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  FCC Form 499 Filer Database Search Results

FCC Form 499 Filer Database


Jurisdiction(s) = alabama

2794 Records Found

499 Filer ID Legal Name of Reporting EntityDoing Business As
832939 #Ai Computing Corporation
829882 011Now Technologies, LLC011Now Technologies, LLC
820218 1-800-RECONEX, Inc.1-800-RECONEX, Inc.
834021 11:11 Systems, Inc.11:11 Systems, Inc.
827176 123 Distributors, Inc.123 Distributors, Inc.
832960 20/20 TeknoloogyStephanie Rubin
831611 200 Networks LLC
826860 2152526 Ontario Inc.2152526 Ontario Inc.
835720 24/7 Networks LLC
836366 2pifi, Inc.2pifi, Inc.
831197 2sms, LLC2sms, LLC
827928 2Talk LLC.2Talk LLC.
828011 3-CEO, LLC (f/k/a) Simple Mobile, LLCSimple Mobile, LLC
826816 321 Communications321 Communications
831004 373K, Inc.
826235 3G Innovative Solutions, LLC.3G Innovative Solutions, LLC.
836318 412 Telecom LLC
836563 4Tech Solutions LLC
829080 4Voice LLC4Voice LLC
832125 5K Technical Services LLC
826248 5linx Enterprises, Inc.GLOBALYNX
825473 800 Response Information Services, LLC800 Response Information Services, LLC
825996 8x8, Inc.8x8, Inc.
829776 9171-5573 Quebec
821016 @ccess, LLC@ccess, LLC
831777 A&K GroupAKT Company
827825 A&N Telecom LLC.A&N Telecom LLC.
822858 A.M.S. Voicecom, Inc.A.M.S. Voicecom, Inc.
820598 Abovenet Communications, Inc.Abovenet Communications, Inc.
828081 Absolute Home Phones, IncAbsolute Home Phones, Inc
827204 ACANAC Inc.ACANAC Inc.
835518 Accelecom GA LLC
821378 Acceris Communications Corp.Acceris Communications Corp.
825593 Acceris Management and Acquisition, LLC.Acceris Management and Acquisition, LLC.
828805 Access Long Distance, Inc .Access Long Distance, Inc .
819798 Access One, Inc.Access One, Inc.
815074 Access Point, Inc.Access Point, Inc.
820846 AccessLine Communications CorporationAccessLine Communications Corporation
830002 Accoona Global LLCAccoona Global LLC
821916 ACCXX Communications, LLCACCXX Communications, LLC
834738 Ace Peak Invest Pte LtdAce Peak Invest Pte Ltd
836903 Aceone LLC
820854 ACN Communication Services, LLCACN Communication Services, LLC
826006 ACN Digital Phone Service, LLCACN Digital Phone Service, LLC
835271 ACP CreativIT LLC dba TLX CommunicationsTLX Communications
835289 ACS Technologies Group, Inc.
818976 ACSI Local Switched Services, Inc.e.spire
827283 ACT Video Conferencing, Inc.ACT Video Conferencing, Inc.
832611 Action Vox Inc.ActionVox
830746 Active Solutions GroupActive Solution Group
830153 ActiveServe, Inc.ActivePBX
831710 Acuative Corporation
828959 AcuCall, LLCAcuCall
827549 Adaption Technologies Ventures, Ltd.Adaption Technologies Ventures, Ltd.
815796 Adelphia Telecommunications, Inc.Adelphia Telecommunications, Inc.
832435 adNET, Inc.adNET, Inc.
