutions, LLC
831972 Cloud Communications and Computing Corp.
832787 Cloud Compliance Solutions, Inc.
834928 Cloud Nebula Solutions LLC
833010 Cloud Service Networks Inc.Cloud Service Networks Inc.
832636 Cloud Voice CommunicationsCloud Voice Commuications
832994 Cloud2Talk, LLCCloud2Talk, LLC
835190 Cloud9 Communications, Inc.
833414 Cloudapt, LLCCloudapt
833935 CloudCall USA, Inc.
830346 CloudCall, Inc.CloudCall, Inc.
833972 CloudCall.Tel,LLC
833205 Cloudcover USACloudcover USA
829843 CloudDial LLCCloudDial LLC
832456 Cloudli Communications Inc.
829798 CloudTandem, Inc.CloudTandem, Inc.
830921 Clowers Communications, Inc.Clowd Wireless
822952 CLT Communications, Inc.CLT Communications, Inc.
826481 CLTel Wireless, Inc.CLTel Wireless, Inc.
815960 Club Kando, Inc.AnswerPhone
835879 CMC Communications
827535 CML Communications LLCCML Communications LLC
815680 CMS Telecommunications, Inc.CMS Telecommunications, Inc.
819838 CMZ Communications, Inc.CMZ Communications, Inc.
801276 CN Johnson HoldingTATAKA
834481 CND Acquisition Corporation
809346 CNE Communications Corp.CNE Communications Corp.
820191 CNG CommunicationsCNG Communications
832623 Co-Mo Comm, Inc.Co-Mo Connect
827865 Coast Communications Co., Inc.Coast Communications Co., Inc.
825361 Coast Consulting Group, Inc.Bandwidth Options, Inc.
823598 Coast Consulting Group, LLCBandwidth Options
813052 Coast International Inc.Coast International, Inc.
820252 Coast Mobilphone ServiceCoast Mobilphone Service
826475 Coast To Coast Cellular, Inc.Coast To Coast Cellular, Inc.
808149 Coast to Coast Telecommunications, Inc.Coast to Coast Telecommunications, Inc.
812125 Coastal Communication Service, Inc.Coastal Communication Service, Inc.
820116 Coastal Communications, Inc.Coastal Communications, Inc.
835023 Coastal Electric Membership CorporationCoastal Electric Cooperative
812768 Coastal Electronics, Inc.Coastal Electronics, Inc.
809134 Coastal Long Distance Services, Inc.Coastal Long Distance
811448 Coastal Phone Systems, Inc.Coastal Phone Systems, Inc.
836079 Coastal Redwood Networks
834140 Coastal Telecommunications Inc.Coastal Telecom
808152 Coastal Utilities Inc.Coastal Utilities, Inc.
833675 coastal voice LLCCoastal Voice
824170 CoastCom, Inc.CoastCom, Inc.
834386 CoastConnect, LLCCoastConnect
833833 Coastline Technology Group LLC
832853 Coastline Wireless, LLCCoastline Wireless
829816 Coaxial Cable Television CorporationCoaxial Cable
830671 Cobalt IT, Inc.Cobalt IT, Inc.
835882 Cobalt Ridge LLC.
801201 Cobbosseecontee Tel.Co. & Tel. Co.TDS Telecom
828428 CoBridge Broadband, LLCCoBridge Broadband, LLC
828427 CoBridge Communications, LLCCoBridge Communications, LLC
828429 CoBridge Telecom, LLCCoBridge Communications
801844 Cochrane Cellular, Inc.Cochrane Cellular, Inc.
801843 Cochrane Coop. Tel. Co.Cochrane Cooperative Telephone Company
804913 Coconino, Arizona RSA Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
833516 Codale Electric Supply Inc.Codale Electric Supply Inc.
834478 Codeava Technologies Inc.
836244 Coderlab Tech LLC
823838 Codetel International Communications, Inc.Codetel International Communications, Inc.
835050 Cogeco US (OH), LLC
826014 Cogeco US Finance, LLC.Breezeline
828393 Cogent Communications, Inc.Cogent Communications, Inc.
828942 Cohere Communications, LLCCohere Communications, LLC
811582 Coin Call Plus CorporationCoincall/Digicall
815146 Coin Call, Inc.Coin Call, Inc.
827058 Coin CommunicationsCoin Communications
818754 Coin Communications, Inc.Coin Communications, Inc.
811558 Coin Communications, Inc.Coin Communications, Inc.
815440 Coin Operated Services, Inc.Coin Operated Services, Inc.
802038 Coin Phone Management CompanyCoin Phone Management Company
819118 Coin Tel CommunicationsCoin Tel Communications
821906 Coin Telecom, Inc.Coin Telecom
818230 Coin-Tel Communications Systems, LLCCoin-Tel Communications Systems, LLC
809279 Coin-Tel Payphones, Inc.Coin-Tel Payphones, Inc.
819370 Coin-Tel, Inc.Coin-Tel, Inc.
823090 Cointel CommunicationsCointel Communications
817306 Cointel Communications, Inc.Cointel Communications, Inc.
832817 COLAMCO, IncColamco INC
830336 Colane Cable TV, Inc.Colane Cable TV, Inc.
826789 Coldwater Board of Public UtilitesCBPU telecom
808521 Coleman County Tel. Coop. Inc.Coleman County Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
825690 Coleman County Telecommunications, Ltd.Coleman County Telecommunications, Ltd.
808522 Coleman Enterprises, Inc.Local Long Distance
827809 ColfaxNet, LLC.ColfaxNet, LLC.
827545 COLI, IncCOLI, Inc
832701 Collaborative Telecom 5g, LLCCollaborative Telecom 5G, LLC
821522 Collateral Network Solutions, LLCCollateral Network Solutions, LLC
829038 Collins Communications, LLCCollins Communications, Inc.
829086 Collins Electric Company, IncCollins Electric Company, Inc
802044 Colo Telephone CompanyColo Telephone Company
822258 Cologix, Inc.Cologix, Inc.
819774 Colonial CorporationColonial Corporation
833486 Colonial Telecommunications Inc.Duke Communications
825466 Color Broadband,Inc.Color Broadband,Inc.
805188 Colorado 4 - Park Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
805200 Colorado 7 - Saguache Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
830323 Colorado Central Telecom, IncColorado Central Telecom, Inc
830808 Colorado Communications TransportCCT
812845 Colorado Pay Telephone Partnership, Ltd.Colorado Pay Telephone Partnership, Ltd.
817690 Colorado River CommunicationColorado River Communication
804852 Colorado RSA No. 3 Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
823570 Colorado Valley Communications, Inc.Colorado Valley Long Distance, Inc.
806113 Colorado Valley Long DistanceColorado Valley Long Distance
806112 Colorado Valley Tel. Coop. Inc.Colorado Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
829190 ColoRelyon, LLCColoRelyon, LLC
825020 Colt TelecommunicationsColt Telecommunications
822304 Columbia Communications, LLCColumbia Communications, LLC
831239 Columbia Energy, LLCColumbia Energy, LLC
834651 Columbia Fiber, LLCColumbia Fiber, LLC
828933 Columbia Power and Water SystemsColumbia Power and Water Systems
818992 Columbia Telecommunications, Inc.Columbia Telecommunications, Inc.
816676 Columbia Telephone CompanyColumbia Telephone Company
827319 Columbia Tower, Inc.Columbia Tower, Inc.
804096 Columbine Telephone Co., Inc.Silver Star Communications
802230 Columbus Cellular Telephone CompanyCellular One
805716 Columbus Communication Services LLCColumbus Telephone Company
809796 Columbus Grove Telephone Co.Columbus Grove Telephone Company
828829 Columbus Networks Puerto Rico, Inc.Columbus Networks Puerto Rico, Inc.
833728 Columbus Networks Puerto Rico, Inc.Columbus Networks Puerto Rico, Inc.
826623 Columbus Networks Telecommunications Services USA, Inc.
829545 Com Com Communication, Inc.Com Com Communication, Inc.
834148 Com-Logic Partners, LLC
811240 Com-Nav, Inc.Radio Telephone of Maine
801418 Comanche County Telecommunications, Inc.Comanche County Long Distance
832371 ComApp Technologies LLC
821614 Combined Billing CorporationCombined Billing Corporation
811801 Combined Public Communications, Inc.Combined Public Communications
814973 Comcast ABB Network Solutions, Inc.Comcast ABB Network Solutions, Inc.
812736 Comcast Business Communications, LLC.Comcast Long Distance
823798 Comcast Commercial Services, Inc.Comcast Commercial Services, Inc.
835655 Comcast Government Services, LLC
825947 Comcast IP Phone II, LLC.Comcast Digital Voice
826643 Comcast IP Phone III, LLC.Comcast Digital Voice
826642 Comcast IP Phone IV, LLC.Comcast Digital Voice
826641 Comcast IP Phone V, LLC.Comcast Digital Voice
825948 Comcast IP Phone, LLC.Comcast Digital Voice
812739 Comcast MH Telephony Communications of Florida, Inc.Comcast MH Telephony Communications of Florida, Inc.
825440 Comcast of Northern Maryland, Inc.Comcast Digital Phone
832043 Comcast OTR1, LLCComcast OTR1, LLC
824688 Comcast Phone II, Inc.Comcast Digital Phone
819692 Comcast Phone of Maryland, Inc.Comcast Digital Phone
820956 Comcast Phone of Michigan, LLCComcast Digital Phone
824416 Comcast Phone of New York, LLC.COMCAST DIGITAL PHONE
819690 Comcast Phone of Northern Virginia, Inc.Comcast Digital Phone of Northern Virginia
821480 Comcast Phone, LLCAT&T Broadband, LLC
822102 Comcast Phone, LLCComcast Digital Phone
812735 Comcast Telephony Communications of Maryland, Inc.Comcast Telephony Communications of Maryland, Inc.
820902 ComCorp, Inc.Page One
835377 ComData Solutions IncRimrock Technology Solutions
812734 Comdata Telecommunications Services, Inc.Comdata Telecommunications Services, Inc.
824218 ComDepot, LLCComDepot, LLC
832481 ComDirect, Inc.BlueWave IP
826193 Comedia Communications, Inc.Comedia Communications, Inc.
815244 Comelec East, Inc.Comelec East, Inc.
826576 Comet Communications, Inc.Comet Communications, Inc.
823782 ComExpress Communications, Inc.ComExpress Communications
828470 Comity Communications, LLCComity Communications, LLC
835486 Comlink Total Solutions Corp
826877 Comlink, LLC.Comlink, LLC.
821276 Comm South Companies of Virginia, Inc.Comm South Companies of Virginia, Inc.
817742 Comm South Companies, Inc.Comm South Companies, Inc.
821996 Comm-Services CorporationComm-Services Corporation
831612 Comm-Works, LLCComm-Works, LLC
806559 Comm. Corp. of IndianaTDS Telecom
806526 Comm. Corp. of MichiganTDS Telecom
806556 Comm. Corp. of Southern IndianaTDS Telecom
817458 Comm/Net Services CorporationComm/Net Services Corporation
823516 Comm360 Software, Inc.Comm360 Software, Inc.
826593 Command Connect, LLCCOMMAND CONNECT, LLC
830373 Command Languages, IncCLI Solutions
833039 CommandLink LLCCommandLink LLC
830382 Commas Communications IncCommas Communications Inc
821442 CommChoice of IowaCommChoice of Iowa
819388 Commercial Communication Services, LLCCommercial Communication Services, LLC
809768 Commercial Pay Phones, Inc.Commercial Pay Phones, Inc.
812347 Commercial Radio & Television, Inc.FRONTIER RADIO, INC.
821134 Commercial Telephone Exchange, Inc.Commercial Telephone Exchange, Inc.
809382 Commercial Telephones, Inc.Commercial Telephones, Inc.
830758 Commins Construction & Cabling, Incsame
832096 Commnet AZ, LLCCommnet AZ, LLC
822156 CommNet Cellular, Inc.Verizon Wireless
823492 Commnet of Arizona, LLCCommnet of Arizona, LLC
822202 Commnet of DelawareCommnet of Delaware
822208 Commnet of FloridaCommnet of Florida
829228 Commnet of Georgia, LLCCommnet of Georgia, LLC
827625 Commnet of Nevada, LLCCommnet of Nevada, LLC
829229 Commnet of Texas, LLCCommnet of Texas, LLC
815556 CommNet Paging, Inc.Verizon Wireless
830526 Common Point LLCCommon Point LLC
832917 Common Sense, LLCCommon Sense, LLC
820574 Commonwealth Long DistanceCommonwealth Long Distance
811332 Commonwealth Telephone Co., Inc.Commonwealth Telephone Co., Inc.
805650 Commonwealth Telephone Company LLCCommonwealth Telephone Company LLC
825445 CommPartners, LLCCommPartners, LLC
834547 CommPeak Limited
821978 Commtrack EnterpriseCommtrack Enterprise
825781 Commtronics of Virginia, Inc.Commtronics of Virginia, Inc.
828165 Commumcatons Diversified, IncCommumcatons Diversified, Inc
833206 Communi-cations Networks, IncCOMMUNI-CATIONS NETWORK, INC
822032 Communication 2000, Inc.Communication 2000, Inc.
835738 Communication and Data Solutions, Inc.Communication and Data Solutions, Inc.
816846 Communication ConnectionCommunication Connection
806525 Communication Corner, Inc.Communication Corner, Inc.
819911 Communication Data and Security, Inc.Communication Data and Secuirty, Inc.
816192 Communication DepotCommunication Depot
827839 Communication Impact, Inc.Communication Impact, Inc.
811759 Communication Innovations CorporationCommunication Innovations Corporation
831327 Communication Innovators, Inc.Communication Innovators, Inc.
827041 Communication Lines, Inc.Communication Lines, Inc.
836047 Communication Management Services LLCCMS LLC
812048 Communication Options, Inc.Communication Options, Inc.
819076 Communication Properties, Inc.Communication Properties, Inc.
833549 Communication Resources UnlimitedCommunication Resources Unlimited
832438 Communication Resources, LLCCommunication Resources, LLC
830266 Communication Sales & Consulting LLCCommunication Sales & Consulting LLC
819898 Communication Sales & Services, Inc.Pagers Unlimited
817456 Communication Service Center, Inc.Communication Service Center, Inc.
836425 Communication Service Solutions LLC
827037 Communication Service, Inc.Communication Service, Inc.
825182 Communication Services Integrated Inc. CSIICOMMUNICATION SERVICES INTEGRATED, INC.
827074 Communication Services, Inc.Communication Services, Inc.
823256 Communication Solutions Partners, Inc.Communication Solutions Partners, Inc.
818840 Communication Specialist Co., Inc.Communication Specialist Co., Inc.
827993 Communication Specialists of Wilmington, LLC.Communication Specialists of Wilmington, LLC.
823096 Communication Technologies Carrier Services, Inc.Comtek-CS
823212 Communication Technologies, Inc.COMTEK
822440 Communication Technology, Inc.Communication Technology, Inc.
827761 Communication Telefonicas Latinas Corp.Communication Telefonicas Latinas Corp.
836709 Communication VOIP LLCCommunication VOIP LLC
820230 Communications & Industrial Electronics Corp.Communications & Industrial Electronics Corp.
802422 Communications 1 Network, Inc.Communications 1 Network, Inc.
818180 Communications 1 Wireless, Inc.Communications 1 Wireless, Inc.
824300 Communications Access Cooperative Holding EnterpriseCommunications Access Cooperative Holding Enterprise
829331 Communications Acquisitions CorporationWhaleback Managed Services
823638 Communications Advantage, LLCCommunications Advantage
828120 Communications Alternatives, Inc.Communications Alternatives, Inc.
830792 Communications Authority IncCommunications Authority
803001 Communications Buying Group, Inc.Communications Buying Group, Inc.
815394 Communications Center, Inc.Communications Center, Inc.
833233 Communications Connections 365 LLC
821658 Communications Design Acquisition LLCPine Tree Networks
819232 Communications Design, Inc.Communications Design, Inc.
825761 Communications Distributors, Inc.Communications Distributors, Inc.
811245 Communications Electronics, Inc.Communications Electronics, Inc.
833512 Communications Engineering, IncCEI Security & Sound
812579 Communications Equip. & Services, LLCCommunications Equip. & Services
812407 Communications Equipment Company, LLCCommunications Equipment Company, L.L.C.
812343 Communications Equipment, Inc.Communications Equipment, Inc.
823606 Communications Express, Inc.Communications Express, Inc.
812346 Communications Express, LLCCommunications Express, LLC
822464 Communications Internacionales de Mexico, S.A de C.VCommunications Internacionales de Mexico, S.A de C.V
820232 Communications Leasing CorporationCommunications Leasing Corporations
829838 Communications Link Services CorporationCommunications Link Services Corporation
817520 Communications Management Corp.Communications Management Corp.
826965 Communications Masters, Inc.Communications Masters, Inc.
824514 Communications Network Billing, Inc.Communications Network Billing, Inc.
817812 Communications Network Services, LLCCommunications Network Services, LLC
817822 Communications Network, Inc.Communications Network, Inc.
830354 Communications PioneerCommunications Pioneer
823384 Communications Plus, Inc.Communications Plus, Inc.
820156 Communications Sales & Services, Inc.Communications Sales & Services, Inc.
826426 Communications Security and Compliance Technologies, Inc.CONTOUR NETWORKS
811613 Communications Solutions, Inc.Communications Solutions, Inc.
820452 Communications Specialists, Inc.Communications Specialists, Inc.
812373 Communications Specialists, Inc.Communications Specialists, Inc.
827620 Communications Supply CorporationCommunications Supply Corporation
818638 Communications Systems International, Ltd.Communications Systems International, Inc.
832320 Communications Technologies, Inc.CTI
834067 Communications Unlimited Inc
820280 Communications Venture CorporationInDigital Telcom
830167 Communications World of Tulsa, Inc.Edge Technologies
827156 Communications Worldwide Network Inc.Communications Worldwide Network Inc.
822680 Communications XChange, LLCCommunications XChange, LLC
817566 Communications, Inc.Communications, Inc.
834743 Communications, Inc.
804948 CommuniGroup of K.C., Inc. (CGI)CGI Long Distance Services
819134 CommuniGroup of Louisiana, Inc.CommuniGroup of Louisiana, Inc.
826986 Community Antenna Service, Inc.Community Antenna Service, Inc.
832668 Community Broadband Company
821250 Community Cable Television Company of O'Brien CountyThe Community Agency "TCA"
826712 Community Cablevision CompanyCommunity Cablevision Company
815109 Community Communications, Inc.Community Communications, Inc.
821706 Community Digital Wireless, LLCCommunity Digital Wireless, LC
828803 Community Fiber Solutions, Inc.Community Fiber Solutions, Inc.
804993 Community Long DistanceComporium Long Distance
828239 Community Messenger, Inc.Community Messenger, Inc.
819762 Community Payphones, Inc.Community Payphones, Inc.
825300 Community Service Company, LLCCommunity Service Company, LLC
808158 Community Service Tel.Co.Community Service Telephone Company
805896 Community Tel. Co.Community Telephone Company, Inc.
818162 Community Telephone CompanyCommunity Telephone Company
834725 Community Wireless Of Charlestown, LLCCommunity Wireless
823684 Comnet (USA), LLCComnet (USA), LLC
821350 Comnet Dispatch, L.C.Comnet Dispatch, L.C.
828776 Comnet, Inc.Comnet, Inc.
827262 Comnexia CorporationComnexia Corporation
824118 Comoretel Holdings Ltd.Comoretel Holdings Ltd.
805897 Compas Brokerage, Inc.Compas Brokerage, Inc.
833483 Compass Broadband Network, IncCBN, Inc
826216 Compass Global, Inc.Compass Global, Inc.
830950 Compass Network Group, Inc.
820133 Compass Telecommunications, Inc.Compass Telecommunications, Inc.
832159 CompassMSP, LLC
832308 Compatel LLCCompatel
826685 ComPath Communications, LLC.ComPath Communications, LLC.
823498 Competitive Communications, Inc.Competitive Communications, Inc. (CCI)
814885 Complete Communication ServicesComplete Communication Services
830301 Complete Interactive Technologies, Inc.Complete Interactive Technologies, Inc.
831363 Complete Network IntegrationComplete Network Integration
824944 Complete Networking SolutionsCNS
833530 Complete Tablet Solutions
830820 Complete Telecommunications, IncComplete Telecommunications, Inc
836279 Compliant Communications, Inc.
803649 Comporium, Inc.Comporium, Inc.
830971 Comprehensive Computer Support, Inc.Bizgab
821616 ComProducts, Inc.B & C Communications
811034 Comptel CorporationComptel Corporation
829673 Compu-Phone Voice & Data, Inc.Compu-Phone Voice & Data, Inc.
832358 Compucom Systems incCompucom Systems inc
831427 Computer & Network Paramedics, IncGO2 Tech
821008 Computer 5, Inc.LocalTel Communications
835272 Computer Brilliance IncComputer Brilliance Inc
834149 Computer C & C, IncComputers and Beyond
832363 Computer Fellows, IncorporatedComputer Fellows
836636 Computer Help L.A., Inc.
830982 Computer Integrated Services, LLCComputer Integrated Services, LLC
835968 Computer Magic, Inc.
821992 Computer Network Technology Corp.Computer Network Technology Corp.
827787 Computer Office Solutions, Inc.Computer Office Solutions, Inc.
835277 Computer Repair LeagueComputer Repair League
832945 Computer Repair SystemsComputer Repair Systems
828569 Computer Software Innovations, Inc.CSI@K12
833835 Computer Solutions International, Inc.C Solutions
832406 Computer Systems and Services Inc.Compsys Inc
831174 Computer Technologies LLCComputer Technologies LLC
832815 Computer Technology Solutions, Inc.Integrated Technology Services
827574 Computer Telephony Innovations, Inc.CTI
836060 Computer Ware, Inc.ITSolutions|Currie
833715 Computer Warehouse LLCComputer Warehouse
834580 Computer Warriors IT Support Inc
833383 Computer Zen LLCComputer Zen LLC
806685 Computerized Payphone SystemsComputerized Payphone Systems
832827 Computers-Typewriters, Inc.Computers-Typewriters, Inc.
825823 ComputerTel, Inc.ComputerTel, Inc.
821860 COMSAT, Inc.
812365 ComScape Telecommunication of Charleston, Inc.ComScape Telecommunication of Charleston, Inc.
822466 ComScape Telecommunications of Raleigh-Durham, Inc.ComScape Telecommunications of Raleigh-Durham, Inc.
826252 Comsoft CorporationComsoft Corporation
801111 ComSouth Telecommunications, LLCHargray
825306 ComSouth Telenet LLCHargray
801112 ComSouth Teleservices, Inc.ComSouth Teleservices, Inc.
822642 Comspan Communications, Inc.ComSpanUSA
830003 Comstar Technologies, LLCComstar Technologies, LLC
835908 Comtech Phones Corporation
820582 ComTech Solutions, LLCComTech Solutions, LLC
817250 Comteck of Indiana, Inc.Comteck of Indiana, Inc.
829162 Comtel Managed Solutions, LLCSimplicity
825914 Comtel Telcom Assets LPVarTec Telecom, Excel Telecommunications & VarTec Solutions
832454 Comtel VoIP, Inc.
812129 Comtel, LLCPayphones Plus
817550 Comtex Communication, Inc.Comtex Communication, Inc.
828941 Comunicaciones Rey, LLCComunicaciones Rey, LLC
825240 COMVOZ Communication, LLCCOMVOZ
822432 ComWest CommunicationsComWest Communications
834899 S.A. de S.A. de C.V.
833121 Concept Communication CorporationConcept Communication Corporation/MiFiber
827767 Concero Global, Inc.Concero Global, Inc.
812361 Concho Cellular Telephone Co., Inc.Cellular One
833827 Concilii Global CorporationConcilii Global Corporation
831555 Concord Services Group, inc.Voiceopia Communications
806604 Concord Telephone ExchangeTDS Telecom
830594 Concurrent Collaboration, LLCC3Concurrent
820353 Condor Pay PhonesCondor Pay Phones
828889 Conectado, Inc.Conectado, Inc.
802582 Conestoga Wireless CompanyConestoga Wireless Company
830211 Conexiant Communications LLCConexiant Communications
829352 Conexiant Telecom LLCConexiant Telecom LLC
826543 Conexiz CorporationConexiz Corporation
813126 Conexone Communications, LLCConexone Communications, LLC
827260 Conference America, Inc.Conference America, Inc.
827265 Conference Calls Unlimited, Inc.Conference Calls Unlimited, Inc.
823724 Conference Plus, Inc.Conference Plus
827310 ConfersaveConfersave
834894 Confianza Technologies LLC
830888 Conifer Communications, Inc.
804399 Conles, Inc.Conles Telephone Company
815222 Conn Communications, Inc.Conn Communications, Inc.
808860 Conneaut Telephone Co.The Conneaut Telephone Company
802437 Connect America Communications, Inc.Connect America Communications, Inc.
834911 Connect America Group, IncConnect America Group, Inc
817670 Connect America, IncConnect America, Inc
824428 Connect Communications USA, LLCConnect Communications USA, LLC
822332 Connect Communications, LLCConnect Communications, LLC
835590 Connect Everyone LLCStarry
829674 Connect First, Inc.Connect First, Inc.
826361 Connect Paging, Inc.Connect Paging, Inc.
835536 Connect Parent CorporationBrightspeed
835214 Connect Ya Communications, IncConnect Ya Communications, Inc
835474 Connecta Satellite Solutions, LLCSatellite Phone Store; Whenever Communications
828839 Connectatel, Inc.Connectatel, Inc.
830332 Connected Investments, LLCBluewave Communications
828981 Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc.Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc.