828564 Advanced Communication Technology & Services, Inc.CauseBox
832761 Advanced Communications L.L.C
826993 Advanced Communications Solutions, LLC.Advanced Communications Solutions, LLC.
817986 Advanced Nationwide Messaging CorporationMetrocall, Inc
811134 Advanced Tel, Inc.Eatelnet
822106 Advanced Tel, Inc.- CONSOLIDATEDEatelnet
811135 Advanced Telecom. Network, Inc.Advanced Telecom. Network, Inc.
835988 Advantage InvestorsAdvantage Investors
832614 Advantage IT Management, Inc.
825363 Advantage Mortgae SolutionsAdvantage Solutions
835709 Aegis Telecom LLC
828591 Aegis Telecom, Inc.Off The Hook Telecom
827833 Aeon, Inc.Aeon, Inc.
823886 Aero Communications, LLCAero Communications, LLC
831642 Affiliated Technology Solutions, LLCAffiliated Technology Solutions, LLC
829950 Affiniti, LLCAffiniti, LLC
826683 Affinity Mobile, LLC.Affinity Mobile, LLC.
809136 Affinity Network, Inc.Quantum Link Communications
836042 Affinity Networks, Inc.Affinity Networks, Inc.
827286 Affordable Phone Service, Inc.Affordable Phone Service, Inc.
835595 AFNET, LLC
829683 Agility Communications and Technology Services CompanyAgility Communications
825460 AGM Telecom CorporationAGM Telecom Corporation
831712 Ahoy Telecom, LLC
825978 airband communications, inc.airband communications
834029, Inc.Aircall
822812 Airespring, Inc.Airespring, Inc.
825539 Airinfinite, Inc.Airinfinite, Inc.
825357 AirLink Mobile, Inc.AirLink Mobile
818610 Airnex Communications, Inc.Airnex Communications, Inc.
824418 Airus, Inc.Airus, Inc.
829432 Aiton Caldwell Inc.Aiton Caldwell Inc.
835434 Ajoxi LimitedAjoxi Limited
830261 AKA Management, Inc.AKA Management, Inc.
827558 Akabis. Inc.Akabis. Inc.
825520 AKM Partners, LLC.AKM Partners, LLC.
828286 Alabama Broadband, LLCAlabama Broadband, LLC
804258 Alabama Cellular Service, LLCCingular Wireless
818030 Alabama Wireless, Inc.Cellular One
836479 Alamon, IncAlamon, Inc
830597 AlarmSIM LLCAlarmSIM
834591 Alaweb, IncBuzz Broadband
829031 Alcazar Networks, Inc.Alcazar Networks, Inc.
826878 Alec, LLCAlec, LLC
831214 Alestra, S. de R.L. de C.V.
827960 All American Telecom, Inc.All American Telecom, Inc.
827284 All Conferencing, Inc.All Conferencing, Inc.
833777 AllClear Connect Inc.AllClear Connect Inc.
825481 Allcom Telink CorporationAllcom Telink Corporation
820812 AllCom USA, Inc.AllCom USA, Inc.
812055 Allcomm Wireless, Inc.Allcomm Wireless, Inc.
827853 Alliance Global Networks, LLC.Alliance Global Networks, LLC.
829407 Alliance Telecom, Inc.Alliance Telecom, Inc.
827459 Alliance Telecom, Inc.Alliance Telecom, Inc.
830170 Alliant Technologies, LLCAlliant Technologies, LLC
836080 AllSeeingConnect LLCAllSeeingConnect LLC
833958 Alltech Computer Works IncAlltech IT Solutions
806258 ALLTEL Communications, Inc.ALLTEL
823790 ALLTEL Communications, Inc.- CONSOLIDATEDALLTEL
822094 ALLTEL Wireless of Alabama, Inc.ALLTEL
827668 Allvoi, Inc.Allvoi, Inc.
830231 Allvoitel, Inc.Allvoitel, Inc.
832252 Ally Communications LLC
828993 Alpha 1 Investment, Inc.Roots Tel / Lotus Call
832907 Alpha Data Technologiesgino valconi
829384 AltaWorx LLC
825998 Alteva Solutions, Inc.Alteva Solutions, Inc.
822772 AltiComm, Inc.AltiComm, Inc.
835436 Altigen Communications, Inc.
834408 AM Communication Labs Inc.
836728 Ambit Solutions LLC
829129 Amdesh, Inc.Amdesh, Inc.
822676 America's Digital Satellite Telephone, Inc.America's Digital Satellite Telephone, Inc.
834046 American Bandwidth LLCAmeriBand
822698 American Broadband, Inc.American Broadband, Inc.
820407 American Communication Services of Austin, Inc.e.spire
818962 American Communication Services of Baton Rouge, Inc.e.spire
811353 American Communication Services of Birmingham, Inc.e.spire
811355 American Communication Services of Charleston, Inc.e.spire
818970 American Communication Services of Chattanooga, Inc.e.spire
818954 American Communication Services of Colorado Springs, Inc.e.spire
811350 American Communication Services of Columbia, Inc.e.spire
811357 American Communication Services of Columbus, Inc.e.spire
819933 American Communication Services of Corpus Christi, Inc.e.spire
820405 American Communication Services of D.C., Inc.e.spire
820401 American Communication Services of Dallas, Inc.e.spire
811352 American Communication Services of El Paso, Inc.e.spire
811354 American Communication Services of Fort Worth, Inc.e.spire
811356 American Communication Services of Greenville, Inc.e.spire
811359 American Communication Services of Irving, Inc.e.spire
811361 American Communication Services of Jackson, Inc.e.spire
818956 American Communication Services of Jacksonville, Inc.e.spire
818960 American Communication Services of Kansas City, Inc.e.spire
811364 American Communication Services of Lexington, Inc.e.spire
818964 American Communication Services of Louisiana, Inc.e.spire
809588 American Communication Services of Louisville, Inc.e.spire
811365 American Communication Services of Maryland, Inc.e.spire
809587 American Communication Services of Mobile, Inc.e.spire
811360 American Communication Services of Montgomery, Inc.e.spire
811362 American Communication Services of Pima County, Inc.e.spire
820403 American Communication Services of San Antonio, Inc.e.spire
818966 American Communication Services of Shreveport, Inc.e.spire
811349 American Communication Services of Spartanburg, Inc.e.spire
818968 American Communication Services of Tulsa, Inc.e.spire
818974 American Communication Services of Virginia, Inc.American Communication Services of Virginia, Inc.
819152 American Cyber CorporationDiscount Plus
832305 American CyberSystems Inc.American CyberSystems Inc.
825803 American Dial Tone, Inc.American Dial Tone, Inc.
813123 American Farm Bureau, Inc.The Farm Bureau Connection
821538 American Fiber Network, Inc.American Fiber Network, Inc
815542 American Installation Co., Inc.NationLink Wireless
821846 American Long Lines, Inc.American Long Lines, Inc.
808735 American Messaging Services, LLCAmerican Messaging Services, LLC
822430 American Millennium Corporation, Inc.American Millennium Corporation, Inc.
817968 American Page One, Inc.American Mobil
819426 American Phone Services, Corp.American Phone Services, Corp.
818016 American Roaming Network, Inc.American Roaming Network
836638 American scientific technical solutions llc
821260 American Telesis, Inc.American Telesis
809883 Americatel Corporation1010123 Americatel
826210 Americatel Corporation1010123 Americatel
803221 Ameritech Communications International, Inc.Ameritech Communications International
815133 AmeriVision Communications, Inc.Affinity 4, LifeLine Communications
826349 AMP Networks, LLC.PressOne
826184 Amp'd Mobile, Inc.Amp'd Mobile, Inc.
835007 Anafone, Inc.
834691 Ananya traders llcAnanya traders llc
830017 Angel Americas LLCAngel Americas LLC
811426 Anniston-Westel Company, LLCCingular Wireless
820850 ANPI Business, LLCANPI Business d/b/a Voyant Communications
824974 ANPI, LLC
813135 Anserphone of Natchez, Inc.Answerphone of Natchez, Inc.
827490 Anthony WestAnthony West
830937 Anveo, Inc.
834216 AOC Connect, LLC
826048 AOL Enhanced Services LLC.AOL Enhanced Services LLC.
836305 Apex dynasty ltdApex dynasty ltd
830276 Appalachian Valley Fiber Network LLCAppalachian Valley Fiber Network LLC
834000 AppCom Systems, LLC.
835623 appcropshop
826355 Appia Communications, Inc.Appia Communications, Inc.
824752 Apple Telecom, Inc.Apple Telecom
827102 Applewood Communications, Corporation.Applewood Communications, Corporation.
829745 Applied Systems, Inc.Applied Systems, Inc.
835992 Approved Contact, LLC
826640 Apptix, Inc.Apptix, Inc.
826051 Aptela, Inc.Aptela, Inc.
829310 APX Net, IncAPX Net, Inc
835786 AQUABLUE Corp.
832619 Aquablue, LLCITL Global Services, LLC
836550 Aquarius SIlver LLC
830097 Arbeit Software LLCArbeit Software LLC
836276 Arc Inventador LLCArc Inventador
822064 Arch Telecom, IncArch Telecom, Inc
818060 Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc
822352 Arch Wireless Operating Company, Inc.Arch Wireless
836736 Archie Supply LLCArchie Supply
828661 Arctele Communications, Inc.Arctele Communications, Inc.
803716 Arctic Slope Telecommunications and Cellular, Inc.Arctic Slope Telecommunications and Cellular, Inc.
820640 Ardmore Communications, LLCArdmore Communications, LLC
801078 Ardmore Telephone Company, Inc.Ardmore Telephone Company, Inc.
820086 Arelion U.S. Inc.Telia Carrier U.S. Inc.
826122 Arena One, LLC.Arena One, LLC.
828080 Aretta Communications, IncCbeyond Cloud Services
836467 Aritel LLCAritel LLC
826294 Arrival Telecom, Inc.Arrival Telecom
836303 Arrow Networks
827775 Arsenal Interactive, Inc.Arsenal Interactive, Inc.
833646 Articul8, LLCArticul8
827530 Artium Wireless Partners, LLC.GTC WIRELESS
817908 AS Telecommunications, Inc.ALLSTAR Telecom
832348 Ascension Technologies, LLC
823142 Ascent Media Network Services, LLCAscent Media
829446 Asean Telecommunications, LLCAsean Telecommunications, LLC
827751 Asia Pacific Telecom, Inc.Asia Pacific Telecom, Inc.
819688 Asiatone, LLCAsiatone/ Hudson Telecom/Gorilla Mobile
826178 Aspen Communications, Inc.Aspen Communications, Inc.
835029 Aspen Leaf Networks, LLC
826773 Aspire Telecom, Inc.Aspire Telecom, Inc.
829475 Asset Black, LLCAsset Black, LLC
828858 Assist 123, LLCAssist 123
828631 Assist Wireless, LLCAssist Wireless, LLC
828577 Assurance Home Phone Services, Inc.Assurance Home Phone Services, Inc.
822596 Assurance Wireless USA, L.P.Assurance Wireless
828000 Assure Telecom, LLC.Assure Telecom, LLC.
806172 AT&T Corp.AT&T Corp.
829230 ATI Applied Technology, LLCQuickphones
830781 Atlanta Datacom Inc.ADCom Solutions
826123 Atlantech Online, Inc.Atlantech Online, Inc.
828091 Atlantic Coast Capital Partners, LLC.Atlantic Coast Capital Partners, LLC.
823912 Atlantic.Net Broadband, Inc.Atlantic.Net Broadband, Inc.
836777 Atlas Cloud SolutionsAtlas Cloud Solutions
811100 Atlas Communications, Ltd.Atlas Communications, Ltd.
811688 ATN, Inc.ATN, Inc.
834164 Atron Solutions, LLC
835491 AUM LLC
835929 AURA Network Systems, Inc.AURA Network Systems, Inc.
831923 Aurora Telecom LLC
833947 Avatel Technologies Inc
829275 Avaya Cloud Inc.Avaya Cloud Inc.
828057 Avaya Inc.Avaya Inc.
828064 Avid Telecom LLCAvid Telecom LLC
830300 Avolutia, LLCShelby Broadband
821968 AVOXI, Inc.AVOXI, Inc.
828405 Axia Technology Partners, LLCAxia Technology Partners, LLC
832379 Axtel, S.A.B. de C.V.
834153 Axxess Networks LLC
825846 Azteca Mobile, LLC.Azteca Mobile
818628 B & P CompanyB & P Company
827872 B Kruse and AssociatesB Kruse and Associates
828082 BA TelecomBA Telecom
814903 Bachow/Coastel, LLCCoastel Communications
822002 BAK Communications, Inc.BAK Communications, Inc.
826894 Baldwin County Internet/DSSI Service LLC.Baldwin County Internet/DSSI Service LLC.
826134 Bandwidth Inc.Bandwidth Inc.
827083 CLEC, CLEC, LLC.
833888 Bare Telecom LLC
834179 Basesix SystemsBasesix Systems
829360 Basic Solutions Wholesale, Inc.Basic Solutions Wholesale, Inc.
813020 Bay Springs Long Distance, Inc.Bay Springs Long Distance, Inc.
826785 BB Telsys, LLC.BB Telsys, LLC.
824438 BCE Nexxia CorporationBCE Global - USA
830206 BCM Altus, Inc.
835284 BCM One Cloud Communications, LLC
816450 BCM One, Inc.McGraw Communications, Inc.
821098 BCN Telecom, Inc.BCN Telecom, Inc.
828136 BD Communications, Inc.BD Communications, Inc.
818532 Bealls Communications GroupBealls Communications Group, Inc.
835751 Beembox LLCBeembox LLC
826664 Bell Industries, Inc.Bell Industries, Inc.
828426 Bell4LessBell4Less
827742 Bellerud CommunicationsBellerud Communications
819182 BellSouth BSE, Inc.BellSouth BSE, Inc.
804262 BellSouth Long Distance, Inc.BellSouth Long Distance, Inc.
804261 BellSouth Mobility, LLCCingular Wireless
802970 BellSouth Public Communications, Inc.BellSouth Public Communications, Inc.
802971 BellSouth Telecommunications, LLCBellSouth Telecommunications, LLC
834808 beltalk solutions LLCbeltalk solutions LLC
834215 BEMO CORP
825130 BenchMark Communications, LLCComone
835046 Bendial LLC
827754 Benga Networks, LLC.Benga Networks, LLC.
833699 Best Buy Health, Inc.Greatcall
826221 Best Rate Communication, Inc.Best Rate Communication, Inc.
827354 Bestconferencing, LLC.Bestconferencing, LLC.
822932 BestNet Communications Corp.BestNet Communications Corp.
826545 BetterWorld Telecom, LLC.BetterWorld Telecom
830257 BetterWorld Wireless, LLCBetterWorld Wireless
836340 Bffmobile Inc.Bffmobile
820936 Big Planet, Inc.Big Planet, Inc.
821170 Big River Telephone Company, LLCBig River Telephone Company, LLC
822310 Birmingham Jefferson Convention ComplexBirmingham Jefferson Convention Complex
826267 BizNet, Inc.BizNet, Inc.
829695 BlackWire Consulting Group, LPBlackWire Consulting Group, LP
828536 Blakes Telecommunications NetworkBlakes Telecommunications Network
834192 Blank Point CommunicationsBlank Point Communications
834962 Blaze DigiTelBlaze DigiTel
823960 BLC Management, LLCAngles Communication Solutions
835300 Blockchain Cellular IncSarmad Harake
803451 Blountsville Telephone LLCBlountsville Telephone LLC
833093 Blu Space IncBlu Space
831828 Blue Casa Mobile, LLCN/A
834917 Blue Diamond Communications Inc
833752 Blue Mogul Enterprise, LLCBlue Mogul
830876 Blue Ocean Technologies, Inc.Blue Ocean Technologies, Inc.
834323 Blue Plains Technology, LLCBlue Plains Technology, LLC
825887 Blue Sky NetworkBlue Sky Network
831814 Blue Sky Network, LLC
825552 Blue Torch Network Solutions, Inc.Blue Torch
835565 BlueEdge Technologies LLC
833134 Blueface US, LLC
833289 Blueline Telecom Group, LLCBlueline Telecom Group, LLC
825649 BMA Communications, Inc.BMA Communications, Inc.
827676 BoaGroup, LLC.BoaGroup, LLC.
827732 BOB LLC.Business Only Broadband LLC
836265 Bohannon LLC
822438 Bolero Telecom, Inc.Bolero Telecom
827225 Boomerang Wireless, LLC.Boomerang Wireless, LLC.
827850 Boostlink, LLC.DOUGLAS FAST NET
835347 Borderless Communications IncBorderless Communications Inc
835566 Bravo Lines LCCAnwaar Ahmed Chaudhary
835685 Bray Telecom LLCBray Telecom LLC
835621 Bridge Communications, LLCBridge Communications, LLC
836393 Bridge Wireless LLCBridge Wireless
834883 Bridgecom, LLCBridgecom, LLC
827622 BridgeConnex, LLC.BridgeConnex, LLC.
825038 Bright House Networks Information Services (Alabama), LLCBright House Networks Information Services (Alabama), LLC
828373 Brightlink Communications, LLCBrightlink Communications, LLC
807789 Brindlee Mountain Telephone LLCBrindlee Mountain Telephone LLC
827942 Broad Band Voice, LLC.Broad Band Voice, LLC.
823522 Broadband Dynamics, LLC.Broadband Dynamics, LLC.
831193 Broadband EnterpriseBroadband Enterprise
829818 Broadband in Hand LLCBroadband in Hand LLC
829387 Broadband LLCBroadband LLC
833952 Broadcord Communications Inc.
835249 BroadLife Communications, Inc.
822690 BroadRiver Communication CorporationBroadRiver Communication Corporation
831676 Broadsmart Global, Inc.
829410 Broadsoft Adaption LLCBroadsoft Adaption LLC
827561 Broadstar, LLCPrimecast, LLC
824088 Broadview Networks Holdings, Inc.- CONSOLIDATEDWindstream
826005 Broadvox LLCBroadvox LLC
827091 BroadvoxGo!, LLC.BroadvoxGo!, LLC.
828908 Broadwan Networks LLCBroadwan Networks
835645 Broadway Telecom LLC
809880 Broadwing Communications Services Inc.Broadwing Communications Services, Inc.
822866 Broadwing Communications, LLCBroadwing Communications, LLC
833558 BryMak & Associates, Inc.
821030 bSmart Communications, Inc.bSmart Communications, Inc.
809483 BT Americas, Inc.BT Americas, Inc.
827277 BT Conferencing Video, Inc.BT Conferencing Video, Inc.
833384 BT Federal Inc.BT Federal
832730 BT Procure LLCBT Americas
832602 BTS Technologies, Inc.BTS Technologies, Inc.
817466 Buckeye Telesystem, Inc.Buckeye Telesystem
808107 Budget Call Long Distance, Inc.Budget Call Long Distance, Inc.
824692 Budget Minutes Ltd.Quest Communications
814995 Budget PrePay, Inc.Budget PrePay, Inc.
817164 Buehner-Fry, Inc.Buehner-Fry, Inc.
822214 Bullseye Telecom, Inc.Bullseye Telecom, Inc.
832006 BurstTel Communications, LLCBurstTel Communications, LLC
836809 Business Buddy Inc.LeadsFlow180
836129 Business Communications IncBusiness Communications Inc
814239 Business Discount PlanBusiness Discount Plan
823390 Business Network Long Distance, Inc.Business Network Long Distance, Inc.
823454 Business Options, Inc.Business Options
825496 Business Productivity Solutions, Inc.Business Productivity Solutions, Inc.
808512 Business Telecom, Inc.Earthlink Business
806589 Butler Telephone CompanyTDS Telecom
822538 Buzz Telecom CorporationBuzz Telecom
830515 BYO Wireless, LLCBYO Wireless, LLC
836526 byteworth llc
824506 C A Networks, Inc.C A Networks, Inc.
824236 C.M., Inc.C.M., Inc.
829362 C3 Conferencing, Inc.C3 Conferencing, Inc.
808113 Cable & Wireless USA, Inc.Cable & Wireless USA, Inc.
836048 Cable Internet bill LLCCable Internet bill LLC
825949 Cable One Inc.Cable One Inc.
827293 CADRE Industries CorporationCADRE Industries Corporation
836806 Cage Cube Technologies, Inc.Cage Cube Technologies, Inc.
826208 Cal-One Cellular, LPCal-One Cellular, LP
817288 CalAmp Wireless Data Systems, Inc.Wireless Matrix USA
826655 Call Catchers, Inc.Call Catchers, Inc.
835571 Call Center Tech LLCCall Center Tech LLC
835093 Call Centers India. inc.Telgoo5
834957 Call connect LtdCall connect Ltd
835672 Call Hub IncCall Hub Inc
803805 Call One, Inc.Call One, Inc.
836299 Call Rings LLC
833805 Call Tools IncCall Tools Inc
835283 Call Tracking Metrics LLCCall Tracking Metrics LLC
834719 Call.Net, LLC
829265 Call249 LLCCall249 LLC
829117 Callcentric, Inc.Callcentric, Inc.
834934 CallCurrent, Inc.MightyCall, Omnivoice
833714 Caller Technologies, LLCCaller Technologies, LLC
827578 Callfinity, Inc.Callfinity, Inc.
826815 Calling 10, LLCCALLING 101515800
819274 Callis Communications IncCallis Communications Inc
824734 CallKey LimitedCallKey Limited
823246 CallTower, Inc.CallTower, Inc.
827111 Callverse LLC.Callverse LLC.
825942 Campaign Marketing, Inc.Campaign Marketing, Inc.
821384 Campus Communications Group, Inc.CCG, Inc.
830516 CampusSIMs, Inc.CampusSIMs, Inc.
828651 Cap Cable, LLCUSA Communications
833929 Capcon Networks LLCCapcon Networks LLC
829102 Capital Communications Consultants, Inc.Capital Communications Consultants, Inc.
808866 Capsule Communications, Inc.Capsule Communications, Inc.
830303 CapTex Telecom, LLCCapTex Telecom, LLC
830295 CaptionCall, LLCCaptionCall, LLC
834314 Carrier One Inc.
828772 Carrier Termination Inc.Carrier Termination Inc.
836252 Carrier2 NetworkN/A
823052 CarrierTel, Inc.CarrierTel, Inc.
832866 CarrierX, LLC
828355 Castle Rock Capital Management LtdCastle Rock Ltd Seychelles
805914 Castleberry Tel. Co. Inc.Castleberry Tel. Co., Inc.
822374 CAT Communications International, Inc.CCI, Inc.
834011 Cathect Communications Inc.
826031 Cause Based Commerce IncorporatedThe Sienna Group and Sienna Communications Group Inc
834901 Cbfcom, LLCCbfcom, LLC
809872 CBTS Technology Solutions LLCCBTS Technology Solutions LLC
825368 CCI Network Services, LLCCCI Network Services, LLC
836810 CDYNE Services LLCEsendex
833315 Celerity Telecommunications
829044 Celito Communications, Inc.Celito Communications, Inc.
822750 Cellco Partnership & Affiliated Entities- CONSOLIDATEDVerizon Wireless
824576 CellCom Tech, Inc.JusTalk!
822022 Cellular South Licenses, LLCC Spire Wireless
833123 Cellular South, Inc.C Spire Wireless
827924 Center One Technologies, Inc.Center One Technologies, Inc.
835524 Central Access, Inc.Central Access Broadband
826991 Central Telecom Long Distance, Inc.Central Telecom Long Distance, Inc.
831429 Centratel Services International Inc.
825564 Century Tel Acquisition, LLC.Century Tel Acquisition, LLC.
808882 CenturyLink Communications, LLCCenturyLink Communications, LLC
835139 CenturyTel Broadband Services, LLC.CenturyLink Broadband
823352 Centurytel Fiber Company II, LLCLightcore a Centurytel Company
818150 CenturyTel Long Distance, LLC.CenturyTel Long Distance
822566 CenturyTel of Alabama, LLCCenturyTel of Alabama, LLC
806481 CenturyTel TelecommunicationsCenturyTel Telecommunications
827243 Cequel Communications, LLC.Suddenlink Communications
826983 Cervor Global Solutions, LLC.Cervor Global Solutions, LLC.
817454 CFL, LLCCFL Payphones
827207 CFN Services, Inc.CFN Services, Inc.
826690 Champion Communications, LTD.Champion Communications, LTD.
832841 Charger Access, LLC
829610 Charter Advanced Services (AL), LLCCharter Advanced Services (AL), LLC
832346 Charter Communications Operating, LLC
823752 Charter Fiberlink AL-CCVII, LLCCharter Fiberlink AL-CCVII, LLC
823418 Charter Fiberlink- Alabama, LLCCharter Fiberlink- Alabama, LLC
836513 Charter IP Enabled Services, LLC
818120 Chernow Communications, Inc.C-Com
815144 Cherokee Telephone Company, Inc.Cherokee Telephone Company, Inc.
832005 Cherry Voice Inc
830117 Chicago Business VoIP, LLCChicago Business VoIP, LLC
829351 Chit Chat Holdings LLCChit Chat Mobile
820128 Choctaw Communications, Inc.Smoke Signal Communications
827294 Chorus Call, Inc.Chorus Call, Inc.
832526 Chosen Technology Group LLCChosen Technology Group LLC
823254 Christian Media Technologies, Inc.Christian Media Technologies, Inc.
823846 CI2, Inc.CI2, Inc.
801909 CIMCO Communications, Inc.CIMCO Communications, Inc.
809337 Cingular Interactive, LPCingular Interactive
822350 Cingular Wireless, LLC- CONSOLIDATEDCingular Wireless
828568 Cintex Group, LLC.Liberty Wireless, Movida Cellular
828887 Cintex Wireless, LLCCintex Wireless, LLC
826264 Cinthex, LLC.CInthex LLC dba i-wireless, LLC.
835074 Cipe Solutions LLCCipe Solutions
836311 CipherTV Corporation
833023 Cirrus Systems, Inc
826750 Cisco WebEx LLCCisco WebEx LLC
827758 Citrix Online Audio, LLCCitrix Online Audio, LLC
833450 CKC Data Solutions
809208 Claricom Networks, LLCClaricom Networks
836594 Clear Live, LLC
835012 Clear Mobile, LLC
821168 Clear Rate Communications, Inc.Clear Rate Communications, Inc.
826033 Clear Voip Calling LLC.Clear Voip Calling
822836 Clear Wave CommunicationsClear Wave Communications
833568 ClearCom USA, LLC
834040 Clearly IP Inc.
831028 ClearSIP Inc.ClearSIP
823716 Cleartel Telecommunications, Inc.Cleartel Telecommunications, Inc.
836397 Cliq Communications LLCCliq Mobile
821270 CloseCall America, Inc.CloseCall America
831972 Cloud Communications and Computing Corp.
834322 Cloud Connect LLC
834116 Cloud4 Inc
830346 CloudCall, Inc.CloudCall, Inc.
829513 CloudConnect, Inc.CloudConnect, Inc.
828370 Clouded Systems LLCClouded Mobility
832456 Cloudli Communications Inc.
829811 Cloudly, LLCCloudly
836831, Inc.
835170 US US Inc.
827535 CML Communications LLCCML Communications LLC
827800 CNP Technologies, LLCCNP Technologies, LLC
825361 Coast Consulting Group, Inc.Bandwidth Options, Inc.
823598 Coast Consulting Group, LLCBandwidth Options
813052 Coast International Inc.Coast International, Inc.
826475 Coast To Coast Cellular, Inc.Coast To Coast Cellular, Inc.
835291 Cobo, Inc.
830571 CoEo Solutions, LLCCoEO
804636 COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, INCSprint Communications Company, L.P.
828393 Cogent Communications, Inc.Cogent Communications, Inc.
824172 Cognigen Networks, Inc.Cognigen Networks, Inc.
802038 Coin Phone Management CompanyCoin Phone Management Company
823090 Cointel CommunicationsCointel Communications
808522 Coleman Enterprises, Inc.Local Long Distance
829190 ColoRelyon, LLCColoRelyon, LLC
815883 Com Systems, Inc.Com Systems, Inc.
821614 Combined Billing CorporationCombined Billing Corporation
811801 Combined Public Communications, Inc.Combined Public Communications
835655 Comcast Government Services, LLC
825947 Comcast IP Phone II, LLC.Comcast Digital Voice
825948 Comcast IP Phone, LLC.Comcast Digital Voice
832043 Comcast OTR1, LLCComcast OTR1, LLC
824688 Comcast Phone II, Inc.Comcast Digital Phone
822102 Comcast Phone, LLCComcast Digital Phone
835486 Comlink Total Solutions Corp
826919 ComLinq, Inc.ComLinq, Inc.
817742 Comm South Companies, Inc.Comm South Companies, Inc.
831612 Comm-Works, LLCComm-Works, LLC
833039 CommandLink LLCCommandLink LLC
830526 Common Point LLCCommon Point LLC
825445 CommPartners, LLCCommPartners, LLC
825182 Communication Services Integrated Inc. CSIICOMMUNICATION SERVICES INTEGRATED, INC.
836709 Communication VOIP LLCCommunication VOIP LLC
829331 Communications Acquisitions CorporationWhaleback Managed Services
819232 Communications Design, Inc.Communications Design, Inc.
825761 Communications Distributors, Inc.Communications Distributors, Inc.
823606 Communications Express, Inc.Communications Express, Inc.
822464 Communications Internacionales de Mexico, S.A de C.VCommunications Internacionales de Mexico, S.A de C.V
826426 Communications Security and Compliance Technologies, Inc.CONTOUR NETWORKS
827620 Communications Supply CorporationCommunications Supply Corporation
832320 Communications Technologies, Inc.CTI
820280 Communications Venture CorporationInDigital Telcom
827600 Communique Conferencing, Inc.Communique Conferencing, Inc.
834739 Community PhoneCommunity Phone
834851 Commventures LLCcommventures llc
823498 Competitive Communications, Inc.Competitive Communications, Inc. (CCI)
836750 Computer Network IncComputer Network Inc
828569 Computer Software Innovations, Inc.CSI@K12
832815 Computer Technology Solutions, Inc.Integrated Technology Services
826252 Comsoft CorporationComsoft Corporation
829592 ComTec Cloud Services, LLCComTec Cloud Services, LLC
821980 ComTech21, LLCComTech21, LLC
829162 Comtel Managed Solutions, LLCSimplicity
825914 Comtel Telcom Assets LPVarTec Telecom, Excel Telecommunications & VarTec Solutions
822432 ComWest CommunicationsComWest Communications
834899 S.A. de S.A. de C.V.
834231 Concise IncCNS Concise Network Solutions
835622 Concord III, L.L.C.Concord III, L.L.C.
830594 Concurrent Collaboration, LLCC3Concurrent
830211 Conexiant Communications LLCConexiant Communications
829352 Conexiant Telecom LLCConexiant Telecom LLC
827260 Conference America, Inc.Conference America, Inc.
827265 Conference Calls Unlimited, Inc.Conference Calls Unlimited, Inc.
823724 Conference Plus, Inc.Conference Plus
833592 Conference Technologies, Inc.
831139 ConferenceEdge, Inc.ConferenceEdge, Inc.
827310 ConfersaveConfersave
802437 Connect America Communications, Inc.Connect America Communications, Inc.
834911 Connect America Group, IncConnect America Group, Inc
817670 Connect America, IncConnect America, Inc
829674 Connect First, Inc.Connect First, Inc.
835536 Connect Parent CorporationBrightspeed
836241 Connect Us Wireless LLCConnect Us Wireless
835474 Connecta Satellite Solutions, LLCSatellite Phone Store; Whenever Communications
834564 Connected Solutions Group LLCConnected Solutions Group LLC
827624 ConnectMe, LLC.ConnectMe, LLC.
836242 Connextivity LLC
835850 ConnX, Inc.ConnX
801855 Consolidated Communications of Florida CompanyConsolidated Communications
824308 Consolidated Communications Operator Services, Inc.Consolidated Communications Operator Services, Inc.
835804 Constellation Technology Solutions, Inc.Axacore
824854 Consumer Cellular, Inc.Consumer Cellular, Inc.
825835 Consumer Telcom, Inc.Consumer Telcom, Inc.
835081 Contact America LLC
832169 Contact Center Specialists LLC
822576 Contact Network, LLCINLINE
823694 Conterra Ultra Broadband, LLCConterra Ultra Broadband, LLC
829138 Continuityx Solutions, Inc.Continuityx Solutions, Inc.
834789 Controlled Network Solutions LLC.
826227 Converge Telecom Group, Inc.Converge Telecom Group, Inc.
829110 Convergence IP Telecom, Inc.Mobex
827868 Convergence Systems, Inc.Convergence Systems, Inc.
834626 ConvergeTel LLCConvergeTel LLC
821494 Convergia, Inc.Convergia
825760 Conversant Technologies, Inc.Conversant Technologies, Inc.
833985 Convoso, Inc.Convoso
805020 Cooperative Communications, Inc.Cooperative Communications, Inc.
834609 Cooperative Connection, LLCSprout Fiber Internet
830566 Coosa Cable CoCoosa Cable Co
834448 Coosa Valley Technologies, Inc.Coosa Valley Technologies, Inc.
823680 Corban Communications, Inc.Corban Communications, Inc.
821630 Cordia Communications Corp.Cordia Communications Corp.
831558 Core Communications, Inc.CoreTel
830572 Core Technologies, LLCCore Technologies, Inc.
825322 Corecast Information Services, LLCCorecast Information Services, LLC
808794 CoreComm ATX, Inc.ATX Communications
826201 CoreDial, LLC.CoreDial, LLC.
801004 Corr Wireless Communications, LLCCorr Wireless Communications, LLC
830378 Corvisa LLCCorvisa LLC
825894 Cospeed, LLC.Cospeed
802539 Covista, Inc.Covista, Inc.
823674 Covista, Inc.- CONSOLIDATEDCovista, Inc.
836070 Cox Alarm & Tech CoCox Alarm
829738 Cox Communications NFS, LLCCox Communications NFS, LLC
827138 Cox Communications, Inc.Cox Communications, Inc.
821092 CPM Communications, Inc.CPM Communications, Inc.
834560 CPT Network Solutions
821954 CRC Communications LLCPine Tree Networks
831980 Creative Computer Solutions IncCCS Cabling
834861 Creek Enterprise Inc
829234 Crexendo Business Solutions, Inc.Crexendo Business Solutions, Inc.
819360 Cricket Communications, Inc.Cricket Communications, Inc.
827005 Cristel Telecom, LLC.Cristel Telecom, LLC.
828488 CrossBridge Solutions, Inc.CrossBridge Solutions, Inc.
827000 Crossroads Wireless, Inc.Crossroads Wireless, Inc.
829671 Crosstel Tandem, Inc.Crosstel Tandem, Inc.
829713 Crosswind Cloud Solutions, LLCCrosswind Cloud Solutions, LLC
822434 Crown Castle Fiber LLCFKA Sidera Networks, LLC
829688 Crown Castle Solutions LLC
830884 Crown Correctional Telephone, Inc.Crown Correctional Telephone, Inc.
824356 Crown Services, LLCCrown Communications Instruments
832842 CSC Wireless, LLCAltice Wireless
813022 CTC Communications Corp.CTC Communications Corp.
834318 CTN Group Inc
836096 Cubexis Technologies LLCCubexis Technologies LLC
834877 Culture Wireless
835606 Culture Wireless Group LLC
815080 Custom Teleconnect, Inc.Custom Teleconnect, Inc.
825936 CVT Prepaid Solutions, Inc.CVT Prepaid Solutions, Inc.
834362 Cybill Digital IncCybill Digital Inc
836232 Cynetel Communications LLC
821786 Cypress Communications Operating Company, Inc.Cypress Communications Operating Company, Inc.
824220 Cypress Communications Operating Company, Inc.-CONSOLIDATEDCypress Communications Operating Company, Inc.-CONSOLIDATED
823364 CyTela Communications, Inc.CyTela Communications, Inc.
825370 CYTUS CommunicationsCYTUS Communications
828774 Cyvergence CorporationCyverONE
815076 Dancris Telecom, LLCDancris Telecom, LLC
836586 Danmark Communications LLCDanmark Technologies
832242 Darasa Holdings, LLCTelSpan
820015 Darden Communications Consultants, Inc.DCCI
830125 DashTel, LLCDashTel, LLC
833467 Data Revolution LLCData Revolution LLC
833180 DataCom Solutions, Inc.
826468 Datalytix, LLC.Datalytix, LLC.
828601 DataSource Technical Consulting, Inc.DataSource Technical Consulting
836615 Datex Solutions LLC
835811 David montesVivicalling
815532 David SullivanCleburne Communications
836152 Daywalker Mobile Inc
828812 DBR360, LLCDBR360, LLC
825470 DBS Communications, Inc.DBS Communications, Inc.
823440 DCT Telecom Group, LLC
836217 DEALSCON/a
804312 Decatur RSA Ltd. PartnershipCingular Wireless
828006 Deep South Communications, LLC.Deep South Communications, LLC.
830366 Defense Mobile CorporationDefense Mobile
834955 Defined Technologies, LLC
834900 Del Mar CorporationDel Mar Corporation
829346 DeLorme inReach LLCDeLorme inReach LLC
826711 Delphilink
823460 Delta Wave Communications, LLCDelta Wave Communications, LLC
807069 Deltacom, LLCEarthLink Business
826021 deltathree, Inc.deltathree, Inc.
831120 deltathree, LLCdeltathree, LLC
823484 Deltel, Inc.PBNext
833787, Inc
826948 Deutsche Telekom North America, Inc.Deutsche Telekom North America, Inc.
831953 Dex imaging LLC
836220 DeziVoiceN/A
833845 DHI Group Limited LLCDHI Telecom
836887 Dial 800 Telecom LLC
825610 Dial Assurance, Inc.Dial Assurance, Inc.
835490 Dial Them Up LLC
833873 Dial Vista CorporationDial Vista
827957 Dial World Communications, LLC.Dial World Communications, LLC.
826788 Dial World Network, Inc.Dial World Network, Inc.
823278 Dial-Around Telecom, Inc.Dial-Around Telecom, Inc.
819966 Dial-Thru, Inc.Dial-Thru, Inc.
822732 Dialaround Enterprises, Inc.Dialaround Enterprises, Inc.
834566 Dialect, LLCBatch Dialer
834411 Dialertel LLCDialertel LLC
829693 Dialpad, Inc.Dialpad, Inc.
825116 DialTone & More, Inc.DialTone & More, Inc.
834682 Dialwave, Inc.Dialwave
835680 Dialzer LLCDialzer LLC
836830 Digital Core Technologies LLCDigital Core Technologies
836416 Digital Ninjaz, Inc.Digital Ninjaz, Inc.
835307 Digital Purvey LLC
836665 Digital Technology Partners, LLC
832987 Digital-blue LLC
817130 Digitcom Services, Inc.Wildgate Wireless, Inc.
828500 Digitel CorporationDigitel Corporation
829964 Digium Cloud Services LLCDigium Cloud Services LLC
829094 DirecPath, LLCDirecPath, LLC
826831 Direct LD, LLC.Direct LD, LLC.
835428 Direct Telco LLCDirect Telco LLC
830069 DirectVoice, LLCDirectVoice, LLC
829421 DISH Network CorporationDISH Network LLC
833645 DISH Wireless L.L.C.Boost Mobile
829349 Distaphone Group LLCDistaphone
831622 Distributed Computing, Inc.Ten4
828823 DKAL Telecommunications, Inc.DKAL Telecommunications
812295 Dodson Group, Inc.Dodson Group, Inc.
822788 Dolphincall USA, Inc.Dolphincall USA
830181 Dolphlet Communications IncorporatedDolphlet Communications Incorporated
830848 Domino Communication SupplyDomino Communication Supply
829115 Dorado Professional Services, LLCDorado Professional Services, LLC
802233 Dothan Cellular Telephone CompanyCellular One
825407 DoveTel Communications LLCSyncGlobal
832029 DPAccess, LLCDPAccess, LLC
826020,, Inc.
819114 DSLnet Communications, LLCDSLnet Communications, LLC
835515 Dtel Network LLC
823402 DTNet, Inc.DTNet
833997 DTS Technology Group
820201 DukeNet Communications, LLCDukeNet Communications, LLC
834183 Duratel LLC
825643 DVVCom Technology Group, Inc.DVVCom Technology Group, Inc.
830533 DWC InternationalDWC International
829312 DYL, LLCDial Your Leads
825613 Dynalink Communications, Inc.Dynalink
828638 Dynamic Packet CorporationDynamic Packet Corporation
825465 E&E Enterprises Global, Inc.E&E Enterprises Global, Inc.
834856 E-MetroTel LLC
830785 e-Systems Group, LLCe-Systems Group, LLC
823456 E-Z Phone, Inc.E-Z Phone, Inc.
829100 e.comm Technologiese.comm Technologies
831751 EARTH TOUCH INC.Telecommunication.
832870 Earthlink, LLCEarthlink, LLC
824758 EarthLink, LLCEarthLink, LLC
811566 Eastern Telecommunications, Inc.Eastern Telecommunications, Inc.
821722 Easton Telecom Services, LLCEaston Telecom Services
832848 Easy Systems, IncISP Wholesale Networks
808746 EasyLink ServicesEasyLink Services
828055 Easynet Global ServiceEasynet Global Service
833184 EBB Connect, LLC
834636 Echo Technologies, LLCEcho Technologies
834048 Echo Technologies, LLCEcho Technologies
822822 ECI Communications, Inc.ITS Network Services
830978 eCollar Work Inc.
830499 EcoMobile, Inc.EcoMobile, Inc.
828635 Eden Telecommunications, Inc.Eden Telecommunications, Inc.
832790 Edify Labs, Inc.Edify
829142 EDO Network Services, IncEDO Network Services, Inc
826269 Education Networks of America, Inc.Education Networks of America, Inc.
835714 Efani Inc.Efani
835085 EFP Broadband LLCAL Broadband
821710 EGIX, Inc.EGIX, Inc.
831547 EJJ Solutions, LLCEJJ Solutions, LLC
836668 EJO Ventures LLCEJO Ventures
826218,, Inc.
808575 Electric Lightwave LLCElectric Lightwave LLC
823380 Electronic Stored Value Services, Inc.eSVS, Inc.
833202 Electronic Voice Services, Inc.Electronic Voice Services, Inc., EVS, EVS7
820830 Eliska Wireless Ventures I, Inc.VoiceStream Wireless
834921 Elite IT LLC
826315 Elite Options, Inc.Clear Talk Communications
827766 Elite Telnet, LLC.Elite Telnet, LLC.
821982 EliteView LLCGroveline
836723 Ellianz Technology LLCEllianz Technology LLC
831964 EM3 Networks LLCEM3 Networks LLC
831820 Emajee Inc
825591 Embarq Communications, IncEmbarq Communications, Inc
822636 Embratel Americas, Inc.Embratel Americas
836308 Emergent Telecommunications Equipment Trading LLCEmergent Telecommunications & Equipment Trading LLC
830984 emveno llcseniors wireless
825935 ENA Services, LLC.ENA Services, LLC.
826032 Encartele, Inc.Encartele, Inc.
826612 Encompass Communications, LLC.Encompass Communications, LLC.
829008 Encompass Digital Media, LLCEncompass Digital Media, LLC
829593 Encore Technology Group, LLCEncore Technology Group, LLC
831407 Endian LLCEndian
830109 Enflick, Inc.Enflick, Inc.
831756 Engage Holdings, LLCiQventures
833274 Enhanced Business Communications LLC
821178 Enhanced Communications Group, LLCEnhanced Communications Group, LLC
821490 Enhanced Communications Network, Inc.Enhanced Communications Network, Inc.
833291 EnQ, Inc.
827572 EnTelegent Solutions, Inc.EnTelegent Solutions, Inc.
831543 EnterCloud Solutions LLCEnterCloud Solutions
827343 EnterConferenceEnterConference
825373 EnterSuite, Inc.Mino Wireless
836084 Entrepreneur Wireless LLCNexys Mobile
826341 Entrix Telecom, Inc.Entrix Telecom, Inc.
812894 Enviro Air Services, Inc.Crown Communication Instruments
827345 Envisiontel, LLC.Envisiontel, LLC.
831949 Epcom World Industries, Inc.Epcom World Industries
815656 Epicus Communications Group, Inc.Epicus Communications Group, Inc.
835899 Equal Net Mobile llc
827649 Equinox, Inc.Equinox, Inc.
818014 Ernest Communications, Inc.Ernest Communications, Inc.
828834 ESCO Technologies LLCESCO Technologies LLC
829799 ESI Hosted Services, LLCESI Hosted Services, LLC
831434 essensys, Incessensys
830317 Estech Systems, Inc.Estech Systems, Inc.
832728 Etairos CorpWestern Data
829820 eTech Data Solutions, Inc.eTech Data Solutions, Inc.
832465 ETK Financial Corp
824434 Etollfree, LLC.eTollfree, LLC
821704 Euroxpress CorporationEuroxpress Corporation
829419 Evanston Technology Partners, Inc.Evanston Technology Partners
832368 EvComm, LLC
823320 EveryCall Communications, Inc.EveryCall Communications, Inc.
833013 Evolution Collect, LLCEvolution Collect, LLC
827855 eVolve Business Solutions, LLC.eVolve Business Solutions, LLC.
826604 Evolve IP, LLCEvolve IP
835206 Exceed Technologies, Inc.
809300 Excel Telecommunications, Inc.Excel Telecommunications, Inc.
831769 Excellus Communications, LLC
834276 Excess Telecom IncExcess Telecom Inc
832176 Exclusive Group LLCExclusive Group LLC
825571 Exelon, LLCExelon, LLC
822912 Exergy Group, LLCExergy Group, LLC
828596 Expereo USA, Inc.Expereo USA, Inc.
825646 Explorer Satellite Communications, Inc.Explorer Satellite Communications, Inc.
827439 ExpressConnect Conferencing, LLC.ExpressConnect Conferencing, LLC.
833416 ExteNet Asset Entity, LLC
827267 EXTENET SYSTEMS, LLCExteNet Systems, Inc.
830791 ExterNetworks IncExterNetworks
833764 EZ Connect Incorporated
836369 EZ Mobile LLC
820912 EZ Talk Communications, LLCEZ Talk Communications, LLC
819951 EzTel Network Services, LLCezTel Network Services, LLC
817480 FairPoint Carrier Services, Inc.FairPoint Carrier Services, Inc.
831243 Falcon Business Resources private LimitedClay Telecom
827637 FAM-CommFAM-Comm
834782 Family Communication Inc.Family Communication Pte Ltd
808824 Farmers Cellular Telephone, Inc.Farmers Cellular Telephone, Inc.
829793 Farmers Cellular Telephone, Inc.Farmers Wireless
803427 Farmers Tel. Coop. Inc.Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
821126 Farmers Telecommunication CorporationFarmers Telecommunication Corporation
827081 Fast Phones, Inc.Fast Phones, Inc.
835380 FaxLogic, LLCFaxLogic, LLC
836808 Fiber Flux VOIP LLC.Fiber Flux VOIP
836387 FIBER2GO CORP.Fiber2Go
827737 FiberLight, LLC.FiberLight, LLC.
827771 Fidelity Telecom, LLC.Fidelity Telecom, LLC.
834773 Fincosa
836130 FinezaFineza
825980 Fionda VOIP, LLCFon Vantage
827947 Firefly Mobile Communications, Inc.Firefly Mobile Communications, Inc.
825796 Firefly Mobile, Inc.Firefly Mobile, Inc.
836313 FireFly Network Solutions, LLC
824622 First Choice Technology, Inc.First Choice Technology, Inc.
819644 First Communications, LLCFirst Communications, LLC
830240 Fisk Telecom LLCFisk Telecom LLC
836557 FIT Management Group LLCFIT Management Group LLC
822602 Five Star Telcom, Inc.Five Star Telcom, Inc.
829544 Five9, Inc.Five9
836375 Flanders Enterprise LLCFlanders Enterprise LLC
834823 Flash Telecom Systems, LLC
828886 Flash Wireless, LLCFlash Wireless, LLC
836840 FlexxPrep LLCFlexxPrep Telco
819042 Florida Digital Network, Inc.FDN Communications
836502 Flow VOIP LLC.
829626 FluentStream Technologies, LLCFluentStream Technologies
836559 Foertsch Holdings IncTelrepco
828810 Fonality IncFonality Inc
835744 FonSwitch, Inc.
836538 Fontalk Inc.Fontalk
836639 Fonus Inc.Fonus
833287 Forefront Technology IncForefront Technology Inc
828863 Forerunner Technologies, IncForerunner Technologies, Inc
836592 Forsyte IT Solutions, LLC
828065 Forum Telecom, Inc.Forum Telecom, Inc.
834525 Foundation for California Community CollegesFoundation for California Community Colleges
833996 Fourteen IP Cloud Communication Co.
831950 Fourteen IP, Inc.Fourteen IP, Inc.
822706 France Telecom Corporate Solutions, LLCFrance Telecom Corporate Solutions, LLC
836117 FraudCentral LLC
827367,, Inc.
821308 FreedomStarr Communications, Inc.FreedomStarr Communications, Inc.
830928 FreelyCall LLCFreelyCall
835150 FreeMii, Inc.
836354 freeway wireless llc
828049 Frescafone, Inc.Frescafone, Inc.
830496 Frick Marketing IncFrick Marketing Inc
805359 Frontier Communications of Alabama, LLCFrontier Communications of Alabama, LLC
803939 Frontier Communications of America, Inc.Frontier Communications of America, Inc.
808716 Frontier Communications of America, Inc.Frontier Communications of America, Inc.
805368 Frontier Communications of Lamar County, LLCFrontier Communications of Lamar County, LLC
805362 Frontier Communications of the South, LLCFrontier Communications of the South, LLC
826552 Full Spectrum Communications, Inc.Full Spectrum Communications, Inc.
832166 Fulton Communications, Inc.Vertical Communications
835393 Funbers Telecom CorpFunbers Telecom Corp
832670 Furrion, LLCFurrion, LLC
833299 Fusion Cloud Company, LLCFusion Cloud Company, LLC
815113 Fusion Cloud Services, LLCFusion Cloud Services, LLC
822052 Fusion MPHC Group, IncFusion MPHC Group, Inc
819926 Fusion, LLCFusion, LLC
832735 Future Nine Corporation
832770 Future Technologies GroupFTG Technologies
827911 Fuze Inc.Fuze Inc.
826810 G-Link Communications, Inc.G-Link Communications, Inc.
829083 G12 Communications LLCG12 Communications LLC
828607, Inc.Gab Addict
833140 Gabb Wireless, Inc.
829953 Gabbit, LLCGabbit, LLC
807402 Gadsden Cell Tel. Co. PartnershipVerizon Wireless
831842 Gage Telephone Systems LLCGage
836496 Gagiteck Inc
827435 Galaxy 1 Communications, LLC.Galaxy 1 Communications, LLC.
829423 Gamma Acquisition L.L.C.Gamma Acquisition L.L.C.
831298 Garmin Services, Inc.Garmin Services, Inc.
828581 Garmin USA IncGarmin USA Inc
821228 Gates Communications, Inc.Gates Communications, Inc.
828705 GC Pivotal, LLCGC Pivotal, LLC
802374 GE Business Productivity Solutions, Inc.GE Capital Communication Services
833292 GE Flight Efficiency Services, Inc
832459 Gen Mobile, Inc.
827287 Genesys Conferencing, Inc.Genesys Conferencing, Inc.
830996 Genesys Telecom US, Inc.Genesys Telecom US, Inc.
835570 Genius Communications LLCGenius Communications LLC
819919 Genuity Telecom, Inc.Genuity Telecom, Inc.
828170 Genusys, IncGenusys, Inc
826936 GeoNet Communications Group, Inc.GeoNet Communications Group, Inc.
823878 Georgia Public Web, Inc.Georgia Public Web, Inc.
827192 Geos Communications, Inc.Geos Communicaitons, Inc.
815470 Gerald TrevarthenBusiness Communication Associates
834524 GhetemServices4U LtdGhetemComS
836258 Gigs Wireless, LLCGigs
826209 Gila Rivers Cellular General PartnershipAir Touch Cellular
829629 GKR Systems, Inc. Venture Technologies
822386 Global Access Telecom & VOIP CorporationGlobal Access Telecom & VOIP Corporation
825393 Global Capacity Direct, LLCGlobal Capacity, LLC, FKA Vanco Direct USA, LLC
828992 Global Cell Calls, Inc.La-Rana Celular
823214 Global Communications Consulting CorporationGlobal Communications Consulting Corporation
827598 Global Connection Inc. of AmericaGlobal Connection Inc. of America
825162 Global Connection Inc. of AmericaGlobal Connection Inc. of America
821818 Global Crest Communications, Inc.Dimensions
809586 Global Crossing Bandwidth, Inc.Global Crossing Bandwidth, Inc.
803667 Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc.