831041 Connecticut Communications, LLC
825280 Connecticut Datanet, LLCConnecticut Datanet, LLC
812376 Connecticut Mobilecom, Inc.Connecticut Mobilecom, Inc.
817452 Connecticut Payphone, LLCConnecticut Payphone, LLC
821646 Connecticut Radio Repeaters LLCConnecticut Radio Repeaters, LLC
812375 Connecticut Telephone and Communication System, Inc.Connecticut Telephone
828973 Connecting International Busines, Inc.Connecting International Busines, Inc.
828620 Connection Portal, Inc.Connection Portal, Inc.
835707 Connectmatic, LLCConnectmatic
826243 ConnectTo Communications, Inc.ConnectTo Communications, Inc.
827304 Connex International, Inc.Connex International, Inc.
828830 ConnexionONE Communications, Inc.ConnexionONE Communications, Inc.
828246 Conserto, LLCConserto
819394 Consolidated Billing Provider, LLCDirect Access Group LLC
803201 Consolidated Communications CorporationConsolidated Communications Corporation
822728 Consolidated Communications Enterprise ServicesConsolidated Communications Enterprise Services
816876 Consolidated Communications Networks, Inc.Consolidated Communications Networks, Inc.
804477 Consolidated Communications of California CompanyConsolidated Communications of California Company
808572 Consolidated Communications of Central Illinois CompanyConsolidated Communications
804097 Consolidated Communications of Colorado CompanyConsolidated Communications
822806 Consolidated Communications of Comerco CompanyConsolidated Communications
801855 Consolidated Communications of Florida CompanyConsolidated Communications
801798 Consolidated Communications of Fort Bend CompanyConsolidated Communications
803205 Consolidated Communications of Illinois CompanyConsolidated Communications of Illinois Company
804429 Consolidated Communications of Kansas CompanyConsolidated Communications
808391 Consolidated Communications of Maine CompanyConsolidated Communications
802143 Consolidated Communications of Mid-Comm CompanyConsolidated Communications of Mid-Comm Company
802521 Consolidated Communications of Minnesota CompanyConsolidated Communications of Minnesota Company
826139 Consolidated Communications of Missouri CompanyConsolidated Communications
809624 Consolidated Communications of Northland CompanyConsolidated Communications
808314 Consolidated Communications of Ohio Company, LLCConsolidated Communications, Inc.
803622 Consolidated Communications of Oklahoma CompanyConsolidated Communications
802458 Consolidated Communications of Pennsylvania CompanyConsolidated Communications of Pennsylvania Company
802425 Consolidated Communications of Texas CompanyConsolidated Communications
801162 Consolidated Communications of Washington Company, LLCConsolidated Communications, Inc
824308 Consolidated Communications Operator Services, Inc.Consolidated Communications Operator Services, Inc.
804690 Consolidated Communications Penn TelecomConsolidated Communications Penn Telecom
803847 Consolidated Communications Public Services, Inc.Consolidated Communications Public Services, Inc.
801799 Consolidated Communications Telecom Services of Fort Bend CompanyConsolidated Communications
801645 Consolidated Communications Telecom Services of Texas CompanyConsolidated Communications
818666 Consolidated Lauco SystemsConsolidated Smart Systems
825360 Consolidated Long Distance, Inc.Consolidated Long Distance, Inc.
829479 Consolidated Networks CorporationConsolidated Networks Corporation
832289 Consolidated Smart Broadband Systems, LLC
826715 Consolidated Technologies, Inc.Consolidated Technologies, Inc.
807168 Consolidated Tel. Co.Consolidated Telephone Company
807165 Consolidated Telco Inc.Consolidated Telco, Inc.
803199 Consolidated TelcomConsolidated Telcom
829942 Consolidated Telecom of Puerto Rico, LLCConsolidated Telecom of Puerto Rico, LLC
809736 Consolidated Telecom, Inc.Consolidated Telecom, Inc.
807219 Consolidated Telephone Co.Consolidated Telephone Company
830412 Consolidated Tristate Networks, Inc.Consolidated Tristate Networks, Inc.
828696 Consolidated West, LLCConsolidated West, LLC
815912 Consolidated, Inc.Consolidated, Inc.
835804 Constellation Technology Solutions, Inc.Axacore
836288 Constellation Telecom LLC.
824854 Consumer Cellular, Inc.Consumer Cellular, Inc.
824260 Consumer CommunicationsConsumer Communications
835081 Contact America LLC
832169 Contact Center Specialists LLC
824214 Contact CommunicationsContact Communications
829039 Contact Communications IncContact Communications Inc
817176 Contact Communications, Inc.Beeper Call of Arizona
827317 Contact Conference Service, Inc.Contact Conference Service, Inc.
822576 Contact Network, LLCINLINE
823070 Contact Wireless, Inc.Contact Wireless, Inc.
824994 Contel Systems, Inc.Contel System, Inc.
836073 Content Pro LLC
833620 Content+Cloud CorporationSIPCOM
823694 Conterra Ultra Broadband, LLCConterra Ultra Broadband, LLC
826946 Conterra Wireless Broadband, LLC.Conterra Wireless Broadband, LLC.
824282 Context Marketing Services, Inc.Context Communications
816250 Continental CellularContinental Cellular
833760 Continental Divide Electric Cooperative, Inc.CDEC
819306 Continental Payphone Services, Inc.Continental Payphone Services, Inc.
824674 Continental Systems and Technologies, Inc.Continental Systems and Technologies, Inc.
823536 Continental Telecommunications Services, Inc.CTS
806541 Continental Telephone Co.TDS Telecom
830474 Continental Telephone, LLCContinental Telephone, LLC
829138 Continuityx Solutions, Inc.Continuityx Solutions, Inc.
834072 Corporation
832615 Contour Data Solutions, LLC
834867 Contravoip, LLCContravoip, LLC
829166 Conus Solutions LLCFive Lakes Communications
831463 Convention Communications Provisioners IncConvention Communications Provisioners Inc
822702 Converged Communication Services, Inc.Converged Communication Services, Inc.
828799 Converged Communications, LLCConverged Communications, LLC
829110 Convergence IP Telecom, Inc.Mobex
828645 Convergence Technologies Inc.Convergence Technologies Inc.
824512 Convergent Telesis, LLCHamptons Telephone
831223 ConvergeOne, Inc.
821494 Convergia, Inc.Convergia
825760 Conversant Technologies, Inc.Conversant Technologies, Inc.
820167 Conversent Communications of Connecticut, LLCConversent Communications
820169 Conversent Communications of Maine, LLCConversent Communications
820183 Conversent Communications of Massachusetts, LLCConversent Communications
820173 Conversent Communications of New Hampshire, LLCConversent Communications
820171 Conversent Communications of New Jersey, LLCConversent Communications
820175 Conversent Communications of New York, LLCConversent Communications
820177 Conversent Communications of Pennsylvania, LLCConversent Communications, LLC.
820179 Conversent Communications of Rhode Island, LLCConversent Communications
820181 Conversent Communications of Vermont, LLCConversent Communications of Vermont, LLC
829122 Conveyance Telecom, LLCConveyance Telecom, LLC
827362 Conway CorporationConway Corporation
812229 Cook Telecom, Inc.Cook Telecom, Inc.
835652 Cool Nerd Squad LLCCool Nerd Squad LLC
831138 Coolhead Inc
801654 Coon Creek Tel. Co.Coon Creek Telephone Company
801656 Coon Creek Telecommunications Corp.Coon Creek Telecommunications Corp.
820758 Coon Rapids Municipal Communications UtilityCRMU- Localink
809120 Coon Valley Coop. Tel. Assn. Inc.Coon Valley Cooperative Telephone Association, Inc.
802119 Coon Valley Farmers Tel. Co.Coon Valley Farmers Telephone Company
802120 Coon Valley Telecommunications, Inc.Coon Valley Telecommunications, Inc.
812015 Cooper CommunicationsCooper Communications
805020 Cooperative Communications, Inc.Cooperative Communications, Inc.
834609 Cooperative Connection, LLCSprout Fiber Internet
824274 Cooperative Light & Power Association of Lake CountyCooperative Light & Association of Lake County
807981 Cooperative Tel. Exch.Cooperative Telephone Exchange
801282 Cooperative Telephone CompanyCooperative Telephone Company
830566 Coosa Cable CoCoosa Cable Co
834448 Coosa Valley Technologies, Inc.Coosa Valley Technologies, Inc.
833127 Copa Communications llcCopa communications llc
835134 Copper Cliffs Communications LLC
835071 Copper State Telecom
820379 Copper Valley Long Distance, Inc.Copper Valley Long Distance, Inc.
808527 Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
808526 Copper Valley Telephone, IncCopper Valley Telephone, Inc.
812393 Copper Valley Wireless, LLCCopper Valley Wireless, LLC
832173 Copperband Technologies, LLCCopperband Technologies, LLC
825755 Coral Wireless, LLC.Mobi PCS
833312 CorBak Office/Technology Solutions, LLC
823680 Corban Communications, Inc.Corban Communications, Inc.
830414 Corcom Communications, Inc.Corcom Communications, Inc.
821630 Cordia Communications Corp.Cordia Communications Corp.
828817 Cordia Net Corp.Cordia Net Corp.
828026 Cordial Communications LLC.Cordial Communications LLC.
806772 Cordova Tel. Coop. Inc.Cordova Telephone Cooperative
818738 Cordova Wireless Communications, Inc.Cordova Wireless Communications, Inc.
831803 Core Communications LLCCore Communications LLC
832084 Core Communications Voice Services, LLCCore Communications Voice Services, LLC
831558 Core Communications, Inc.CoreTel
825733 Core Communications, Inc.Core Communications, Inc.
830381 CORE Networks, LLCCORE Networks
825322 Corecast Information Services, LLCCorecast Information Services, LLC
808794 CoreComm ATX, Inc.ATX Communications
807849 CoreComm Newco, Inc.CoreComm
826201 CoreDial, LLC.CoreDial, LLC.
829458 Coretec Communications, LLCCoretec Communications, LLC
826191 Coripar Telecode, LLC.Coripar Telecode, LLC.
804414 Corn Belt Telephone Company, Inc.Corn Belt Telephone Company, Inc.
830773 Cornerstone Information Systems, Inc.Cornerstone Information Systems, Inc.
828161 Cornerstone Technologies, IncCornerstone Technologies, Inc
823592 Cornerstone Telephone Company, LLCCornerstone Telephone Company, LLC
815216 Corney's ElectronicsCorney's Electronics
826972 Corona CommunicationsCorona Communications
835972 Corporate IT LLC
812799 Corporate Networks International, Inc.Corporate Networks International, Inc.
820067 Corporate Satellite Communications of Florida, Inc.Corporate Satellite Communications of Florida, Inc.
811733 Corporate Services Telcom, Inc.Corporate Services Telcom, Inc.
824556, Inc.Upstate Telephone
801004 Corr Wireless Communications, LLCCorr Wireless Communications, LLC
831242 Corsica Technologies, LLCCorsica Technologies
833586 Cortel CommunicationsCortel Communications
829759 Corview Communications, Inc.VoiceCetral
830378 Corvisa LLCCorvisa LLC
818804 Corvo AssociatesSmart Call Communications
816852 Corvus, Inc.Corvus, Inc.
819460 CoServ, LLCCoServ Communications
814677 Cosmos Telemarketing, Inc.Cosmos Telemarketing, Inc.
832353 COSO Media LLCVirtual DataWorks
825330 Cost Plus Communications, LLCCost Plus Communications, LLC
820010 Costa Enterprises, Inc.CEI Payphones
826301 Cotran Telecommunications, LTDCotran Telecommunications, LTD (Cotel)
820054 Cottonwood Holdings CorporationBeep West Radio Paging
802455 Council Grove Tel. Co.The Council Grove Telephone Company
828180 Country Cable LLCCountry Cable LLC
826667 Country Cablevision, LLCCountry Cablevision, Inc.
828324 Country Road Networks, Inc.Country Road Networks, Inc.
818984 Countrywide Communications, Inc.Countrywide Communications, Inc.
812211 Courtesy CommunicationsCourtesy Communications, Inc.
817308 Covad Communications CompanyCovad Communications Company
824490 Covenant Communications, Inc.Covenant Communications, Inc.
802540 Covista Carrier Services, Inc.Covista Carrier Services, Inc.
802545 Covista of New YorkCovista, Inc.
802539 Covista, Inc.Covista, Inc.
823674 Covista, Inc.- CONSOLIDATEDCovista, Inc.
830395 Covoda Communications, Inc.Covoda Communications, Inc.
824320 Covoda, LLCCovoda, LLC
836070 Cox Alarm & Tech CoCox Alarm
811581 Cox Arizona Telcom, L.L.C.Cox Communications
825844 Cox Arkansas Telcom, LLC.Cox Communications, Inc.
820025 Cox Arkansas Telecom, Inc.Cox Communications
809607 Cox California Telcom, LLCCox Communications
830052 Cox Colorado Telcom, LLCCox Business Services
829738 Cox Communications NFS, LLCCox Communications NFS, LLC
827138 Cox Communications, Inc.Cox Communications, Inc.
817278 Cox Connecticut Telcom, LLCCox Communications
813024 Cox Florida Telcom, LPCox Communications
818526 Cox Georgia Telcom, LLCCox Communications
825903 Cox Idaho Telecom, LLC.Cox Communications
818518 Cox Iowa Telcom, LLCCox Communications
820207 Cox Kansas Telcom, L.L.C.Cox Communications
811577 Cox Louisiana Telcom, LLC.Cox Communications
820600 Cox Missouri Telcom, LLCCox Communications
811583 Cox Nebraska Telcom II, L.L.C.Cox Communications
818516 Cox Nevada Telcom, LLCCox Nevada Telcom, LLC
825623 Cox Ohio Telcom, LLC.Cox Communications
811579 Cox Oklahoma Telcom,LLC dba Cox Business ServicesCox Communications
818514 Cox Rhode Island Telcom, LLCCox Communications
820205 Cox Telcom - Florida, LPCox Communications
820037 Cox Texas Telecom, LLCCox Communications
828301 Cox TMI Wireless, LLC.Cox TMI Wireless, LLC.
809606 Cox Virginia Telcom, Inc.Cox Communications
811786 Coyote Call, LLCCoyote Call, Inc.
806478 Cozad Telephone CompanyCozad Telephone Company
822552 CP Telecom, IncCP Telecom, Inc
821092 CPM Communications, Inc.CPM Communications, Inc.
826579 CPTG, Inc.CPTG; - Call Logic
833878 Craig Botetourt Energy and Home Services, LLCBee Online Advantage
831189 Craig Communications, LLC.
802311 Craigville Tel. Co. Inc.Craigville Telephone Company, Inc.
801305 Craw-Kan Communication Systems, Inc.Craw-Kan Communication Systems, Inc.
801303 Craw-Kan Telephone Coop. Inc.Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
822384 Crawford Techonologies, LLCCrawford Techonologies, LLC
821954 CRC Communications LLCPine Tree Networks
835220 Creacomm Switching Corp
815418 Creative Airtime Services, LLCCreative Airtime Services, LLC
830321 Creative Business Solutions, LLCPC Solutions
831980 Creative Computer Solutions IncCCS Cabling
830732 Creative Consultants Group, Inc.Creative Consultants Group, Inc.
819955 Creative Exchange, Inc.Creative Exchange, Inc.
824946 Creative Interconnect Communications, LLCCreative Interconnect Communications, LLC
829197 Creative Mind Companies LLCCreative Mind Computers
831771 Creative Resources Technology GroupCreative Resources Technology Group
832417 Creative-13Creative-13
823714 Credit Union Wireless, LLCCredit Union Wireless
822072 Crenshaw Communications, Inc.Crenshaw Communications, Inc.
834214 Crescent Digital L.L.C.Crescent Digital
820046 Crescent Telephone Company, Inc.Crescent Telephone Company, Inc.
824456 Crescomm Services, Inc.Crescomm Wireless
829154 Crescomm WIFI, LLCCrescomm Broadband
819989 Crested Butte Communications, Inc.Crested Butte Communications, Inc.
829234 Crexendo Business Solutions, Inc.Crexendo Business Solutions, Inc.
819360 Cricket Communications, Inc.Cricket Communications, Inc.
812595 Critical Alert Systems, LLCNortheast Paging & Ucom
832936 Critical Hub Networks, Inc.Optico Fiber
834107 Critical Power Systems LLC
831844 Crocker Communications, Inc.Crocker Communications, Inc.
825487 Crocker Telecommunications, LLC.Crocker Telecommunications, LLC.
801240 Crockett Telephone Co. Inc.Crockett Telephone Co., Inc.
802776 Crook County RSA Limited PartnershipUnited States Cellular
832538 Cross Cable LLC
821374 Cross Stream Communications, Inc.Cross Stream Communications
803259 Cross Tel. Co.Cross Telephone Company, Inc.
826440 Cross Valliant Cellular Partnershipcv cellular
821696 Cross Wireless, LLC.Bravado Wireless
828488 CrossBridge Solutions, Inc.CrossBridge Solutions, Inc.
826675 Crossfire Telecommunications, LLC.Crossfire Telecommunications, LLC.
801790 Crosslink Long Distance CompanyCrosslink Long Distance Company
816880 Crossover CellularCrossover Cellular
833905 Crossroads Broadband, Inc
827000 Crossroads Wireless, Inc.Crossroads Wireless, Inc.
835399 Crosstalk SIP LLC
833278 CrossTalk Solutions, LLC
829671 Crosstel Tandem, Inc.Crosstel Tandem, Inc.
801789 Crossville Tel. Co.Crossville Telephone Company, Inc.
822434 Crown Castle Fiber LLCFKA Sidera Networks, LLC
820424 Crown Castle International Corp. de Puerto RicoCrown Castle International Corp. de Puerto Rico
829688 Crown Castle Solutions LLC
821392 Crown Castle USA, Inc.Crown Castle USA, Inc.
820426 Crown Communication LLCCrown Communication LLC
830884 Crown Correctional Telephone, Inc.Crown Correctional Telephone, Inc.
820420 Crown Mobile System, Inc.Crown Mobile System, Inc.
831049 Crown Networking Consultants, Inc.Crown Networking Consultants, Inc.
827733 Crown Point Network Technologies, Inc.Bridge Point Communication
807714 Crown Point Tel. Corp.Crown Point Telephone Corporation
824356 Crown Services, LLCCrown Communications Instruments
817872 CRSC Holdings, Inc.CRSC Holdings, Inc.
828193 Crump Communications, LLCCrump Communications, LLC
828308 Cruzio Media Inc.Cruzio Media Inc.
836199 Crystal A Barker KingClear VOIP Solutions
830334 Crystal Automation Systems, Inc.Casair, Inc.
832392 Crystal Broadband Networks, INC.Crystal Broadband Networks
815434 Crystal Clear Communications, Inc.Crystal Clear Communications, Inc.
831462 Crystal Clear TechnologiesCrystal Clear Technologies
821778 Crystal Communications, Inc.Crystal Communications, Inc.
817658 Crystal Communications, Inc.Enventis
822742 Crystal Digital Communications, Inc.Preferred Communications
821808 Crystal Public Communications, Inc.Crystal Public Communications, Inc.
822478 CS Technologies, Inc.CS Technologies
832843 CSC Wireless NY, LLCAltice Wireless
832842 CSC Wireless, LLCAltice Wireless
811758 CSG Interactive Messaging, IncPrairie Interactive Messaging, Inc.
832334 CSI of St. Louis, Inc.CSI Telecommunications, Inc.
829169 CSInet Internet Access Corp.CSInet Internet Access Corp.
814757 CST Communications, IncCST Communications, Inc.
827026 CT Communications Network, Inc.CT Communications Network, Inc.
813022 CTC Communications Corp.CTC Communications Corp.
817996 CTC Communications of Virginia, Inc.CTC Communications of Virginia, Inc.
825018 CTC Communications, Inc.CTC Communications, Inc.
817446 CTC Exchange Services, IncCTC Exchange Services, Inc
834373 CTC LD, Inc.Champlain Technology Group Long Distance
808776 CTC Long Distance Services, LLC.CTC Long Distance Services, LLC.
831878 CTC Media GroupPhoton Internet
808775 CTC Telcom, Inc.CTC Telcom, Inc.
820078 CTC Telecom, Inc.CTC Telecom, Inc.
825292 CTC Trading, LLCCTC Trading, LLC
815560 CTI Long DistanceCTI Long Distance
826398 CTI Wholesale Services. LLC.CTI Wholesale Services. LLC.
828263 CTMG Investments, LLCCTMG Investments, LLC
801849 CTS Communications, Inc.CTS Communications, Inc.
801850 CTS Telcom, Inc.CTS Telecom, Inc.
835599 CTSTS LLCCTS Technical Support
804435 Cuba City Tel. Exch. Co. Inc.Cuba City Telephone Exchange Company
829203 Cuba Telecom CorporationCuba Telecom Corporation
835186 CubaMobile, LLC
826799 Cubic Communications LLC.Cubic Communications LLC.
804436 Cude Electronics, Inc.Cude Electronics, Inc.
826990 Cue Connex, LLC.Cue Connex, LLC.
835712 Cuentas Inc.Cuentas Mobile
802221 Cumberland Cellular PartnershipBluegrass Cellular, Inc.
827159 Cumberland Cellular, LLCCumberland Cellular LLC
833570 Cumberland Connect, LLC
820122 Cumberland Long Distance, Inc.Cumberland Long Distance, Inc.
820414 Cumberland TelecomCumberland Telecom
809130 Cumberland Telephone Co.Cumberland Telephone Company
804990 Cumby Tel. Coop. Inc.Cumby Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
812762 Cumulous CommunicationsCumulous Communications
835253 Cumulus Communications, Inc.
825850 Cunningham CommunicationsCunningham Communications
801195 Cunningham Telephone Company, Inc.Cunningham Telephone Company, Inc.
823068 Curatel LLCCuratel LLC
827862 Curbia Technologies, LLC.Curbia Technologies, LLC.
833660 Current Calls, LLCCurrent Calls, LLC
826009 Current Communications of Texas, L.P.Current Communications
834508 Current Concepts CorporationCurrent-Tel
833131 Current Electric, Heating and Air Inc.Current Inc.
812732 Curry Communications, Inc.Curry Communications, Inc.
806388 Custer Tel. Coop. Inc.Custer Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
828277 Custer Telephone Broadband Services LLCCuster Telephone Broadband Services LLC
817664 Custom Radio, Inc.Custom Radio, Inc.
815080 Custom Teleconnect, Inc.Custom Teleconnect, Inc.
831484 Customer Elation, Inc.Comstock
836090 CustomWorks Contracting, LLCCustomWorks Contracting, LLC
830133 CV Enterprises, Inc.CompuVision / Vision Communications
831295 CV WirelssBeeline Digital
828188 CVC Globalcall, IncCVC Globalcall, Inc
835791 CVE Technologies Group Inc.
834414 CVEC Fiber, LLCCVEC Fiber
825936 CVT Prepaid Solutions, Inc.CVT Prepaid Solutions, Inc.
831277 CW Global Solutions IncStrivent Mobile
827328 CX2 Global LLC.CX2 Global LLC.
831221 Cyber Advisors, Inc.
830835 Cyber Broadcasting, LLCCyber Broadcasting, LLC
823436 Cyber Mesa Computer Systems, Inc.Cyber Mesa Computer Systems, Inc.
827013 Cyber Operations, Inc.Cyber Operations, Inc.
829333 Cyberdyne Innovations, LLCCyberdyne Innovations, LLC
835314 Cyberdyne Networks, IncSkynet Broadband
832391 CyberLynk Network, LLCCyberLynk Network, LLC
833526 Cybernaut Industria, LLCSolvonex
823826 CyberNet Communications, Inc.CyberNet Communications, Inc.
836052 CyberSpark Solutions, LLCCyberSpark Solutions, LLC
819536 CyberStar, LPCyberStar, LP
828656 Cybertek Computer and Network ServicesCybertek
809110 Cybertel Cellular Telephone CompanyVerizon Wireless
819927 Cybertel Communications CorporationCybertel Communications Corporation
834362 Cybill Digital IncCybill Digital Inc
827205 CYGNUS Telecommunications Corporation.CYGNUS Telecommunications Corporation.
836232 Cynetel Communications LLC
821786 Cypress Communications Operating Company, Inc.Cypress Communications Operating Company, Inc.
824220 Cypress Communications Operating Company, Inc.-CONSOLIDATEDCypress Communications Operating Company, Inc.-CONSOLIDATED