826980 Global Data Systems, Inc.Global Data Systems, Inc.
825614 Global Enterprise Solutions, Inc.Global Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
825758 Global Information TechnologiesGlobal Information Technologies
829424 Global Iridium. Corp.Global Iridium. Corp.
827512 Global Satellite Services, LLC.Global Satellite Services, LLC.
836046 Global ServicesGlobal Services
809240 Global Tel*Link CorporationGlobal Tel*Link Corporation
820586 Global Telecom & Technology Americas, Inc.Global Telecom & Technology Americas, Inc.
827331 Global Telecom Access, LLC.Global Telecom Access, LLC.
829150 Global Wholesale Technologies LLCGlobal Wholesale Technologies LLC
818670 Globalinx Enterprises, Inc.Globalinx Enterprises, Inc.
823030 GlobalPhone Corp.GlobalPhone Corp.
831202 GlobalTmail USA, LLCVoifone Carrier
821592 Globcom, IncGlobcom, Inc.
832766 GloTell US Corp.V-Tell
819212 Glyphics Communications, Inc.Glyphics Communications, Inc.
834328 GMG World Media LLCNALA Comm
827272 Go Gold Group-3G CorporationGo Gold Group-3G Corporation
835969 GO MD USA LLC
822790 Go Solo TechnologiesGo Solo Technologies
829873 Go Solo Technologies of Florida One, Inc.Go Solo Technologies of Florida One, Inc.
833611 Go Technology Management
835813 Go Voip Dialing LLCGo Voip Dialing
829752 Go-Tel, LLCGo-Tel, LLC
828088 Go800 LLCGo800 LLC
831921 LLC
829251 GOGII, Inc.GOGII, Inc.
822226 Gogo Business Aviation LLCGogo Business Aviation LLC
835334 GoKart LLCGoKart LLC
823652 Gold Line Telemanagement, Inc.Gold Line Telemanagement, Inc.
836624 Gold Pyramid Technology LLCGold Pyramid Tech
829895 GoLifeTel CorporationGoLifeTel Corporation
830710 Google Dialer Inc.Google Hangouts
831529 Google Fiber North America Inc.Google Fiber Phone
830853 Google North America Inc.
832989 Google Voice Inc.
831979 GoTo Audio, LLCGoTo Group, Inc
828093 GoTo Communications, Inc.GoTo Group, Inc.
827873 GoWireless, Inc.GoWireless, Inc.
826121 GP Communications, LLC.GP Communications, LLC.
831684 GPhone LLCGPhone LLC
832259 Granade, Inc.
822170 Granite Telecommunications, LLCGranite Telecommunications, LLC
829285 Grapevine Interactive Technologies, LLCGrapevine Interactive Technologies, LLC
827977 Grasshopper Group, LLCGoTo Group, Inc
829113 Gray Bear Resources CorpGray Bear Resources Corp
809514 Gray Florida Holdings, Inc.Porta-Phone Paging
822738 Great America Networks, Inc.Great America Networks, Inc.
826587 Great Call, Inc.Great Call, Inc./Jitterbug
834532 Great WirelessUS Connect
829026 Green Cloud Technologies, LLCGreen Cloud Technologies, LLC
833344 Green River Falls LLCMy Tel Pros
826830 GreenFly Networks Inc.Clearfly Communications
835704 greenpages, incgreenpages, inc
818720 GTC Telecom, Inc.GTC Telecom, Inc.
807468 GTE Mobilnet of Florence, Alabama, Inc.Verizon Wireless
828800 GTI CorporationGTI Telecom
831580 GTT Americas LLCGTT Communications
828578 Gulf Coast Home Phones, Inc.Gulf Coast Home Phones, Inc.
802281 Gulf Long Distance, Inc.Gulf Long Distance, Inc.
831886 Gulf South Telephone Louisiana IP, LLC
802182 Gulf Telephone CompanyGulf Telephone Company
835242 Gulpha Communications LLCGulpha Communications
829191 GW Communications USA Inc.GWC Telecom
812032 H.S.I. Telecom, Inc.H.S.I. Telecom, Inc.
828075 Halo Wireless, Inc.Halo Wireless, Inc.
822300 Hands On Sign Language Services, Inc.Hands On Sign Language Services, Inc.
821524 Harbor Communications, LLCHarbor Communications, LLC
836269 harding marketingsmarketing
833250 Hargray of Alabama, LLCHargray
826230 Hawk Communications, LLC.Hawk Communications, LLC.
826229 Hawk VoIP, LLC.Hawk VoIP, LLC.
818766 Haymaker Communications, Inc.Haymaker Communications, Inc.
820213 Hayneville Fiber TransportHayneville Long Distance
807051 Hayneville Tel. Co. Inc.Hayneville Telephone Company, Inc.
832220 HD Carrier LLC
835016 HDD Broadband, Inc.
832178 Headland CommunicationsHeadland Communications
831652 Healthcare Practice Real-time Communication
825332 Helio, LLCHelio, LLC
829104 Helix Telecom Inc.Helix Telecom Inc.
832680 Hello Mobile Telecom LLCHello Mobile Telecom LLC
831328 Henson LLCKvant
826119 hereUare Communications, Inc.hereUare Communications, Inc.
835845 Heritage Wireless Group, Inc.
833561 HFA Reseller Services LLCHFA Reseller Services LLC
827972 Hibernia Media, LLCHibernia Media, LLC
827848 Highground Solutions, Inc.Highground Solutions, Inc.
804128 Hinds & Campbell PropertiesHinds & Campbell Properties
827497 Hinson Communications, Inc.Hinson Communications, Inc.
834355 Hiscall, Inc.Hiscall, Inc.
823994 Hispanic Information & Telecom Network, Inc.Hispanic Information & Telecom Network, Inc.
832134 HomeWAV, LLC
836049 Honey RoseN/A
835557 Hoop Wireless, LLC
806472 Hopper Telecommunications LLCHopper Telecommunications LLC
833469 Host My Sip,LLCHost My Sip, LLC
830625 Hosted America. LLCHosted America. LLC
835015 HostFastr, LLCHostFastr
831322 Hoteligent Telecommunications Inc.
828758 Houssa Holdings, LLCWow Telekom
832120 Hover Networks, Inc.Hover Networks, Inc.
834881 Huffman Telcom CorpHuffman Telcom Corp
802340 Hughes Network Systems, LLCHughes Network Systems, LLC
835073 Human-I-T
836803 Humane, Inc.
824600 Hunt Telecommunications, LLCHunt Telecom
804279 Huntsville MSA Limited PartnershipCingular Wireless
835499 Hybrid TeletechHybrid Teletech
836849 Hybrid Teletech LLCHybrid Teletech LLC
832213 Hypercore Networks Inc
824874 Hypercube Networks, LLC.
824572 I Connect Communications, Inc.I Connect Communications, Inc.
812047 I-Link Communications IncorporatedI-Link Communications Incorporated
826236 i3 Voice & Data, Inc.i3 Voice & Data, Inc.
835349 i41 Technology
836142 IB2022B
825377 iBasis, Inc.iBasis
825416 IBFA Acquisition Company, LLCIBFA Acquisition Company, LLC
824740 IBN Intertelecom, Inc.IBN Intertelecom, Inc.
831489 iCall Unlimited
827396 iCall, Inc.iCall, Inc.
808692 ICG Telecom Group, Inc.ICG Telecom Group, Inc.
831140 ICIM CorporationVoitress
831593 iCommerce Services, Inc.iCommerce Services, Inc.
830007 Icon Cloud Solutions, LLCIcon Cloud Solutions, LLC
826064 iCore Networks, Inc.iCore Networks, Inc.
831705 ICV Solutions, Inc.Bedroc
823706 Idea Dynamics CorporationIdea Dynamics Corporation
813229 IDS Telcom, LLCIDS Telcom, LLC
825727 IDS Telecom CorporationIDS Telecom/Cleartel Communications
826343 IDT America, Corp.IDT America, Corp.
812231 IDT CorporationIDT Corporation
826340 IDT Domestic Telecom, Inc.IDT Domestic Telecom, Inc.
826339 IDT Telecom, Inc.IDT Telecom, Inc.
826342 IDT Telecom, LLC.IDT Telecom, LLC.
828248 Inc.
831749 iGEM Communications LLCGlobalgig
835617 IJ Wireless, Inc.
827492 IK Communications, Inc.IK Communications, Inc.
826166 ILDN CorporationILDN Corporation
823804 Iloka, Inc.NewCloud Networks
829375 IM Telecom, LLCInfiniti Mobile
831884 Imad AshfaqCitrustel Technologies LLC
825108 Image Access, Inc.Image Access, Inc.
825423 Impact Telecom, Inc.Impact Telecom, Inc.
835697 Imperial Technologies IncImperial Internet, Imperial Wireless
830511 Corporation
835337 Improcom INCImprocom INC
825084 In Phonic, Inc.Liberty Wireless
831602 In-Telecom Consulting LLC
831032 InCom TelecomInCom Telecom
829081 InComm Conferencing Inc.InComm Conferencing Inc.
809841 Incomnet Communications CorporationIncomnet Communications Corporation
818114 inContact, Inc.BuyersOnline & United Carrier Networks
824888 Industry Retail Group, Inc.Industry Retail Group, Inc.
828896 iNet Communications LLCiNet Communications LLC
835481 InfiCloud CorpInficloud
831181 Infinite Conferencing Partners, LLCInfinite Conferencing
835669 infinity Communications LLCinfinity Communications LLC
824562 Infinity Communications, Inc.Infinity Communications, Inc.
822318 Infone LLCInfone LLC
822424 Infonet Telecommunications CorporationInfonet Telecommunications Corporation
822686 Information Transport Solutions, Inc.Information Transport Solutions, Inc.
820165 Infosat Communications, Inc.Infosat
826004 InfoTelis CorporationInfoTelis Corporation
814698 Inmarsat Solutions (US) Inc.Inmarsat Solutions (US) Inc.
824136 Inmate Calling Solutions, LLCIC Solutions
830755 INNO4 LLC
830726 Innovative Global Security Solutions, LLCIGSS
834990 Innovative Information and TechnologyIIT
830907 Innove, LLC
834959 Instacall LLCInstacall LLC
836337 Instant Telecom Solutions Inc.Instant Telecom Solutions Inc.
835259 Integral Worldwide Limited
826553 Integrated Broadband Services, LLCIntegrated Broadband Services, LLC
833781 Integrated Communication Solutions, Inc.
828213 Integrated Information Systems, LLCIntegrated Information Systems, LLC
833545 Integrity Voice, LLC
823636 Intelcom, Inc.Intelcom, Inc.
830695 Intelegence LLCIntelegence
831003 inTelegence Telecom, LLC,inTelegence
833974 Intelenyx Systems Inc.Intelenyx
830207 IntelePeer Cloud Communications LLCIntelePeer
823690 Inteliquent, Inc.Inteliquent, Inc.
825602 Intelletrace, Inc.Intelletrace
807204 Intellicall Operator Services, Inc.ILD Telecommunications, Inc.
835856 Intelligent Data IncIntelligent Data Inc
830967 Intellivoice Inc
832072 Intelsat Africa (Pty.) LtdIntelsat Africa (Pty.) Ltd
832070 Intelsat Brasil Ltda.Intelsat Brasil Ltda.
833681 Intelsat Brasil Servicos de Telecomunicacoes Ltda.Intelsat Brasil Servicos de Telecomunicacoes Ltda.
832071 Intelsat France SASIntelsat France SAS
825070 Intelsat General Communications LLCIntelsat General Communications LLC
827170 Intelsat Global Sales & Marketing, Ltd.Intelsat Global Sales & Marketing, Ltd.
833632 Intelsat Horizons-3 LLC
825048 Intelsat MTC, LLCIntelsat MTC, LLC
827128 Intelsat US LLCIntelsat US LLC (fka Intelsat Corporation)
827146 Intelsat USA Sales LLCIntelsat USA Sales LLC
835162 Intelsat Ventures S.a.r.l.
836138 Intenext Telecom LLC
813250 Interactive Media Technologies, Inc.Interactive Media Technologies, Inc.
819392 Interactive Services Network, Inc.IPFone
836110 interCloud9, LLC
815861 Intercontinental Communications Group, Inc.Fusion Telecom
827355 Interface Security Systems, LLCInterface Security Systems, LLC
835128 Interlink Communications LLC
809368 Intermedia Communications, Inc.Intermedia Communications of Florida, Inc.
829028 Intermedia Voice Services, Inc.Voice Services
824668 International Access, Inc.International Access, Inc.
827348 International Connection Services, Inc.International Connection Services, Inc.
826376 International InterConnect, Inc.International InterConnect, Inc.
821164 International Payphone Corp.International Payphone Corp.
822460 International Satellite Services, Inc.International Satellite Services, Inc.
811580 International Telcom, LtdKallback, Kallcents, Faxaway, Kall8
825893 Interop Technologies, LLC.InterOP Technologies
828141 Interoute USA IncInteroute USA Inc
827288 Intrado Enterprise Collaboration, Inc.
826161 Intrado IP Communications,INC.Smoothstone IP Communications
821784 Intratel, LLCIntratel, LLC
828129 INTTec, Inc.INTTec, Inc.
831512 Inviacom, Inc.Inviacom, Inc.
831943 InvoxioInvoxio
826967 ioTRAN SolutionsTalking Platforms
829755 Iotum Global Holdings, Inc.Iotum Global Holdings, Inc.
830096 Iotum Inc.Iotum Inc.
826434 IP Networked Services, Inc.IP Networked Services, Inc.
835160 IP Transfer, LLCIP Transfer, LLC
828321 IP Voice, Inc.IP Voice, Inc.
822796 IPC Network Services, Inc.IPC Network Services, Inc.
830171 IPitimiIPitimi
830842 IPitomy Communications, LLCIPitomy Communications, LLC
828209 ipSBS Managed Service LLCipSBS Managed Service LLC
836816 Ipsum Solutions Incorporated
830940 IPtelX, LLC
826232 Iptimize, Inc.Iptimize, Inc.
830325 ISC, Inc.ISC, Inc.
825318 Iscom, Inc.Iscom, Inc.
835031 IT Custom Solution LLCIT Custom Solution
834390 IT Vocal LLCIT Vocal LLC
827024 iTalk Global Communications, Inc.iTalk Global Communications, Inc.
831187 iTalk Mobile Corporation
829709 ITC Global Networks, LLCIronton Global
828546 iTel Communications Inc.iTel
829635 ItsOn, Inc.ItsOn, Inc.
831680 ITSP Direct, Inc.ITSP Direct, Inc.
829687 IVANS, Inc.IVANS, Inc.
828485 IXC holdings, Inc.Telekenex, Networld, and NWC
826154 J Brown Development Group, LLCJ Brown Development Group, LLC
833179 J Rhodes Enterprises, LLCTitanium Wireless
829182 Jabo Communications, LLCJabo Communications, LLC
832273 Jade Gong & Associates LLCJade Gong & Associates LLC
827569 Jajah IncJajah Inc
826657 Jaroth, Inc.PTS
836180 Jeanne TelecomN/A
827425 Jed Global EnterprisesJed Global Enterprises
831141 Jeff Howe IT ConsultancyArqnetworks
835228 Jerry Hall Inc.Tin Can Talk
834004 JFission IT Consulting, LLCJVoIP Telecom
820764 JirehCom, Inc.JirehCom, Inc.
829724 JKM Consulting, IncM2 Connections (Msquared Connections)
812900 JLR Communications, Inc.JLR Communications, Inc.
829148 JMF Solutions, Inc.JMF Solutions, Inc.
833397 Join5G Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.
835763 Joitel, Inc.Joitel
835930 Jordan Technical Solutions Inc.Jordan Technical Solutions Inc.
834136 JT USA Inc
829075 Junction Networks Inc.Junction Networks Inc.
834137 JWEMC Communications LLC
835135 K20 Wireless LLCK20 Wireless
826292 kajeet, Inc.kajeet, Inc.
827750 Kajeet/Airlink LLC.Kajeet/Airlink LLC.
833801 KAM TechnologiesKAM Technologies
825400 Kancharla CorporationKancharla Corporation
832647 Kandy Communications LLC
835181 Karl Achille OresteKLL TELECOM INC.
832736 KAT Telecom incWallace consulting
835898 Katelyn McleodKnight Technology Group
834884 Kaytob Technology IncKYTB Technology
819514 KDDI America, Inc.KDDI America, Inc.
826578 KDDI Global L.L.C.KDDI Global L.L.C.
836827 Kelly Lee Oglesbee jr
832217 Keycomm Voice & Data Services LLP
828917 KeyOn CommX LLCKeyOn CommX LLC
829990 KeyPBX, Inc.KeyPBX, Inc.
833602 KeyStone Solutions
822090 Kiger Telephone & Telephony, LLCKiger Telephone & Telephony, LLC
836357 King Network and Media Services, LLCKingNAMS
829012 Kingstone Telecommunications, IncKTI & KST & MSA
828109 Kiskiminetas Communications, LLC.Kiskitel
830030 Kloud 7, LLCKloud 7, LLC
813070 KMC Telecom LLCKMC Telecom LLC
820744 KMC Telecom V, Inc.KMC Telecom V, Inc.
834735 Knobloch CommunicationsKnobloch Communications
815486 Knology of Alabama, Inc.Knology of Alabama, Inc.
802146 Knology Total Communications, Inc.Knology Total Communications, Inc.
830530 Konatel Inc.Konatel Inc.
833057 Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.