815562 Cypress Communications, Inc.Cypress Communications, Inc.
809848 Cypress Telecommunications Corp.Cytel
826861 CYTEK Media Systems, Inc.CYTEK Media Systems, Inc.
823364 CyTela Communications, Inc.CyTela Communications, Inc.
828363 Cytracom, LLCCytracom
825370 CYTUS CommunicationsCYTUS Communications
828774 Cyvergence CorporationCyverONE
804682 D & E Networks, Inc.Windstream
811757 D & G Communications, Inc.D & G Communications, Inc.
819298 D & L CommunicationsD & L Communications
811329 D & L CommunicationsD & L Communications
819854 D & L Communications, Inc.D & L Communications, Inc.
820047 D & P Long Distance, Inc.D & P Long Distance, Inc.
817442 D & T Payphones, Inc.D & T Payphones, Inc.
811594 D & V PayphonesD&V Payphones
812813 D and B Telephones, Inc.D and B Telephones, Inc.
835949 D&D Security Resources, Inc.D&D Learning Spaces
833498 D'Ambrosio Consulting, L.L.C.Synergy Connect
825708 D-C CommunicationsD-C Communications
811775 D.C.L. Associates, Inc.DCL Associates, Inc.
821042 D.C.N., LLCDakota Carrier Network
830071 D.D. IncorporatedDispatch Direct
811333 D.D.D. Calling, Inc.D.D.D. Calling, Inc.
825559 D.G.A Telecom, Inc.D.G.A Telecom, Inc.
815386 D.W. Communications, Inc.DW Communications, Inc.
830805 D3UC LLCD3 Unified Communications
818732 DAAC CommunicationsDAAC Communications
829708 Daas Media Broadcasting Inc.Daas Media Broadcasting
827158 Dabney Strawn LLC.Dabney Strawn LLC.
821966 Dacom America, Inc.Dacom America, Inc.
827894 Dae Yang USA, Inc.Dae Yang USA, Inc.
834629 Daemon Systems LLCThe Computer Shop
821482 Dagger International, Inc.The Beeper King
834510 Dagobah Systems Inc
833580 Dahill Office Technology CorporationXerox Business Solutions Southwest
833520 Dahlstrom Enterprises, LLCDahlstrom Enterprises, LLC
836743 Dailingvoid.Com Inc
834440 DailyTel Inc,DailyTel Inc,
828846 Daka NetworksDaka Networks
801322 Dakota Central Telecom I, Inc.Dakota Central Telecom I, Inc.
801321 Dakota Central Telecommunications CooperativeDakota Central Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.
831604 Dakota County GovernmentDakota County Government
831894 Dakota Internet Partners, Inc.Dakota Internet Partners, Inc.
826393 Dakota Networks, Inc.Dakota Networks
826701 Dakota Payphone, LLC.Dakota Payphone, LLC.
822890 Daktel Communications, LLCDaktel Communications, LLC
829152 Dalcom USA LTD.Dalcom USA LTD.
834985 Dalet Access LabsDalet Access Labs
826976 Dallas County Wireless, Inc.Dallas County Wireless, Inc.
811664 Dallas Forth Worth Teleport, Ltd.Dallas Forth Worth Teleport, Ltd.
817254 Dallas Mobile Communications PartnershipDallas Mobile Communications Partnership
820267 Dallas MTA, LPVerizon Wireless
808972 Dalton Tel. Co.Dalton Telephone Company
827075 Dalton Telecommunications, Inc.Dalton Telecommunications, Inc.
823290 Dalton UtilitiesDalton Utilities
818186 Daltons's Bayside LTD. t/a ComtelComtel
811624 Dalworth Vending Services, Inc.Dalworth Vending Services, Inc.
830502 Damaka, Inc.Damaka, Inc.
811397 Damen Beeper & CellularDamen Beeper & Cellular
831319 Danale Inc
815076 Dancris Telecom, LLCDancris Telecom, LLC
822066 Daniel Island Media Company LLCDaniel Media Company LLC
809851 Daniel Payphones, Inc.Daniel Payphones, Inc.
836586 Danmark Communications LLCDanmark Technologies
831381 Danny's Communication Service, Inc.
807750 Danny's Two-Way Communications, Inc.Dan Comm. Paging, Inc.
807582 Danville Cellular Telephone Company Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
805641 Danville Mutual Tel. Co.Danville Mutual Telephone Company
826696 DAR Communications CorporationDAR Communications Corporation
832242 Darasa Holdings, LLCTelSpan
820015 Darden Communications Consultants, Inc.DCCI
821686 Darien Communications, Inc.Darien Communications, Inc.
832464 Darien Consilting Associates, Inc.Desktop Integration
801861 Darien Tel. Co. Inc.Darien Telephone Company, Inc.
833314 Dark Fiber and Infrastructure LLCDark Fiber and Infrastructure LLC
822914 Dark Fiber Solutions, Inc.Dark Fiber Solutions, LLC
830316 DartPoints, LLCDartPoints
829262 Dasa Telecom, LLCDasa Telecom, LLC
827768 Dasaro USA, LLC.Dasaro USA, LLC.
826605 Dash Carrier Services, LLC.Dash Carrier Services, LLC.
830125 DashTel, LLCDashTel, LLC
830203 DAST Consulting LLCDAST Consulting
828004 Data @ccess Communication, Inc.Data @ccess Communication, Inc.
829997 Data Center 101, LLCDc 101
834602 Data Center Interworks Inc
834031 Data Day Consulting Inc.DataPhone
833504 Data Enterprise Systems Inc.
807960 Data Express, Inc.ZIPCOM
832594 Data Integrity Services IncData Integrity Services, Inc
836284 Data Just Data Inc
830567 Data LinkData Link
832633 Data Monster, LLCTotal Networks
833744 Data Net Communications, Inc.Data Net Communications, Inc.
821956 Data Net Systems, LLCTruComm of Illinois
819084 Data Page, Inc.Data Page, Inc.
829711 Data Radio Management Co., Inc.Data Radio Management Co., Inc.
833467 Data Revolution LLCData Revolution LLC
830255 Data Stream Communications, LLCData Stream Communications, LLC
834435 Data Stream Mobile Technology Inc.Data Stream Broadband
833051 Data Voice LLC
831708 Data-Smart Computers, Inc.Data Smart Computers, Inc.
825371 Data-Tel of Illinois, Inc.Data-Tel Communications
820632 Data-Telecom Corp.Data-Telecom Corp.
836481 Data2Go Wireless, Inc.
829596 Data2Go, Inc.Data2Go, Inc.
823340 DataAccess America, Inc.DataAccess America, Inc.
833101 DataBytes, Inc
833180 DataCom Solutions, Inc.
831875 Datacom Specialists LLCDatacom Specialists LLC
828098 DataComm America, LLC.DataComm America, LLC.
831135 DataComm Cabling, LLCDataComm Cabling, LLC
806928 DataComm International Company, Ltd.DCI
830632 DataConnex, LLC
833691 Datacruz IncDatacruz Internet
834889 DataFast Networks, LLCDataFast
834669 Datahal LLC
826468 Datalytix, LLC.Datalytix, LLC.
812219 Datapage, Inc.Datapage, Inc.
827566 Dataside Delaware, LLCDataside Delaware, LLC
825912 dataside, LLCdataside
828601 DataSource Technical Consulting, Inc.DataSource Technical Consulting
828236 DataTalk Telecom, Inc.DataTalk Telecom, Inc.
836186 DataTel LLC
826995 DataTel Services, Inc.DataTel Services, Inc.
829125 Datatel Solutions, Inc.Datatel Solutions, Inc.
827661 Datavision Communications, LLC.Datavision Communications, LLC.
813173 Datavoice TechnologyDatavoice Technology
826530 Datawaves Technologies, LLC.Datawaves Technologies, LLC.
835790 Datcom, LLC
827419 DATEK Systems, Inc.DATEK Systems, Inc.
836615 Datex Solutions LLC
830631 Dati Cloud, LLCDati Cloud, LLC
832161 Dato Technology Solutions, LLCDato Technology Solutions, LLC
831095 DATROO Technologies, LLCDATROO Technologies, LLC
812851 Dave WoodringCPN Communications
820348 Dave ZaidermanNorthern Communications Co
817068 Dave's JewelryDave's Jewelry
833404 Dave's Phone Service, LLCDPS Telecommunications
802638 Davenport Cellular Telephone CompanyUnited States Cellular
815382 Daves Communications IncDaves Communications, Inc.
833639 Davey Holdings LLCSilica Broadband
822314 David A. Nelson, Jr.Nelson Enterprises
820274 David BeardDavid Beard
815908 David J. Bergana, Jr.Beeper Shag of 422
825806 David Jwina Enterprises, Inc.Commonwealth Communications Systems, Inc.
817260 David KunkleWireless Plus
819110 David L. EnglishMobile Communications Services
818944 David L. HollingsworthPay Fone Plus
827713 David M CrouchDavid M Crouch
836647 David Mercer Consulting, Inc
835811 David montesVivicalling
812712 David PetersAllegro Communications
819462 David R. Williams Industrial CommunicationsIndustrial Communications
815532 David SullivanCleburne Communications
819842 David Van HovenLakeshore Electronics
827550 David W. LeeperDavid W. Leeper
826297 Davidson Cable Tv of SC, Inc.Davidson Cable Tv of SC, Inc.
823546 Davidson Telecom, LLCDavidson Telecom
808170 Daviess-Martin County Rural Tel. Corp.RTC Communications
834615 DAVIS COMMUNICATIONS INCDavis Communications, Inc
809518 Davis Electronics Company, Inc.Davis Electronics Company, Inc.
820436 Davis Group, Inc.DGI Communications
832914 Davis Telecom Inc.Davis Telecom Inc.
834117 Davissa Telephone Systems, Inc.
830159 Dawn Fiber, LLCDawn Fiber
827072 Day Management CorporationDay Management Corporation
823344 Daystarr, LLCDayStarr Communications
806437 Dayton SMR Ptshp.Dayton SMR
836152 Daywalker Mobile Inc
831874 DBI Networks, LLCClear Fiber
825470 DBS Communications, Inc.DBS Communications, Inc.
829891 DBTEL Communications, LLCDBTEL Communications, LLC
830579 DC Power Solutions, Inc.DC Power Solutions, Inc.
828947 DCA Services Inc.Gorilla Voice
828372 DCM Cable, Inc.Digital Communications Media
819476 DDC / M & H CommunicationsDDC / M & H Communications
834085 DE Fastlink, LLC
827401 DE Long Industries Group, Inc.DE Long Industries Group, Inc.
833650 De Novo GroupFurther Reach
836181 DealReg-IT, LCA
836217 DEALSCON/a
809348 Dean A. GerouxAEROCOMM
836738 Deangelo LLCDeangelo LLC
822238 Debtel Communications, Inc.Debtel Communications, Inc.
804312 Decatur RSA Ltd. PartnershipCingular Wireless
804114 Decatur Tel. Co. Inc.Decatur Telephone Company, Inc.
805443 Decatur Telephone CompanyDecatur Telephone Company
811875 Decker Communications Systems of New MexicoDecker Communications Systems
832650 Decker Technology Consultants, LLCInsight Network Consultants
830908 Declaration Networks Group, Inc.
812284 Dedicated Communications CorporationDedicated Communications Corporation
833543 Dedicated IT, LLC
822798 Dedicated Private Connections, LLCDedicated Private Connections, LLC
834988 Dedicated Professionals, LLC
834878 Deedy LLC
828006 Deep South Communications, LLC.Deep South Communications, LLC.
820002 Deep South Payphone, LLCDeep South Payphone, LLC
805014 Deerfield Farmers Tel. Co.Deerfield Farmers' Telephone Company
835913 Deerfield Valley Communications Union DistrictDVFiber
830366 Defense Mobile CorporationDefense Mobile
827858 Defense Solutions Depat, Inc.Defense Solutions Depat, Inc.
801208 Defiance Tel. Co.Defiance Telephone Company, Inc.
834955 Defined Technologies, LLC
834673 Dehaicall LLC
804582 DeKalb Telephone CooperativeDeKalb Telephone Cooperative
836740 Dekota LLCDekota LLC
826687 Del Castillo Services Rental, LLC.Del Castillo Services Rental, LLC.
834900 Del Mar CorporationDel Mar Corporation
830810 Del Nero Communications Management, LLC
802464 Delavan Tel. Co.Delavan Telephone Company
807030 Delaware Valley Cellular CorporationCingular Wireless
801297 Delcambre Tel. Co.Delcambre Telephone Company, Inc.
808561 Delcom, Inc.Delcom, Inc.
822146 Delgado Communications, Inc.Delgado Communications
819880 Delhi Net, Inc.Delhi Long Distance
808848 Delhi Tel. Co.Delhi Telephone Company
808560 Dell Telephone Co-op., Inc.Dell Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
805611 Delmarva Vending Corp. d.b.a. Delmarva Toll CallDelmarva Toll Call
829346 DeLorme inReach LLCDeLorme inReach LLC
826711 Delphilink
820290 Delta Communications of LA, Inc.Delta Communications of LA, Inc.
819867 Delta Communications, LLCDelta Communications, LLC
805446 Delta County Tele-Comm, Inc.TDS Telecom
801648 Delta Tel. Co. Inc.Delta Telephone Co., Inc.
825941 Delta Telecom, Inc.Delta Telecom, Inc.
823460 Delta Wave Communications, LLCDelta Wave Communications, LLC
807069 Deltacom, LLCEarthLink Business
834071 Deltapath, Inc.Deltapath
826021 deltathree, Inc.deltathree, Inc.
831120 deltathree, LLCdeltathree, LLC
824298 Deltel Communications, Inc.Deltel Communications, Inc.
823484 Deltel, Inc.PBNext
834577 Demand Resource SolutionsDemand Resources
827359 Denali Spectrum Operations, LLC.Denali Spectrum Operations, LLC.
828540 Denato Global IncDenato Global Inc
815054 Denison WilliamsonC&O Grocery
815754 Dennis Edward WolfeSuburban Payphones
835115 Dental Medical Automation, Inc.DMA Tech Solutions
830754 DentalTek, LLCDentalTek, LLC
811591 Denton Payphone ServicesDenton Payphone Services
822850 Denton Telecom Partners 1, LPAdvantex Communications
803515 Denver City Cellular PartnershipDigital Cellular of Texas
801840 Deposit Telephone Co.TDS Telecom
827237 Deposition Conference Calling Services, Inc.Deposition Conference Calling Services, Inc.
827934 Depot Street Communications, Inc.Depot Street Communications, Inc.
822982 DES Communications, Inc.DES Communications, Inc.
804855 Des Moines MSA General PartnershipVerizon Wireless
834700 Desarrollo del Paseo SA de CV
819974 Desert Mobilfone, Inc.Desert Mobilfone
830376 Desert Telecom IncAutomated Telecom
822980 Desktop Media, Inc.DM Broadband
823688 Detel Wireless, LLCDetel Wireless, LLC
815254 Detroit 220 SMRDetroit SMR Partnership
822468 Detroit Metropolitan Payphones, Inc.A & R Communications
826658 Detroit Phone Card Inc.Detroit Phone Card Inc.
809102 Detroit SMSA Limited PartnershipCingular Wireless
826948 Deutsche Telekom North America, Inc.Deutsche Telekom North America, Inc.
823896 Development Authority of the North CountryDevelopment Authority of the North Country
827218 Devine Communications, Inc.Devine Communications, Inc.
821492 Devon Mobile Communications, LPDevon Mobile Communications
831953 Dex imaging LLC
825455 Dexa Wireless, Inc.Va contigo-Dexa Wireless
826879 Dezco Communications, Inc.Dezco Communications, Inc.
836220 DeziVoiceN/A
817444 DFT Local Service CorporationDFT Select One
815513 DFT Long Distance CorporationDFT Long Distance Corporation
827687 DFW Communications, Inc.DFW Communications, Inc.
834726 DFWCloudphones LLCAdvanced Communications Group
832976 DG Telecom, LLC
836555 Diablo Data, LLC
831021 DIAD Networks LLCDIAD Networks LLC
825610 Dial Assurance, Inc.Dial Assurance, Inc.
809284 Dial Com Systems, Inc.Dial Com Systems, Inc.
836343 Dial Fusion Incn/a
822542 Dial Long DistanceDial Long Distance
825026 Dial Mex, LLCDial Mex, LLC
832563 Dial Telecommunications Inc.Dial Telecommunications Inc.
835490 Dial Them Up LLC
812871 Dial Tone Communications, Inc.Dial Tone Communications, Inc.
829358 Dial Tone USA, Inc.Dial Tone USA, Inc.
833677 Dial Universal Inc.Dial Universal
833873 Dial Vista CorporationDial Vista
827957 Dial World Communications, LLC.Dial World Communications, LLC.
826788 Dial World Network, Inc.Dial World Network, Inc.
823180 Dial Worldwide Communications, Inc.Dial Worldwide Communications, Inc.
823278 Dial-Around Telecom, Inc.Dial-Around Telecom, Inc.
819966 Dial-Thru, Inc.Dial-Thru, Inc.
836137 Dial09 LLC
822732 Dialaround Enterprises, Inc.Dialaround Enterprises, Inc.
834566 Dialect, LLCBatch Dialer
830302 Dialer On Demand LLCDialer On Demand LLC
834411 Dialertel LLCDialertel LLC
826931 Dialexia Communications, Inc.Dialexia Communications, Inc.
809443 Dialink CorporationDialink Corporation
832998 DialNinja, LLC
822948 Dialog Telecommunications, Inc.Dialog Telecom
829693 Dialpad, Inc.Dialpad, Inc.
834722 Dialpad.Cloud LLCDialpad.Cloud LLC
834194 Dialpath Networks, LLCDialpath Networks
830587 Dialpyx, LLCDialpyx, LLC
825116 DialTone & More, Inc.DialTone & More, Inc.
821766 Dialtone Depot, Inc.Dialtone Depot, Inc.
825438 DialToneServices, L.P.DialToneServices, L.P.
831166 Dialtopia LPDialtopia LP
834682 Dialwave, Inc.Dialwave
835680 Dialzer LLCDialzer LLC
827215 Diamond Phone Card, Inc.Diamond Phone Card, Inc.
834696 Diamond State Networks, LLC
831104 Diamond Technologies, INCDiamond Technologies, Inc
815904 Diamond Telephone Services, Inc.Diamond Telephone Services, Inc.
811082 Diamondback PayphoneDiamondback Payphone
830580 Dice Communications IncDice Communications
833519 Dice Communications, Inc.
822620 Dickey Rural Access, Inc.Dickey Rural Access, Inc.
803023 Dickey Rural Communications, Inc.Dickey Rural Communications, Inc.
803022 Dickey Rural Telephone CooperativeDickey Rural Telephone Cooperative
807810 Dickeyville Tel. Corp.Dickeyville Telephone Corporation
833608 DID Central, LLCDIDCentral
824476 Didier Communication Services, Inc.DCS Radio Comunication, Inc.
827004 Digerati Networks, Inc.Digerati Networks, Inc.
836644 Digi Comm Enterprises LLCDCTexas
821892 Digi Link Technologies, Inc.Digi Link Technologies, Inc.
833288 Digi Voip Ninja CorporationDigi Voip Ninja
828243 Digicel USA Inc.Digicel USA Inc.
826580 DigiFone, LLCDigiFone, LLC
826259 Digis, LLC.Digis, LLC.
830016 Digit Communications IncDigit Communications Inc
834379 Digital 365 Main, LLC
822632 Digital Agent, LLC (DE)Digital Agent
835397 Digital Aid LLC
825401 Digital Axcess Networks, Inc.Digital Axcess Networks, Inc.
827208 Digital Bridge Communications, Cop.Digital Bridge Communications, Cop.
832322 Digital Comm IncMulticomm
835435 Digital Communication Systems LLC
828969 Digital Compass TelecomDigital Compass
824156 Digital Connections, Inc.Digital Connections, Inc.
833355 Digital Energy, LLC
829137 Digital Express, Inc.Digital Express, Inc.
835019 Digital Future LLCDigital Future UCC LLC
835530 Digital Harbor Foundation, IncProject Waves
823264 Digital Home Services, Inc.DHS
824406 Digital Ingenuity, Inc.Digital Ingenuity
828010 Digital ISP Group Inc.Digital ISP Group Inc.
830604 Digital Management Services Technology, Inc.
825588 Digital Network Access Communications, Inc.DNA Communications
825405 digital NGR, NGR, Inc.
836416 Digital Ninjaz, Inc.Digital Ninjaz, Inc.
834920 Digital One TechnologyDigital One Technology
809824 Digital Payphone Co.Digital Payphone Co.
835307 Digital Purvey LLC
834420 Digital Realty Trust, LPDigital Realty
836685 Digital School Solutions LLC
827363 Digital Services, LLC.Mosaic Broadband
833795 Digital Solutions, Inc.
830659 Digital South Communications, Inc.Digital South Communications, Inc.
822362 Digital Switching, Inc.Digital Switching, Inc.
828562 Digital Talk, LLCDigital Talk, LLC
835876 Digital Team Six, Inc
836665 Digital Technology Partners, LLC
833567 Digital Technology Solutions INC.Digital Technology Solutions INC.
832414 Digital Telecommunications Corporation
828809 Digital Telecommunications Inc.Digital Telecommunications Inc.
819424 Digital Telecommunications, Inc.Digital Telecommunications, Inc.
833687 Digital Telenetworks IncDIGI-TEL
817310 Digital Teleport, Inc.Digital Teleport, Inc.
834236 Digital Transportation Corp.DTC
832962 Digital Tsunami, LLCDigital Tsunami LLC
831762 Digital West Networks, Inc.
832987 Digital-blue LLC
833441 DigitalComCo, LLCDigital Communications
828558 digitalIPvoice, IncdigitalIPvoice, Inc
827714 DigitalPath, Inc.DigitalPath, Inc.
823686 DigitalSpeed Communications, Inc.DigitalSpeed Communications, Inc.
830400 Digitalwire, LLCDigitalwire, LLC
834170 Digitau USA, INCVoIPNow PBX
817130 Digitcom Services, Inc.Wildgate Wireless, Inc.
828788 Digitech Communications, Inc.Digitech Communications, Inc.
828500 Digitel CorporationDigitel Corporation
822168 DigiTel Network CorporationDigiTel Network Corporation
824366 Digitglobal Communications, Inc.Digitglobal Communications, Inc.
804462 Diller Tel. Co.Diller Telephone Company
833565 Dimensional IncorporatedDimensional Communications
817596 DiNardi PagingDiNardi Paging
812857 Ding-A-Ling Communications, Inc.Ding-A-Ling Communications, Inc.
830229 Diode Telecom Inc.Diode Communications
812441 Dipak ComarGreenville SC 220 Holdings, LLC
830895 DiRAD Technologies, Inc.
829094 DirecPath, LLCDirecPath, LLC
825754 Direct Communications Ceder Valley, LLC.Direct Communications Ceder Valley, LLC.
817770 Direct Communications Long Distance, Inc.Direct Communications Long Distance, Inc.
806400 Direct Communications Rockland, Inc.Direct Communications Rockland, Inc.
818500 Direct Connect Communications, Inc.Direct Connect Communications, Inc.
826923 Direct Connect International, LLC.Direct Connect International, LLC.
833598 Direct Network Services20 Taylor Street
830069 DirectVoice, LLCDirectVoice, LLC
821236 Discount Cellular Phones/BeepertimeBeepertime
828586 Discount Cellular PlusDiscount Cellular Plus
832119 Discount CLEC Services Corporation
828282 Discount Long Distance LLCDiscount Long Distance LLC
817284 Discount Utilities, LLCIndiana Telephone Network
828680 Discover Calling, Inc.Discover Calling, Inc.
827021 Discoverytel Communications, PLC.Discoverytel Communications, PLC.
829421 DISH Network CorporationDISH Network LLC
824050 dishNET Wireline LLCdishNET Wireline LLC
829349 Distaphone Group LLCDistaphone
818528 Distributed Communications CorporationDistributed Communications Corporation
831622 Distributed Computing, Inc.Ten4
828278 District of Columbia Government, Office of Chief Technology OfficerDC-NET
813167 Dittronics, Inc.Dittronics, Inc.
817256 Diverse Communications Solutions, Inc.DiComm
821326 Diverse Communications, Inc.Diverse Communications, Inc.
833021 Diverse Mobile Technologies LLCFastteks On-site Computer Services
834753 Diverse Supply Inc
833492 Diversified Integration Systems, LLC
816238 Divine Paging, Inc.Divine Paging, Inc.
825372 Dixie Net CommunicationsDixie Net Communications
831536 Dixon Acquisition LLCCentral Scott Telephone
801042 Dixon Telephone CompanyDixon Telephone Company
809726 Dixville Tel. Co.Dixville Telephone Company
828823 DKAL Telecommunications, Inc.DKAL Telecommunications
829332 DMCI Broadband, LLCDMCI Broadband, LLC
812057 DMD Communications, Inc.DMD Communications, Inc.
832580 DMEA Utilities Services LLCElevate
820192 DMJ Communications, Inc.DMJ Communications, Inc.
823630 DMR Communications, Inc.DMR Communications, Inc.
815568 DMR/Aircomm, Inc.DMR/Aircomm, Inc.
833198 dnewman@oplink.netThe Optimal Link Corporation
825852 Dobson Cellular Systems of Alaska, LLC.Cellular One
817856 Dobson Cellular Systems, Inc.Cellular One
824536 Dobson Technologies, Transport and Telecom Solutions, LLC.Dobson Fiber
805878 Dobson Tel. Co.Dobson Telephone Company, Inc.
812295 Dodson Group, Inc.Dodson Group, Inc.
828535 Dolex Dollar Express, Inc.Dolex
823792 Dollar Phone Corp.Dollar Phone Corp.
827115 Dollar Phone Enerprise, Inc.Dollar Phone Enerprise, Inc.
822788 Dolphincall USA, Inc.Dolphincall USA
830181 Dolphlet Communications IncorporatedDolphlet Communications Incorporated
828510 Domainsbot IncDomainsbot Inc
830848 Domino Communication SupplyDomino Communication Supply
821244 Donald A. DeFnetD.D. Communications
822306 Donald J. ChildersQuality Wholesale Communications
817716 Donald Westley & Gary SmithDonald Westley & Gary Smith
827538 Donet Communications, LLC.Donet Communications, LLC.
831738 Donet IncDataYard
822346 Donna LaVerne NorbergDonna LaVerne Norberg
812833 Dontel CommunicationsDontel Communications
830435 Door County Broadband, LLC.Door County Broadband, LLC.
829115 Dorado Professional Services, LLCDorado Professional Services, LLC
827369 Dorial Telecom, LLC.Dorial Telecom, LLC.
812233 Doris D. GrahamDispatch and Data of Ohio, Inc.
823224 Dorler Communications CompanyDorler Communications Company
818994 Doskey Communications, Inc.Doskey Communications, Inc.
802233 Dothan Cellular Telephone CompanyCellular One
829981 Double D, LLCDouble D, LLC
833070 Double Eagle Communication CorpDouble Eagle Communication Corp
834793 Double Eagle Voice & Data Systems LLC
827647 Double Horn Communications, LLC.Double Horn Communications, LLC.
811802 Douglas M. HornerHTC
827580 Douglas Services, Inc.Douglas Services, Inc.
826708 Douglas Telecom, Inc.Douglas Telecom, Inc.
833839 Dove Communications Inc
825407 DoveTel Communications LLCSyncGlobal
833466 DowdSystems Administration LLCNextBell
822018 Downtown Radio of Denver, Inc.Downtown Radio of Denver, Inc.
823732 Doylestown Communications, Inc.Doylestown Communications, Inc.
809678 Doylestown Tel. Co.Doylestown Telephone Company
832029 DPAccess, LLCDPAccess, LLC
822838 DQE Communications LLCDQE Communications LLC
830473 DR. PENG HOLDING INC.f/k/a GW-Mobile, Inc.
834734 Dravis Technologies LLCDravis Technologies
831341 DRD Holdings, LLCGrace Technology Systems
808044 Drenthe Telephone CompanyDrenthe Telephone Company
831758 Driven Technologies of MSA, Inc.
825614 DRS Global Enterprise Solutions, Inc.DRS Global Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
832682 DS1 Communications, Inc.DS1 Phone Systems, Inc.
834425 DSI Management Holdings, LLCDSI Stream
828195 DSI-ITI, Inc.DSI-ITI, Inc.
822618 DSL Internet CorporationDSLI
826215 DSLnet Communications VA, Inc.DSLnet Communications VA, Inc.
819114 DSLnet Communications, LLCDSLnet Communications, LLC
826492 DTC Cable, Inc.DTC Cable, Inc.
831766 dtel telecommunications, incDTEL Telecommunications, Inc
802131 Dubois Tel. Exch. Inc.Dubois Telephone Exchange, Inc.
802743 Dubuque Cellular Telephone, L.P.United States Cellular
818430 Dubuque MSA Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
826534 Dubuque Talk, Inc.Dubuque Talk, Inc.
827073 Ducap Electronics, Inc.Ducap Electronics, Inc.
826280 DuCom Treasure Lake Voice, LLC.dba Zito Media
803370 Ducor Telephone CompanyVarcomm
820201 DukeNet Communications, LLCDukeNet Communications, LLC
834915 Dulaney Group, LLCDulaney Group Technologies
804858 Duluth MSA Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
809080 Dumont Tel. Co.Dumont Telephone Company
826107 Dumont Wireless, Inc.Dumont Wireless, Inc.
802533 Dunbarton Telephone Co., Inc.Dunbarton Telephone Company, Inc.
809750 Dunkerton Telephone CooperativeDunkerton Telephone Cooperative
808748 Dunkirk & Fredonia Telephone CompanyDunkirk & Fredonia Telephone Company
829758 Dunklin Communications LLCDunklin Communications LLC
819934 Dunn and AssociatesBirch Telecom
804624 Dunnell Tel. Co.Dunnell Telephone Company
834183 Duratel LLC
828525 DUS Long Distance Communication IncDUS Long Distance Communication Inc
831257 Dutale, Inc.MCS - Modern Combined Services
802635 Dutchess County Cellular Telephone Co., Inc. for ACC NY III License LLCCellular One
829048 DVS Networks, Inc.DVS Networks, Inc.
830533 DWC InternationalDWC International
829312 DYL, LLCDial Your Leads
835183 Dyna Ring, LLC
825613 Dynalink Communications, Inc.Dynalink
830355 Dynamic Conferencing SolutionsDynamic Conferencing Solutions
835298 Dynamic Infrastructure, LLC
831289 Dynamic Network Solutions, Inc.Dynamic Network Solutions, Inc.
832460 Dynamic Noble Services LLCDynamic Noble Services LLC
828638 Dynamic Packet CorporationDynamic Packet Corporation
832032 Dynamite Cloud IncDynamite Cloud Inc
818792 E & E CommunicationsE & E Communications
812001 E & R PayphonesE & R Payphones
834761 E Fiber Moab, LLC
834732 E Fiber San Juan, LLC
827968 E Street Communications, Inc.E Street Communications, Inc.
825465 E&E Enterprises Global, Inc.E&E Enterprises Global, Inc.
831985 E&G Networks
829165 e-Care Nevada, Inc.e-Care Nevada, Inc.
825995 E-Integration, Inc.E-Integration, Inc.
834856 E-MetroTel LLC
824376 E-O Communications, Inc.E-O Communications, Inc.
826857 E-Phone Communications LLC.E-Phone Communications LLC.
826464 e-Polk, Inc.Pangaea
831157 e-tech datae-tech data
817746 E-Z Tel, Inc.E-Z Tel, Inc.
821272 E-Z Way WashE-Z Way Wash
822588 E. Ritter Communications, Inc.Ritter Communications, Inc.
819920 E. Ritter Long Distance, Inc.E. Ritter Long Distance, Inc.
806856 E. Ritter Telephone CompanyE. Ritter Telephone Company
808837 E/Z Page CommsE/Z Page Comms
803181 E4 Connect, Inc.Oregon Idaho Utilities, Inc.
833231 Eagle Broadband Investments LLCEagle Broadband
821256 Eagle Communications, Inc.Eagle Communications, Inc.
819993 Eagle Communications, Inc.Eagle Communications, Inc.
832277 Eagle Communications, Inc.
831565 Eagle Conferencing Corp.
826654 Eagle Eye International, LLC.Eagle Eye International, LLC.
826650 Eagle International Communications, Inc.Eagle International Communications, Inc.
821338 Eagle Mountain CityEagle Mountain Telecom
826408 Eagle Telecommunications, Inc.Eagle Tel
827429 Eagle Teleconferencing Services, Inc.Eagle Teleconferencing Services, Inc.
809186 Eagle Telephone System Inc.Eagle Telephone Systems, Inc.
801933 Eagle Valley Tel. Co.Eagle Valley Telephone Company
830823 EAGLE-Net AllianceEAGLE-Net Alliance
812935 Eaglewing Telecom, Inc.Frank Salgado d.b.a. Eaglewing Telcom
830980 EagleZipCom
827522 Earth Telecom Inc.Earth Telecom Inc.
823876 Earth Telecom, LLCEarth Telecom, LLC
831751 EARTH TOUCH INC.Telecommunication.
836689 EarthGrid PBC
832870 Earthlink, LLCEarthlink, LLC
824758 EarthLink, LLCEarthLink, LLC
835352 EarthWing Ventures IncEarthWing
806107 East Alton Jewelry & Loan Pawn ShopEast Alton Jewelry & Loan Pawn Shop
826450 East Arkansas Video, Inc.East Arkansas Video, Inc.
808173 East Ascension Telephone Co., L.L.C.East Ascension Telephone Co. LLC
826728 East Asia Network Taiwan, Inc.Asia Netcom
802305 East Buchanan Tel. CooperativeEast Buchanan Telephone Cooperative
836509 East Central EnergyECE Fiber
828966 East Central Vermont Telecommunications DistrictECFiber
809812 East Coast Phones, Inc.East Coast Phones, Inc.
830722 East Coast Satellite Communications
836498 East Creek Networks, LLCEast Creek Networks
822012 East Harlem Unity Communications, Inc.East Harlem Unity Communications, Inc.
802104 East Kentucky Network, LLCAppalachian Wireless
833865 East Kentucky Telecom
834426 East Mississippi Connect, LLCEast Mississippi Connect
806904 East Otter Tail Tel. Co.East Otter Tail Telephone Company
814779 East Plains Telecom, Inc.East Plains Telecom, Inc.
823634 East Star Communications, LLCEast Star Communications, LLC
822388 East Tennessee Network, LLCEast Tennessee Network, LLC
827719 East Texas CableEast Texas Cable
805575 EastCoast Telecom, Inc.TDS Telecom
811659 Easterbrooke Cellular CorporationCellular One
809853 Eastern Atlantic TelephoneEastern Atlantic Telephone
825793 Eastern Colorado Independent NetworksEastern Colorado Independent Networks
802272 Eastern Nebraska Tel. Co.Eastern Nebraska Telephone Co.
821346 Eastern Oregon Telecom, LLCEastern Oregon Telecom, LLC
827875 Eastern Point Communications, LLC.Eastern Point Communications, LLC.
829291 Eastern Shore Communications, LLCeShoreNet
828203 Eastern Shore of Virginia Broadband AuthorityEastern Shore of Virginia Broadband Authority
802965 Eastern Slope Rural Tel. Assn. Inc.Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Assoc., Inc.
830607 Eastern Slope Technologies, LLC.ESTECH
805158 Eastern South Dakota Cellular (South Dakota RSA No. 9)Verizon Wireless
822138 Eastern South Dakota Cellular, Inc. (South Dakota 9)Verizon Wireless
801741 Eastern Sub-RSA Limited PartnershipInland Cellular
811566 Eastern Telecommunications, Inc.Eastern Telecommunications, Inc.
820141 Eastern Telecommunications, Inc.Eastern Telecommunications, Inc.
829597 Eastern Telephone & Technologies, IncEastern Telephone & Technologies
831150 Eastern Telephone & Telecommunications, Inc.ET&T, Inc.
803238 Eastern Telephone Systems, Inc.Capital Telecommunications, Inc.
831143 Eastex Celco, LLCEastex Net
804423 Eastex Tel. Coop. Inc.Eastex Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
826663 EastEx Telecom Investments. LPEastEx Long Distance
825515 Eastlight, L.C.NaTel
830226 Eastlink International USA Inc.Eastlink International USA Inc.
804723 Easton Tel. Co.BEVCOMM
821722 Easton Telecom Services, LLCEaston Telecom Services
826214 Easton UtilitiesEaston Cable
835626 Eastridge Networks LLC
833573 Easy Access LLC
827914 EASY Call TelecomEASY Call Telecom
827789 Easy Call, Inc.Easy Call, Inc.
832848 Easy Systems, IncISP Wholesale Networks
826954 Easy Telephone Services Company.Easy Telephone Services Company.
814969 Easycoin Vending Corp.Easycoin Vending Corp.
808746 EasyLink ServicesEasyLink Services
831982 Easylink Solutions LLCEasylink Solutions LLC
828055 Easynet Global ServiceEasynet Global Service
822560 EasyTEL Communications Carrier CorporationEasyTEL Communications
827077 Easytel, Inc.Easytel, Inc.
832148 EATEL Westside, L.L.C.EATEL
828859 eBestPhone Communications LLCeBestPhone Communications LLC
826556 EBLC Telecom, Inc.EBLC Telecom, Inc.
823566 EC Communications, LLCEC Communications, LLC
825154 EC-EYE Communication & Technology Inc.EC-EYE Communication & Technology Inc.
818534 ECG Communications, Inc.ECG Communications, Inc.
826321 ECG, Inc
826570 Echo Labs LLC.Echo Labs LLC.
832471 Echo Wireless Broadband, INC.
824870 Echostar Acquisition, LLCEchostar Acquisition, LLC
817840 ECI Communications, Inc.ECI Communications, Inc.
822822 ECI Communications, Inc.ITS Network Services
822020 ECI Conference Call Services, LLCECI Conference Call Services, LLC
804783 Eckles Tel. Co.Eckles Telephone Company
836322 Eclipse CommunicationsEclipse Communications
833016 ECO Services, LLCecoLINK
830978 eCollar Work Inc.
830771 Ecomm Hosting, LLCEcomm Hosting, LLC
831290 Ecommerce National,
819786 Econ-o-call, Inc.Econ-o-call, Inc.
822654 Econodial, LLCEconodial, LLC
827470 Economicall West CorporationEconomicall West Corporation
823094 Econotel Corp.Econotel Corp.
829892 Eden Communications Group LLCEden Communications Group LLC
828635 Eden Telecommunications, Inc.Eden Telecommunications, Inc.
825819 Edge Aquisitions, LLC.Edge Aquisitions, LLC.
825820 Edge Wireless Ventures, LLCEdge Aquisitions, LLC
835144 Edgebroad LLCEdgebroad LLC
835396 Edgeless Unified Communications LLC
832790 Edify Labs, Inc.Edify
836347 Education Directory LLCEducation Directory
826269 Education Networks of America, Inc.Education Networks of America, Inc.
825717 Educational Services Network, Corp.Educational Services Network, Corp.
811795 Edwards Equipment Co., Inc.Edwards Equipment Co., Inc.
806781 Edwards Telephone Co., Inc.TDS Telecom
819734 Edwin N. FowlkesBusiness Autophones, Inc.
825596 Eezinet CorporationEezinet Corporation
835714 Efani Inc.Efani
835085 EFP Broadband LLCAL Broadband
821710 EGIX, Inc.EGIX, Inc.
827966 Egla Corp dba Egla CommunicationsEgla Corp dba Egla Communications
808182 eGlobe, Inc.eGlobe, Inc.
802081 Egyptian Communication Services, Inc.Egyptian Communication Services, Inc.
802080 Egyptian Tel. Coop. Assn.Egyptian Telephone Coop. Assoc.
811601 Ehmann CommunicationsEhmann Communications
833449 eHome Integration Inc.eHome Integration Systems
836668 EJO Ventures LLCEJO Ventures
834342 EJS Associates, IncBlueStream Consulting
832332 eKaleo, InceKaleo, Inc
826433 EKU SolutionsEKU Solutions
803482 El Dorado CellularMountain Cellular
829865 El Dorado County Office Of EducationEl Dorado County Office Of Education
807684 El Paso County Telephone CompanyThe El Paso County Telephone Company
816590 El Paso Kar Fone, L.C.El Paso Kar Fone, L.C.
808573 El Paso Long DistanceEl Paso Long Distance
831759 ELA Holding CorporationTurnkey Technology Sales
825486 Elantic Telecom East LLC.Elantic Telecom East LLC.
820388 Elantic Telecom East, LLC (Inactive)Elantic Telecom East, LLC
801705 Electra Telephone CompanyElectra Telephone Company
808575 Electric Lightwave LLCElectric Lightwave LLC
829388 Electric Plant Board of the City of Paducah, KentuckyPaducah Power System
827416 Electric Plant Board Of The City Of RusselvilleElectric Plant Board Of The City Of Russelville
820496 Electric Power Board of ChattanoogaEPB Telecommunications
836684 Electrical & Mechanical Systems Inc
815384 Electrocom, Inc.Electrocom, Inc.
832916 Electronauts, LLC
829945 Electronet Broadband Communications, Inc.Electronet Broadband Communications, Inc.
812401 Electronic Communications of WV, Inc.Electronic Communications of WV, Inc.
832922 Electronic Communications SystemsECS
831029 Electronic Corporate Pages, Inc.Western Broadband
809288 Electronic Security Systems, Inc.Aurora Telecom Division
820178 Electronic SMR Communications ServicesElectronic SMR Communications Services
812642 Electronic Specialties, Inc.Electronic Specialties, Inc.
823380 Electronic Stored Value Services, Inc.eSVS, Inc.
816839 Electronics R - Us IIITop Communications, Inc.
832674 Electronics Service Co.Electronics Service Co.
833979 ElektraFi LLC
811112 Elephant Talk, Inc.Elephant Talk, Inc.
835534 Elevate Platforms, LLCThrive Mobile
835107 ElevologyElevate Technology
820006 Elgee Savar, Inc.Penn Telephone Systems
833535 Elijah P Israel LLCElijah Paul Israel
820830 Eliska Wireless Ventures I, Inc.VoiceStream Wireless
833672 Elite Communication Services, IncElite Communication Services, Inc
826315 Elite Options, Inc.Clear Talk Communications
806353 Elite SpecialtiesElite Wireless
831348 Elitenet Telecommunications LLC
806352 Elizabeth Telephone Company, LLCElizabeth Telephone Company, LLC
811017 Elkhart Metronet, Inc.Centennial Wireless
806874 Elkhart Telephone Company, IncElkhart Telephone Company, Inc.
820110 ELL Corp.Freedom Payphones
819056 Ell Tel Long Distance, Inc.Ell Tel Long Distance, Inc.
801657 Ellerbe Telephone CompanyEllerbe Telephone Company
836723 Ellianz Technology LLCEllianz Technology LLC
808176 Ellijay Telephone CompanyEllijay Telephone Company
805692 Ellington Telephone CompanyEllington Telephone Company
807114 Ellsworth Coop. Tel. Assn.Ellsworth Cooperative Telephone Association
808731 Elsie CommunicationsElsie Communications, Inc.
825907 Eltopia Communications, LLC.Eltopia Communications, LLC.
831820 Emajee Inc
823632 Eman NetworksEman Networks
835446 EMAT Solutions LLC
825591 Embarq Communications, IncEmbarq Communications, Inc
822076 Embarq CorporationEmbarq Corporation
829893 Embrace IP Inc.Embrace IP Inc.
822636 Embratel Americas, Inc.Embratel Americas
833581 Emerald Broadband, LLC.Emerald Broadband, LLC.
835895 Emerald Voice Services LLC
823852 Emergency Radio Service, Inc.Emergency Radio Service, Inc.
833411 Emergent Broadband, LLCEmergent Wireless
836308 Emergent Telecommunications Equipment Trading LLCEmergent Telecommunications & Equipment Trading LLC
823270 Emergent, LLCEmergent, LLC
827206 Emerging Markets Telecom, LLC.Emerging Markets Telecom, LLC.
819928 Emery Telcom Long DistanceEmery Telcom Long Distance
812278 Emery Telecommunications & Video, Inc.Emery Telephone/Emery Telephone Long Distance
801834 Emily Coop. Tel. Co.Emily Cooperative Telephone Company
836219 Emily Corporation, LLCSynchronized Technology Solutions
827735 Emirates Communication CorporationEmirates Communication Corporation
828271 Empire District Industries, IncEmpire District Industries, Inc
826256 Empire Long Distance CorporationEmpire Long Distance Corporation
811824 Empire One Telecommunications, Inc.Empire One Telecommunications, Inc.
818684 Empire Pay PhoneEmpire Pay Phone
826303 Empire State Independent Network, LLC.Independent Optical Network
801252 Empire Tel. Corp.Empire Telephone Company
828127 Empire Telecom, CorpEmpire Telecom, Corp
827499 Empire Unified Communications, LLC.Empire Unified Communications, LLC.
832934 Empower Broadband, Inc.N/A
801312 EMPOWER Telecom, Inc
831059 EMRFaxBox, LLC
825935 ENA Services, LLC.ENA Services, LLC.
833975 ENC Access Investments LLCENC Access Investments LLC
826032 Encartele, Inc.Encartele, Inc.
826612 Encompass Communications, LLC.Encompass Communications, LLC.
829008 Encompass Digital Media, LLCEncompass Digital Media, LLC
835999 Encore Acquisition II Corp.CMIT Solutions of Central RI
831987 ENCORE COMMUNICATIONS, INC.Encore Communications, Inc.
821340 Encore Communications, LLCEncore Communications, LLC
821684 Encore Telecommunications, Inc.Encore Telecommunications, Inc.
827266 Encounter Collaborative Corporation DBA Eventbuilder.comEncounter Collaborative Corporation DBA
820204 End of the Line, Inc.End of the Line, Inc.
834941 End Spam Inc
834307 End2End Communications, LLC.End2End Communications
831407 Endian LLCEndian
833785 Endless Communications USA, LLC
821942 Endless Mountains Wireless, LLCEndless Mountains Wireless, LLC
826741 Endstream Communications, LLC.Endstream Communications, LLC.
819986 Energis (Switzerland) AGEnergis (Switzerland) AG
822296 Energy East Telecommunications, Inc.Energy East Telecommunications, Inc.
831568 Energy Satellite Services, LLCEnergy Satellite Services, LLC
836437 Enerstar Rentals and Services ltdEnertar Solutions
836543 Engage Electric LLC
831756 Engage Holdings, LLCiQventures
829307 Engineered Communication Systems, Inc.IDeACOM ecsi
832892 Engineering Support Systems, Inc.PRW.NET
833274 Enhanced Business Communications LLC
821178 Enhanced Communications Group, LLCEnhanced Communications Group, LLC
821490 Enhanced Communications Network, Inc.Enhanced Communications Network, Inc.
827123 Enhanced Communications of Northern New England, Inc.Enhanced Communications of Northern New England, Inc.
819893 Enhanced Global Convergence Services, Inc.eGCS
829894 Enhanced Telecommunications & Data, Inc.Enhanced Telecommunications & Data, Inc.
835767 Enhanced Telecommunications Services, LLC
803397 ENMR Plateau Telephone Cooperative-TXENMR - Plateau Telecommunications, Inc
830483 Ennovativ LLCEnnovativ LLC
821062 Enron Broadband Services, Inc.Enron Broadband Services, Inc.
821066 Enron Broadband Services, LPEnron Broadband Services, LP
821064 Enron Telecommunications, Inc.Enron Telecommunications, Inc.
833607 Enterprise Cabling, IncEnterprise Cabling, Inc
831084 Enterprise Services Communications LLCEnterprise Services Communications LLC
827285 Enterprise SolutionsEnterprise Solutions
831002 Enterprise Systems CorporationEnterprise Systems Corporation
831787 Enthsquare, Inc.Enthsquare, Inc.
836084 Entrepreneur Wireless LLCNexys Mobile
812436 Enventis Telecom, Inc.Enventis
812894 Enviro Air Services, Inc.Crown Communication Instruments
821158 Envisage, Inc.U.S. Operators
834168 Envision Audio Video Group LLCEnvision Audio Video Group LLC
827028 Envision Technologies, Inc.Envision Technologies, Inc.
826165 Envoi USA, LLP.Envoi
831949 Epcom World Industries, Inc.Epcom World Industries
815656 Epicus Communications Group, Inc.Epicus Communications Group, Inc.
820844 EPIK Communications IncorporatedEPIK Communications Incorporated
822768 Epixtar Communications Corp.One Nation Telecommunications Services
827019 Epraxys, Inc.Epraxys, Inc.
828706 Epsilon Telecommunications (US) Pte. Ltd.Epsilon Telecommunications (US) Pte. Ltd.
823644 Equal Access Communications, LLCEqual Access
823088 Equal Access Networks, LLCEqual Access Networks, LLC
835899 Equal Net Mobile llc
822044 Equant Operations, Inc.Equant
827649 Equinox, Inc.Equinox, Inc.
819836 ERA Tel-Systems, Inc.ERA Tel-Systems, Inc.
823902 Eran Viner Company, Inc.EVC, Inc.
821172 Erbia Network, Inc.Erbia Network, Inc.
834281 ERC Broadband LLCERC Broadband
828156 ERGOS Technology Partners, Inc.ERGOS Technology Partners, Inc.
826359 Erie Digital Phone, LLC.Erie Digital Phone, LLC.
835775 Erik WiensSimpli-Fi Tech Solutions
824802 Erkal Vertan, LLCEV Communications
818014 Ernest Communications, Inc.Ernest Communications, Inc.
827258 ERS USA Inc.ERS USA Inc.
830830 Erwin Utilities Authority
826925 ESB Communications LLC.ESB Communications LLC.
820319 Eschelon Telecom of ArizonaEschelon Telecom, Inc.
816742 Eschelon Telecom of Colorado, Inc.Eschelon Telecom, Inc.
816744 Eschelon Telecom of Minnesota, Inc.Eschelon Telecom, Inc.
816748 Eschelon Telecom of Nevada, Inc.Eschelon Telecom, Inc.
821278 Eschelon Telecom of Oregon, Inc.Eschelon Telecom, Inc.
820321 Eschelon Telecom of Utah, Inc.Eschelon Telecom, Inc.
816746 Eschelon Telecom of Washington, Inc.Eschelon Telecom, Inc.
823930 Eschelon Telecom, Inc.- CONSOLIDATEDEschelon Telecom, Inc.- CONSOLIDATED
828275 ESI Advanced Wireless Networks, LLCESI Advanced Wireless Networks, LLC
827229 ESLITE Networks, LLC.ESLITE Networks, LLC.
834572 Esparto Broadband IncEsparto Broadband Inc
827887 Espinal Technologies Group USA, Inc.Espinal Technologies Group USA, Inc.
828361 Espreeva,
819516 Essen Communications CorporationEssen Communications Corporation
831122 Essential Network Technologies, LLCEssential Network Technologies, LLC
819905,, inc.
820894 Essex CommunicationseLEC Communications
835889 Essex Communications LLC
823076 Essex Telcom, Inc.Essex Telcom, Inc.
829164 EssexTel, Inc.EssexTel, Inc.
822422 eStar Communications, Inc.eStar Communications, Inc.
827990 Estel Communications, Inc.Estel Communications, Inc.
835079 Estherville Communications LLC
825469 Estrella Telecom, Inc.Estrella Telecom, Inc.
832728 Etairos CorpWestern Data
827657 Etan Industries, Inc.Etan Industries, Inc.
819246 ETC Communications, LLCETC Communications, LLC
817438 ETCLD, Inc.ETCLD, Inc.
829820 eTech Data Solutions, Inc.eTech Data Solutions, Inc.
828234 USA, USA, LLC
818360 ETEX Cellular Company, Inc.ETEX Cellular Company, Inc.
831075 Ethitel Communications LLC
832465 ETK Financial Corp
831473 ETS Cablevision, Inc.ETS Cablevision, Inc.
817326 ETS Payphones, Inc.ETS Payphones, Inc.
836365 ETS Telecommunications LLCETS Telco
834929 ETS Telecommunications LLC
812058 ETS Telephone Company, Inc.ETS Telephone Company
820038 Eugen KaranxhaEugen Karanxha
828948 Eugene Water & Electric BoardEugene Water & Electric Board
822670 Eurocom Telecommunications, LLCEurocom Telecommunications
828407 Europe Media International B.V.Europe Media International B.V.
821704 Euroxpress CorporationEuroxpress Corporation
834277 EV Holdings 1 LLCDesert Winds Wireless
829549 Evacomm CorporationEvacomm Corporation
829419 Evanston Technology Partners, Inc.Evanston Technology Partners
829946 Evarus Inc.Evarus Inc.
809748 Evelyn & Kenneth Wells Family Limited Partnership AEvelyn & Kenneth Wells Family Limited Partnership A
833339 Event Horizon Communications, INC.
823194 Everest Broadband NetworksEverest Broadband Networks
829484 Everest Communications, LLCEverest Communications, LLC
829749 Everest International Trading Co., Inc.Everest International Trading Co., Inc.
835708 Everfast Fiber Networks LLC
828043 Everglades Technologies, LLC.Everglades Technologies, LLC.
817522 Evergreen CommunicationsEvergreen Communications
831683 Everstream GLC Holding Company LLCEverstream
831211 Everstream Solutions LLCEverstream Solutions LLC
814895 Evertek, Inc.Evertek, Inc.
828060 Everybody's Phone CompanyEverybody's Phone Company
823320 EveryCall Communications, Inc.EveryCall Communications, Inc.
830983 Everyday Data, IncRSISP
834944 Everyday Technology LLCEveryday Technology
836451 Everyone Bandwidth Inc
833094 Evinco Telecommunications Corp
835795 Evo Technology Solutions LLCEvo Technology Solutions
826714 eVoice International Inc.My Cyber Phone, My Cyber Card
835944 Evolutionary Fiber Services, LLC.EFS
827855 eVolve Business Solutions, LLC.eVolve Business Solutions, LLC.
827150 Evolve Cellular IncEvolve Cellular Inc
827377 eVox Communications, LLC.eVox Communications, LLC.
828780 Ewart Technologies, Inc.Isle Call Communications
833107 Exabar LLC
821112 Excaliber Internet CorpExcaliber Internet Corp
816566 Excel CommunicationsExcel Communications
809300 Excel Telecommunications, Inc.Excel Telecommunications, Inc.
812764 Excellular, Inc.Acentris Communications
831769 Excellus Communications, LLC
809209 Exclusive Names CustomExclusive Names Custom
822520 Excom CorporationExcom
818508 Executive CommunicationsExecutive Communications
808398 Executive Telecard, Inc.Telecall Long Distance
817656 Executive Wireless, Inc.Executive Wireless, Inc.
822912 Exergy Group, LLCExergy Group, LLC
832155 Exiant Communications LLCN/A
821082 ExOp of Missouri, Inc.Unite
835523 exospec
813221 Expanets NA, LLCNorthWestern Communications Solutions
822456 Expanets of North America, LLCExpanets
829408 Expedia Telecom inc.Expedia Telecom inc.
824842 Expedient Carrier Services, LLCExpedient Carrier Services, LLC
828596 Expereo USA, Inc.Expereo USA, Inc.
836229 Expert Tech Consulants LLCExpert Tech Consultants LLC
825646 Explorer Satellite Communications, Inc.Explorer Satellite Communications, Inc.
821960 Express Air Wireless CorporationExpress Air Wireless Corporation
827137 Express Cash & Phone, Inc.Talk Now Telco
811406 Express Communications, Inc.Express Communications, Inc.
830898 Express Dial Internet, Inc.KWISP
812599 Express Message CorporationExpress Message Corporation
816932 Express Page, Inc.Express Page, Inc.
827224 Express Telecommunications Network, Inc.Express Telecommunications Network, Inc.
828110 Express Teleservice CorporationLanck Telecom
830532 expressIT Voice & Data Network, Inc.expressIT Voice & Data Network, Inc.
809340 Extelcom, Inc.Express Tel
831177 Extenda Networks IncExtenda Communications
833416 ExteNet Asset Entity, LLC
827267 EXTENET SYSTEMS, LLCExteNet Systems, Inc.
828735 Extenet Telecom Solutions, IncHudson Fiber Network, Inc.
811150 Extra Effort Payphones, Inc.Extra Effort Payphones, Inc.
833471 Extraco Technology, LLC
831638 Extreme Broadband, Inc.
826347 Eymol Corp.Voinline Telecommunications Group
830731 EZ Call Inc.EZ Call Inc.
833764 EZ Connect Incorporated
833275 EZ Llama, LLCEZ Llama, LLC
816928 EZ Page & CellularEZ Page & Cellular
819870 EZ Phone, Inc.Inflexion Communications
828971 EZ Roam, Inc.EZ Roam, Inc.
820910 EZ Talk Communications Louisiana, LLCEZ Talk Communications Louisiana, LLC
820912 EZ Talk Communications, LLCEZ Talk Communications, LLC
825632 EZCallingcards, LLC.EZCallingcards, LLC.
830162 Eze Castle Integration, Inc.Eze Castle Integration, Inc.
836170 Ezee Fiber Texas, LLC
826403 Ezequiel GuidoD/B/A E Marketing
829998 Ezetop Unlimited CompanyEzetop Unlimited Company
811438 F & B Communications, Inc.F & B Communications
812809 F&L CommunicationsF&L Communications
826106 F. Cary Fitch dba Affordable TelecomF. Cary Fitch dba Affordable Telecom
811064 F.B.S. CommunicationsFBS Communications
819616 F.D.F. CommunicationsBPS Long Distance
833002 F3 Consulting Group, LLCClearview Technologies
828556 F5 Communications, Inc.F5 Communications, Inc.
831849 Fabtel Communications LLCFabTel Communications LLC
832413 Face 2 FaceL23 NETWORKS
828722 Facecall, LLCFacecall, LLC
825359 Facilitate Network, Inc.Facilitate Network, Inc., SNI, Facilinet
823736 Fairfield Communications, Inc.Fairfield Communications, Inc.
827216 Fairnet LLC.Fairnet LLC.
829941 FairPoint Business Services LLCFairPoint Business Services LLC
817480 FairPoint Carrier Services, Inc.FairPoint Carrier Services, Inc.
835035 FairWay IT Solutions, LLCFairWay IT Solutions, LLC
825474 Faith Communications, Inc.Faith Communications
832699 Faith Wireless, LLCFaith Wireless, LLC
825180 Falcon Broadband, LLCFalcon Broadband, LLC
831243 Falcon Business Resources private LimitedClay Telecom
828945 Falcon Communications Solutions, Inc.Falcon Communications Solutions, Inc.
834449 Falcon Endeavors Inc.
833663 Falcon Internet IncFalcon Internet
834037 Falcon WirelessFalcon Wireless
827045 Falcon1, Inc.Falcon1, Inc.
827981 Falconhead Resources Group, LLC.Falconhead Resources Group, LLC.
834229 Falkon Systems, Inc.Falkon Systems, Inc.
827637 FAM-CommFAM-Comm
834782 Family Communication Inc.Family Communication Pte Ltd
835509 FamilyNet INCFamilyNet INC
824856 FamilyTel of Louisiana, LLCSky Rider
826273 FamilyTel of Oklahoma, Inc.FamilyTel of Oklahoma, Inc.
832258 FamTek Systems LLC
802386 Farber Telephone CompanyFarber Telephone Company
826910 Fareast Connect, Inc.Fareast Connect, Inc.
817182 FarKill Comm., Inc.FarKill Comm., Inc.
808581 Farmers & Merchants Mutual Tel. Co.Farmers & Merchants Mutual Telephone Company
802746 Farmers Cellular Telephone Company, Inc.United States Cellular
808824 Farmers Cellular Telephone, Inc.Farmers Cellular Telephone, Inc.
829793 Farmers Cellular Telephone, Inc.Farmers Wireless
802398 Farmers Coop. Tel. Co.Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company
801528 Farmers Independent Tel. Co.Farmers Independent Telephone Co.
809174 Farmers Mutual Coop. Tel. Co. - HarlanFarmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company
808932 Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company, Inc.Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company