836917 Konnected Concepts, Inc.
826175 Kosmaz Technologies, LLC.VoipVoip, Komturk
834665 KosmosCommunications LLCKosmosCommunications LLC
833221 KPN B.V.KPN
825491 KSG America Inc.Dial West
831644 Kubo Technologies LLCKubo Technologies
827078 KVH IndustriesKVH Industries
813137 L & L Services, Inc.L & L Services, Inc.
833539 LACP Lower Alabama Computer Professionals, LLCL.A. Wisp
835330 Lalli Technology Group
834530 LandSea Wireless, LLC
828557 Landtel Communications, LLCLandtel Communications
832058 Lantana Communications Corp
830212 LasmnsLasmns
829009 Layered CommunicationsLayered Communications
831081 LB Communications, Inc."Lebara" and "Lebara Talk"
821280 LCR Telecommunications, LLCLCR Telecommunications, LLC
821252 LD, Inc.LD, Inc.
815111 Least Cost Routing, Inc.Least Cost Routing, Inc.
820439 LecStar Telecom, Inc.LecStar Telecom, Inc.
817998 Legacy Long Distance International, Inc.Legacy Long Distance International, Inc.
830004 Legent Comm LLCLegent Comm LLC
821332 Legent Communications CorporationLong Distance America
835227 Legrand TelecomLegrand Telecom
834711 Lets Dial SG pte ltdLets Dial SG pte ltd
818086 Level 3 Communications, LLCLevel 3 Communications, LLC
824508 LH Telecom, Inc.LH Telecom, Inc.
836593 Liberty Wireless, LLC
827976 Lifelink America, Inc.Lifelink America, Inc.
821578 Ligado Networks Subsidiary LLC
824550 Lightbridge, Inc.Lightbridge, Inc.
826117 LightEdge Solutions, Inc.LightEdge Solutions, Inc.
828035 Lighthouse Conferencing LLCLighthouse Conferencing LLC
835151 Lightning Wireless LLC
832302 Lightspeed CLEC, Inc.Lightspeed Voice
812066 Lightyear Network Solutions, LLCLightyear
815084 Lightyear Telecommunications, LLCLightyear
827926 LIIVQUE CorporationLIIVQUE Corporation
830066 LimeBox Networks, LLCLimeBox Networks, LLC
835447 Limpidtel LLC
832091 LineOne, LLCLineOne, LLC
831674 Lingo Management, LLCLingo Management, LLC
820616 Lingo Telecom of the South, LLC.Lingo Telecom of the South, LLC.
802572 Lingo Telecom, LLCLINGO
829967 Lingo, Inc.Lingo, Inc.
835725 Link Business Communications, LLC
822264 Link Systems, Inc.Link Systems, Inc.
829584 LinkTech US, CorpLinkTech US, Corp
836262 Lion GroupRobo Enforcer
803010 LiveTV airfone, IncLIVETV AIRFONE, INC
833940 LiveVox, Inc.
835800 Livewire Telecom, LLC
833028 Livingston Logistic CorporationLivLogic.Net
829474 Local Access LLCLocal Access LLC
825148 Local Telecom Holdings, LLC
820626 Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications Srvc., Inc.Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications Service, Inc.