818348 Farmers Mutual of Chapin DBA Chapin Telephone Co.Chapin Telephone Company
816536 Farmers Mutual Technologies, Inc.Farmers Mutual Technologies, Inc.
801300 Farmers Mutual Tel. Co.Farmers Mutual Telephone Company
801972 Farmers Mutual Tel. Co.Farmers Mutual Telephone Company, Inc.
801720 Farmers Mutual Tel. Co. - ShellsburgFarmers Mutual Telephone Coop.
809714 Farmers Mutual Telephone CompanyFarmers Mutual Telephone Company
805860 Farmers Mutual Telephone CompanyFarmers Mutual Telephone Company
834498 Farmers Rural Connect, Inc.Farmers Rural Connect, Inc.
808578 Farmers Tel. Co. - BataviaFarmers' Telephone Company
808188 Farmers Tel. Co. Inc.Farmers Telephone Company, Inc.
803427 Farmers Tel. Coop. Inc.Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
821126 Farmers Telecommunication CorporationFarmers Telecommunication Corporation
824126 Farmers Telecommunications, Inc.Farmers Telecommunications, Inc.
802287 Farmers Telephone CompanyFarmers Telephone Company (IA)
805863 Farmers Telephone Company - RicevilleOmni Tel Communications
806403 Farmers Telephone CooperativeFarmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
832973 Farmhouse NetworkingFarmhouse Networking
826510 Fascination CommunicationsFascination Communications
812011 Fast Page, Inc.Fast Page, Inc.
827081 Fast Phones, Inc.Fast Phones, Inc.
827347 FastBlue Communications, Inc.FastBlue Communications, Inc.
835194 FastBridge Fiber, L.L.C.FastBridge Fiber
835137 FastCast Networks, LLCFastCast
835702 Faster Cajun LLCFaster Cajun Networks
822444 Faster Processing, LLCSpeedvox of Ohio
830699 FastIPCalls LLCFastIPCalls LLC
834421 Fastlink Communications Inc
828205 Fastmetrics, IncFastmetrics, Inc
824122 Fastone, LLCFastone, LLC
824116 FastTrack Communications, Inc.FastTrack Communications, Inc.
828473 Fatbeam, LLCfatbeam
830269 FatLink, LLCFatLink, LLC
828025 Favorite Communications Ltd.Favorite Communications Ltd.
835380 FaxLogic, LLCFaxLogic, LLC
835388 FaxSIPit Services Inc.
816930 Fayette RadioFayette Radio
807534 Fayetteville Cellular Telephone Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
806222 Fayetteville MSA Limited PartnershipALLTEL
829960 Fayetteville Public UtilitiesFayetteville Public Utilities
822512 FBN America, Inc.FBN America, Inc.
826255 FBN Indiana, Inc.FBN Indiana, Inc.
815006 FCI 900, Inc.Nextel Communications
833212 FDL Reservation Business CommitteeFDL Communications Corporation
830768 FeatherShark
820628 FEC Communications LLPF.E.C. Communications, LLP
831506 Federal Communications Solutions LLCFed Comm Solutions
811328 Federal TransTel, Inc.Federal TransTel, Inc.
834494 Federalnet BPO ServicesFederalnet bpo services
826430 FederalNet, LLCFederalNet, LLC
804078 Federated Tel. Coop.Federated Telephone Cooperative
806757 Federated Utilities dba Hancock Telephone Co.Federated Utilities, Inc.
836696 Felix Media Solutions5125721775
801081 Felton Tel. Co. Inc.Felton Telephone Company, Inc.
808191 Fenton Coop. Tel. Co.Fenton Coop Telephone Co.
832388 Feonix Communications, LLCFeonix Communications, LLC
819336 Ferob Corp.Ferob Corp.
808192 Ferris CommunicationsFerris Communications
829181 FibAire Communications, LLC d/b/a AireBeamAireBeam
836237 Fiber by Central Florida, LLCCentral Florida Electric Cooperative, Inc.
830104 Fiber Communications of Columbus LLCOptic Communications
819822 Fiber Four CorporationFiber Four Corporation
833944 Fiber South Broadband, LLC
821688 Fiber Technologies Networks, LLCFiber Technologies Networks, LLC
819580 FiberComm, L.C.FiberComm, LC
836231 FiberFirst, LLCFiberFirst
826961 FiberGate, Inc.FiberGate, Inc.
831728 Fiberless Networks CorporationFiberless Networks Corporation
831324 Fiberlink Telecommunications, LLCFiberlink Telecommunications, LLC
825302 Fiberlink, LLcFiberlink, LLc
836625 Fibermax Telecom SAC
828935 FiberNet Communications, L.C.FiberNet Communications, L.C.
825118 Fibernet Direct Florida LLCFibernet Direct Florida LLC
828585 Fibernet Direct Texas LLCFibernet Direct Texas LLC
821562 Fibernet, Inc.Fibernet, Inc.
824036 FiberSat Telecommunications Corp.FiberSat Telecommunications Corp.
822402 FiberTower CorporationFiberTower Corporation
830827 Fibervision, LLCUSA Communications
825558 Fidelity Access Networks, LLCFidelity Access Networks, LLC
827412 Fidelity Cablevision, Inc.Fidelity Cablevision, Inc.
820922 Fidelity Communications Services I IncFidelity Communications Services
822856 Fidelity Communications Services II, Inc.Fidelity Communications Services II, Inc.
827644 Fidelity Communications Services III, Inc.Fidelity Communications Services III, Inc.
829826 Fidelity Link, LLCFidelity Link
819186 Fidelity Long Distance, Inc.Fidelity Long Distance, Inc.
820564 Fidelity Networks, Inc.Fidelity Networks, Inc.
816312 Fidelity Systems Plus, Inc.Fidelity Systems Plus, Inc.
802074 Fidelity Tel. Co.Fidelity Telephone Company
833621 Fiducia Holdings LLC
833668 FIF AireBeam, LLC
835670 FIF St. George, LLCInfoWest
834020 FILASCO AMERICA LLCTelecommunication
801672 Filer Mutual Telephone CompanyFiler Mutual Telephone Company
833585 Finance Merger Holding Corp
834773 Fincosa
834388 Findley Foundation, IncThe Findley Foundation
826996 Fine Communications Company, Inc.Fine Communications Company, Inc.
827841 Finexeo US Inc.Finexeo US Inc.
836130 FinezaFineza
824956 Finger Lakes Communications Group, Inc.Finger Lakes Communications Group, Inc.
826559 Finger Lakes Technologies Group, Inc.FirstLight Fiber
833298 Finland Technology Solutions LLC
825980 Fionda VOIP, LLCFon Vantage
827947 Firefly Mobile Communications, Inc.Firefly Mobile Communications, Inc.
827950 Fireline Communications, LLC.Fireline Communications, LLC.
829796 Fireline Network Solutions, Inc.Fireline Broadband
830495 FireServe, LLCFireServe, LLC
811625 First American Telecom, Corp.First American Telecom, Corp.
836572 First Call Technology & Construction LLC
819906 First Call Telephone Co.First Call Telephone Co.
815598 First Cellular, Inc.First Cellular, Inc.
829959 First Choice Technology of Lousisiana, LLCFirst Choice Technology of Lousisiana, LLC
821918 First Communications, Inc.First Communications, Inc.
819644 First Communications, LLCFirst Communications, LLC
829552 First Contact Communications LLCFirst Contact Communications LLC
818656 First Digital Holdings, LLCFirst Digital Holdings, LLC
820740 First Fiber CorporationFirst Fiber Corporation
815934 First Florida Communications, Inc.First Florida Communications, Inc.
822260 First Global Access, LLCFirst Global Access, LLC
834333 First Light Fiber, LLCACE Fiber
817688 First Line Communications, LLCFirst Line Communications, LLC
816936 First Page, Inc.First Page, Inc.
829979 First Rate Telecom, LLCFirst Rate Telecom, LLC
829017 First Step Internet, LLCFirst Step Internet, LLC
836581 First Tele Communications Inc
827681 First Telecom Services, LLC.First Telecom Services, LLC.
815025 First Telecommunications CorporationFirst Telecommunications Corporation
824192 First Telephone CompanyFirst Telephone Company
817740 First World Communications, Inc.First World Communications, Inc.
824848 FirstDigital Telecom, LLCFirstDigital
819770 Firstview Communications, LLCFirstview Communications, LLC
808981 Fisher & Rocha, Inc.Fisher & Rocha, Inc.
817966 Fisher Wireless Services, Inc.Fisher Wireless Services, Inc.
833011 Fishers Island LD CorporationFishers Island LD Corporation
808982 Fishers Island Tel. Corp.Fishers Island Telephone Corporation
836557 FIT Management Group LLCFIT Management Group LLC
835055 Fitchburg Fiber LLCFitchburg Fiber Company
801209 Five Area Long Distance, Inc.Five Area Long Distance, Inc.
801210 Five Area Tel. Coop. IncFive Area Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
826042 Five Star Communications, Inc.Five Star Communications, Inc.
836482 Five Star Network Solutions Inc.Five Star Network Solutions Inc.
822602 Five Star Telcom, Inc.Five Star Telcom, Inc.
811796 Five-Star Investments, LLC.Five-Star investments, LLC
829158 FJB Sales LLCArose Communications
833745 Flagler Technologies
825659 Flagler Telefonica, LLC.Flagler Telefonica, LLC.
830374 Flagman Telecom, IncFlagman Telecom
833089 Flagstaff Information Technology, LLCFlagstaff Information Technology, LLC
831562 Flamingo Solutions, LLCN/A
836375 Flanders Enterprise LLCFlanders Enterprise LLC
834823 Flash Telecom Systems, LLC
828886 Flash Wireless, LLCFlash Wireless, LLC
832008 Flashpoint ISP Inc
827961 Flat Rate Prepaid Solutions, Inc.Flat Rate Prepaid Solutions, Inc.
804997 Flat Rock Communications, Inc.Flat Rock Communications, Inc.
804996 Flat Rock Tel. Co-op Inc.Flat Rock Telephone Co-op., Inc.
834672 Flat West Wireless, LLC
828319 Flat West wireless, LLCCleartalk
834671 Flat Wireless, LLC
827182 Flat Wireless, LLC.Cleartalk
827774 Flatbush Telecom, Inc.Flatbush Telecom, Inc.
830219 Flatel WirelessZing PCS
827438 Flatel, Inc.Flatel, Inc.
826984 FlatPhone, Inc.FlatPhone, Inc.
833576 Flavien International Corporation
835178 Fleet Telecom International LLC
827631 FleetTalk Management Services, Ltd.FleetTalk Management Services, Ltd.
820546 FleetTalk, Partners, LtdFleetTalk, Partners, Ltd.
829250 FleetWave Partners, LLPFleetWave Partners, LLP
829567 Fleming Consulting, LLCHopDial
830319 Flexential Corp
827680 Flint Cable TV, Inc.Flint Cable TV, Inc.
824804 Floracom, LLCContinental Network Services
822872 Florence SamuelsTriState Payphones
833130 Florida Broadband Inc
804264 Florida Cellular Service, LLCCingular Wireless
834495 Florida Computer Care, Inc.Florida Computer Care, Inc.
819042 Florida Digital Network, Inc.FDN Communications
828757 Florida Hearing and TelephoneFlorida Hearing and Telephone
817708 Florida Pay Phone Services, Inc.Florida Pay Phone Services, Inc.
812946 Florida Pay Phone Systems, Inc.Florida Pay Phone Systems, Inc.
825618 Florida Phone Service, Inc.Global Telecom Group
830318 Florida Phone Systems, Inc.Florida Phone Systems, Inc.
809224 Florida Public Communications, Inc.Florida Public Communications, Inc.
802596 Florida RSA #8, Inc.United States Cellular
804315 Florida RSA No. 2B (Indiana River) Ltd. PartnershipCingular Wireless
812145 Flower City Paging, Inc.Flower City Paging, Inc.
833988 Flowmatic Technical Solutions LLC
829626 FluentStream Technologies, LLCFluentStream Technologies
831457 Flyball Technical Solutions
829669 FMTC Communications, Inc.FMTC Communications
817270 FMTC Long Distance, Inc.FMTC Long Distance
828232 FMTC Voice Services, Inc.FMTC Voice Services, Inc.
826104 FMTC Wireless, Inc.FMTC Wireless, Inc.
831909 FMTC-I35, Inc
831902 FMTC-SWT, Inc.
828117 FNF NV BRASADA LLCBrasada Ranch Utility Company
818536 Focal Communications Corporation of CaliforniaFocal Communications Corporation of California
823032 Focal Communications Corporation of ConnecticutFocal Communications Corporation of Connecticut
818540 Focal Communications Corporation of FloridaFocal Communications Corporation of Florida
819634 Focal Communications Corporation of GeorgiaFocal Communications Corporation of Georgia
812311 Focal Communications Corporation of IllinoisFocal Communications Corporation of Illinois
818538 Focal Communications Corporation of MassachusettsFocal Communications Corporation of Massachusetts
818544 Focal Communications Corporation of MichiganFocal Communications Corporation of Michigan
819632 Focal Communications Corporation of MinnesotaFocal Communications Corporation of Minnesota
818546 Focal Communications Corporation of New JerseyFocal Communications Corporation of New Jersey
812312 Focal Communications Corporation of New YorkFocal Communications Corporation of New York
819636 Focal Communications Corporation of OhioFocal Communications Corporation of Ohio
818548 Focal Communications Corporation of PennsylvaniaFocal Communications Corporation of Pennsylvania
819630 Focal Communications Corporation of TexasFocal Communications Corporation of Texas
818542 Focal Communications Corporation of the Mid-AtlanticFocal Communications Corporation of the Mid-Atlantic
818550 Focal Communications Corporation of VirginiaFocal Communications Corporation of Virginia
818552 Focal Communications Corporation of WashingtonFocal Communications Corporation of Washington
830362 Focal Vision Group Inc.Focal Vision Group Inc.
832146 Focus IT Development, LLCFocus IT Development, LLC
834548 Focus Voice Networks, LLCStar360 Cloud Communications
828810 Fonality IncFonality Inc
834181 Fonative, Inc.
826396 FoneLogic, Inc.FoneLogic
823796 Fones West Digital Systems, Inc.Lynx Wireless
825501 Fones4All CorporationFones4All Corporation
836538 Fontalk Inc.Fontalk
804609 Foothills Rural Telephone Coop. Corp., Inc.Foothills Rural Telephone Coop. Corp., Inc.
824310 Foremost Telecommunications CorporationForemost Telecommunications
816638 Forest City Telecom, Inc.Forest City Telecom, Inc.
807798 Foresthill Telephone Co.Sebastian
835086 Forex SolarForex Solar
834283 Foritas, Inc
833100 Forked Deer Connect, LLCForked Deer Connect, LLC
830583 Forsyth Cablenet, LLCForsyth Cablenet, LLC
803655 Fort Mill Telephone Company dba Comporium CommunicationsComporium Communications
811140 Fort Mojave Telecommunications, IncFort Mojave Telecommunications, Inc.
827050 Fort Mojave Television, Inc.Fort Mojave Television, Inc.
827498 Fort Pierce Utilities AuthorityFort Pierce Utilities Authority
805918 Fort Randall Telephone CompanyFort Randall Telephone Company
833036 Fortabyte Cyber SolutionsFortabyte Cyber Solutions
821068 Forte Communications, Inc.Forte Communications, Inc.
832296 Fortessa HostingFortessa Hosting, Inc
836590 ForthPhaze Technology
834206 Fortify Communication, Inc
833226 Forum One Communications CorporationForum One
834525 Foundation for California Community CollegesFoundation for California Community Colleges
818170 Four C's CommunicationsFour C's Communications
835959 Four Rivers Telecom, LLCGeauxVoIP
828281 Four Star Marketing, LLCMid-South Home Phone
833167 Foursight Communications LLCTrilight
833996 Fourteen IP Cloud Communication Co.
831950 Fourteen IP, Inc.Fourteen IP, Inc.
833648 Fourway Computer Products, Inc.
826956 Fox Communication, LLC.Fox Communication, LLC.
816640 Fox Communications Corp.Fox Communications Corp.
815968 Fox Pager, Inc.Fox Pager, Inc.
829296 Fox Telecommunications, Inc.Fox Telecommunications, Inc.
827593 Fox Valley Internet, Inc.Fox Valley Internet, Inc.
817048 FoxTel, Inc.FoxTel, Inc.
827536 Fractel, LLC.Fractel, LLC.
830975 Framework Communications LLC
833747 Framework Enterprise Systems, Inc.
836245 Framework IT, LLC
822706 France Telecom Corporate Solutions, LLCFrance Telecom Corporate Solutions, LLC
822710 France Telecom Long Distance USA, LLCOrange Carriers USA
819576 Francis Communications I, LTDFrancis Communications I, LTD
805436 Frank BergAZ Vending Service Inc (Aus Inc)
831006 Franklin Electric Plant BoardFranklin EPB
809840 Franklin Telephone Co., Inc.Franklin Telephone Company, Inc.
808197 Franklin Telephone Company, Inc.Franklin Telephone Company, Inc.
824340 Franklin VT, LLCFranklin VT, LLC
835783 Frankton Telecommunications LLCFrankton Telecommunications LLC
822766 Franz, Inc.Telelight, Inc.
836117 FraudCentral LLC
816938 Fred Burg Communications, Inc.Fred Burg Communications, Inc.
828206 Frederick D. AimlnoFrederick D. Aimlno
827274 Free Conferencing CorporationFree Conferencing Corporation
836044 Free Internet USA, LLC
827367,, Inc.
817114 Freedom Communications, Inc.Freedom Communications, Inc.
818330 Freedom Ring Communications, LLCFirstLight Fiber
826813 Freedom Telecommunications, LLCFreedom Telecommunications, LLC
821308 FreedomStarr Communications, Inc.FreedomStarr Communications, Inc.
830928 FreelyCall LLCFreelyCall
826096 Freeway Communications, LLC.Freeway Communications, LLC.
836354 freeway wireless llc
826374 Freewire Broadband, LLC.Freewire Broadband, LLC.
813062 Fremont Telcom Co.Fremont Communications
832661 French Broad Electric Membership Corporation
828049 Frescafone, Inc.Frescafone, Inc.
817758 Fresno Mobile Radio, Inc.Fresno Mobile Radio, Inc.
807459 Fresno MSA Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
819824 Fretel Communications, LLCBCI-ID D/b/a Blackfoot Communications, Inc
830496 Frick Marketing IncFrick Marketing Inc
823596 Friedman Computer Solutions, Inc.Friedman Computer Solutions, Inc.
831127 Friendly IT Management, LLCFIT Management
826100 Friendship Cable of Arkansas, Inc.Friendship Cable of Arkansas, Inc.
821608 Frontera Telecommunications, Inc.Frontera Telecommunications, Inc.
803860 Frontier California Inc.Frontier California Inc.
828433 Frontier Communications ILEC Holdings, Inc.Frontier Communications ILEC Holdings, Inc.
803900 Frontier Communications Northwest IncFrontier Communications Northwest Inc
805359 Frontier Communications of Alabama, LLCFrontier Communications of Alabama, LLC
803939 Frontier Communications of America, Inc.Frontier Communications of America, Inc.
808716 Frontier Communications of America, Inc.Frontier Communications of America, Inc.
805773 Frontier Communications of AuSable Valley, Inc.Frontier Communications of AuSable Valley, Inc.
805776 Frontier Communications of Breezewood, LLCFrontier Communications of Breezewood, LLC
805779 Frontier Communications of Canton, LLCFrontier Communications of Canton, LLC
805788 Frontier Communications of DePue, Inc.Frontier Communications of DePue, Inc.
805371 Frontier Communications of Fairmount, LLCFrontier Communications of Fairmount, LLC
805365 Frontier Communications of Georgia, LLCFrontier Communications of Georgia, LLC
805797 Frontier Communications of Illinois, Inc.Frontier Communications of Illinois, Inc.
805803 Frontier Communications of Lakeside, Inc.Frontier Communications of Lakeside, Inc.
805806 Frontier Communications of Lakewood, LLCFrontier Communications of Lakewood, LLC
805368 Frontier Communications of Lamar County, LLCFrontier Communications of Lamar County, LLC
805782 Frontier Communications of Michigan, Inc.Frontier Communications of Michigan, Inc.
805302 Frontier Communications of Minnesota, Inc.Frontier Communications of Minnesota, Inc.
805374 Frontier Communications of Mississippi LLCFrontier Communications of Mississippi LLC
805818 Frontier Communications of Mondovi, LLCFrontier Communications of Mondovi, LLC
805821 Frontier Communications of Mt. Pulaski, Inc.Frontier Communications of Mt. Pulaski, Inc.
805794 Frontier Communications of New York, Inc.Frontier Communications of New York, Inc.
805827 Frontier Communications of Orion, Inc.Frontier Communications of Orion, Inc.
805830 Frontier Communications of Oswayo River, LLCFrontier Communications of Oswayo River, LLC
805791 Frontier Communications of Pennsylvania, LLCFrontier Communications of Pennsylvania, LLC
821046 Frontier Communications of Rochester, Inc.Frontier Communications of Rochester, Inc.
805839 Frontier Communications of Seneca Gorham, Inc.Frontier Communications of Seneca Gorham, Inc.
805842 Frontier Communications of St. Croix, LLCFrontier Communications of St. Croix, LLC
805845 Frontier Communications of Sylvan Lake, Inc.Frontier Communications of Sylvan Lake, Inc.
805362 Frontier Communications of the South, LLCFrontier Communications of the South, LLC
828346 Frontier Communications of the Southwest IncFrontier Communications of the Southwest Inc
805854 Frontier Communications of Viroqua, LLCFrontier Communications of Viroqua, LLC
805851 Frontier Communications of Wisconsin, LLCFrontier Communications of Wisconsin, LLC
828345 Frontier Communications Online and Long Distance IncFrontier Communications Online and Long Distance Inc
803913 Frontier Communications West Coast Inc.Frontier Communications West Coast Inc.
836124 Frontier Dallas TX Fiber 1 LLCFrontier Dallas TX Fiber 1 LLC
803862 Frontier Florida LLCFrontier Florida LLC
826859 Frontier Informatics LLC.Frontier Informatics LLC.
826841 Frontier Media, Inc.Frontier Media, Inc.
805070 Frontier Midstates, Inc.Frontier Midstates, Inc.
803870 Frontier North, Inc.Frontier North, Inc.
824464 Frontier PagingFrontier Paging
819716 Frontier Radio, Inc.Frontier Radio, Inc.
803950 Frontier Southwest IncorporatedFrontier Southwest Incorporated
805857 Frontier Telephone of Rochester, Inc.Frontier Telephone of Rochester, Inc.
806310 Frontier West Virginia Inc.Frontier West Virginia Inc.
822518 Frontline Communications InternationalFrontline Communications International
816820 Fryer CommunicationsCommunication South
825735 FSH Communications, LLC.FSH Communications, LLC.
828258 FSN Broadband LPFSN Broadband LP
808846 FTC Communications, LLCFarmers Long Distance / FTC Wireless
819654 FTC Diversified Services, LLCFTC Diversified Services, LLC
823048 FTTH Communications, LLCFTTH Communications, LLC
830324 FTX Networks LLCFTX Networks LLC
829478 Fuego Wireless, LLCFuego Wireless, LLC
824548 Full Channel, Inc.Full Channel, Inc.
828102 Full Choice Communications, Inc.Full Choice Communications, Inc.
822494 Full Service Computing CorporationFull Service Network
826552 Full Spectrum Communications, Inc.Full Spectrum Communications, Inc.
828115 FullNet Advanced Communications, Inc.FullNet Advanced Communications, Inc.
822954 Fulltel, Inc.Fulltel, Inc.
832706 FulTech Solutions, Inc
832166 Fulton Communications, Inc.Vertical Communications
804741 Fulton Tel. Co. Inc.Fulton Telephone Company, Inc.
835393 Funbers Telecom CorpFunbers Telecom Corp
832098 Fundacion CAF
831352 Fundamental Holdings Corp dba Peak InternetPeak Internet
832670 Furrion, LLCFurrion, LLC
829744 Fusion 5 Inc.Fusion 5 Inc.
833299 Fusion Cloud Company, LLCFusion Cloud Company, LLC
820930 Fusion Communications, LLCFusion Communications, LLC
835779 Fusion Enterprises LLCFusion IT Solutions & Managed Networks
822052 Fusion MPHC Group, IncFusion MPHC Group, Inc
807993 Fusion Telecom of Kansas, LLCFusion Telecom of Kansas, LLC
819422 Fusion Telecom of Missouri, LLC.Fusion Telecom of Missouri, LLC
820061 Fusion Telecom of Oklahoma, LLCFusion Telecom of Oklahoma, LLC
819948 Fusion Telecom of Texas, Ltd., LLPFusion Telecom of Texas, Ltd., LLP
830504 Fusion Voice and Data CorpFusion Voice and Data Corp
815887 Futaris, Inc.Futaris, Inc.
830602 Futiva LLCFutiva
817738 Futronics Paging, Inc.Futronics Paging, Inc.
835328 Future Broadband, LLC
815290 Future Communications, Inc.Future Communications, Inc.
809833 Future Focus Telecommunications, Inc.Future Focus Telecommunications, Inc.
832735 Future Nine Corporation
816200 Future Page, Inc.Future Page, Inc.
820351 Future TalkFuture Talk
825417 Future Telecommunications, Inc.Future Telecommunications
816940 Future View PagingFuture View Paging
833550 Future Wireless Technologies of Nebraska, IncFuture Technologies
830175 LLCFutureDigital360
816942 Futureware EnterprisesGalaxy TV & Home Furnishings
823966 FUTURUM Communications
826480 FWC Communications, Inc.FWC Communications, Inc.
812064 G & G Communications, Inc.G & G Communications, Inc.
815510 G & M SalesG&M Payphone Services
819704 G & P CommunicationsG & P Communications
823204 G A Communication CorporationG A Communication
834625 G&C Interconnects, Ltd.Face 2 Face Telecommunications
827697 G&D Communications, Inc.G&D Communications, Inc.
828683 G-Five Communications, LLCG-Five Communications, LLC
826810 G-Link Communications, Inc.G-Link Communications, Inc.
829299 G.A. Waldhauser & Associates, LLCG.A. Waldhauser & Associates, LLC
819848 G.C. Global, Inc.GC Global, Inc.
829083 G12 Communications LLCG12 Communications LLC
828681 G3 Telecom USA, Inc.G3 Telecom USA, Inc.
822504 G4 Communications CorporationG4 Communications
835747 GAB Telecom LLCGAB Telecom
828607, Inc.Gab Addict
833140 Gabb Wireless, Inc.
829953 Gabbit, LLCGabbit, LLC
827114 Gabriel Technologies, Inc.Gabriel Technologies, Inc.
822326 Gabriel Wireless, LLCGabriel Wireless, LLC
807402 Gadsden Cell Tel. Co. PartnershipVerizon Wireless
824618 Gafachi Telecom-NY, Inc.Gafachi Telecom
827177 Gafachi, Inc.Gafachi, Inc.
831842 Gage Telephone Systems LLCGage
836496 Gagiteck Inc
832575 GAIA Telecom LLCGAIA Telecom
822810 Gains International (Europe), Ltd.Gains International (Europe), Ltd.
827435 Galaxy 1 Communications, LLC.Galaxy 1 Communications, LLC.
819588 Galaxy Cable, Inc.Galaxy Network Services
824682 Galaxy Communications Corp.Galaxy Communications Corp.
827495 Galaxy Communications, Corp.Galaxy Communications, Corp.
835657 Galaxy Distribution LLC
825792 Galesburg Communications, Inc.Galesburg Communications, Inc.
818006 Gallatin River Communications, LLCGallatin River Communications
832080 Gallatin Wireless Internet, LLCwispwest
809423 Galveston Cellular Telephone CompanyCingular Wireless
830377 Gamewood Technology Group, Inc.Gamewood Technology Group, Inc.
829423 Gamma Acquisition L.L.C.Gamma Acquisition L.L.C.
835628 GAN Computer Services Inc
803724 Ganado Telephone Company Inc.Ganado Telephone Company, Inc.
827893 Gans Communications, LPMetroCast Communications
832207 Gantex Enterprises LLC
803319 Garden Valley Telephone CompanyGarden Valley Telephone Company
826105 Gardenstate Pre paid dba GFY TelecomGardenstate Pre paid dba GFY Telecom
827933 Gardline Comms, Inc.GCOMM
803706 Gardonville Coop. Tel. Assn.Gardonville Coop. Tel. Assn.
830285 Gargoyle Technologies, Inc.Volo Broadband
831298 Garmin Services, Inc.Garmin Services, Inc.
828581 Garmin USA IncGarmin USA Inc
811779 Garvin Oil Company, Inc.DBA Kents Korner
815484 Gary I. ZarlowG & N Ventures
817148 Gascosage Technologies, L.L.C.Gascosage Technologies, L.L.C.
820940 Gaston Memorial HospitalGaston Memorial Hospital
834616 Gatekeeper Systems USA Inc.Gatekeeper Systems USA Inc.
821228 Gates Communications, Inc.Gates Communications, Inc.
826736 Gatevox Communications, Inc.Gatevox Communications, Inc.
828126 Gateway Communications Services of Virginia, Inc.Gateway Communications Services of Virginia, Inc.
833357 Gateway Fiber LLC
814675 Gateway Holding Company, Inc.Gateway Holding Company, Inc.
821764 Gateway Telecom LLC, dba Stratus Wave CommunicationsStratuswave Communications
830936 Gateway Telnet, Inc.Gateway Telnet, Inc.
812363 Gateway Wireless Services, L.C.Gateway Wireless Services, L.C.
826244 GatherWorks, Inc.GatherWorks, Inc.
830576 Gator Networking Services IncH&R Telephones
827298 Gaucho Sat U.S.A Inc.Gaucho Sat U.S.A Inc.
833679 GAVOIP, Inc.GAVOIP, Inc.
829078 GAW High-Speed Internet, Inc.GAW High-Speed Internet, Inc.
832751 Gazelle Intense SolutionsGazelle Intense Solutions
825375 GBT Communications, Inc.GBT Communications, Inc.
828705 GC Pivotal, LLCGC Pivotal, LLC
809226 GCB Communications, Inc.Pacific Communications
807630 GCI Communications Corp.GCI Communication Corp.
826044 GCR Telecommunications, Inc.GCR Telecommunications, Inc.
802374 GE Business Productivity Solutions, Inc.GE Capital Communication Services
802101 Gearheart CommunicationsCoalfields Telephone Company
832808 Geaux Techie LLCGeaux Techie LLC
833258 Geek Advisor Network LLCGeek Advisors
820550 Geetel Communications, Inc.Geetel Communications, Inc.
826309 GEH Technologies, LLC.GEH Technologies, LLC.
830059 GEI Communications Inc.GEI Communications Inc.
829088 Geils Communications, Inc.Geils Communications, Inc.
830793 Geise Associates, Ltd.AsuroIT Services
823084 Gem State Communications, Inc.Gem State Communications
812209 Gemini Communication Corp.Page One West
817662 Gemini Companies, Inc.Gemini Companies, Inc.
820288 Gene ChristiansonChristianson & Associates
811871 Gene L. JohnsenMilbank Communications
812101 General Communications Services, LLCGeneral Communications Services, LLC
819398 General Communications Systems, Inc.General Communications Systems, Inc.
821594 General Dynamics-Satellite Communications ServicesGeneral Dynamics-Satellite Communications Services
836725 General Informatics, LLC.General Informatics
821690 General Mobile RadioGeneral Mobile Radio
826987 General Telecard, LLC.General Telecard, LLC.
819480 General Telecourier, Inc.General Telecourier, Inc.
829519 GenerationOne, Inc.GenerationOne
831313 Geneseo Communications Services, Inc.Geneseo Communications Services, Inc.
808200 Geneseo Tel. Co.Geneseo Telephone Company
833316 Genesis Adaptive Hosting, INC
832752 Genesis Communications Group LLCGenesis Communications Group LLC
825355 Genesis Prepaid, Connections, Inc.Genesis Prepaid, Connections, Inc.
833374 Genesis System Enterprises
831034 Genesis Technology Communications LLCGenesis Wireless
823014 Genesis Telecommunications Group, LLCGenesis Telecommunications Group
823242 Genesis Telecommunications, LLCGenesis Telecommunications, LLC
827287 Genesys Conferencing, Inc.Genesys Conferencing, Inc.
831528 Geneva Broadband, LLCGeneva Broadband
831599 Genie Innovations, LLCGenie Innovations Inc.
828842 Genisys Global Networks, LLCGenisys Networks
835570 Genius Communications LLCGenius Communications LLC
817810 Gennaro CalisiAmazing Galaxy Co.
819919 Genuity Telecom, Inc.Genuity Telecom, Inc.
828170 Genusys, IncGenusys, Inc
824834 Geo-Group Communications, Inc.Geo-Group Communications, Inc.
826936 GeoNet Communications Group, Inc.GeoNet Communications Group, Inc.
828218 George Dombakly dba Breakthrough EnterprisesBreakthrough Enterprises
827059 Georgetown Communications, Inc.Georgetown Communications, Inc.
809550 Georgetown Telephone Co, Inc.Georgetown Telephone Company, Inc.
820106 Georgia 220 MHz Alliance, LLCGeorgia 220 MHz Alliance, LLC
828259 Georgia Business Net Inc.Georgia Business Net Inc.
827046 Georgia Business Net Telecommunication, LLC.Georgia Business Net Telecommunication, LLC.
830437 Georgia Communications CorporationNGN Connect
832351 Georgia Network Operations Company, LLCGeorgia Network Operations Company, LLC
823878 Georgia Public Web, Inc.Georgia Public Web, Inc.
802601 Georgia RSA #11, Inc.United States Cellular
806211 Georgia RSA #8 PartnershipAlltel
804318 Georgia RSA No. 1 Ltd. PartnershipCingular Wireless
806214 Georgia RSA No. 12 PartnershipALLTEL
806217 Georgia RSA No. 14 Cellular PartnershipALLTEL
804321 Georgia RSA No. 2 Ltd. PartnershipCingular Wireless
804324 Georgia RSA No. 3 Ltd. PartnershipCingular Wireless
805105 Georgia Windstream, LLCWindstream
836327 Georgialina Networks, LLC
827192 Geos Communications, Inc.Geos Communicaitons, Inc.
824756 GeoStar Communications, LLCGeoStar Communications, LLC
835332 Geostar llcGeoStar Communications
825397 GeoTel Communication Services, Inc.GeoTel Communication Services, Inc.
826684 Geotel International, L.C.Geotel International, L.C.
809664 Gerald C. BuckwalterEastern Paytel
815470 Gerald TrevarthenBusiness Communication Associates
820159 Gerlach Communications Holding Group, Inc.Gerlach Communications Holding Group, Inc.
808407 Germantown Independent Tel. Co.Germantown Independent Telephone Company
816718 Germantown Long Distance CompanyGermantown Long Distance Company
802347 Germantown Tel. Co. Inc.Germantown Telephone Co., Inc.
808872 Gervais Tel. Co.Gervais Telephone
826168 Gestatio, Inc.Gestatio, Inc.
829933 GetGo Communications LLCGetGo Communications LLC
836350 Getgoing Infrastructure Group, LLCFox Valley Internet
829954 Ghostcomm MD LLCGhostcomm MD LLC
823576 Giant Communications, Inc.Giant Communications, Inc.
832506 Gibson Connect, LLCGibson Connect, LLC
831582 Gibson Electric Membership CorporationGibson Electric Membership Corporation
834398 Gibson Teldata, Inc
833379 Gigabit Communications LLC.Gigabit Communications LLC.
829448 GigaKom, Inc.GigaKom
833269 GigaMonster Networks, LLCGigaMonster Networks, LLC
831871 GigaMonster, LLCGigaMonster, LLC
833043 GigaPop Internet Services LLCGigaPop Internet Services LLC
826547 Gila County Wireless, LLCGila County Wireless, LLC
827551 Gila Local Exchange CarrierGila Local Exchange Carrier
828241 Gila River Asset Management, Inc.Gila River Asset Management, Inc.
806763 Gila River Telecommunications, Inc.Gila River Telecommunications, Inc.
816042 Gila Rivers Cellular General PartnershipAir Touch Cellular
826209 Gila Rivers Cellular General PartnershipAir Touch Cellular
821452 GilComm L.L.C.GilComm L.L.C.
832613 Giles-Craig Communications Inc.
809805 Giles-Craig Communications, Inc.Giles-Craig Communications, Inc.
820387 Gillette Global Network, Inc.Info Highway
827736 Gilmer Cable Television Company, Inc.Gilmer Cable Television Company, Inc.
825576 Gist Wireless, Inc.Gist Wireless, Inc.
836177 Gizat Global Communications
815466 GJG PayPhones, Inc.GJG PayPhones, Inc.
833815 Glacier Network Inc.
830385 Gladesmore Telecom IncGladesmore Telecom Inc
834275 Gladius Technologies, Inc.Digital Uppercut IT
803304 Glandorf Telephone Co. Inc.Glandorf Telephone Co., Inc.
809437 Glasford Tel. Co.Glasford Telephone Company
820418 Glen Canyon Communications, Inc.Glen Canyon Communications, Inc.
829779 Glencom Corporation, Inc.PacificIP
825484 Glentel Corp.Glentel
808605 Glenwood Network Services, Inc.Glenwood Network Services, Inc.
802317 Glenwood Tel. Membership Corp.Glenwood Telephone Membership Corporation
819148 Glenwood Telecommunications Inc.Glenwood Long Distance
807720 Glenwood Telephone CompanyGlenwood Telephone Company
827877 Globafon, Inc.Globafon, Inc.
824570 Global 9, Inc.Global 9, Inc.
835385 Global Access Networks LLCGlobal Access Networks
822386 Global Access Telecom & VOIP CorporationGlobal Access Telecom & VOIP Corporation
829401 Global Bridge Connections, Inc.Global Bridge Connections, Inc.
828085 Global Broadband Services LLCGlobal Broadbaud Services LLC
830824 Global Business Solutions, Inc.
823386 Global Business Solutions, Inc.Global Business Solutions, Inc.
830342 Global Calling CorporationGlobal Calling Corporation
825393 Global Capacity Direct, LLCGlobal Capacity, LLC, FKA Vanco Direct USA, LLC
823938 Global Capacity Group, Inc.Global Capacity Group, Inc.
828811 Global Caribbean NetworkGlobal Caribbean Network
828992 Global Cell Calls, Inc.La-Rana Celular
827807 Global Choice Communications, CorpGlobal Choice Communications, Corp
826790 Global Com LLC.Global Com LLC.
832092 Global Communication Networks, Inc.GCN
813203 Global CommunicationsGlobal Communications
823214 Global Communications Consulting CorporationGlobal Communications Consulting Corporation
823330 Global Communications Integrators, LLCGCI Com
826466 Global Communications Network, Inc.
816980 Global Communications, Inc.Mobile Communications, Inc.
828528 Global Conferencing Solutions LLCGlobal Conferencing Solutions
824742 Global Connect Telecommunications, Inc.Global Connect Telecommunications, Inc.
827598 Global Connection Inc. of AmericaGlobal Connection Inc. of America
825162 Global Connection Inc. of AmericaGlobal Connection Inc. of America
822212 Global Connectivity Corp.Global Connectivity Corp.
821818 Global Crest Communications, Inc.Dimensions
811776 Global Crossing Americas Solutions, Inc.GLOBAL CROSSING AMERICAS SOLUTIONS, INC., FKA IMPSAT USA, INC.
809586 Global Crossing Bandwidth, Inc.Global Crossing Bandwidth, Inc.
821356 Global Crossing Government Markets USA, Inc.Global Crossing Government Markets USA, Inc.
822410 Global Crossing Holdings USA, IncGlobal Crossing Holdings USA, Inc. (Debtor-In-Possession)
805772 Global Crossing Local Services, Inc.Global Crossing Local Services, Inc.
808347 Global Crossing North American Networks, Inc.Global Crossing North American Networks, Inc.
803667 Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.