824334 Locus Telecommunications, LLCLocus Telecommunications, LLC
817556 Logix Communications CorporationLogix Communication Corporation
822132 Long Distance Billing Services, Inc.Long Distance Billing Services, Inc.
809245 Long Distance Consolidated Billing CoLong Distance Consolidated Billing Co
804153 Long Distance of Michigan, Inc.LDMI Telecommunications, Inc.
824070 Long Distance Services, Inc.Long Distance Services, Inc.
825164 Long Distance Unlimited, Inc.Long Distance Unlimited, Inc.
809578 Long Distance Wholesale ClubLong Distance Wholesale Club
827526 Lotus Interworks, Inc.Lotus Interworks, Inc.
817572 Louisiana Unwired, LLCSprint PCS US Unwired
830592 LTI DataComm, Inc.LTI DataComm, Inc.
828113 Lucille Maud CorporationLucille Maud Corporation
832157 Lunar Labs, Inc.Sweet Mobile
836394 Lux Mobile USA, Inc
829772 Lycamobile USA Inc.Lycamobile USA Inc.
836818 Lynk Telecom, LLCLynk
833521 M2 Technology IncM2 Technology
826546 M2Z Networks, Inc.M2Z Networks, Inc.
836332 M3 Supplies & Services LLC
830105 M5 Networks, LLCShoreTel Sky
830930 Mach3 Technologies, IncMach3 Technologies, Inc
822514 Macro Communications, Inc.Macro Communications, Inc.
820646 Madison River Communications, LLCMadison River Communications
830123 Madstar Mobile LLCMadstar Mobile LLC
831991 Magic Apple Technology, LLC
834733 magicJack LP
834769 magicJack VoIP Services, LLC
830745 Magna5 LLCMagna5 LLC
836050 Magnet Wireless, Inc.
828843 Magnolia Belle Data Systems, Inc.Magnolia Belle Data Systems, Inc.
823582 Main Street Telephone CompanyMain Street Telephone Company
834309 Mall Business Services, LLCMall Business Services
830101 Mango Voice LLCMango Voice
808005 MAP Mobile Communications, Inc.MAP Mobile Communications, Inc.
802138 Marathon Communications CorporationMarathon USA
830145 Marcatel Telecommunications, LLCMarcatel
834633 Marconi Wireless Holdings, LLC
826955 Mariah TechnologyMariah Technology
817894 Maritel Inc.Maritel Inc
827056 Maritime Communications/Land Mobile, LLC.Maritime Communications/Land Mobile, LLC.
834736 MarketSpark Sub Inc
829364 Marnoel Company, LLCMarnoel Company, LLC
825736 Martel Communications, Inc.Martel Communications, Inc.
827368 Masergy Cloud Communications, Inc.
822230 Masergy Communications, Inc.Masergy Communications, Inc.
834349 MASH Connected Networks LLC
822852 Maskina Communications IncMaskina Communications Inc
830523 Mast Mobile, Inc.Mast Mobile, Inc.
832545 Matrix Integration, LLCMatrix Integration, LLC
835207 Matrix Tel Communication LimitedMatrix Tel Communication Limited
832662 Maven IT, Inc.Maven IT, Inc.
820059 Maxcess, Inc.Maxcess, Inc.
827214 Maxsip Tel LLCMaxsip Telecom
821116 Maxtel USA, IncMaxtel USA, Inc.
824486 Maxxis Communications, Inc.Maxxis Communications, Inc.
836435 Maya Virtual, Inc.Maya Mobile
825517 MCC Telephony LLCMCC Telephony LLC
824892 McGarty Communications Group, Inc.US Directory Assistance
809380 MCI WorldCom Communications, Inc.MCI WorldCom Communications, Inc.
807072 MCI WorldCom Network Services, Inc./ MCI Communications CorporationMCI Communications Corporation
832621 McKinney Communications CorporationSatellites Unlimited, LLC
832812 Mcleanics Technology Corporation
809572 McLeodUSA Telecommunications Services, LLCWindstream
833157 Mears Group, Inc.Mears Group, Inc.
828484 Media Flint, Inc.Avidtrak
836567 Mediacom Wireless LLC
834967 Mediacom Wireless of Alabama LLC
833488 Medtel Communications LLCMedtel Communications
831840 MedTel Services, LLC
834025 Medx Solutions
833986 MeetingOne
812377 Megagate Broadband, Inc.Megagate f.k.a. Cellular XL Assoc
819826 Megapath CorporationMegapath Corporation
827360 MegaPath Inc.MegaPath Inc.
834686 MeraTalk LLC
831482 Mercer Road CorpMercer Road Corp
824374 Meridian World Access, Inc.Meridian World Access, Inc.
825982 Meriplex Communications, LTDMeriplex Communications, LTD
828231 Meriplex Telecom, LLCMeriplex Telecom, LLC
830480 Merryville Investments, LTD IncClarity Telemanagement
833083 MessageUS LLCMessageUs
836426 Meta Lynk INCMeta Lynk INC
835378 Meta-Lynk LLCMeta-Lynk LLC
833551 MetOcean Telematics LtdMetOcean Telematics Ltd
813131 Metro of Laurel, Inc.Metro of Laurel, Inc.
817560 Metro Teleconnect Companies, Inc.Metro Teleconnect Companies, Inc.
803034 Metrocall, Inc.Metrocall, Inc.
821526 MetroPCS Georgia, LLC.MetroPCS
825647 MetroPCS Michigan, Inc.MetroPCS
823620 Metropolitan Telecommunications Holding CompanyMetropolitan Telecommunications a/k/a MetTel
825830 Metropolitan Telecommunications of Alabama, Inc.MetTel
829248 MGTCO Holdings, LLCMy Global Talk
830178 Miami Telecom LLCMiami Telecom LLC
836826 Micro-IT Paducah LLC
831857 Microspace Communications CorporationMicrospace Communications Corporation
818704 Midessa Communications Mgt. Sys., Inc.Midessa Communications Mgt. Sys., Inc.
826197 Midwestern Telecommunications, Inc.MTI
815873 Military Communications Center, Inc.Military Communications Center, Inc.
836489 Millennium Professional Services
827949 MillicorpMillicorp
819156 Millry Communication, Inc.Millry Communication, Inc.
803640 Millry Telephone Co., Inc.Millry Telephone Company, Inc.
830689 Millry Telephone LD, LLCMillry Long Distance
825979 mindSHIFT Technologies, Inc.mindSHIFT Technologies
833246 Mint Mobile, LLC
835785 Miracle Telecom
826777 Miron Enterprises,
825845 Mission Communications, LLC.Mission Communications, LLC.
815578 Mitel Cloud Services, Inc.fka Mitel Netsolutions Inc.
826852 Mitelco LLC.Mitelco LLC.
825589 Mix Networks, Inc.Mix Networks, Inc.
832905 MNB Tel LLCMnB Tel LLC
828576 MNJ Technologies Direct, Inc.MNJ Technologies Direct, Inc.
822896 Mobex Network Services, LLC- CONSOLIDATEDMobex Network Services, LLC
836671 Mobile 13, Inc.
829269 Mobile Annex, LLCMobile Annex, LLC
833613 Mobile Communications America, Inc.Mobile Communications America
825688 Mobile ESPN, LLC.Mobile ESPN, LLC.
830088 Mobile Net POSA, Inc.Mobile Net POSA, Inc.
834880 Mobile X Global, Inc.Mobile X Global, Inc.
827666 Mobilecom Investments, LLC.Mobilecom Investments, LLC.
817984 Mobilfone Services, LPMobilefone Service, LP
823542 Modern Digital Communications (USA), Inc.Modern Digital Communications, Inc.
826047 Momentum Telecom Wholesale, LLC. f/k/a mypeople, LLC.Momentum Telecom Wholesale, LLC. f/k/a mypeople, LLC.
821474 Momentum Telecom, Inc.Momentum Telecom, Inc.
806382 Mon-Cre Tel. Coop. Inc.Mon-Cre Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
822762 Mon-Cre Wireless, Inc.Mon-Cre Wireless, Inc.
830420 Mongotel, Inc.Mongotel, Inc.
827829 Monkey Business Communications, LLC.Monkey Business Communications, LLC.
802242 Montgomery Cellular Telephone Company, Inc.Cellular One
829216 Moontius LLCMoontius LLC
829302 Moprovan IncCallme
827974 Moreson Conferencing, Inc.Moreson Conferencing, Inc.
828037 Mosaic Networx, LLCMosaic Networx, LLC
823324 Motion Telecom, Inc.Motion Telecom, Inc.
803169 Moundville Telephone CompanyMoundville Telephone Company, Inc.
834786 MOVANETMovanet Wireless & Technologies
825471 Movida Communications, Inc.Movida Communications, Inc.
827975 Mox Telecom America, Corp.Liberty Prepaid
827388 Mox Telecom Ireland Ltd.Mox Telecom Ireland Ltd.
834652 Mscall
825522 MTC Long Distance, Inc.MTC Long Distance, Inc.
835430 MTC Technology FZC LLCMTC Technology FZC LLC
823338 Mtel America, Inc.Mtel America, Inc.
824978 MTS Allstream IncMTS Allstream Inc
827257 Multi-Point Communications, LLC.Multi-Point Communications, LLC.
831225 MultiLine Cable Co., LLC
835266 MUR Trading LLC
836562 MVNO Connect LLC
835488 My CallConnect LimitedMy CallConnect Limited
834713 My Country Mobile Pte LtdMy Country Mobile Pte Ltd
830882 My-Cloudline, LLC.My-Cloudline, LLC.
819240 MYCO Telecommunications, Inc.MYCO Telecommunications, Inc.
828652 MyTeam1, LLCOne Call Now
830278 myTelex LLC.myTelex
831160 N.D. Solutions Inc.Network Data Solutions Inc.
826457 Nanoteltec, Inc.Voice Broadcasting Solutions
821004 Natel, LLCNatel, LLC
808928 National Accounts, Inc.National Accounts, Inc.
822764 National Directory Assistance, LLCNational Directory Assistance, LLC
835459 National Relief TelecomNational Relief Telecom
809052 National Telephone Co. of Alabama, Inc.National Telephone of Alabama, Inc.
831673 Nationwide Billing Communications, LLC
824702 Nationwide Professional Teleservices, LLCNationwide Professional Teleservices, LLC
835325 Natterbox IncNatterbox
835500 NatWireless, LLCNational Wireless
819512 Navigator Telecommunications, LLCNavigator Telecommunications, LLC
836651 Naysaa DigitalNaysaa Digital
829955 NEC Cloud Communications America, Inc.NEC Cloud Communications America, Inc.
826015 Nectar Services Corp.Nectar Services Corp.
818644 Net One International, Inc.Net One International, Inc.
836112 Net Speak Pro LLC
834836 Net2Phone 2.0 America, Inc.Net2Phone 2.0 America, Inc.
825939 Net2Phone Global Services, LLCNet2Phone
828171 Netcorp USA IncNetcorp USA Inc
818890 Netel, Inc.Tel3
827485 Netelligent Corporation.Netelligent Corporation.
830139 NetFortris Acquisition Co., IncNetFortris Acquisition Co., Inc
830992 NetGrinch, Inc.Interactive Telephony
829508 Netlinx, Inc.Netlinx, Inc.
825331 Netlogic, Inc.Netlogic
834269 Netrix, LLCNetrix
833032 NetRoadshow IncNetRoadshow Inc
829736 NetWeave Integrated Solutions, Inc.agileTel
820286 Network Access Solutions CorporationNetwork Access Solutions Corporation
832054 Network BroadbandNetwork Broadband
817994 Network Communications International Corp.Network Communications International Corp.
825346 Network Enhanced Telecom, LLPNetworkIp
824336 Network Innovations, Inc.OutsourceIT Inc., NITEL, N.I. Investments, LLC, and Queo Solutions, Inc.
822030 Network Konnection, Inc.Network Konnection, Inc.
825413 Network Management, Inc.Network Management, Inc.
802524 Network Operator Services, Inc.Centris Information Services
809788 Network Plus, Inc.Network Plus, Inc.
826639 Network Resource Group, LLC.Network Resource Group, LLC.
833544 Network Services & Support, Inc
825703 Network Services Solutions, LLC.Network Services Solutions, LLC.
823300 Network Systems, LLCNetwork Systems, LLC
819006 Network Telephone Corp.Network Telephone Corp.
823318 Network US. Inc.CA Affinity
818820 Network USA of Alabama, Inc.Network USA of Alabama, Inc.
820455 NetworkIP, LLCNetworkIP, LLC
834595 NetZero Wireless, Inc.magicJack Wireless
830458 NetZero Wireless, Inc.NetZero Wireless, Inc.
811861 NevadacomNevadacom
821034 New Access Communications, LLCNew Access Communications, LLC
821002 New Cingular Wireless Services, Inc. CONSOLIDATEDAT&T Mobility
805623 New Hope Tel. Coop.New Hope Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
822754 New Hope Telephone Cooperative Long Distance, Inc.New Hope Telephone Cooperative Long Distance, Inc.
823226 New Horizons Communications Corp.New Horizons Communications Corp.
828718 New Skies Satellites B.V.New Skies Satellites B.V.
818274 New South Communications Corp.New South Communications Corp.
826282 New World Brands, Inc.IPGear Connect, IP Gear
824754 New York Telecom Group CorporationNew York Telecom Group Corporation
829071 NewPhone Wireless, LLCNewPhone Wireless
835825 Newton Wireless LLCNewton Wireless
835943 Nexcall LLC
827104 NexGen Networks CorporationNexGen Networks Corporation
832257 nexMatrix Telecom, Inc.nexMatrix Telecom, Inc
831904 Nexogy, Inc.Nexogy
826198 Next Focus, Inc.Next Focus, Inc.
835885 NEXTAB LLCNextab
822116 NexTel Communications, Inc.- CONSOLIDATEDNexTel Communications, Inc.
819244 Nextel Partners, Inc.Nextel Communications
815011 Nextel South Corp.Nextel Communications
827231 Nextiva, Inc.Nextiva, Inc.
835146 NextLevel Internet, Inc.
834666 Nextroute, IncNextroute
821550 Nexus Communications, Inc.Nexus Communications, Inc.
830497 Nexus IS Inc.Nexus IS Inc.
835656 Nexus Telecom, LLC
836798 Nexusphere VOIP LLC.Nexusphere VOIP
827118 NexUSTel, LLC.NexUSTel, LLC.
826077 nexVortex, Inc.nexVortex
832201 NGN International Carrier Services, Inc
828750 NineCommunications LLCNineCommunications LLC
833750 Ninja Technologies LLC
829201 Niths Communications Group
829517 No More PBX LLCNo More PBX LLC
823026 NobelTel, LLCNobelTel, LLC
831220 Noble Systems Communications LLCNoble Systems Communications
834131 NobleTec LLc
825480 Norristown Telephone Company, LLC.Norristown Telephone Company
815028 Norstan Network Services, Inc.Netwolves Network Services, Inc.
826625 Nortel Networks, Inc.Nortel Networks, Inc.
832059 North Alabama Electric CooperativeNorth Alabama Electric Cooperative
825441 North America Internet Exchange,
832347 North America MobileNorth America Mobile
822944 North American Collect Caling, Inc.North American Collect Calling, Inc.
829121 North American Local, LLCNorth American Local, LLC
815576 North American Telephone Network, LLCNorth American Telephone Network, LLC
826519 Northland Cable Properties Eight Limited PartnershipNorthland Cable Television
826497 Northland Cable Television, Inc.Northland Communications
811726 Northwest Nevada Telco, Inc.Northwest Nevada Telco, Inc.
834233 Northwest Towers LLCNorthwest Towers LLC
809092 NOS Communications, Inc.International Plus & 011 Communications
809090 NOSVA Limited PartnershipCierracom
836037 Nova Labs, Inc.Helium Mobile
822700 Novatel, Ltd.Novatel
835880 Novation Systems LLC
828305 Novega Venture Partners, Inc.Novega Venture Partners, Inc.
822814 NOW Communications, Inc.NOW Communications, Inc.
828092 Nowtel USA, Inc.Nowtel USA, Inc.
834586 NSIDE, INCnSide
832233 NTC International, Inc.
825511 Ntegrated Consulting, LLC.Ntegrated Solutions
824992 NTELX, Inc.NTELX, Inc.
821612 Ntera, LLCNtera, LLC
829380 NthoNet Inc.NthoNet Inc.
833215 Ntiva, Inc
817390 NTT America, Inc.NTT America, Inc.
826797 NTT Cloud Communications U.S. INC.
830748 NTT Global Networks IncorporatedNTT Global Networks Incorporated
833050 NuAccess Networks, IncNuAccess Networks, Inc
832502 NumberBarn, LLC
829016 Numbridge, Inc.Numbridge
832283 NuRise Telecom LLC
821052 NuVox Communications, Inc.NuVox Communications
825434 NuVox, Inc.Windstream
827537 NuWave Holdings, Inc.NuWave Holdings, Inc.
832566 Nuxiba TechnologiesNuxiba Technologies
817386 NXLD CompanyNextel Long Distance
833069 NXTsoft Cybersecurity Solutions, LLCDigitel
803810 NYNEX Long Distance CompanyVerizon Enterprise Solutions
806580 Oakman Telephone CompanyTDS Telecom
836230 OBHost LLCOBHost LLC
825547 Oblio Telecom, Inc.Oblio Telecom
822092 OCMC, Inc.One Call Communications, 1-800-MAX-SAVE, AdvantTel
828464 Octagon Networks, Inc.Octagon Networks, Inc.
836561 Office Automation Group IncOAGi
830965 Office Management Systems Inc.Logista
828187 Ojo Service LLCOjo Service LLC
825516 OLCR, Inc.OLCR, Inc.
819404 OLS, Inc.Georgia On-Line Services
823236 Omar FloresOF Communications
836198 OMIND Technologies Inc
817104 Omnicall, Inc.Omnicall Inc.
835809 Omnipoint Technology Inc
827399 Onconference, Inc.Onconference, Inc.
808050 One Call Communications, Inc.Opticom, AdvanTel, and 1-800-MAX-SAVE
832663 One Call Telecom, LLCOne Call Telecom, LLC
822054 One Communications Corp.Choice One Communications
834729 One Eye LLC
835229 One Owl Telecom Inc.
826637 One Source Networks, Inc.One Source Networks, Inc.
825713 One Voice Communications, Inc.One Voice Communications, Inc.
822820 One World Telecommunications Corp.One World Telecommunications Corp.
831485 Oneida Business Enterprises, inc.
829011 OneLink Wireless, Inc.OneLink Wireless, Inc.
831919 Onepath Systems, LLCOnepath
801828 OneStar Long Distance, Inc.OneStar Long Distance, Inc.
833257 OneStop Solutions LLC
826998 ONESTREAM Networks, LLC.ONESTREAM Networks, LLC.
834678 Onetree LLCOnetree LLC
822794 OnStar, LLC
834165 Ontario Systems, LLC
820189 Onvoy, LLCOnvoy, LLC
836153 Onyx VoIP, IncOnyx VoIP
826871 OOMA, Inc.OOMA, Inc.
829336 Opelika Power Services, City of Opelika, ALOpelika Power Services
825608 Open Access Acquisition LLCOpen Access Acquisition LLC
834423 Open Broadband, LLC
831990 LLC
805764 Operator Communications, Inc.Oncor Communications, Inc.
828594 Opex Communications, Inc. f.k.a. Premiercom, Inc.Opex Communications, Inc.
820408 Opex Communications, Inc. f.k.a. Premiercom, Inc.Opex Communications, Inc.
836268 Opn Communication IncOpn Communication
827030 Optic Internet Protocol, Inc.Optic Internet Protocol, Inc.
822708 Optical Telephone CorporationOptical Telephone Corporation
824288 Optima Systems Integrators, LLCOptima Systems Integrators, LLC
824744 Optima Telecard, Inc.Optima Telecard, Inc.
820668 Orange Business Services U.S. Inc.Orange Business
823218 Oratel, Inc.Oratel, Inc.
834113 Orbic North America LLC
823400 ORBIS1, LLCCoStreet Communications
827018 Orbit One Communications, Inc.Orbit One Communications, Inc.
823786 Orion Telecommunications Corp.Orion Telecommunications Corp.
818256 Orlando CGSA, LLCCingular Wireless
836201 ORSA Technologies LLCORSA Technologies LLC
832651 Orsini IT, LLCOrsini IT, LLC
835915 Ortus Tel LLCOrtus Tel LLC
819921 Otelco Telecommunications LLCOtelco Telecommunications LLC
801003 Otelco Telephone LLCOtelco Telephone LLC
828169 Our Tel LLCOur Tel LLC
834266 Ovroon INCOvroon INC
827524 Owe No Man Marketing LLC.Owe No Man Marketing LLC.
820678 P.F. Net Network Services Corp.PF.Net Network Services Corp.
808317 Pac-West Telecomm, Inc.Pac-West Telecomm, Inc.
824828 Packetel, Inc.Packetel, Inc.
818024 PAETEC Communications, LLCWindstream
825929 PAETEC iTel, LLCWindstream
815620 Page Time, Inc.Page Time, Inc.
815894 Paging USA South, Inc.Paging USA
820247 Palm, Inc.Palm, Inc.
802248 Palmer Wireless Holdings, Inc.Cellular One
832069 PanAmSat de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. (Mexico)PanAmSat de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.
836447 Panda Mobile, LLC
825504 Pangea Communication Corp.Pangea Communication Corp.
829698 PangeaPhone Inc.PangeaPhone Inc.
821020 Pannon Telecom, Inc.Pannon Telecom, Inc.
831149 PanTerra Networks, Inc.PanTerra Networks, Inc.
828366 Panther Mobile Inc.Panther Mobile
832045 Papihost, LLC.
833446 Pareteum Europe, B.V.
828068 Park East Development Company II LLC.Park East Development Company II LLC.
822274 Parker Communications, Inc.Parker Communications, Inc.
824748 Parker FiberNet, LLCParker FiberNet, LLC
833790 Parkway Electric & Communications LLCNational Systems Installers LLC
826233 Parlant Technology, Inc.Parlant Technology, Inc.
819250 Pathnet, Inc.Pathnet, Inc.
836820 Pathway Telco LLCPathway Telco LLC
821768 Pathwayz Communications, Inc.Pathwayz Communications, Inc.
836351 PatientSync, LLCPatientSync
830194 Patriot Mobile LLCPatriot Mobile LLC
822828 Paxx Telecom, LLCPaxx Telecom, LLC
802377 Pay Tel Communications, Inc.Pay Tel Communications, Inc.
832542 PayG, LLCSkySwitch
832255 PBL Holding BV IncPBL Holding
827292 PC-Conferencing, Inc.PC-Conferencing, Inc.
834529 PCI, Inc.
822548 PD Telecom, Inc.UNAtech Communications, Inc.
820019 PDS, Inc.Phone Debit Systems, Inc.
835917 Pea River Broadband LLC
828014 Peace Communications, LLC.Peace Communications, LLC.
836765 Peach Mobile LLC
829428 Peach New Media, Inc.Peach New Media, Inc.
828838 Peak Integrated Networks, Inc.Peak Integrated Networks, Inc.
828672 Peering Partners Communications, LLCPeering Partners Communications, LLC
826903 Peerless Network, Inc.Peerless Network, Inc.
829090 PeerPort, LLCPeerPort, LLC
836294 Peers Global Solutions LLC
827811 PennyDial, Inc.PennyDial, Inc.
806631 Peoples Telephone Co.TDS Telecom
832931 Peraton Communications Holding LLCPeraton Communications Holding LLC
836773 Pereirallc
835564 Perfect Network LLC
830080 Perfect Pitch Technology, LLCPerfect Pitch Technology, LLC
836533 Perfect Voice and Data, LLC
831601 Perkins Enterprises LLCSOCOM Systems
830256 Perkz Mobile, LLCPerkz Mobile, LLC
826840 Personal Information Network, Inc.Personal Information Network, Inc.
835533 Phila Communications LLC
807984 Phoenix Network, Inc.Phoenix Network, Inc.
827295 Phoenix Telecommunication Group, Inc.Phoenix Telecommunication Group, Inc.
831236 PhoenixSoft, Inc.
820982 Phone Reconnect of America, LLCPhone Reconnect of America, LLC
827009 Inc.
822418 PHONE1, Inc.PHONE1, Inc.
827986 PhoneAid Communications, Corp.PhoneAid Communications, Corp.
835494 Phoneic, Inc.
828835 Phonelink CommunicationsPhonelink Communications
834814 Phonesuite Unify, LLCPhonesuite Direct
824238 Phonetec PCS, LLCPhonetec PCS, LLC
804150 PhoneTel Technologies, Inc.PhoneTel Technologies, Inc.
828766 PhoniTech LLCPhoniTech LLC
816168 Piedmont Communication, Inc.Piedmont Communication, Inc.
829975 Pigeonly, Inc.Pigeonly, Inc.
821718 Pine Belt Broadcasting, LLCPine Belt Competitive Services
811304 Pine Belt Cellular, Inc.Pine Belt Wireless
801889 Pine Belt Communications, Inc.Pine Belt Long Distance
822240 Pine Belt PCS, Inc.Pine Belt Wireless
801888 Pine Belt Tel. Co. Inc.Pine Belt Telephone
835741 Pinger, Inc.Pinger, Inc.
830484 PingShow IncorporatedPingShow Incorporated
826211 PingTone Communications, Inc.PingTone Communications, Inc.
829763 Pinless BuzzPinless Buzz
829130 Pinlessvianact, Inc.Pinlessvianact, Inc.
835113 Pinnacle Communications Corp.Pinnacle Communications Corp.
830098 Pinnacle Networx, LLCPinnacle Networx, LLC
833363 Pivotel America Inc.Pivotel America Inc.
836380 Pixel Factory Data Center, Inc.
828673 Platinum Wireless, Inc.Platinum Mobile
825611 Platinumtel Communications, LLC.Platinumtel Wireless
836114 Pleedex LLCPleedex LLC
825984 Plexcom Networks IncPlexcom Networks
830891 Plintron Technoligies USA LLC
831218 PLP Communications
813233 PNG Telecommunications, Inc.PowerNet Global Communications
802381 PNI Technologies, Inc.PNI Access Services
836123 Podium Voice, LLC
833965 Point Broadband Fiber Holding, LLCPoint Broadband
832079 Point Broadband, LLCPoint Broadband, LLC
831745 Point Wireless Brokers, LLCeSquared Communication Consulting
831671 Point5 Managed Services, LLCPoint5
836007 Pop America LLC
830011 Port2Port, Inc.Port2Port Telecom
825838 pos Track Technologies, Inc.pos Track Technologies, Inc.