805938 Global Crossing Telemanagement, Inc.Global Crossing Telemanagement, Inc.
826980 Global Data Systems, Inc.Global Data Systems, Inc.
833254 Global Data Technologies, Inc
827978 Global Data Technologies, Inc.Global Data Technologies, Inc.
824324 Global Dialtone, Inc.Global Dialtone, Inc.
827915 Global Digitec, LLC.Global Digitec, LLC.
825606 Global Direct Telecom, LLCGlobal Direct Telecom, LLC
811605 Global Enterprise Telecommunication Spec., Inc.Global Enterprise
824058 Global Focus Communications, Inc.Global Focus Communications, Inc.
827219 Global Force Telecom, LLC.Global Force Telecom, LLC.
832446 Global Hawk Communications
825758 Global Information TechnologiesGlobal Information Technologies
823996 Global Intech Solutions, Inc.Global Intech Solutions, Inc.
826141 Global Internet Services, Inc.Global Long Distance Savings
829424 Global Iridium. Corp.Global Iridium. Corp.
831312 Global IT Communications, Inc.
829318 Global Layer LLCGlobal Layer LLC
819857 Global Link Communications, Inc.Global Link Communications, Inc.
827375 Global Link Communications, Inc.Global Link Communications, Inc.
836448 Global Link Communications, Inc.Global Link Communications, Inc.
824420 Global Link Communications, LLCGlobal Link Communications, LLC
828979 Global Link Telecom IncGlobal Link Telecom Inc
825120 Global NAPs Networks, Inc.Global NAPs Networks, Inc.
819218 Global NAPS South, Inc.Global NAPS South, Inc.
819214 Global NAPS, Inc.Global NAPS, Inc.
834658 Global Net Communications, Inc.
828414 Global Net Holdings, Inc.Global Net Holdings, Inc.
826322 Global Network Communication West, Inc.Global Network Communication West, Inc.
830021 Global Network Solutions, LLCGlobal Network Solutions, LLC
829045 Global Node Inc.Global Node Inc.
834401 Global Numbers Inc
826459 Global One Touch, LLC.Global One Touch, LLC.
826415 Global Online Electronic Services, Inc.Global Online Electronic Services, Inc.
831795 Global Outlook Inc
827992 Global Pacific Voice, LLC.Global Pacific Voice, LLC.
822074 Global Phone CompanyGlobal Phone Company
822364 Global Phone International, LTD.Global Phone International, LTD.
826665 Global Pinoy Call, LLC.Global Pinoy Call, LLC.
829719 Global Reach Communications, Inc.Global Reach Communications, Inc.
824672 Global Respondez, Inc.One Touch India
816606 Global Response CorporationFestival Flea Market
826745 Global Roaming, Inc.CelTrek
827512 Global Satellite Services, LLC.Global Satellite Services, LLC.
836304 Global Secure Layer, LLC
836046 Global ServicesGlobal Services
832781 Global Solutions IncGlobal Solutions Inc
824250 Global Star Telecom, LLCGlobal Star Telecom, LLC
830008 Global Stream LLCGlobal Stream LLC
831204 Global Talk 123, Inc.Global Talk 123, Inc.
827760 Global Talk Telecom, LLC.Global Talk Telecom, LLC.
824590 Global Tech Telecommunications, Inc.Global Tech Telecommunications, Inc.
828725 Global Technologies Group, LLCYTEL
836692 Global Technology Group, Inc.Global Technology Group, Inc.
809240 Global Tel*Link CorporationGlobal Tel*Link Corporation
827452 Global Telco Group Inc.Global Telco Group Inc.
824902 Global Teldata II LLCGTI
826550 Global TelData, LLC.Global TelData, LLC.
816642 Global TelecomGlobal Telecom
820586 Global Telecom & Technology Americas, Inc.Global Telecom & Technology Americas, Inc.
827331 Global Telecom Access, LLC.Global Telecom Access, LLC.
831797 Global Telecom Exchange LLC
828409 Global Telecom Solutions LLCGlobal Telecom Solutions LLC
823970 Global Telecom Solutions, Inc.GTS
824412 Global Telecom USA, Inc.Global Telecom USA, Inc.
821162 Global Telecommunications CorporationGlobal Telecommunications Corporation
830868 Global Telecommunications Systems, LLCGlobal Telecommunications Systems, LLC
827163 Global Teleconnects CorporationGlobal Teleconnects Corporation
812039 Global TeleMedia International, Inc.Global TeleMedia International, Inc.
834966 Global Telivoz Limited
819866 Global Time, Inc.Global Time, Inc.
823538 Global Touch Telecom, Inc.Global Touch Telecom
824284 Global Unique Communications, Inc.Global Unique Communications, Inc.
801390 Global Valley NetworksGlobal Valley Networks
826150 Global Valley ServicesGlobal Valley Services
821258 Global Voice Services, Inc.Global Voice Services, Inc.
822986 Global Voicecom, Inc.Global Voicecom
829506 Global Voip IncGlobal Voip Inc
831403 Global VoIP LLC
835466 Global VoIP Services IncGlobal VoIP Services Inc
829150 Global Wholesale Technologies LLCGlobal Wholesale Technologies LLC
834556 Global WirelessGlobal Wireless
833395 Globalcom International, LLC
817110 Globalcom Wireless, LLCGlobalcom Wireless
820144 Globalcom, Inc.Globalcom, Inc.
830215 Globalcomm Group, LLCGlobalcomm Group, LLC
818670 Globalinx Enterprises, Inc.Globalinx Enterprises, Inc.
823654 GlobalNet International, Inc.GlobalNet International, Inc.
826614 GlobalNova, Inc.GlobalNova, Inc.
823030 GlobalPhone Corp.GlobalPhone Corp.
827628 Globalringer, Inc.Globalringer, Inc.
824494 Globalrock Networks, Inc.Globalrock Networks, Inc.
832191 Globalsat Group LLC
820826 Globalstar Caribbean Ltd.Globalstar Caribbean
830048 GlobalSysConnect, LLC.GlobalSysConnect, LLC.
826070 GlobalTel IP Inc.GlobalTel IP Inc.
831202 GlobalTmail USA, LLCVoifone Carrier
822598 Globaltron Communications CorporationGlobaltron Communications Corporation
828181 GlobalVerge IncGlobalVerge Inc
831167 GlobalwareGlobalware
803139 Globe Telecommunications, Inc.Globe Telecommunications, Inc.
814925 GlobeCast North America, Inc.GlobeCast
827062 Globenet Cabos Submarinos America, Inc.Globenet Cabos Submarinos America, Inc.
820105 Gloria Telecommunications, Inc.Gloria Telecommunications, Inc.
830559 Glory Communication Americas Co., LTD.
834842 GloryFone Communications
819212 Glyphics Communications, Inc.Glyphics Communications, Inc.
834328 GMG World Media LLCNALA Comm
832788 GMP Media GroupGMP Media Group
835321 GMV Syncromatics CorpSyncromatics Corp
826120 Go America, Inc.Go America
827272 Go Gold Group-3G CorporationGo Gold Group-3G Corporation
835969 GO MD USA LLC
829873 Go Solo Technologies of Florida One, Inc.Go Solo Technologies of Florida One, Inc.
834805 Go Talk
833611 Go Technology Management
835813 Go Voip Dialing LLCGo Voip Dialing
823346,, Inc.,, Go2Call
822692 GoBeam Services, Inc.GoBeam Services, Inc.
833960 GoCo Technology (U.S.) Inc.GoCo, GoCo Technology
831921 LLC
831533 GoFastCommunicationsGoFastCommunications
822226 Gogo Business Aviation LLCGogo Business Aviation LLC
836732 GOGO Generator LLCChristopher Nieliwocki
834202 GOIP Globalnet Solutions LLC
835334 GoKart LLCGoKart LLC
805232 Gold Creek CellularVerizon Wireless
823652 Gold Line Telemanagement, Inc.Gold Line Telemanagement, Inc.
836624 Gold Pyramid Technology LLCGold Pyramid Tech
825853 Gold Star Communications, LLC.Silver Star Communications
831316 Golden Gate Telecom, Inc
828475 Golden Star Technology, Inc.GST
829146 Golden State Communications, Inc.Golden State Communications, Inc.
811482 Golden Tel., Inc.Golden Tel
811483 Golden West Technologies, Inc.Golden West Technologies, Inc.
801096 Golden West Tel. Coop. Inc.Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.
819092 Goldfield Access NetworkGoldfield Access Network, LC
817936 Goldfield Communications Services Corp.Goldfield Communications Services, Corp.
801097 Goldfield Tel. Co.Goldfield Telephone Company
830957 GoldKey CorporationGoldKey Corporation
822356 Goldstar Communications, LLCGoldstar Communications, LLC
829895 GoLifeTel CorporationGoLifeTel Corporation
827473 Gonthier, Inc.Gonthier, Inc.
818604 Good Alarm & Security, Inc.Good Alarm & Security, Inc.
835740 Good Business Phones LLCCall 64
830503 GoodLife Communications, LLCGoodLife Communications, LLC
807156 Goodman Tel. Co.Goodman Telephone Company
829985 Goodwin Global CommunicationsGoodwin Global Communications
830710 Google Dialer Inc.Google Hangouts
831529 Google Fiber North America Inc.Google Fiber Phone
830853 Google North America Inc.
831881 Goosetown Enterprises, Inc.
825641 Gordon Communications, Inc.Gordon Communications, Inc.
802359 Gorham Tel. Co. Inc.Gorham Telephone Company
831007 GoTel Communications, LLCGoTel Communications, LLC
825825 GotelOne CorporationGotelOne
831979 GoTo Audio, LLCGoTo Group, Inc
828093 GoTo Communications, Inc.GoTo Group, Inc.
832511 GovNET Communication Services LLCGovNET Communication Services
826121 GP Communications, LLC.GP Communications, LLC.
819696 GPE Southeast, Inc.GPE Southeast, Inc.
829439 GPS Com IncorporatedGPS Com Incorporated
833683 GQ Miami LLCGQ Telecom
833664 Grace Networks LLC
835440 Gracetel, Inc.
836267 Grade A Computer Services LLCGrade A Technology Services
832377 Graffen Business Systems, Inc.Graffen Business Systems, Inc.
801364 Grafton Long Distance CompanyGrafton Long Distance Company
822458 Grafton Technologies, Inc.Grafton Technologies, Inc.
801363 Grafton Telephone CompanyGrafton Telephone Company
819714 Graham Communications Ltd.Graham Communications, Ltd.
820022 Graham Payphone EnterprisesGraham Payphone Enterprises
835091 Gralvat Limited
801921 Granada Tel. Co.Granada Telephone Company
832259 Granade, Inc.
820162 Granbury Comm., Inc.Granbury Comm., Inc.
802908 Granby Telephone CompanyGranby Telephone Company
805674 Granby Telephone LLCGranby Telephone LLC
827468 Grand Call Holdings, Inc.Grand Call Holdings, Inc.
826512 Grand Mound Communications CompanyGrand Mound Communications Company
808964 Grand Mound Coop. Tel. Assn.Grand Mound Cooperative Telephone Association
833857 Grand Rapids Connected, Inc.
818174 Grand River Communications, Inc.Grand River Communications, Inc.
803028 Grand River Mutual Tel. CorporationGRM Networks
824142 Grand Strand Communications, Inc.Grand Strand Communications, Inc.
808752 Grand Telephone Co. Inc.Grand Telephone Company, Inc.
824224 Grand Valley Internet, IncGrand Valley Telecommunications, Inc
820892 Grande Communications ClearSource, Inc.Grande Communications ClearSource, Inc.
820409 Grande Communications Networks LLCGrande Communicaitons Networks LLC
819166 Grandtel Pay Phone, Inc.Grandtel Pay Phone, Inc.
813094 Grandview Mutual Tel. Co.The Grandview Mutual Telephone Co.
835919 Granite Communications & Security, LLC
832021 Granite Communications Inc.
807064 Granite State Long Distance, Inc.Granite State Long Distance, Inc.
807063 Granite State Tel. Inc.Granite State Telephone, Inc.
822170 Granite Telecommunications, LLCGranite Telecommunications, LLC
834513 Grant County PowerNet, Inc.Grant County PowerNet
821898 Grant Telecommunications company Inc.Grant Telecommunications company Inc.
805578 Grantland Telecom, Inc.TDS Telecom
820528 Grantsburg Telcom, Inc.Grantsburg Telcom, Inc.
829285 Grapevine Interactive Technologies, LLCGrapevine Interactive Technologies, LLC
835569 Grase Communications, LLCMiWave
827977 Grasshopper Group, LLCGoTo Group, Inc
833260 Grassroots Advisors, LLCGrassroots Advisors
835574 Grateful LLCVox Voice
819290 Gratel CommunicationsGratel Communications
829113 Gray Bear Resources CorpGray Bear Resources Corp
809514 Gray Florida Holdings, Inc.Porta-Phone Paging
815264 Graybill Electronics, Inc.Graybill Communications
830949 Graycom, LLCGraycom
823478 Graycom, LLCGraycom, LLC
804939 Grays Harbor-Mason Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
828294 Grayson CableRocket, LLCGrayson CableRocket, LLC
834506 Grayson Data Services LLC
819266 Grayson TelecommunicationGrayson Telecommunication
815837 Graystone CommunicationsGraystone Communications
828713 Greasy Bend Ventures, Inc.LiveAir Networks
827964 Great America Networks Conferencing, LLC.Great America Networks Conferencing, LLC.
822738 Great America Networks, Inc.Great America Networks, Inc.
827395 Great Auk Wireless, LLC.Great Auk Wireless, LLC.
831608 Great Basin Electronics, Inc.Great Basin Electronics, Inc
826587 Great Call, Inc.Great Call, Inc./Jitterbug
833883 Great Choice Telecom LLC
825621 Great Lakes Communication Corp.Great Lakes Communication Corp.
818716 Great Lakes Comnet, Inc.Great Lakes Comnet, Inc.
832726 Great Lakes Energy Connections, Inc.Truestream
815624 Great Lakes of Iowa, Inc.Cellular One
820033 Great Lakes Telecommunications Corp.Great Lakes Telecommunications Corp.
824330 Great Lakes Telephone, LLCGreat Lakes Telephone
826228 Great Plains Broadband, Inc.Great Plains Broadband, Inc.
803124 Great Plains Communications LLC.Great Plains Communications, LLC.
822084 Great Plains Communications Long DistanceGreat Plains Communications Long Distance
819985 Great West Services, Ltd.SimCom/SimCom Communications
825232 Great Western Cellular Holdings, LLCGreat Western Cellular Holdings, LLC
827646 Great Western Communications, LLC.Great Western Communications, LLC.
834532 Great WirelessUS Connect
817222 Green Bay Cell Tel Co.United States Cellular
829748 Green Eagle Networks Inc.Green Eagle Networks Inc.
820490 Green Hills Area CellularGreen Hills Area Cellular Tel.
819996 Green Hills Communications, Inc.Green Hills Communications, Inc.
808936 Green Hills Tel. Corp.Green Hills Telephone Corporation
817194 Green Mountain Long Distance ServiceGreen Mountain Long Distance Service
833344 Green River Falls LLCMy Tel Pros
811602 Greenbriar (1996), Ltd.Greenbriar Mall
827402 Greene County PartnersGreene County Partners
835299 Greeneville Energy Authority
823342 Greenfield Communications, Inc.Greenfield Communications, Inc.
826830 GreenFly Networks Inc.Clearfly Communications
834289 Greenmark IT, LLC
835704 greenpages, incgreenpages, inc
827801 Greenway Communications LLCGreenway Communications LLC
833331 Greenwell Software LLCElytron Communications
816806 Greg Hart Communications, Inc.Greg Hart Communications, Inc.
809839 Greg RalphsGreg Ralphs
830720 Greign Corporation
825112 Grid4 Communications, Inc.Grid4
803122 Gridley Communications, Inc.Gridley Communications, Inc.
803121 Gridley Tel. Co.Gridley Telephone Company
805695 Griggs County Telephone CompanyGriggs County Telephone Company
803316 Griswold Coop. Tel. Co.Griswold Cooperative Telephone Company
822204 Grizzly Bear Wireless CorporationGrizzly Bear Wireless Corporation
832419 Grizzly Broadband, LLCCybernet1
827436 Ground Control Technologies UK LTDWireless Innovation LTD
811302 Group Long Distance, Inc.GLD
827562 Group Six Communications LLCGroup Six Communications LLC
828189 GRS Telecom Inc.Callerid4u, Inc.
821598 Grundy Center Municipal UtilitiesGrundy Center Municipal Utilities
833351 Grupo AtabayaGrupo Atabaya
832202 Grupo NGN, Inc.Grupo NGN, Inc.
830036 Grupo Peralta Corporativo, Inc.Grupo Peralta Corporativo, Inc.
831893 Grupo Peralta Corporativo, LLC
826803 GS Miami, Inc.GS Miami, Inc.
830375 GS Texas Ventures, LLCGS Texas Ventures, LLC
830537 GSC IT Solutions, Inc.GSC IT Solutions, Inc.
823206 GSC Telecommunications, Inc.GSC Telecommunications, Inc.
828262 Gsolutionz, Inc.Gsolutionz, Inc.
825746 GTA Services, LLC.GTA Services, LLC.
829630 GTC BroadbandGTC Broadband
827372 GTC Global Telecom, Inc.GTC Global Telecom, Inc.
818720 GTC Telecom, Inc.GTC Telecom, Inc.
824272 GTC, Inc.GTC, Inc.
807504 GTE Mobilnet of California Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
807468 GTE Mobilnet of Florence, Alabama, Inc.Verizon Wireless
807540 GTE Mobilnet of Fort Wayne Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
807516 GTE Mobilnet of Houston, Inc.Verizon Wireless
807555 GTE Mobilnet of Indiana Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
807600 GTE Mobilnet of Indiana RSA #1 Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
807558 GTE Mobilnet of Indiana RSA #3 Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
807585 GTE Mobilnet of Indiana RSA #6 Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
807519 GTE Mobilnet of Santa Barbara Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
807513 GTE Mobilnet of South Texas Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
807588 GTE Mobilnet of Terre Haute Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
807549 GTE Mobilnet of Texas RSA #17 Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
807546 GTE Mobilnet of Texas RSA #21Verizon Wireless
807411 GTE Mobilnet of the South, Inc.Verizon Wireless
807447 GTE Mobilnet of the Southwest, Inc.Verizon Wireless
819878 GTE Pacific-GuamVerizon Pacifica-GUAM
803890 GTE Pacifica, Inc.Verizon Pacifica
816320 GTE Wireless of the Midwest, Inc.Verizon Wireless
834327 GTech Fiber LLCGascosage Technologies LLC
831535 Gtek Computers & Wireless L.L.C.Gtek Communications, LLC
825479 GTEL Conustancy And Services, Inc.GTEL Conustancy And Services, Inc.
828800 GTI CorporationGTI Telecom
834376 Gtrade LLCGtrade LLC
831580 GTT Americas LLCGTT Communications
835096 GTX Communications LLCGTX Communications LLC
830306 Guacamole Press, LLCSolano Wireless Internet
818266 Guadalupe Valley Communications Systems, LPGuadalupe Valley Long Distance
804603 Guadalupe Valley Tel. Co-op. Inc.Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
825686 Guam Telecom, LLC.MCV TeleCom
825376 Guam Wireless Telephone Company, LLCHafatel
833591 Guaranteed Electric Service Inc.
830049 Guaranty Consulting LLCGuaranty Consulting LLC
828578 Gulf Coast Home Phones, Inc.Gulf Coast Home Phones, Inc.
815220 Gulf Coast Wireless Limited PartnershipSprint PCS
802281 Gulf Long Distance, Inc.Gulf Long Distance, Inc.
821194 Gulf South Pay Phone Service, Inc.Gulf South Pay Phone Service, Inc.
831886 Gulf South Telephone Louisiana IP, LLC
802182 Gulf Telephone CompanyGulf Telephone Company
819216 GulfPines Communications, LLCGulfPines Communications, LLC
835242 Gulpha Communications LLCGulpha Communications
809534 Gunnison Tel. Co.Gunnison Telephone Company
821724 Guthrie Telecommunications Network, Inc.Guthrie Telecommunications Network, Inc.
833749 GVenture USA LLC
829191 GW Communications USA Inc.GWC Telecom
828385 GW Wireless, Inc.GW Wireless, Inc.
807042 H & B Communications Inc.H & B Communications
825204 H&B Cable Service, Inc.H&B Cable Service, Inc.
829862 H&R PayphonesH&R Payphones
820134 H.E.I Communications, Inc.Sunset Coast Paging
825582 H.S.I. Communications, LLC.H.S.I. Communications, LLC.
812032 H.S.I. Telecom, Inc.H.S.I. Telecom, Inc.
834824 Haastech LLC
833851 Hablax IncHablax Inc
832339 Hablax, Inc.
833496 Hadden Energy and CommunicationsHEC Solutions
832373 HADLO Technologies LLCHADLO Technologies LLC
835122 Hadodo Wireless Inc.Hadodo Wireless Inc.
829010 Haefele TV IncHaefele TV Inc
808023 Hager Telecom Inc.Hager Telecom, Inc.
830697 Halcy Group IncorporatedHalcy Group
822922 Halestorm, Inc.Bridge RV Park
820457 Hall's CommunicationsHall's Communications
829064 Halo Wireless Services, IncHalo Wireless Services, Inc
828075 Halo Wireless, Inc.Halo Wireless, Inc.
803424 Halstad Tel. Co.Halstad Telephone Company
827864 HamelTronics, LLC.HamelTronics, LLC.
806425 Hamilton Cellular Telephone CompanyVerizon Wireless
819756 Hamilton County Communications, Inc.Hamilton County Communications, Inc.
801541 Hamilton County Long Distance, Inc.Hamilton County Long Distance, Inc.
801540 Hamilton County Telephone CO-OPHamilton County Telephone CO-OP
827043 Hamilton County Wireless, LLCHamilton County Wireless, LLC
801916 Hamilton Long Distance CompanyHamilton Telecommunications
801915 Hamilton Tel. Co.Hamilton Telecommunications
830794 Hamilton-Ryker IT Solutions, LLCHamilton-Ryker IT Solutions, LLC
831449 Hammer Fiber Optic Investments Ltd.
803232 Hampden Telephone Co.TDS Telecom
817072 Hana BeeperHana Beeper
823000 Hanaro Telecom America, Inc.Hanaro Telecom America, Inc.
815332 Hancock Communications, Inc.Hancock Communications, Inc.
826589 Hancock Long Distance, Inc.Hancock Long Distance, Inc.
805515 Hancock Rural Tel. Corp.NineStar Connect
802335 Hancock Tel. Co.The Hancock Telephone Company
822300 Hands On Sign Language Services, Inc.Hands On Sign Language Services, Inc.
834462 Hankins Information TechnologyHankins Information Technology
821810 Hanksville Telcom, Inc.Hanksville Telcom, Inc.
829834 Hannah Mercy Inc.Hannah Mercy Inc.
836487 Hans-On Solutions LLCTruit
835245 Hanson Communications of Ohio, LLCTSC
834064 Happy Computer Inc.ITRemedy
827726 Happy Elves Media And More, LLC.Happy Elves Media And More, LLC.
831206 Happy Hamster ComputersIT Assurance
805449 Happy Valley Telephone Co.TDS Telecom
829503 Harbin ServiceUnique Wireless
822246 Harbor Communications, LLCHarbor Communications, LLC
821524 Harbor Communications, LLCHarbor Communications, LLC
835710 Harbor Digital Systems, INCHarbor Digital Systems
832524 Harbor Networks, Inc.
830512 Harborlite Networks, LLC.Harborlite Networks, LLC.
826146 Hardin County WirelessHardin County Wireless
836269 harding marketingsmarketing
802614 Hardy Cellular Telephone CompanyUnited States Cellular
802041 Hardy Telecommunications, Inc.Hardy Telecommunications, Inc.
825877 Hardy Telecommunications, Inc. - CLECHardy Telecommunications, Inc. - CLEC
827444 Hargray Communications Group, Inc.Hargray Communications Group, Inc.
833250 Hargray of Alabama, LLCHargray
833251 Hargray of Florida, Inc.
822722 Hargray of Georgia, Inc.Hargray
834865 Hargray of Tallahassee LLCHargray of Tallahassee LLC
803625 Hargray Telephone Company, LLCHargray
818108 Hargray Wireless LLCHargray Wireless, LLC
821672 Hargray, LLCHargray
826771 Harlan Community Television, Inc.Harlan Community Television, Inc.
818556 Harlan Homes LLCHarlan Homes, LLC
820688 Harlan Municipal UtilitiesHarlan Municipal Utilities
834645 harlin silvers, incjax I.T. Voica & Data Solutions
824326 Harmer Radio & Electronics, Inc.Harmer Communications
819858 Harmonic ElectronicsHarmonic Electronics
806871 Harmony Tel. Co.Harmony Telephone Company
832944 HarpData LLCHarpdata LLC
832433 Harrington Electric Co.
826628 Harris Broadband, L.P.Harris Broadband
825694 Harris Green Corp.Connect Live
801804 Harrisonville Tel. Co.Harrisonville Telephone Company
812193 Harry MartinMartin Industries
826541 Hart Communications, Inc.Hart Communications, Inc.
809132 Hart Telephone Company, Inc.Hart Telephone Company
808212 Hartington Tel. Co.Hartington Telecommunications Co., Inc.
806802 Hartland & St. Albans Tel. Co.TDS Telecom
804549 Hartman Tel. Exch. Inc.Hartman Telephone Exchanges, Inc.
834517 Hashi Technology, LLCFlorida Wireless
831402 Hashtech LLC
829371 Hasty's Communications East, Inc.Hasty's Communications East, Inc.
805749 Hat Island Tel. Co.Hat Island Tel. Co.
831591 Hatzlacha technologies inc
802089 Haviland Tel. Co. Inc.Haviland Telephone Company
831142 Hawaii Dialogix Telecom, LLCXiberHawaii
825399 Hawaiian Telcom Services Company, Inc.Hawaiian Telcom Services Company, Inc.
803865 Hawaiian Telcom, Inc.Hawaiian Telcom, Inc.
832704 Hawaiki Submarine Cable USA LLC
826230 Hawk Communications, LLC.Hawk Communications, LLC.
831956 Hawk Consulting Group IncVoicology
826229 Hawk VoIP, LLC.Hawk VoIP, LLC.
831613 Hawkeye Consulting LLC
830739 Hawkeye Interconnect CompanyHawkeye Interconnect Company
804564 Hawkeye Tel. Co.Hawkeye Telephone Company
802497 Haxtun Tel. Co.Haxtun Telephone Company
834655 Hayes Business Solutions LLCHayes Business Solutions LLC
822594 Hayes E-Government Resources, Inc.Hayes Computer Systems & Hayes Telecommunications Services, Inc.
818766 Haymaker Communications, Inc.Haymaker Communications, Inc.
820213 Hayneville Fiber TransportHayneville Long Distance
807051 Hayneville Tel. Co. Inc.Hayneville Telephone Company, Inc.
830308 Hayo Telecom, Inc.Hayo Telecom, Inc.
830765 Hayward Networks, IncHayward Networks
833816 HB Makarios Solutions, LLCHB Makarios Solutions
828650 HC Cable OPCO, LLCNuLink Digital
826929 HCI Investment CompanyHCI Investment Company
819834 HCK Communications, Inc.HCK Communications, Inc.
832220 HD Carrier LLC
833332 HDC Alpha, LLC
833333 HDC Beta, LLC
833337 HDC Delta, LLC
833334 HDC Gamma, LLC
835016 HDD Broadband, Inc.
832404 Head In The Cloud IT LLCHead In The Cloud IT LLC
827511 Head Start Telecom, Inc.Head Start Telecom, Inc.
832178 Headland CommunicationsHeadland Communications
822028 Health Group TelecommunicationsVantage Health Group Telecommunications
834466 Health Numeric LLC
833800 Health Systems Informatics, Inc.
831652 Healthcare Practice Real-time Communication
832635 Hearsay Social, Inc.Hearsay Social, Inc
827515 Heart Communications, Inc.Heart Communications, Inc.
804675 Heart of Iowa Communications CooperativeHeart of Iowa Communications Cooperative
804676 Heart of Iowa Communications CooperativeHeart of Iowa Communications, Inc.
827725 Heart of Iowa Ventures, LLC.Heart of Iowa Ventures, LLC.
826129 Heart of the Catskills Communications, Inc.MTC Cable
811743 Hearthstone Enterprises, Inc.Hearthstone Enterprises, Inc.
813157 Heartland Communications, Inc.Heartland Communications, Inc.
820431 Heartland Services, LLCHeartland Services, LLC
822010 Heartland Telecom, Inc.Network America
815070 Heartland Telecommunications Company of IowaPremier Communications
816686 Heath Communications, Inc.Community Payphone
808215 Heath Springs Tel. Co.dba Comporium CommunicationsHeath Springs Telephone Company, Inc.
825332 Helio, LLCHelio, LLC
809256 Helix Tel. Co.Helix Telephone Company
833443 Hello Hello Miami, LLC
820063 Hello Interactive Teleservices, LLCHello Interactive Teleservices, LLC
831579 Hello Labs, Inc.BeQuick
832680 Hello Mobile Telecom LLCHello Mobile Telecom LLC
811080 Hello Pager Company, Inc.Hello, Inc.
825729 Hello Telecommunications Co.Hello Telecommunications Co.
808218 Hemingford Cooperative Telephone CompanyHemingford Co-Operative Telephone Co.
832246 Hemisphere Communications, Inc
808221 Henderson Coop. Tel. Co.Mainstay Communications
819998 Henry B. HendersonProfessional Communications
805722 Henry County Tel. Co.Henry County Telephone Company
812940 Henry N. BanksH N B Communications
831328 Henson LLCKvant
826119 hereUare Communications, Inc.hereUare Communications, Inc.
836477 Heritage Broadband, LLC
830541 Heritage Communications LLCHeritage Communications LLC
835845 Heritage Wireless Group, Inc.
834954 Herrington SolutionsN/A
806646 Herschel's Coin Communications Co.Herschel's Coin Communications Co.
801519 Hershey Coop. Tel. Co.Hershey Cooperative Telephone Company
832439 Hexis Communications LLCHexis Internet
836695 Hexzap Solutions LLC
833177 HFA Holdings, LLCHFA Holdings, LLC
833561 HFA Reseller Services LLCHFA Reseller Services LLC
831929 HFA Services LLC
811440 HFT Communications, LP.Brazoria Long Distance
833722 HHS Construction LLC
831610 Hi-Tech Data, LLC
823614 Hi-Tech Gateway, Inc.ConnectTo Communications
823784 Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc.Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc.
803721 Hiawatha Telephone CompanyHiawatha Telephone Company
825574 Hibernia Atlantic U.S. LLC.Hibernia Atlantic U.S. LLC.
827972 Hibernia Media, LLCHibernia Media, LLC
828891 Hibridos Telecommunications, Inc.Hibridos Telecommunications, Inc.
809742 Hickory Telphone CompanyHickory Telephone Company
812982 Hicks Laundry Equipment Corp.Hicks Laundry Equipment Corp.
822320 Hierholzer Communications, Inc.Andrew Communications
834103 High Country Low Voltage LLC
835950 High Country Networks, LLCHigh Country Communications
833495 High Five Communications, LLCHigh Five Communications, LLC
833518 High Performance Computer Services LLC
819746 High Plain Wireless, LPHigh Plain Wireless Communications
814775 High Plains Telecommunications, Inc.Pioneer Long Distance
828350 High Tech Communications, Inc.High Tech Communications, Inc.
829794 High Tech Communications, Inc.High Tech Communications, Inc.
820352 High-Top PayphonesHigh-Top Payphones
831039 Highbridge Communications, LLCHighbridge Communications, LLC
836109 Higher Response Marketing
819668 Highland Cellular, LLCCellular One
832014 Highland Communication ServicesHighland Communication Services
815658 Highland Communications, LLCHighland Communications, LLC
825784 Highland Communications, LLC.Highland Communications, LLC.
813028 Highland Paging, Inc.Highland Paging
802353 Highland Tel. Coop.Highland Telephone Cooperative
815162 Highland Tel. Coop. Inc.Highland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
821858 Highland Wireless Services, LLCHighland Wireless Services, LLC
835452 Highline Colorado LLC
817312 Highmark CommunicationsHighmark Communications
835152 Highway 89, LLCMereo Networks
833936 Hill Country Broadband Inc.
801639 Hill Country Tel. Coop. Inc.Hill Country Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
827576 Hill Country Telecommunications, LLCHill Country Telecommunications, LLC
833427 Hillard Electric, Inc
802053 Hills Telelephone Co. Inc.Hills Telephone Company, Inc.
802569 Hillsboro Tel. Co. Inc.Hillsboro Telephone Company, Inc.
831433 Hilltop Broadband
814993 Hilltop Communications, Inc.Hilltop Communications, Inc.
830661 Hilscher-Clarke Electric Company
825638 HiMark Communications LLC.HiMark Communications
804128 Hinds & Campbell PropertiesHinds & Campbell Properties
827497 Hinson Communications, Inc.Hinson Communications, Inc.
829456 HIQ Data CorporationHIQ Data Corporation
834355 Hiscall, Inc.Hiscall, Inc.
824884 Hispanic Communications, Inc.Hispanic Communications, Inc.
823994 Hispanic Information & Telecom Network, Inc.Hispanic Information & Telecom Network, Inc.
822524 HITEC Group International, Inc.HITEC Communications Group
833739 HJ Technolgoies LLCHulafish Computer Services
832097 HK Communications Group, LLCAllstar Communications
836173 HMP Metrics, LLC
832407 HNB Venture PartnersEscapeWire Solutions
827171 Hola America LLC.Hola America LLC.
827381 Hola Maria Corp.Hola Maria Corp.
826263 HolaAmerica, LLC.HolaAmerica, LLC.
835042 Hollate Technologies
809570 Hollis Telephone Company, IncTDS Telecom
809094 Holston Valley Communications, Inc.Holston Valley Communications, Inc.
811738 Holsum Bakers, Inc.Caprock Communications
819760 Holsum Partners, LLPHolsum Partners, LLP
820540 Holway Long DistanceHolway Long Distance
807138 Holway Telephone CompanyHolway Telephone Company
815322 Homan Communications, Inc.Homan Communications, Inc.
812337 Home Box Office, a Division of Time Warner EntertainmentHBO Communications Center
823192 Home Box Office, Inc.HBO Communications Center
827060 Home Communications, Inc.Home Communications, Inc.
811382 Home Long Distance, Inc.Home Long Distance
809576 Home Owners Long Distance, Inc.Home Owners Long Distance, Inc.
809018 Home Tel. Co. Inc.Home Telephone Company, Inc.
807778 Home Telenetworks, Inc.Home Telenetworks, Inc.
807777 Home Telephone Co.Home Telephone Company
805452 Home Telephone Co.Home Telephone Co.
806550 Home Telephone Company of PittsboroTDS Telecom
806553 Home Telephone Company, Inc.TDS Telecom
807198 Home Telephone ILEC, LLCHome Telephone ILEC, LLC
832794 Home Town Cable TV, LLCHome Town Cable TV LLC
836131 Homeland Optical Technology
828359 Homeland Phone Inc.Homeland Phone Inc.
836383 Homeland Safety Systems LLC
827617 Hometown Broadband Orlando, LLC.Hometown Broadband Orlando, LLC.
828395 Hometown Cable Company, LLCHometown Cable Company, LLC
820748 Hometown SolutionsHometown Solutions
832134 HomeWAV, LLC
833116 Honest Networks, Inc.Honest Networks,
809704 Honey Farms, Inc.Honey Farms, Inc.
836049 Honey RoseN/A
804386 Honohan, Harwood, Chernett & WassermanHonohan, Harwood, Chernett & Wasserman
828868 Honotua Division (US)Office des Postes et Telecommunications de Polynesie Francaise
821890 Hood Canal Communications Long Distance, Inc.Hood Canal Communications Long Distance
809774 Hood Canal Tel. Co., Inc.Hood Canal Communications
823788 Hood River Electric CooperativeHood River Electric Cooperative
806652 Hooper Telephone Company dba WesTel SystemsHooper Telephone Company
829926 HopDial LLCHopDial
826443 Hope Community T.V., Inc.Hope Community T.V., Inc.
825888 Hopi Telecommunications, Inc.Hopi Telecommunications, Inc.
831665 HopOne Internet Corporation
806472 Hopper Telecommunications LLCHopper Telecommunications LLC
833838 Horizon Cable TV, Inc.Horizon Cable
820512 Horizon Information TechnologyHorizon Information Technology
816814 Horizon Personal CommunicationHorizon Personal Communication
834614 Horizon Satellite LLCHorizon Satellite, LLC
828994 Horizon Services, IncHorizon Services, Inc
812044 Horizon TechnologyHorizon Long Distance
812280 Horizon Telecommunications, Inc.HTI
805455 Hornitos Tel. Co. dba TDS TelecomTDS Telecom
806997 Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc.Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
804468 Hospers Tel. Exch. Inc.HTC Communications
816844 Hospitality Communications GroupHospitality Communications Group
830625 Hosted America. LLCHosted America. LLC
832731 Hosted Backbone, LLCHosted Backbone
835015 HostFastr, LLCHostFastr
831161 Hot Spot Broadband, IncSky Fiber Internet
804666 Hot Springs Tel. Co.Hot Springs Telephone Company
809862 Hotel Communications, Inc.Hotel Communications, Inc.
819816 Hotel Connect Management, Inc.Hotel Connect
831322 Hoteligent Telecommunications Inc.
823992 Hotwire Communications, Ltd.Hotwire Communications
823726 Houlton Enterprises, Inc.Guaranteed Phone Service
803538 Houma Thibodaux Cellular PartnershipCingular Wireless
828758 Houssa Holdings, LLCWow Telekom
808224 Houston Cellular Telephone CompanyCingular Wireless
832120 Hover Networks, Inc.Hover Networks, Inc.
830264 Howard County, MDHoward County, MD
833990 Hoyos Consulting LLC
832436 Hoyos Integrity CorporationHoyos Integrity Corporation
832272 HR Data Com., Inc.HR Data Com., Inc.
833967 HRCOM, INC
825403 HRS Internet, LLCEverstream
830469 HS Broadband, INC.HS Broadband, INC.
801805 HTC Communications Co.HTC Communications Co.
818278 HTC Communications, Inc.Hooper Telephone Long Distance Company
806994 HTC Communications, LLCHorry Telephone Long Distance, Inc.
821584 HTC Services, Inc.HTC Services, Inc.
829284 HUB Advanced Networks, LLCPREPA Networks, LLC
820194 HUB Communications, Inc.HUB Communications, Inc.
809068 Hubbard Coop. Tel. Assn.Hubbard Cooperative Telephone Association
822792 Hudson Valley Datanet, LLCHudson Valley Datanet, LLC
804471 Huffman CommunicationsHuffman Communications
834881 Huffman Telcom CorpHuffman Telcom Corp
832131 Hughes Telephone, Inc.Hughes Telephone, Inc.
835073 Human-I-T
833644 humanITy LLCCMIT Solutions of Fairfield County
834507 Hummel Holdings, IncHaven Managed Services
806565 Humphreys County Tel.TDS Telecom
829842 Hungate Business Services, Inc.Hungate Business Services
829093 Hunt Brothers of LA, LLCHunt Brothers of LA, LLC
826483 Hunt Com CorporationHunt Com Corporation
833400 Hunt Land Holdings, LLC
824600 Hunt Telecommunications, LLCHunt Telecom
823276 HunTel Cablevision, Inc.HunTel Communications, Inc.
833106 Hunter Carrier Services LLCHunter Carrier Services LLC
833105 Hunter Carrier Services LLCHunter Carrier Services LLC
825475 Hunter Communications & Technologies LLC
811474 Huntleigh Technology Group, Inc
804279 Huntsville MSA Limited PartnershipCingular Wireless
802989 Hutchinson Tel. Co.Hutchinson Telephone Company
818874 Hutchinson Telecommunications, Inc.Hutchinson Telecommunications, Inc.
814653 Huxley Communications CooperativeHuxley Communications
830514 Hyper Telecom, LLCHyper Telecom, LLC
824874 Hypercube Networks, LLC.
835998 Hyperflex Broadband LLCHyperflex Broadband
834384 Hyperion Managed Services, LLCHyperion Managed Services, LLC
833812 Hyperion Partners, LLC
830728 Hytec Telephone Installation IncR-19
827757 I Box, Inc.I Box, Inc.
824572 I Connect Communications, Inc.I Connect Communications, Inc.
835369 I Copy, Inc.IBE Digital
824816 i Market Communications, Inc.i Market Communications, Inc.
827727 I Piphany, LLC.I Piphany, LLC.
822696 I-55 Telecommunications, LLCI-55 Telecommunications, LLC
824066 i-Communicate Consulting USA, LLCi-Communicate Consulting USA, LLC
812047 I-Link Communications IncorporatedI-Link Communications Incorporated
815584 I.A.S. Film CorporationIntercommunication American Systems, Inc.
828492 I.T. Source CorporationMassive Telecom
826236 i3 Voice & Data, Inc.i3 Voice & Data, Inc.
826536 IA 15 Wireless, LLC.Cellular One
803031 IAMO Communications, Inc.IAMO Communications, Inc.
829565 iB & Communications, LLCiB&Co
802083 IBA Telecom, Inc.IBA Telecom, Inc.
825377 iBasis, Inc.iBasis
825416 IBFA Acquisition Company, LLCIBFA Acquisition Company, LLC
826310 iBroadband Networks, Inc.Cedar Valley Communications
827162 IC Data Communications, LLC.IC Data Communications, LLC.
831489 iCall Unlimited
819712 iCall, Inc.Icall, Inc.
827396 iCall, Inc.iCall, Inc.
836726 ICE Automation GroupICE Automation Group
808692 ICG Telecom Group, Inc.ICG Telecom Group, Inc.
831140 ICIM CorporationVoitress
831593 iCommerce Services, Inc.iCommerce Services, Inc.
835329 icommunications llc
836273 Icon Global Services Ltd
826064 iCore Networks, Inc.iCore Networks, Inc.
831892 Ics CommiunicationsInternet Communications
835730 ICS International Carrier Services LLCICS International Carrier Services LLC
825721 ID Holding, LLC.Alltel
823968 Idacomm, Inc.IDACOMM
832200 IDACOMP, LLC.
815900 Idagon, LLCIdagon, LLC
805209 Idaho 6 - Clark Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
832487 Idaho Communications, LLCDay Wireless Systems
804871 Idaho RSA 3 Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
804867 Idaho RSA No. 1 Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
804870 Idaho RSA No. 2 Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
823706 Idea Dynamics CorporationIdea Dynamics Corporation
832593 Idea Solutions LLCIdea Solutions LLC
832775 Idea Telecom, LLC
823020 Ideacom Mid-America, Inc.Ideacom Mid-America, Inc.
827860 Ideacom Solutions Group, LLC.Ideacom Solutions Group, LLC.
830569 Ideal Integrations, Inc.
830407 Idealtel Dominicana USA,
820259 IdeaOne Telecom Group, LLCIdeaOne Telecom Group, LLC
829311 IdeaOne Telecom, Inc.Enventis
826526 IdeaTek Telcom, LLC.IdeaTek Telcom, LLC.
822864 Ideaway, Inc.Ideaway, Inc.
826784 iDentidad Advertising Developement, LLC.iDentidad Advertising Developement, LLC.
834086 IDF SBA, Fund
826094 IDN Communications, LLC.IDN Communications, LLC.
829561 Idolian Mobile, Inc.Idolian Mobile, Inc.
813229 IDS Telcom, LLCIDS Telcom, LLC
825727 IDS Telecom CorporationIDS Telecom/Cleartel Communications
826343 IDT America, Corp.IDT America, Corp.
812231 IDT CorporationIDT Corporation
826339 IDT Telecom, Inc.IDT Telecom, Inc.
826979 IFAX Services, Inc.IFAX Services, Inc.
830872 iFAX Solutions,
826772 iFiber Communications CorporationiFiber Communications Corporation
835173 IFN, LLCIFN
828248 Inc.
825546 Iformata, LLC.Iformata, LLC.
832946 IG Networks USAIG Networks
823850 IGC Acquisitions, IncIntra Global Communications
828950 IGC Communications Phone Card Co.IGC Communications
831749 iGEM Communications LLCGlobalgig
825378 III Oliver Company, LLCIII Oliver Company, LLC
827492 IK Communications, Inc.IK Communications, Inc.
827916 iKappa LLC.iKappa LLC.