811883 Powertel Atlanta, Inc.VoiceStream Wireless
811880 Powertel Birmingham, Inc.VoiceStream Wireless
811889 Powertel Jacksonville, Inc.VoiceStream Wireless
811886 Powertel Memphis, Inc.VoiceStream Wireless
835766 Pratt Mobility LLCPratt Mobile
836676 PrattSpark LLC
830394 PrecisionIR Inc.Issuer Direct Corporation
835373 Predator Studio LLC
834539 Predictive Dialer Limited
828916 Predictive Marketing, LLCdialmaxx
832551 Preferred Computer Services IncPreferred Computer Services Inc
823124 Premier Telecom, Inc.Premier Telecom, Inc.
811146 Premiere Communications, Inc.Premiere Communications, Inc.
821086 Premiere Network Services, Inc.Premiere Network Services
829131 Prepaid Distribution Inc.Prepaid Distribution Inc.
829500 Prepaid Wireless Group, LLCPrepaid Wireless Group, LLC
829501 Prepaid Wireless Retail, LLCOdin Mobile and Cintex Wireless
829502 Prepaid Wireless Wholesale, LLCPrepaid Wireless Wholesale, LLC
828821 PrepaYd Wireless, Inc.PrepaYd Wireless
821348 Price Communications Wireless, Inc.Celluar One
830998 PRIDE Wireless, Inc.PRIDE Wireless
811564 Primus Telecommunications, Inc.Primus Telecommunications, Inc.
828837 Private Peering Point, LLCPrivate Peering Point, LLC
836531 Private Tech, Inc.Cape
831836 Proclaim VoIP, LLC
826527 Prodea Systems, Inc.Prodea Systems, Inc.; Prodea Systems
823424 Professional Education Resources, Inc.Professional Education Resources, Inc.
836846 Professional Security Innovations, LLCProfessional Security Innovations
824148 Professional Teleservices, Inc.Protel Communications
822572 Progress Telecom, LLCProgress Telecom, LLC
829344 Progressive Telecom LLCProgressive Telecom LLC
827384 Project Goth Inc.MIG33
820187 Promise-Net International, LTD.Promise-Net International, LTD
820445 PromiseVision Technology, Inc.PromiseVision Technology, Inc.
830386 Pronto Networks Inc.Pronto Networks
815252 ProPage, Inc.ProPage, Inc.
835678 Prosper Wireless LLC
819980 PT-1 Long Distance, Inc.PT-1 Long Distance, Inc.
808332 Public Service Cellular, Inc.PSC Wireless
830232 Public Service Wireless, Inc.Public Service Wirless, Inc.
833201 PULSAR360 Corp.
829962 Pulsar360, Inc.Pulsar360, Inc.
828716 Puretalk Holdings, LLCPuretalk Holdings, LLC
836116 Purple Rose LtdPurple Rose Ltd
833823 PZ Telecommunication LLCPZ Telecommunication LLC
829223 Q Link Wireless LLCQ Link Wireless LLC
814683 QAI, Inc.Long Distance Billing
832156 QBR Telecom Inc.
809874 QCC, Inc.QCC, Inc.
828666 Quad Communications, LLCQuad Communications, LLC
824916 QuaesTel, Inc.QuaesTel, Inc.
836055 QualityTech Connections L.L.C.
836800 Quantum Link VOIP
829289 Quantum Telecommunications Inc.Forum Mobile
820327 QuantumShift Communications, Inc.Quantumshift Communications, Inc.
823232 Quasar Communications CorporationQuasar Communications Corporation
832900 QuestBlue Systems IncQuestBlue Systems Inc
819338 Quick Communication, Inc.Quick Communication, Inc.
832489 Quick Copper Communications, LLCQuick Copper Communications, LLC
827819 Quikvoip, LLC.Quikvoip, LLC.
836622 Qué tal Mobile, LLCQué tal Mobile, LLC
808441 Qwest !nterprise America!nterprise America, Inc.
835633 R.F. Technologies, Inc.RF Technologies
834638 Rack Solutions
822268 Radiant Telecom, Inc.Radiant Telecom, Inc.
833993 RadiantIQ, LLC
823182 Radianz Americas, Inc.Radianz
804558 Ragland Tel. Co. Inc.Ragland Telephone Company, Inc.
809336 RAM Technologies, Inc.RAM Paging
826061 Razorline, LLC.Razorline, LLC.
817680 RCC Atlantic, Inc.Unicel
820027 RCC Holdings, Inc.Unicel
831229 RCI Communications, IncRCI Broadband
829702 RCLEC, Inc.RCLEC, Inc.
831879 RCN TechnologiesResound Voice
828688 Re-Invent Telecom LLCRe-Invent Telecom LLC
825840 Ready Mobile, LLC.Ready Mobile
829906 Ready Wireless, LLCReady Wireless, LLC
828723 Reallinx, Inc.Reallinx, Inc.
832776 Rebtel Networks ABRebtel Networks AB
833766 Rebus Industries, LLCFederal Network Security
836208 Red Cloud LLC
828261 Red Pocket Inc.Red Pocket Inc.
824382 Red River Networks, LLCRed River Networks, LLC
833939 RedRoverIT LLCRedRoverIT
821334 Reduced Rate Long Distance, LLCReduced Rate Long Distance, LLC
832336 RedWave Technology Group, LLCRedWave Technology Group, LLC
831829 Relay, Inc.
827033 Reliable E Commerce, Inc.Reliable E Commerce, Inc.
825316 Reliance Communications International, Inc.Reliance Communications International, Inc.
823022 Reliance Globalcom Services, Inc.Reliance Globalcom Services, Inc.
827320 Reliance Telephone of Grand Forks, Inc.Reliance Telephone
826738 Reliant Communications, Inc.Reliant Communications, Inc.
827474 Remotelink, Inc.Remotelink, Inc.
824052 Ren-Tel Communications, Inc.Ren-Tel Communications, Inc.
832665 Republic Information Systems, Inc.Republic Information Systems, Inc.
833640 REQ-On TechnologiesREQ-On Technologies
828328 Reveal Systems, Inc.Reveal Systems, Inc.
834777 Revenue Well Systems, LLCRevenue Well Systems, LLC
829664 RevTel Communications, LLCRevTel, LLC
826598 RH Telecom, Inc.RH Telecom, Inc.
821750 Rhyne Telephone Co.Rhyne Telephone Co.
834014 Ricoh USA IncRicoh USA Inc
836894 Ridhi Sidhi Technologies SolutionsRidhi Sidhi Technologies Solutions
822342 Ridley Telephone Company, LLCRidley Telephone Company, LLC
828045 Right Choice Calling Cards, Inc.Right Choice Calling Cards, Inc.
826200 Ring 9, Inc.Ring 9, Inc.
827129 Ring Central, Inc.Ring Central, Inc.
827901 Ring Plus, Inc.Ring Plus, Inc.
829370 Ring Street, LLCRing Street, LLC
836663 Ringer MobileRinger Mobile
833674 Ringfree Communications, Inc
835444 RingLeader Inc
836314 Ringmagix LLCRingmagix
835979 RingSquared LLCKall8
829514 RiseTelRiseTel
827857 RJJ Enterprises, Inc.RJJ Enterprises, Inc.
825573 RM Greene, Inc.Cable TV of East Alabama
820199 RNK, Inc.RNK Telecom
826387 Roadpost USA Inc.Roadpost
831107 Roam Mobility Inc.Roam Mobility Inc.
829101 Roam Mobility USA Inc.Roam Mobility
808351 Roanoke Long Distance, Inc.Roanoke Long Distance, Inc.
808350 Roanoke Telephone Co. Inc.Roanoke Telephone Co., Inc.
825870 Robert RothsteinPrime Access
836213 Roccstar Wireless
828700 RockBochs, Inc.RockBochs, Inc.
836034 Rocket CommunicationsRocket Communications
836455 Rocket Mobile LLC
830573 Rocky Mountain Communication Specialties, Inc.Rocky Mountain Communication Specialties, Inc.
834770 RogervoiceRogervoice
830582 ROK Mobile, IncROK Mobile
828287 Ropir Communications IncRopir Communications Inc
835635 Rose Mobile Computer Repair LLCRosenman IT Solutions LLC
833575 Rosen Millennium Technology GroupMillennium Technology Group
830979 Royce Communication Services LLCRoyce Communication Services, LLC
836098 Rozper LimitedRozper Limited
833889 RSCom Business, LLCRSCom Business, LLC
836672 RSCU Mobile, LLC
809836 RSL COM U.S.A.RSL Com USA
834157 RTECH Networks, LLCRTECH Networks, LLC
834467 RTK Media, IncTrackDrive
829279 Rubard LLCCentmobile
830455 Rubix Global, IncRubix Telecom
832019 RX3 Communications, Inc.
828599 S-Net Communications, Inc.S-Net Communications, Inc.
828432 S.D. Telecommunications, Inc.S.D. Telecommunications, Inc.
836290 SA Enterprise LLC
833410 Safety NetAccess, Inc.Inapplicable
802375 SageNet LLCSageNet LLC
830070 Sahel Talk Telecom LLCSahel Talk
824124 Sail Telecom, Inc.Sail Telecom, Inc.
831649 Salesforce Communications LLCSalesforce Communications LLC
831770 SalesLyft, Inc.
834043 Salus Telehealth, INCSalus Telehealth, INC
831033 Sangoma U.S., Inc.Sangoma U.S., Inc.
835531 Sarver Corporation
828550 Satcom Direct, Inc.
823974 SatCom Global, Inc.SatCom Global, Inc.
818602 Satellink Paging, LLCSatellink Paging, LLC
831379 Sattrans Services LLC
815129 Saturn Telecommunication Services, Inc.STS Telecom
827962 Save Plus, Inc.Save Plus, Inc.
825442 Saving Call, LLCSaving Call, LLC
827160 Savon Telecom, LLC.Savon Telecom, LLC.
823962 SAVVIS Communications CorporationCenturylink TS, Centurylink Technology Solutions
825937 SBC Internet Services, Inc.AT&T Internet Services
811709 SBC Long Distance LLCAT&T Long Distance
825298 SC TxLink, LLCSC TxLink, LLC
833194 Schultz Technology Solutions LLC
831502 Scratch Acquisition IncScratch Acquisition Inc
831501 Scratch Acquisition IncScratch Acquisition Inc
830209 Scratch Wireless, Inc.Scratch Wireless, Inc.
831151 Scrypt, Inc.
834870 SCS Communications, LLC
831970 SDI Carrier Group LLC
825098 SeaWave, LLCSeaWave, LLC
830942 sec nada llcnada mobile
827830 SecondVoice Inc.SecondVoice Inc.
834249 Secure Voice Corp.
834201 Secureaire Communications LLC
832561 Secured Virtual IT IncSecured Virtual IT Inc
829155 SecureNetMD, LLCSecureNetMD, LLC
818026 Securus Technologies LLCSecurus Technologies LLC
836459 Seis, Inc.Seis
828936 Select Communications LLCSelect Communications LLC
807234 Sema-Phoon, Inc.Sema-Phoon, Inc.
829970 SendHub, Inc.SendHub
830426 SeniorTech LLCSeniorTech LLC
832462 Sequre, LLCSequre, LLC
831833 Serenova LLCSerenova f/k/a LiveOps Cloud
826704 Sergey
836160 Serius Network LLCNa
828036 Serve Global, LLCServe Global, LLC
832864 ServiceTitan, Inc.
827181 ServiceXpress CorporationServiceXpress Corporation
836469 SES Americom, Inc.SES
802032 SES Americom, Inc.SES Americom, Inc.
836857 SES Space & Defense, Inc.SES Space & Defense, Inc.
835449 Shalai Beauty LLCShalai Beauty LLC
829304 Shamey Telecom, Inc.SaniFone
809410 Shared Technologies Cellular, Inc.Shared Technologies Cellular, Inc.
819204 Sharp Communications, Inc.Sharp Communications, Inc.
829347 Sharpen Technologies Inc.Sharpen
823120 Shaw Business U.S., Inc.Shaw Business U.S., Inc.
832053 SherWeb incSherWeb
829557 Shortsend LLCShortsend LLC
826765 Sightspeed, Inc.Sightspeed, Inc.
836537 Sigma Broadband Cona
835893 Sigma Solutions Inc.
824928 Signal Networking Group, Inc.Signal Networking Group, Inc.
832834 SignalWire, IncSignalWire
826278 Simple Signal, Inc.Simple Signal, Inc.
832294 Simple Solutions IT, LLCSimple Solutions IT, LLC
831417 Simple Ventures, LLCSimple Net Technologies
828486 Simple-Mobility, LLCSimple-Mobility, LLC
831504 SimpleVoip, LLCSimpleVoip, LLC
834471 Simplex Solutions LLCSimplex Solutions
829049 Simplexity MVNO Services, LLCSimplexity MVNO Services, LLC
835187 SimplyCast Interactive Marketing
828727 Sincorp EnterprisesSincorp Enterprises
819844 Single Billing Services, Inc.Asian American Association
829589 Single Digits, Inc.Single Digits, Inc.
832364 Single Source Telecom, LLCSingle Source Telecom, LLC
830448 SIP Oasis, Inc.SIP Oasis, Inc.
836617 Siplink Communications PVT LTD
830962 SIPPIO Corp
833872 Siptech LLC
834663 Siptrunk Communication
820950 SK Telink America, Inc.SK Telink
822488 Skagit Wireless, LLCSkagit Wireless, LLC
835927 SkyBase Communications LLC
831772 Skye Telecom LLCSkyetel
828862 SkyFrequency, Inc.SkyFrequency, Inc.
835317 Skyhawk Security, LLCTwenty20 Solutions
829585 Skynet Telecom, LLCSkynet Telecom, LLC
829151 Skype Communications US CorporationSkype Communications US Corporation
836799 SkyPulse VOIP LLC.SkyPulse VOIP
829558 Skytalk Plus LLCSkytalk Plus
831461 Skytec IncSkytec Inc
804073 SkyTel Corp.SkyTel Corp.
836207 Skytel Digicom Pte Ltd
827259 Skytel Spectrum, LLC.Skytel Spectrum, LLC.
830977 Skytel Systems, LLC
836254 Skyvera Communications LLC
833124 Slappey Communications, LLC
826826 Slappey Telephone Inc.Slappey Telephone Inc.
823144 Smart Choice Communications, LLCSmart Choice Communications
833166 Smart Communications Holding, Inc.
830151 SMARTech CorporationSMARTech Corporation
829829 SmartEdgeNet LLCEdge Communications
826895 Smartresort Co, LLC.Smartresort Co, LLC.
830910 SMB Networks, LLC
836912 SMS Gateway LLCSMS Gateway LLC
829577 SMT Telecom Inc.SMT Telecom Inc.
832123 Snapcom LLC
827571 Snapvox LLCSnapvox LLC
834546 Softel Resource Group LLCSoftel Resource Group LLC
835319 Softotelecom LLC
834714 Softtop LimitedSofttop Limited
827454 Solarity Communications, LLC.Solarity Communications, LLC.
829415 Solavei, LLCSolavei
835572 Solid Double LLC
826747 Solutions Unlimited, LLC.Solutions Unlimited, LLC.
835501 Sonique Communications, LLCSonique Communications, LLC
826185 Sonopia CorporationSonopia
821588 Sonuss Communication Systems, LLCSonuss Communication Systems, LLC
827193 SoTel Systems, LLC.SoTel Systems, LLC.
827344 SoundConnect, LLC
829766 South American Telecom, Inc.South American Telecom, Inc.
815160 Southeastern Cellular, Inc.Southeastern Cellular, Inc.
812395 Southern Communications Services, Inc.Southern Linc
821606 Southern Light, LLCSouthern Light, LLC
836742 Southern Tele-Communications (STC), LLCSTC
826392 Space Coast Communications, Inc.Space Coast Communications
816840 Space Com Systems, Inc.Space Com Systems, Inc.
822312 Speakeasy, IncorporatedSpeakeasy Network
835659 Speakerbus Incorporated
832756 Spearpoint Associates, LLCSpearpoint Associates, LLC
820766 Special Accounts Billing Group IncSpecial Accounts Billing Group Inc
833468 Special Communications GroupSpecial Communications
828828 Spectra Access Inc.Spectra Access Inc.
819208 Spectrotel Services LLCSpectrotel, Inc.
826610 Spectrum Advanced Services, LLC.Time Warner Cable
825461 Spectrum Sunshine State LLCBright House Networks
831066 Spectrum VOIP Solutions, Inc.
834643 SpectrumVoIP, Inc.SpectrumVoIP, Inc.
825930 Spiderweb Communications, Inc.Spiderweb Communications
822782 Spok, Inc.Spok, Inc.
829372 Spot Mobile CorporationSpot Mobile Corporation
833896 SPR Inc.Ameritek Document Solutions
836775 Sprinklr, Inc.Sprinklr, Inc.
804642 Sprint International Communications CompanySprint International Communications Company
811754 Sprint Spectrum LLCSprint
818104 SprintCom, Inc.Sprint PCS
835288 SprintFone, Inc
835072 Squad Telecom LLC
836604 SRT Systems, LLCSRT Systems
827776 ST Messaging Services, LLC.ST Messaging Services, LLC.
808392 St. Joe Communications, Inc.St. Joe Communications, Inc.
836039 Stacy Newsome LNCCN/A
824630 Star Tel, Inc.Star Tel, Inc.
827907 Star2Star Communications, LLC.Star2Star Communications, LLC.
828538 Stargate Mobile, Inc.Stargate Mobile, Inc.
836714 Stargent, LLCStargent, LLC
830441 Starpoint Telecom, LLC.Starpoint Telecom
829831 Start Meeting, LLCStart Meeting, LLC
826775 Start Wireless Group, Inc.Page Plus Cellular
815064 Startec Global Licensing CompanyStartec Global Licensing Company
820438 Startec Global Operating CompanyStartec Global Operating Company
826780 Startec Global Operating CompanyStartec Global Operating Company
833601 startel communicationstartel communication
826307 Starttalk, Inc.Starttalk, Inc.
833742 Stellar Private Cable Systems, Inc.Sentrics
826817 Sterling Payphones LLCSterling Payphones LLC
826473 STi Prepaid, LLC.STi Prepaid, LLC.
824342 STi Telecom Inc.Dear Telecom, STi Prepaid
828541 Stonehenge Telecom Holdings, Inc.Stonehenge Telecom Holdings, Inc.
833354 Strategic Communications, LLC
830577 Stream Communications, LLCStream Communications, LLC
832983 Stribog IT Solutions, Inc.Stribog IT Solutions, Inc.
824904 STS Connect, Inc.STS Connect
833085 STX Group, LLCTwigby
827407 Summit Conference Service, Inc.Summit Conference Service, Inc.
835818 Sumter Connect Inc.
826846 Sun Coast Telecommuications, Inc.Sun Coast Telecommuications, Inc.
831294 Sun Communications, Inc.
826381 Suncoast Technology, Inc.Suncoast Technology, Inc.
825946 SunRocket, Inc.SunRocket
822704 Sunset Fiber, LLCSunset Fiber, LLC
826240 Super Fair Cellular, Inc.Blu Mobile
825536 Super Prepaid IncSuper Prepaid Inc
834745 Supreme Dealer Services LLC
833245 Suran Systems, Inc.Suran Systems, Inc.
833713 SurgePhone Wireless LLC
829531 SVOC Associates LLCSVOC Associates LLC
834833 SWA Connect, llc
835310 Swift Telco LLCSwift Telco LLC
826629 Swiftel, LLCSwiftel, LLC
828544 SwiftReach 800 Services, LLCSwiftReach 800 Services, LLC
827011 Synchronized Assets, Inc.Synchronized Assets, Inc.
832105 Syndeo, LLC
832771 Synergem Technologies, Inc.Synergem Technologies, Inc.
826137 Synergized, LLC.Synergized Communications
825192 Syniverse Technologies, LLCSyniverse Technologies, LLC
827745 Syntela, Inc.Syntela, Inc.
822564 Syringa Networks, LLCSyringa Networks, LLC
822060 T-Mobile USA, Inc.- CONSOLIDATEDT-Mobile
820820 T-Systems North America, Inc.T-Systems North America, Inc.
828693 T-Wire CorporationT-Wire Corporation
823658 T3 Communications, IncT3 Communications, Inc
831839 T5 Telecom INC
827398 TA Broadcasting, Inc.TA Broadcasting, Inc.
828932 TAG Mobile, LLCTAG Mobile
831719 TailWind Voice & Data, Inc.TailWind Voice & Data, Inc.
809792 Talk America Inc. f/k/a Holding CorpTalk America, Inc
830784 Talk America Services, LLC
822848 Talk America, Inc. - CONSOLIDATEDWindstream
827394 Talk Path, LLC.Talk Path, LLC.
836605 Talk4All Inc.Talk4All
834519 TalkAsiaVoip, LLCTalkAsiaVoip, LLC
830847 Talkatone, LLCTalkatone, LLC
831093 Talkroute Inc
836717 Talkstream Labs LLC
828095 Talton Communications, Inc.Talton Communications, Inc.
828943 TampaBay DSL Inc.PBX-Change
831821 Tango Tango, Inc.
836045 Tanya David LLCTanya David LLC
828073 Targeted Technologies, LLC.Targeted Technologies, LLC.
823568 Tata Communications (America) Inc.Tata Communications (America) Inc.
835924 Taxon Development LLCThe Computer Doctors
832634 TCE Company, Inc.
834044 TCS Group LLCSmart Broadband
836727 TCS LLC
823988 TCS Telecom, Inc.TCS Telecom, Inc.
830064 TCSI, Inc.
820658 TDS Long Distance CorporationTDS Telecom
804456 TEC of Jackson, Inc.TEC of Jackson, Inc.
834817 Tech Bizz SolutionsTech Bizz Solutions
836492 Techeak IncTecheak Inc
832251 TechMAX Business Solutions
826963 Technical Networks, Inc.Technical Networks, Inc.
828051 Technology Alignment, Inc.Technology Alignment, Inc.
825607 Technology Management & Integration CompanyTechnology Management & Integration Company
830108 Technology Resource Center of America, LLCTRCA
834612 Technotech SolutionsTechnotech Solutions
823708 TecNet, Inc.TecNet, Inc.
835363 Tecore Global Services, LLCTGS, LLC
835358 Tecore, Inc.Tecore Networks
829722 TekLinks, Inc.TekLinks, Inc.
833961 TekOps Solutions CorporationTekOps
835439 Tektite Limited
809272 Telaleasing Enterprises, Inc.Telaleasing Enterprises, Inc.
801694 Telapex Long Distance, Inc.Telapex Long Distance, Inc.
826428 Telcentrex, LLC.Telcentrex
826950 Telco Experts, LLC.Telco Experts, LLC.
827312 Telco Mexico, LLC.Telco Mexico, LLC.
820126 Telco Partners, Inc.Telco Partners, Inc.
834952 Telcoline LLC
834308 Telcologix, LLC
808772 Telcorp, LTDTelcorp, LTD
829440 Corp.Vox, Vox Mobile
820155 TelCove Operations, Inc.TelCove Operations, Inc.