834013 IKB Networks LLCNetgrade
828005 IKN, IncorporatedIKN, Incorporated
826166 ILDN CorporationILDN Corporation
803214 Illinois Bell Telephone CompanyAT&T Illinois
812540 Illinois Cooperative Association, Inc.Clear Talk
832042 Illinois Electric Cooperative
823710 Illinois IntraNetwork, Inc.Illinois IntraNetwork, Inc.
828079 Illinois Network Alliance, LLCIllinois Network Alliance, LLC
811797 Illinois Payphone Systems, Inc.Illinois Payphone Systems, Inc.
802585 Illinois RSA #3, Inc.United States Cellular
807486 Illinois RSA 1 Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
809100 Illinois RSA 6&7 Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
822880 Illinois Signal Communications, Inc.Illinois Signal Communications, Inc.
809098 Illinois SMSA Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
821896 Illinois Telephone CorporationIllinois Telephone Corporation
811683 Illinois Valley Cellular RSA 2, Inc.Illinois Valley Cellular RSA 2, Inc.
811686 Illinois Valley Cellular RSA 2-111 PartnershipIllinois Valley Cellular
811684 Illinois Valley Cellular RSA 2-I, Inc.Illinois Valley Cellular RSA 2-I Partnership
811685 Illinois Valley Cellular RSA 2-II PartnershipIllinois Valley Cellular RSA 2-II Partnership
831118 Illinois World Trade Center AssociationIllinois World Trade
823804 Iloka, Inc.NewCloud Networks
829375 IM Telecom, LLCInfiniti Mobile
831884 Imad AshfaqCitrustel Technologies LLC
829844 Image Access, Inc.Image Access, Inc.
825108 Image Access, Inc.Image Access, Inc.
819372 Image Marketing, IncMorse Communications Network
832586 Image One Corporation
816008 Image Paging & Cellular f.k.a. Allied Paging Co.Image Paging & Cellular f.k.a. Allied Paging Co.
834272 ImagEze Inc.
828199 Imagine NetworksImagine Networks
833824 Imagine Networks LLC
824502 Imagine Telecommunications, Inc.Imagine Telecommunications, Inc.
834860 IMCO Associates, Inc.Kustura Technologies
831675 IMECOM Group Inc.
826586 ImOn Communications, LLC.ImOn Communications, LLC.
834282 Imountain LLCImountain LLC
833796 Impact Corporate SolutionsImpact Corporate Solutions
821188 Impact Network Solutions, Inc.Impact Long Distance
833304 IMPACT Technology Group, Inc.
825423 Impact Telecom, Inc.Impact Telecom, Inc.
815630 Impact Telecommunications, Inc.I-Tel Long Distance
835697 Imperial Technologies IncImperial Internet, Imperial Wireless
830511 Corporation
827671 Impulse Internet Services, LLC.Impulse Internet Services, LLC.
823494 Impulse Telecom CorporationImpulse Telecom Corporation
807945 IMR Capital CorporationIMR Telecom
825084 In Phonic, Inc.Liberty Wireless
822600 In Touch Telecommunications, Inc.In Touch Telecommunications, Inc.
834182 INA Alert Inc.INA Alert Inc.
821910 Inabnet CommunicationsInabnet Communications
835009 Inbound Communications Inc
834578 INBTEL SA de CV
829896 Inc.Apeiron Systems, Inc.Apeiron Systems, Inc.
822404 Incline Communications, Inc.Incline Communications, Inc.
829081 InComm Conferencing Inc.InComm Conferencing Inc.
809841 Incomnet Communications CorporationIncomnet Communications Corporation
818114 inContact, Inc.BuyersOnline & United Carrier Networks
826754 Ind. Co. Cable TV, Inc.Ind. Co. Cable TV, Inc.
825886 Independence Telecommunications UtilityIndependence Telecommunications Utility
832809 Independent Network Operations Consortium, LLCINOC Data Centers
817554 Independent Networks, LCIndependent Networks, LLC
812089 Independent Telecommunications Co.Corporation
822730 Independent Telecommunications Systems, Inc.IXC Direct
822194 Indian Hills Wireless, Inc.Indian Hills Wireless, Inc.
833925 Indian River Networks, LLC
803217 Indiana Bell Telephone Company, IncorporatedAT&T Indiana
804287 Indiana Cellular, LLCCingular Wireless
832685 Indiana Electronics & Communications, INc
826143 Indiana Fiber Network, LLC.Intelligent Fiber Network
819366 Indiana Fones, Inc.Hancock Long Distance
811172 Indiana Paging Network, Inc.Indiana Paging Network, Inc.
818440 Indiana RSA #2 PartnershipVerizon Wireless
802824 Indiana RSA No. 4 Limited PartnershipU.S. Cellular
802821 Indiana RSA No. 5 Limited PartnershipU.S. Cellular
828765 Indiana Telephone Company, Inc.Indiana Telephone Company, Inc.
819096 Indianhead Communications CorporationIndianhead Communications Corporation
801927 Indianhead Tel. Co.Indianhead Telephone Company
832966 Indianola Municipal Utilities
813245 Industrial Communications & Electronics, Inc.Industrial Communications & Electronics, Inc.
835920 Industrial Solutions & Technologies, Inc.
832856 Industries, Inc.Team Logic IT Tampa
824886 Industry I-Net, Inc.Industry I-Net, Inc.
824888 Industry Retail Group, Inc.Industry Retail Group, Inc.
804753 Industry Tel. Co.Industry Telephone Company
828896 iNet Communications LLCiNet Communications LLC
836040 Inet Technologies, InciCallSystems
831159 Infian, LLC
836209 Infinite Audio Video Solutions LLCInfinite AV Solutions
826739 Infinite Communication, LLC.Infinite Communication, LLC.
831181 Infinite Conferencing Partners, LLCInfinite Conferencing
829769 Infinite Voip CorporationInfinite Voip Corporation
827270 InfiniteConferencing, Inc.InfiniteConferencing, Inc.
833556 Infinity 8 Broadband LLCInfinity 8 Broadband
822960 Infinity Communications Group TrustInfinity Communications Group Trust
821990 Infinity Communications Group, Inc.Infinity Communications Group, Inc.
828995 Infinity Communications LLCInfinity Communications LLC
835669 infinity Communications LLCinfinity Communications LLC
824562 Infinity Communications, Inc.Infinity Communications, Inc.
811817 Infinity CompaniesInfinity Payphones
809286 Infinity Prepaid Communications, Inc.Infinity Prepaid Communications, Inc.
832360 Infinity, Inc.Infinity, Inc.
830681 Info Advantage, Inc.Info Advantage, Inc.
828519 Info Tech CorporationInfo Tech Corporation
821934 Info Tech Telecommunications & Networks, Inc.Info Tech Telecommunications & Networks, Inc.
809692 Infocore, Inc.CEI Networks - Infocore
831435 Infoline Audio Production, CorpInnovat Solutions
834581 InfoManage Corporation
832671 Infomovil Television and System Corp
822318 Infone LLCInfone LLC
822424 Infonet Telecommunications CorporationInfonet Telecommunications Corporation
824044 Infonexion CorporationInfonexion Corporation
820796 InfoPort Communications Group, Inc.InfoPort Communications Group, Inc.
835477 Information and Communications Services, LLCICS Technology Group
830552 Information and Communications Services, LLCICS
831117 Information Solutions Group LLCInformation Services Group
832645 Information Technology Secure SystemsInformation Technology Secure Systems
819962 Information Transfer SystemsInformation Transfer Systems
822686 Information Transport Solutions, Inc.Information Transport Solutions, Inc.
827633 INFOSAT ABLE HoldingsINFOSAT ABLE Holdings
820165 Infosat Communications, Inc.Infosat
826439 Infosecure Open Systems and Solutions, LLC.Infosecure Open Systems and Solutions, LLC.
826004 InfoTelis CorporationInfoTelis Corporation
829541 Infradapt, LLCInfradapt, LLC
829984 Inland Cellular LLCInland Cellular
825334 Inland Development CorporationInland Development Corporation
821938 Inland Long Distance CompanyInland Networks
833793 Inland Premier
834006 Inland Premier IT Solutions, Inc.
802299 Inland Telephone CompanyInland Telephone Company
834325 Inline Network Integration, LLC
833417 Inline Network Integration, LLC
814681 Inmark, Inc.Preferred Billing
804081 Inmarsat Inc.Inmarsat Inc.
814698 Inmarsat Solutions (US) Inc.Inmarsat Solutions (US) Inc.
824136 Inmate Calling Solutions, LLCIC Solutions
826613 Inmate Communications CorporationInmate Communications Corporation
831823 Inmate Resources LLCInmate Resources LLC
834841 Innercity Fibernet LLCGigabit Fiber
834372 InNet Connection IncorporatedInNet Connection Incorporated
827488 Innodial Communications, Inc.Innodial Communications, Inc.
821670 Innosys Computing, Inc.Innosys Commmunications, Inc.
832672 Innova Voice Inc
836413 InnovaEra IncSuperNova
833957 Innovare, LLCInnovare Telecom
832872 Innovat Solution, CorpInnovat Solution
827910 Innovation Labs, LLC.Innovation Labs, LLC.
835526 Innovation TelInnovation Tel
812110 Innovative Business SystemsVitelcom
812960 Innovative Businesses & Services, Inc.Innovative Businesses & Services, Inc.
830037 Innovative Communication Systems, Inc.Innovative Communication Systems, Inc.
830951 Innovative CommunicationsInnova
825604 Innovative Communications, Inc.Innovative Communications, Inc.
834232 Innovative Concepts Audio & Video, Inc.Innovative Concepts Audio & Video, Inc.
829376 Innovative Digital of Los AngelesInnovative Digital of Los Angeles
836002 Innovative Financial Technologies, LLCAW Broadband
836454 Innovative Forefront Technology Solutions, LLCInnovative Forefront Technology Solutions
830726 Innovative Global Security Solutions, LLCIGSS
832094 Innovative Inc.Innovative Inc.
834990 Innovative Information and TechnologyIIT
836729 Innovative Intelligent Products, LLCGPS Lockbox
832573 Innovative IT Concepts, Inc.Innovative IT Concepts, Inc.
822136 Innovative Long DistanceInnovative Long Distance
831423 Innovative Network Solutions Corp.Innovative Network Solutions Corp.
833736 Innovative Network Solutions, LLC
813030 Innovative Processing Solutions, LLCInnovative Processing Solutions, LLC
831641 Innovative Solutions Consulting Inc
833434 Innovative Solutions Group, Inc.ISG
830654 Innovative Solutions Management Group IncInnovative Solutions Management Group Inc
836083 Innovative Solutions Through Technology, Inc.
832513 Innovative Technology IntegrationsInnovative Technology Integrations
833515 Innovative Telecom LLCInnovative Telecom LLC
830568 Innovative Telecom Solutions, Inc.Innovative Telecom Solutions, Inc.
832275 Innovative Telephone and Data Solutions, LLCInnovative Telephone and Data Solutions, LLC
834051 Innovative.Solutions, Inc
830258 InnovativeAir, LLC.InnovativeAir, LLC.
834703 InnovexInnovex
809877 INNtraport International Corp.Intelnet International Corp.
831074 Inoditech, LLCCamino Information Services
829760 Inovalon Provider, Inc.Ability Network Inc.
834960 Inovocom, LLCn/a
826174 InReach Internet, Inc.InReach Internet
825419 Insight Communications Midwest, LLC CONSOLIDATEDInsight Communications Midwest, LLC
827249 Insight Communications of Central Ohio, LLC.Insight Communications of Central Ohio, LLC.
826535 Insight Kentucky Partners II, L.P. CONSOLIDATEDInsight Kentucky Partners II, L.P.
825350 Insight Midwest Holdings, LLCInsight Phone
823164 Insight Phone of Indiana, LLCAT&T Broadband
823166 Insight Phone of Kentucky, LLCAT&T Broadband
825351 Insight Phone of Ohio, LLCInsight Phone
834134 Insight Technologies, Inc.Readitech IT Solutions
831952 Insight Technology LLCIT Telecommunications
821774 InSight Telecommunications CorporationInSight Telecommunications Corporation
835986 insight360 of Northeast Ohio, LLCinsight360
828360 InSITE Solutions, LLCInSITE Solutions, LLC
833682 Inspira LIFEInspira LIFE
834959 Instacall LLCInstacall LLC
836337 Instant Telecom Solutions Inc.Instant Telecom Solutions Inc.
833890 Instantia Inc.Instantia Inc.
834090 Instantia Network LLCInstantia Network LLC
835429 Intacs Corporation
835842 InTCHSolutions Corporation
819168 Integra Telecom of Minnesota, Inc.Integra Telecom of Minnesota
825424 Integra Telecom of North Dakota, Inc.Integra Telecom of North Dakota, Inc.
816734 Integra Telecom of Oregon, Inc.Integra Telecom
820650 Integra Telecom of Utah, Inc.Integra Telecom of Utah, Inc.
820760 Integra Telecom of Washington, Inc.Integra Telecom of Washington, Inc.
835259 Integral Worldwide Limited
832260 Integrated Axis Group, LLC
826553 Integrated Broadband Services, LLCIntegrated Broadband Services, LLC
833781 Integrated Communication Solutions, Inc.
822534 Integrated Communication Solutions, Inc.Integrated Communication Solutions, Inc.
823842 Integrated Communications Consultants Corp.ICC Internet
834795 Integrated Communications, Inc.
828213 Integrated Information Systems, LLCIntegrated Information Systems, LLC
831057 Integrated Network Solutions IncIntegrated Network Solutions Inc
827921 Integrated Path Communications, LLC.Integrated Path Communications, LLC.
834054 Integrated Service Solutions Inc
827040 Integrated Services, Inc.Integrated Services, Inc.
816478 Integrated Systems CorporationExpanets
831944 integrated technologEASE & security, inc.technologEASE, inc.
825697 Integrated Technology Providers, Inc.Integrated Technology Providers, Inc.
832455 Integrated Technology SolutionsIntegrated Technology Soluitons
820318 Integrated Telemanagement Services, Inc.OMNICOM
830019 Integrated Telephone Services Corp.Integrated Telephone Services Corp.
826281 Integrated Voice Management Telecom, Inc.IVM Telecom
829547 Integration One, Inc.Integration One
833061 Integritek Holdings, LLCIntegritek Holdings, LLC
829720 Intelafone LLCIntelafone LLC
816272 Inteleca Communications Corp.Inteleca Communications Corp.
832678 Intelect Solutions, LLCIntelect Solutions, LLC
830695 Intelegence LLCIntelegence
832153 Intelegrated, LLCIntelegrated, LLC
829559 Intelenet Communications, Inc.Cloud 9 PBX
830207 IntelePeer Cloud Communications LLCIntelePeer
823690 Inteliquent, Inc.Inteliquent, Inc.
826286 Inteliwave, LLC.Inteliwave, LLC.
835297 IntellaPlex LLC
825602 Intelletrace, Inc.Intelletrace
815831 Intelli-Call CommunicationIntelli-Call Communication
807204 Intellicall Operator Services, Inc.ILD Telecommunications, Inc.
833810 IntelliComp Technologies CorporationIntelliComp Technologies Corporation
821372 Intellifiber Networks, LLCWindstream
832234 Intelligent Communication ServicesMetis Communications
830804 Intelligent Communication Systems LLCICS LLC
835856 Intelligent Data IncIntelligent Data Inc
832839 Intelligent Network and Communication SystemsINC Systems
821596 Intelligent Switching of Software, LLCIntelligent Switching of Software, LLC
828495 IntelliGuard Systems, LLCIntelliGuard Systems, LLC
832072 Intelsat Africa (Pty.) LtdIntelsat Africa (Pty.) Ltd
832070 Intelsat Brasil Ltda.Intelsat Brasil Ltda.
833681 Intelsat Brasil Servicos de Telecomunicacoes Ltda.Intelsat Brasil Servicos de Telecomunicacoes Ltda.
832071 Intelsat France SASIntelsat France SAS
825070 Intelsat General Communications LLCIntelsat General Communications LLC
827170 Intelsat Global Sales & Marketing, Ltd.Intelsat Global Sales & Marketing, Ltd.
833632 Intelsat Horizons-3 LLC
829123 Intelsat Inflight LLCGogo LLC
825048 Intelsat MTC, LLCIntelsat MTC, LLC
827128 Intelsat US LLCIntelsat US LLC (fka Intelsat Corporation)
827146 Intelsat USA Sales LLCIntelsat USA Sales LLC
835162 Intelsat Ventures S.a.r.l.
809598 Inter Continental Telephone Corp.Inter Continental Telephone
829077 Inter Lam, LLCInter Lam, LLC
802103 Inter Mountain Cable, Inc.Coalfields Long Distance
803313 Inter-Community Telephone CompanyInter-Community Telephone Company
803314 Inter-Community Telephone Company IIInter-Community Telephone Company II
833302 Inter-Wave LLCInter-Wave
821440 Interactive Communication Systems, Inc.Digital VoiceXchange
820980 Interactive Marketing Technologies, Inc.Interactive Marketing Technologies, Inc.
813250 Interactive Media Technologies, Inc.Interactive Media Technologies, Inc.
819392 Interactive Services Network, Inc.IPFone
822046 Interactive Services, Inc.Interactive Services, Inc.
833345 InterActiveTel LLC
830528 Interactvie TelecomTelecom Interactive
826420 InteraTel, LLC.InteraTel, LLC.
823240 InterAtlantic Telecom, Inc.InterAtlantic Telecom, Inc.
803244 Interbel Telephone Cooperative, Inc.Interbel Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
824424 Intercall Telecommunications, Inc.Intercall Telecommunications, Inc.
828435 InterCarrier Networks, LLCInterCarrier Networks, LLC
825864 Intercel Telecoms Group, Inc.Intercel Telecoms Group, Inc.
827339 Intercommunications Group, LPIntercommunications Group, LP
828597 Interconnect Global Inc.Interconnect Global Inc.
828978 Interconnect Services, Inc.Interconnect Services, Inc.
815861 Intercontinental Communications Group, Inc.Fusion Telecom
827355 Interface Security Systems, LLCInterface Security Systems, LLC
832004 Interfor Networks LLC
821422 Interglobe CommunicationsInterglobe Communications
805689 Interior Telephone CompanyInterior Telephone Company
835128 Interlink Communications LLC
817666 Interlink Communications, Inc.Interlink Communications, Inc.
825622 InterLinx Communications, LLC.InterLinx Communications
809368 Intermedia Communications, Inc.Intermedia Communications of Florida, Inc.
829028 Intermedia Voice Services, Inc.Voice Services
826003 InterMetro Communications, Inc.InterMetro Communications, Inc.
835432 Intermetro Fiber LLCSouth Reach Networks
832949 Intermountain Infrastructure Group, LLC
829569 Internap Connectivity LLCInternap Connectivity LLC
834579 Internap Holding LLCInternap
824668 International Access, Inc.International Access, Inc.
835201 international bandwidth LLC
833922 International Carrier Exchange LimitedICX
817892 International Communication Services, Inc.International Communication Services, Inc.
825379 International Communications Group, Inc.Corban Networks
826847 International Communications services, Inc.International Communications services, Inc.
828876 International Connection ServicesInternational Connection Services
827348 International Connection Services, Inc.International Connection Services, Inc.
824602 International Connection, Inc.International Connection, Inc.
812026 International Design Network, Inc.International Design Network, Inc.
816530 International Exchange Network, Ltd.Ixnet, Inc.
827443 International Global Access LLC.International Global Access LLC.
826376 International InterConnect, Inc.International InterConnect, Inc.
822366 International Internet & Telecom, Inc.International Internet & Telecom, Inc.
827906 International Network Solutions, LLC.International Network Solutions, LLC.
832854 International Networks and Communications, LLCInternational Networks and Communications, LLC
830144 International Noma, Inc.International Noma, Inc.
821164 International Payphone Corp.International Payphone Corp.
823830 International Prepaid Telecard CorporationInternational Prepaid Telecard Corporation
822460 International Satellite Services, Inc.International Satellite Services, Inc.
836682 International Technology Systems LLCAVSi
811580 International Telcom, LtdKallback, Kallcents, Faxaway, Kall8
825272 International Telecom Exchange GroupInternational Telecom Exchange Group
825380 International Telecom Exchange Group, Inc.International Telecom Exchange Group, Inc.
801144 International Telecom, Inc.International Telecom, Inc.
821800 International Telecommunications Clearing CorporationInternational Telecommunications Clearing Corporation
823252 International Telecommunications Group, Inc.International Telecommunications Group, Inc.
825354 International Telekom, LLCInternational Telekom, LLC
820686 International Telnet, Inc.International Telnet, Inc.
830309 Internet America, Inc.Internet America, Inc.
830646 Internet Consulting ServicesICS Advanced Technologies
828402 Internet Specialties West, Inc.Internet Specialties West, Inc.
825906 Internet Xpress, Inc. d/b/a IXpress TelecomInternet Xpress, Inc. d/b/a IXpress Telecom
828141 Interoute USA IncInteroute USA Inc
812050 Interoute-Wholesale, Inc. (fka ATI Telecom, Inc.)Interoute-wholesale
833456 Intersection Technology Solutions, LLCTech Rage IT
809638 Interstate 35 Tel. Co.Interstate 35 Telephone Company
831493 Interstate Cablevision Company
805398 Interstate Telecommunications Coop., Inc.Interstate Telecom
811110 Interstate Telecommunications, Inc.Interstate Telecommunications, Inc.
830546 Interstate Wireless, Inc.Az Airnet
816720 Interstate Wireless, Inc.Handy Page
809863 Intertel, LLCIntertel Communications
822368 Intertoll Communications Network Corp.Intertoll Communications Network Corp.
831773 Intertwined Technology Corp.N/A
812881 Interwest Payphone, Inc.Interwest Payphone, Inc.
809778 Interwest Telecom Svcs. Corp.Interwest Telecom
818340 InterXchange LimitedInterXchange Limited
819694 Intetech, LCIntetech, LC
829322 Intico USA, Corp.Intico USA, Corp.
821568 Intouch America, Inc.Intouch America, Inc.
822134 InTouch Communications, Inc.InTouch Communications, Inc.
829238 Intraco Traders, Inc.Intraco Traders, Inc.
834375 Intracoastal Communications
831532 Intrada Technologies, Inc.
827288 Intrado Enterprise Collaboration, Inc.
826161 Intrado IP Communications,INC.Smoothstone IP Communications
821302 Intrado Safety Communications, Inc.
835644 Intralinks, Inc.
821784 Intratel, LLCIntratel, LLC
834864 Intsigna
831398 Invar Technologies Inc.Invar Technologies
831716 Inventive Labs Corporation
830609 Inventive Wireless of Nebraska, LLCVistabeam
831512 Inviacom, Inc.Inviacom, Inc.
829283 INY Communications, Inc.INY Communications, Inc.
825543 InZon CorporationInZon Corporation
834485 ION Communications LLCION
827430 ION HoldCo, LLC.FirstLight Fiber
829755 Iotum Global Holdings, Inc.Iotum Global Holdings, Inc.
830096 Iotum Inc.Iotum Inc.
802695 Iowa #13, Inc.U.S. Cellular
805215 Iowa 8 - Monona Limited PartnershipVerizon Wirelss
834991 Iowa Colocation Center, LLC
804606 Iowa Network Services, Inc.Iowa Network Services, Inc.
802755 Iowa RSA #12, Inc.United States Cellular
811230 IOWA RSA #12, LLCCellcom
811380 IOWA RSA #3, LLCCellcom
802749 Iowa RSA #9, Inc.United States Cellular
804882 Iowa RSA 7 Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
804873 Iowa RSA No. 10 General PartnershipVerizon Wireless
804879 Iowa RSA No. 2 Limited PartnershipLyrix Wireless
807423 Iowa RSA No. 4 Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
807489 Iowa RSA No. 5 Limited PartnershipVerizon Wireless
819238 Iowa Wireless Services, LLCIowa Wireless Services, LLC
826329 IP Communications, LLC.IP Communications, LLC.
829211 IP Global, LLCIP Global, LLC
829023 IP Link Telecom, Inc.Tray Tech
829582 IP Network America, LLCIP Network America, LLC
823520 IP Networks, Inc.IP Networks, Inc.
826752 IP Retail, Inc.IP Retail, Inc.
826164 IP Transaction Services, LLC.IP Transaction Services, LLC.
835160 IP Transfer, LLCIP Transfer, LLC
836093 ip3 labs LLCip3 labs
827447 IP5280 Communications, LLC.IP5280 Communications, LLC.
826809 IPacket Networks Texas, LLCIPacket Networks Texas, LLC
836197 IParigon, LLCIParigon
829317 iPath Cloud Solutions, Inc.iPath Cloud Solutions, Inc.
825458 IPDataStream, LLC.IPDataStream, LLC.
828379 Ipfast CorporationIpfast Corporation
835036 iPhone and iPad WarehousePhone and Pad Warehouse
830842 IPitomy Communications, LLCIPitomy Communications, LLC
828749 IPNetZone Communications Inc.IPNetZone Communications Inc.
831391 Iportalis, Inc.Iportalis, Inc.
830042 Ipro Media, Inc.Ipro Media, Inc.
827799 Iprot, IncFUSE 3 Communications.
828209 ipSBS Managed Service LLCipSBS Managed Service LLC
827665 IPSITA Telecom Services, Inc.IPSITA Telecom Services, Inc.
833782 IPTech LLCip2call
820389 IPVoice Communications, Inc.IPVoice Communications, Inc.
823354 IQC, LLCCNB Communications
821154 Iridium Satellite LLCIridium Satellite
835423 IronSIP LLC
809695 Ironton Long Distance CompanyIronton Long Distance Company
809694 Ironton Telephone CompanyIronton Telephone Company
826866 Irvine Community Television, Inc.Irvine Community Television, Inc.
807972 Irving SeltzerAltoona Telephone Message Center
829342 Is Faster Networks, LLCIs Faster Networks, LLC
832229 IS On Demand IncIS On Demand Inc
826966 Isan Telecom, Inc.Isan Telecom, Inc.
828899 ISASO International, LLCISASO International, LLC
825318 Iscom, Inc.Iscom, Inc.
830315 ISG Technology LLCISG Technology LLC
826373 ISI Telemanagement Sourcing, LLC.ISI Telemanagement Sourcing, LLC.
833432 Isinguard Technology Group, Inc
821240 Isla Pacific Telecommunications, Inc.Paytel Guam
833273 Island IT Pros, LLC
831670 Island Network LLCRock Island Communications
808790 Island Pay Phone Systems, Inc.Island Pay Phone Systems, Inc.
836401 Islandwide Alarms LLC
821410 Islanet, Inc.Islanet Communications, Inc.
828383 iSmart Mobile LLCiSmart Mobile LLC
830525 Isofusion, Inc.Isofusion, Inc.
828162 Isomedia, Inc.Isomedia, Inc.
836549 iSpeed Systems, LLCiSpeed Systems, LLC
827132 Israel Communications, Inc.Israel Communications, Inc.
836174 IST Communications & Security, Inc.
836077 IST Services & Communications, Inc.
831571 Istonish, Inc.
832952 IT as a Service LLC02/12/2019
835199 IT Assurance
832430 IT Creations Inc.
836506 IT Manage Services LLC
830054 IT Management Corporation101 Voice
831155 IT Mindshare, LLCIT Mindshare, LLC
832240 IT Squared Resource, Inc.
833767 IT Support Specialists, Inc
834390 IT Vocal LLCIT Vocal LLC
808596 IT&E Overseas, Inc.IT&E Overseas, Inc.
830254 iTalk Cloud Solutions Inc.iTalk Cloud Solutions Inc.
827024 iTalk Global Communications, Inc.iTalk Global Communications, Inc.
831187 iTalk Mobile Corporation
835508 iTalkUSA Communications, LLCiTalkUSA Communications, LLC
834262 iTalkUSA CorpiTalkUSA Corp
832102 ITalkYou Com L.L.C.
834710 ITC Broadband Operating, LLCHighline Internet
829709 ITC Global Networks, LLCIronton Global
827190 ITC International Telecommunications CorporationITC International Telecommunications Corporation
832103 ITCadence LLC
829703 ITConnect IncorporatedITConnect Incorporated
828546 iTel Communications Inc.iTel
826827 ItelFone, Inc.ItelFone, Inc.
823506 Itelx Communications, Inc.Itelx Communications, Inc.
835056 ITNS, LLCIT Network Specialists, LLC
830189 ITS Fiber, LLCITS Fiber, LLC
811040 ITS Telecommunications Systems Inc.ITS Telecommunications Systems Inc.
829354 Itsfabp, INCAbsolute Communication Solutions
822650 iTV-3, Inc.iTV-3, Inc.
831903 iTV-3, LLCiTV-3, LLC
832637 ITVantix, LLC
828143 IVA Communications, LLC.IVA Communications, LLC.
829687 IVANS, Inc.IVANS, Inc.
830892 IVDA Resources, LLC
819883 IVIT Communications Group, Inc.IVIT Communications Group, Inc.
815056 IWL Communications, Inc.IWL Communications, Inc.
828485 IXC holdings, Inc.Telekenex, Networld, and NWC
831847 iXPrimus Telecommunications Inc
818358 J & J Communication Service, Ltd.J & J Communication Service, Ltd.
828584 J & J Communications, Inc.J & J Communications, Inc.
821944 J & J McNaughton, Inc.Double J Enterprises
825843 J & K Communications, Inc.J & K Communications, Inc.
832707 J & L Telcom, Inc.Grennan Communications Co
814743 J & M CommunicationsJ & M Communications
830976 J & N Cable Systems, Inc.J & N Cable Systems, Inc.
811488 J & N Communications, Inc.J & N Communications, Inc.
836595 J and B Satellite LLC509FIBER
826154 J Brown Development Group, LLCJ Brown Development Group, LLC
833179 J Rhodes Enterprises, LLCTitanium Wireless
835581 J&B Communications of IL, Inc
816956 J. Fashion & PagingJ. Fashion & Paging
812811 J. Graham SingletonJGS Payphones
820208 J. McCulloughM&L Payphone
801385 J. P. Jenkins, Inc.South Plains Communications
831357 J.A. Watts, IncJ.A. Watts, Inc
808986 J.B.N. Telephone CompanyJBN Telephone Co., Inc.
816218 J.D. Barry Ent., Inc.Pager One
831173 J.P. Talbot Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc.J.P. Talbot Companies, INc.
826618 J.S. Communications, LLC.J.S. Communications, LLC.
820434 J.T.S. CommunicationsJ.T.S. Communications
828070 J3Tel CorporationJ3Tel Corporation
826293 Jab Wireless, Inc.Sopris Surfers
836377 Jabber Telecom Inc.
829182 Jabo Communications, LLCJabo Communications, LLC
811873 Jack Dunn EnterprisesJack Dunn Enterprises
819312 Jack O. DonnellJack O. Donnell
836566 JackRabbit Wireless, LLCJackRabbit Wireless
820018 Jackson CommunicationsJackson Communications
834509 Jackson County REMC
833919 Jackson Electric
825637 Jackson Energy AuthorityJackson Energy Authority
811376 Jackson Mobilephone Co., Inc.Jackson Mobilephone Co., Inc.
818126 Jacksonville Cellular Telephone CompanyU.S. Cellular
804297 Jacksonville MSA Limited PartnershipCingular Wireless
835078 Jacob Ronald HenryValley VoIP
828781 Jacobs Communications Group, LLCBNCVoice
828678 Jade Communications LLCJade Communications LLC
832273 Jade Gong & Associates LLCJade Gong & Associates LLC
830696 JAG Electric LCJAG Electric LC
815566 JAG TelecomJAG Telecom
826085 Jag Wire Electric, Inc.Jag Wire Electric, Inc.
830081 Jagat International, LLCJagat International
820958 Jaguar Communications, Inc.Jaguar Communications Inc
827303 Jahan TelecommunicationsJahan Telecommunications
824582 Jaina Systems Network, Inc.Jaina Systems Network, Inc.
834533 Jaintel Limited
827569 Jajah IncJajah Inc
834699 JALMOR SA de CV
831115 JAM Broadband Solutions, LLC
820916 Jamadots, Inc.Jamadots, Inc.
814713 Jamax PhonesJamax Phones
833137 Jambo Wireless, Inc.
833572 James Bouse Enterprises, LLCBrazos WiFi
829020 James Cable, LLCMediastream
817956 James K. PlummerRa-Tel Communications
827734 James R. McKeownJames R. McKeown
832408 James Teleco, Inc.James Teleco, Inc.
801384 James Valley Cooperative Tel. Co.James Valley Telecommunications
827085 James Valley Wireless, LLC.James Valley Wireless, LLC.
830061 Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe EconomicDevelopment AuthorityJamestown Networks
828574 Jamko Force Networks, LLCJamko Force Networks, LLC
834196 Janadhi & Company LLC
834256 Jangoo, LLCSalt 93
826657 Jaroth, Inc.PTS
811392 Jarrett CommunicationsJarrett Communications
824824 JAS Networks, Inc.JAS Networks, Inc.
820066 Jason BroylesSkynet Telecommunications
835335 Jasper County Rural Electric Membership CorporationConnect: Internet by Jasper County REMC
822712 Jay Dee Telecom, Inc.Jay Dee Telecom, Inc.
812938 Jay HackneyGalaxy Payphone Systems
827834 Jay Telecom, Inc.Jay Telecom, Inc.
832800 JAYCO Cloud Computing Solutions LLC
808193 JayEn of Duluth, Inc.JayEn of Duluth, Inc.
831171 JBS Communications, Inc.
812439 JC Cullen IncNiles Radio
823718 JC Telecommunication Co., LLCJC Telecommunication Co., LLC
819925 JCA, Inc.Phone Sense
833376 JCM Telecom Limited Liability Company
834854 JCon Insulation, A Texas Limited Liability CompanyDependable Fire & Security
831815 JCR & Associates IncAccelerated Technologies
822472 JCW Electronics I, Ltd., LLPJCW Electronics I, Ltd., LLP
825839 JDL Technologies, Inc.JDL Technologies, Inc.
811822 JDV Communications, Inc.JDV Communications, Inc.
831013 JeanComputechJeanComputech
836180 Jeanne TelecomN/A
830408 JEAPing Netcom, Inc.Resell for Voice Wholesale
807759 JED Enterprises, Inc. dba Pine Drive Telephone Co.Pine Drive Telephone Company
827425 Jed Global EnterprisesJed Global Enterprises
820834 Jedi, Inc.Omega One Telecommunications
831141 Jeff Howe IT ConsultancyArqnetworks
827744 Jefferson County Cable, Inc.Jefferson County Cable, Inc.
802500 Jefferson Telephone CompanyJefferson Telecom
801660 Jefferson Telephone Company, LLCJefferson Telephone Company, Inc.
822990 Jeffrey FieldsAnywhere USA
826078 Jenkins Communications, LLC.Jenkins Communications, LLC.
825981 Jep Communications LLCJep Communications
812690 Jerrell JordanJerrell Jordan
835228 Jerry Hall Inc.Tin Can Talk
820064 Jerry LaQuiereJerry LaQuiere
827866 Jet Broadband WV, LLC.Jet Broadband WV, LLC.
831957 Jet Telecom USA, Inc.