823216 Tele Circuit Network CorporationTele Circuit
830103 Tele Cloud LLCTele Cloud LLC
816550 Tele-Systems, IncAMS
829108 Tele-Systems, Inc.Tele-Systems, Inc.
827878 TeleBlend, LLC.TeleBlend, LLC.
823482 Telecare, Inc.Telecare, Inc.
822834 Telecom Access Network, Inc.Telecom Access Network, Inc.
832522 Telecom Evolutions, LLC
824332 Telecom Management, Inc.Pioneer Telephone
809059 Telecom Network, Inc.Telecom Network, Inc.
822276 Telecom North America Inc.
821294 Telecom One, Inc.Telecom One, Inc.
830275 Telecom Service Bureau, Inc.Telecom Service Bureau, Inc.
826224 Telecom Solutions Group, Inc.Telecom Solutions Group, Inc.
815998 Telecom Vision International, Inc.Telecom Vision International, Inc.
831329 Telecom, LLCPriority Communications
836221 TELECOM2GO LLCCratech Consulting
822112 TelecomEZ CorporationTelecomEZ Corporation
819658 Telecommunications Cooperative Network, Inc.Telecommunications Cooperative Network Services
835424 Telecommunications Firm LLCVOXSTREAM
822322 Telecommunications Resources, Inc.TRI
826126 TeleCommunications Systems Corporation of MarylandTeleCommunications Systems Corporation of Maryland
822846 Teleconex, Inc.Teleconex
829450 Teledynamics Communications Service CorpTeledynamics Communications Service Corp
834286 TeleEscrow IncTeleEscrow Inc
824684 Telefonica Global Solutions USA, INCTelefonica USA, Inc
821964 Telefyne, Inc.Telefyne, Inc.
812299 Teleglobe USA, Inc.Teleglobe USA, Inc.
825342 Telehispanic Services, LLC.Telehispanic Services, LLC.
830683 Telematic LLCClickdial
820184 Telepak Networks, Inc.Telepak Networks, Inc.
823926 Telephone and Internet Services, Inc.United American Technologies
829639 Telephone Diagnostic Services, Inc.Telephone Diagnostic Services, Inc.
833770 Telephonetic LLC
824958 Teleplus Wireless Corp.Liberty Wireless
826916 Teleplus, LLC.Teleplus, LLC.
806103 Teleport Communications America, LLCTeleport Communications America, LLC
833729 TeleQuality Communications, LLCTeleQuality Communications, LLC
833730 TeleQuality Communications, LLCTeleQuality Communications, LLC
836338 Telerra PBC
809499 Teleserve Communications, Inc.Teleserve Communications, Inc.
831890 TeleSmart Inc.TeleSmart
825993 Telesphere Networks Ltd.Telesphere Networks Ltd.
826262 TeleTouch Paging, LPTeleTouch Paging
819982 Teletrust, Inc.Teletrust, Inc.
830297 TeleVoIPs, L.L.C.TeleVoIPs, L.L.C.
830237 TelexMobile, LLCTelexMobile, LLC
824880 Teliax, Inc.Teliax
819967 Teligent Services, Inc.Teligent Services, Inc.
836414 Telimize LLCTelimize
823562 Telliss, LLCTelliss, LLC
830873 Tello, LLC
828639 Telmate LLCTelmate LLC
835820 Telnet USA, LLC
833605 Telnyc, Inc.
827896 Telnyx, LLC.Telnyx, LLC.
828958 Telonium Communications LLCTelonium
825999 Telovations, Inc.Telovations, Inc.
836030 Teloz LimitedTeloz Limited
824344 TelphonicTelphonic
830006 Telplicity Communications, Inc.Telplicity Communications, Inc.
828900 Telplus Communications Inc.Telplus Long Distance
833096 TELRACE, INC.
823594 Telrite CorporationTelrite Corporation
823700 Telseven, LLCCalling 10 10 275, Calling 10 15 15 800, Calling 10 10 141, Calling 10 10, Calling 10
834737 Telsolution Networks
823476 Telson Communications, Inc.Telson Communications, Inc.
827313 TelSpan, Inc.TelSpan, Inc.
829571 TELUS Communications (U.S.) Inc.TELUS
825684 Telus Communications CompanyTelus Communications Company
833799 Telvox Global B.V.Telvox Global B.V.
831503 TelWare CorporationTelWare Corporation
826689 Telwise CorporationTelwise Corporation
830694 Telzio, Inc.Telzio
829777 Tempo Telecom, LLCTempo Telecom, LLC
832833 Temprano Techvestors, Inc
828890 Tennessee Independent Telecommunications Group, LLCIris Networks
824810 Tennessee Telephone Service, LLCFREEDOM COMMUNICATIONS USA, LLC
812948 Tennessee Valley PaytelTennessee Valley Paytel
825335 Terion, Inc.Terion, Inc.
826842 Terre Star Networks, inc.Terre Star Networks, inc.
804069 Texas RSA 8 East Limited PartnershipTexas Cellular
836227 TextNow Inc.TextNow Inc.
834914 The Chamberlain Group, Inc.
822634 The Chaparral Network, Ltd.Voice Mail Central (VMC)
832078 The Cost Cutters USAThe Cost Cutters USA
828707 The Electric Power Board of the City of ScottsboroScottsboro Electric Power Board
827311 The Himark Group, LLC.The Himark Group, LLC.
832831 The Light Phone Inc.The Light Phone Inc.
811542 The Long Distance Partnership, LP800 Response
835361 The Net Calls, LLCThe Net Calls, LLC
825236 The NoNa CorporationNoNa
819020 The Other Phone Company, Inc.Access One Communications
830911 The People's Operator USA, LLC
836363 The Preferred Prepaid Inc.XYZies
824492 The Utilities Board of the City of SylacaugaThe Utilities Board of the City of Sylacauga
833156 The Voice Application Network, LLCThe Voice Application Network
835690 The VoIP Talk, LLC
834381 Thing5 LLCCloud5 Communications
836023 Tiera EnterprisesN/A
829586 Time Warner Cable Business LLCTime Warner Cable
825064 Time Warner Cable Information Services (Alabama), LLCTime Warner Cable, inc.
828953 Ting, Inc.Ting, Inc.
826487 Titan Wireless Communications, Inc.Titan Wireless Communications, Inc.
826083 TLS.Net, Inc.TLS.Net
809150 TLX Communications, Inc.TelAmerica Long Distance
836444 TMG The Moore Group IncTMG Solutions
834840 TMI Communications, LPRealCom Solutions
829775 TNCI Operating Company LLCTNCI Operating Company LLC
833138 TNI Telecom IncTNI Telecom
834982 TodoVerde Consulting Ventures, LLCtodoverde llc
820904 Toly Digital Network, Inc.Toly Digital Network, Inc.
834451 Tombigbee Communications LLC
819402 TON Services, Inc.TON Services
831560 Ton80 Communications, LLC
829212 Toptel Link, LLCToptel Link, LLC
832116 Torch Wireless
830245 Torchwood Labs, LLCPointClear Networks
829244 Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.
830851 Total Bridge, INC.
821882 Total Call International, Inc.Total Call International, Inc.
827601 Total Holdings, Inc.GTC Communications
826305 Total Solutions Telecom, Inc.Total Solutions Telecom, Inc.
835024 Total Telecom Inc LLCTotal Telecom Inc
802542 Total-Tel Southeast, Inc.Covista
834835 TotalBC, Inc.
824060 TotalTalk, Inc.TotalTalk
808940 Touch 1 Communications, Inc.Touch 1 Communications, Inc.
808428 Touch America, Inc.Touch America
823676 Touchtone Communications, Inc.Touchtone Communications, Inc.
827052 Tower Cloud, Inc.Tower Cloud, Inc.
827501 TownHall, LLC.TownHall, LLC.
822144 TracFone Wireless, Inc.TracFone Wireless, Inc.
824154 Trade Lines Communications, Inc.Trade Lines Communications, Inc.
822378 Tralee Telephone Company, LLCTralee Telephone Company, LLC
817852 Trans National Communications International, Inc.Trans National Communications International, Inc.
826239 Transbeam, Inc.Transbeam, Inc.
824830 Transcendence, Inc.Transcendence, Inc.
834460 Transech, LLCTransech, LLC
824134 TransWorld Telephone, LLCTransWorld Telephone, LLC
832100 Trapp Technology, Inc.DOTVOX
830857 Tresta, Inc.PATLive and Hosted Numbers
834750 Triad Technology Partners, LLCTriad Technology Partners, LLC
835403 Trifecta Solutions Inc
836368 TriFi Wireless
822830 Trillion Digital Communications, Inc.Trillion Digital Communications, Inc.
823288 Trillion Partners, Inc.Trillion Partners, Inc.
828999 Triniti Communications Intl. Ltd.Triniti Communications Intl. Ltd.
836841 Trinity Wireless LLCTrinity Wireless
816635 Trinsic Communications, IncTrinsic Communications, Inc
817060 Tritech CommunicationTritech Communication
819896 Tritel Communications, Inc.SUNCOM
828684 Triton Networks, LLCTriton Networks, LLC
835083 Troomi Wireless, Inc.Troomi Wireless, Inc.
831119 Tropo LLCTropo LLC
824198 Troy Cablevision, Inc.Troy Cablevision, Inc.
833296 TROZLAN, Inc.TROZLAN, Inc.
831928 Tru-Speak, Inc.Tru-Speak, Inc.
836475 TruAccess Networks, LLCTruAccess Networks, LLC
829292 True Pinless, Inc.True Pinless, Inc.
836790 TruTelco LLCTruTelco LLC
809819 TSI Telecommunications Services, Inc.TSI Telecommunications Services, Inc.
815877 TTI National, Inc.TTI National, Inc.
826167 TTUSA Acquisition, Inc.TTUSA Acquisition, Inc.
832837 Tube Incorporated d/b/a Reach MobileReach Mobile
835796 Turning Point Global Solutions LLCTurningPoint
807354 Tuscaloosa Cellular PartnershipVerizon Wireless
826337 TuYo Mobile, LLC.TuYo Mobile, LLC.
827783 TV Cable Company of Andalusia, Inc.TV Cable Company of Andalusia, Inc.
836637 TVAB Holdings LLCNTS Communications Inc
832468 TVF Cloud, Inc.
825897 TW Telecom Holdings, LLCTW Telecom Holdings, LLC
836524 TWC IP Enabled Services, LLC
828505 TWCIS Holdco LLCTime Warner Cable
834712 Twiching General Trading Pte LtdTwiching General Trading Pte Ltd
828513 Twilio IncTwilio Inc
833702 Twilio International Inc.Twilio
825654 Two Rivers ConferencingTwo Rivers Conferencing, LLC
824586 Two Way Communications, Inc.Two Way Communications, Inc.
833148 Tychron Corporation
832988 U CommunicationsU Communications
808442 U S WEST Long Distance, Inc.QWest Long Distance, Inc.
828509 U.S. Satellite CorporationU.S. Satellite Corporation
811748 U.S. South Communications, Inc.US South & IWCOMM
819502 U.S. TelePacific Corp.TPx Communications
826732 Unified Communications CorporationTeleblend
833853 Unified Global Solutions, LLC
831695 Unified Office, Inc.
809884 Union Springs Telephone Company, Inc.Union Springs Telephone Company, Inc.
827212 Unipoint Technologies, Inc.Unipoint Technologies, Inc.
834830 Unique Soft LLC
828124 Unison Communications, Inc.Unison Communications, Inc.
832495 Unitas Global LLC
835414 Unitas Global, Inc
825082 United American Technology, IncUnited American Technology, Inc
828798 United Communication Solutions, LLCUnited Communication Solutions, LLC
819965 United Communications HUB, IncUCHUB, Inc.
818718 United States Advanced Network, Inc.United States Advanced Network, Inc.
820386 United States Telecommunications, Inc.Tel Com Plus
828039 United Telecom, Inc.United Telecom, Inc.
823894 United World Telecom, LCUnited World Telecom
836673 Uniti Fiber GulfCo LLC
828744 Uniti Fiber LLCUniti Fiber LLC
816670 Unity Communications, Inc.Unity Communications, Inc.
835166 Unity Technologies SF
820642 Unity Telecom, LLCdPi Teleconnect, LLC
835195 Unity Wireless, Inc.
814758 Univance Telecommunications, IncUnivance Telecommunications, Inc
819660 Universal Access, Inc.Universal Access, Inc.
822530 Universal Broadband Communications, Inc.Universal Broadband Communications, Inc.
828616 Universal Telcom, LLCUniversal Telcom, LLC
824194 Universal Telecommunications, Inc.Universal Telecommunications, Inc.
827494 University Corporation for Advanced Internet DevelopmentInternet2
830222 UniVoIP, IncUniVoIP, Inc
828904 Unlimited Recharge, Inc.Unlimited Recharge, Inc.
830433 upNetworx, Inc.upNetworx, Inc.
836565 Urbit Group LLC
836424 Ureka Solutions LLCUreka Solutions
829497 US Internet CorpUS Internet Corp
823964 US LEC Corp.- CONSOLIDATEDWindstream
819552 US LEC of Alabama, Inc.US Lec of Alabama, Inc.
830431 US Mobile, Inc.US Mobile, Inc.
804639 US Telecom, Inc.Sprint Services
820620 USA Digital Communications, IncUSA Digital Communications, Inc.
829134 USA-DID, Inc.USA-DID, Inc.
825635 USD Clec, Inc.USA Datanet
806826 USLD Communications, Inc.USLD Communications, Inc.
829369 UVNV, Inc.UVNV, Inc.
832997 Uvoice USA, LLCUvoice USA, LLC
833012 V Caption
826412 V-Point Networks, LLC.V-Point Networks, LLC.
803142 Valley Telephone Co., LLCValley Telephone Co., LLC
817348 Value Added Communication, Inc.Value Added Communication, Inc.
814723 Value Page, Inc.Value Page, Inc.
822998 Vanco US, LLCVanco US, LLC
830213 VanillaSoft CorpVanillaSoft Corp
823210 Vantage Systems Design, Inc.Vantage Systems Design, Inc.
809050 VarTec Solutions, Inc.VarTec Solutions, Inc.
803274 VarTec Telecom, Inc.Clear Choice Communications, Telephone Express
828024 Vast Communications, LLC.Vast Communications, LLC.
823092 Vaudix, Inc.Vaudix, Inc.
834998 Vault Tel Solutions IncVault Tel Solutions Inc
830197 Vault Telephone, Inc.Vault Telephone, Inc.
823848 Vaya CorporationVaya Corporation
828825 VAZQ Communications, Inc.VAZQ Communications, Inc.
835631 Vcon Carrier Services Pte LtdVcon Carrier Services Pte Ltd
833086 VCS Telecom, LLC.VCS Telecom, LLC.
822906 VDTEL, Inc.VDTEL, Inc.
834624 Vector Telecom LLCVector Telecom LLC
834800 Vector Telephony IncVector Telephony Inc
827301 Velocita Wireless, LLC.Velocita Wireless, LLC.
828508 Velocity Wireless Communications, Inc.Velocity Wireless Communications, Inc.
826338 Velocity, A Managed Services Company, Inc.
831527 Venturenet, LLCVenturenet
823106 Ventus Networks, LLCVentus Networks, LLC
832799 Verge Voip, LLCVerge Voip, LLC
831697 Vergx LLC
836631 Verification Technologies, LLCNumber Verifier
824388 Verizon Business Global LLCVerizon Business
821018 Verizon Global Solutions, Inc.Verizon Global Solutions
806291 Verizon Long Distance, LLCVerizon Long Distance
811054 Verizon Select Services, Inc.Verizon Select Services, Inc.
834432 Verizon Sourcing LLCVerizon
803807 Verizon Wireless fka Cellco PartnershipVerizon Wireless
822544 Verizon Wireless of the East, LPVerizon Wireless
811661 Verizon Wireless Personal Communications, L.PVerizon Wireless
834155 VERSA Technologies, Inc.
824608 Vertex Communications, Inc.Summit Communications (Alabama only)
836043 Verve Cloud, Inc.
836011 Vestacall LimitedVestacall Limited
835752 Vetcelerator LLC
827048 Via Talk, LLC.Via Talk, LLC.
835503 Via Wireless, LLCVia Wireless, LLC
833408 Viasat Carrier Services, Inc.
829785 ViaSat Communications, Inc.ViaSat Communications, Inc.
829952 ViaSat, Inc.ViaSat, Inc.
815574 Viatel Services, Inc.Viatal Services, Inc.
826624 Vibe IP, LLCVibe IP, LLC
836583 Vibe Wireless, LLC
835735 Vibes Communications LLCVibes Communications
833279 Vibtree Technologies, LLC
823530 Victory Communications, Inc.Victory Telecommunications, Inc.
835692 Vida Global IncorporatedVida Global Incorporated
825072 Vien Lien Vietnam, Inc.Vien Lien Vietnam, Inc.
828441 Vierge Group, LLCVierge Group, LLC
832912 Vigilabo LLC
836000 Viirtue, Inc.
831800 Village Universel Corporation
831196 Vinix, LLCVinix, LLC
821408 VIP Communications, Inc.VIP Communications, Inc.
827235 Viscom International, Inc.Viscom International, Inc.
832850 Visible Service LLCVisible Service LLC
835480 Vision IT Services Co. LTD
832182 VISION, VOICE AND DATA SYSTEMS, L.L.C.Vision, Voice and Data Systems, L.L.C.
836135 Visto Communications LLCVisto Communications LLC
833688 Vital IncVital Inc
832214 Vital Networks, LLCVital Networks, LLC
829343 Vitel Global Communications LLCVitel Global Communications LLC
835736 Vitel Global Communications LLC
821590 Viteris IncorporatedViteris
821230 Viva Telecom, LLCViva Telecom, LLC
832644 Vive Communications, LLCVive Communications, LLC
829496 Vivox, Inc.Vivox, Inc.
836620 VMC MAR COMGumline
815154 VoCall Communications Corp.VoCall Communications Corp.
825344 VocalNet, LLCVocalNet, LLC
830195 Voclarion, LLC
823410 Vodafone US Operations Inc.Vodafone US Operations Inc.
829469 Voiamo US IncVoiamo
834660 VOICE & SMS TRADINGSSouth Season
829239 Voice Connect, LLCVoice Connect, LLC
822228 Voice Connections, IncVoice Connections, Inc
826010 Voice Ring, Inc.Voice Ring, Inc.
824882 Voice Solutions, LLCDCI Voice Solutions
829637 Voice Trader LLCVoice Trader LLC
829431 Voice- LLCVoice- LLC
835897 Voicecentral LLCVoicecentral LLC
823190 Voicecom Telecommunications, LLCVoicecom Telecommunications, LLC
826225 Voicenation, LLC.Voicenation
836092 Voicezone Communication Ltd.
828369 Voicynx Technology IncVoicynx Technology Inc
836596 VoIP America, LLCVoIP America
832197 VOIP Extension, Inc.VOIP Extension, Inc.
826554 VoIP Innovations LLCVoIPStreet
836113 VoIP Instance, LLC
826364 VoIP Services, Inc.VoIP Services, Inc.
822656 VOIP Services, LLCVOIP Services, LLC
826538 VoIP Solutions, Inc.VoIP Solutions, Inc.
836528 Voip StudioThe Voip Studio
825988 VoIP Your Life, LLCVoIP Your Life
829783 Voip-2-Voip,LLCVoip-2-Voip,LLC
828472 VoIPCall, Inc.VoIPCall, Inc.
835483 VoIPcloud Wholesale IncVoIPcloud Wholesale Inc
835286 VoIPCo IncNoContractVoIP Inc
835926 Voipcom, LLC
826753 VoIPInvite, Inc.VoIPInvite
832203 VoIPLy, LLCVoIPLy, LLC
834895 Voipnetwork LLCVoipnetwork LLC
836855 VoipTech, LLCVoipTech, LLC
826644 Voitel Telecommunications, Inc.Voitel Telecommunications, Inc.
835092 Volli Communications, Inc.
823692 Volo Communications, Inc.Volo Communications, Inc.
826289 Volocall, LLC.Volocall, LLC.
835484 Volt Broadband, LLC
834958 Volt Labs Inc.
827095 Vonage Business Inc.Vonage Business Inc.
825971 Vonage Holdings Corp.Vonage Holdings Corp.
835859 Vos Logic LLCVos Logic
828997 Votacall, IncVotacall
829095 Votela, LLCVotela, LLC
825950 Vox Communications CorpVox Communicatons Corp.
829029 VOX Group International, Inc.VOX Group International, Inc.
821036 Vox Populi Telecommunications, IncVox Populi Telecommunications, Inc.
831747 Vox Tandem LLC
831984 Voxedge, LLCVoxedge
829288 Voxity Telecom, IncVoxity Telecom, Inc
836878 Voxlink LLCVoxlink LLC
832009 VOXO LLC
827557 Voxology Integrations Inc, dba ShoutpointShoutpoint, Inc
835217 Voxology, Inc.
833097 Voxter Communications, Inc.
836381 VoxveyTel LLCVoxveyTel LLC
829013 Voyager Communications LLCVoyager Voice, Voyager Mobile
829059 Voyager Mobility LLCVoyager Mobility
826128 Voyant Communications, LLCVoyant Communications, LLC
834892 Voyce Telecom LLC
828563 Voyzze Communications, Inc.Voyzze Communications, Inc.
826290 Vozsip Corp.Vozsip Corp.
834007 VR3Cloud International LLC
831793 VTCSecure, LLCVTCSecure
835696 Vultik INC.Vultik
835732 VysheTel LLC
824554 Vyvx, LLCVyvx, LLC
820459 W2Com International, LLCW2Com International, LLC
827098 Wanetics, LLC.Wanetics, LLC.
825822 WAT Broadcasting, LLC.WAT Broadcasting
808786 Waterway Communications System LLCWATERCOM/Mobex Network Services LLC
829627 WatsonVoice, Inc.WatsonVoice, Inc.
836457 WaveNetworks Inc
825763 WDIG Mobile, LLCWDIG Mobile, LLC
829021 WDT Wireless Telecommunications, Inc.WDT Wireless Telecommunications, Inc.
823370 WDT World Discount Telecommunications Corp.WDT World Discount Telecommunications Corp.
833133 Weave Communications, Inc.
829817 Webaoo USA
836065 Webcast Plus LLCGlobalMeet
823128 Weblink Wireless I, LPWeblink Wireless, Inc.
811746 WebLink Wireless, Inc.WebLink Wireless, Inc.
822354 Webshoppe Communications, Inc.Webshoppe Communications, Inc.
831699 WeChat International Pte. Ltd.WeChat
835516 Wego Technologies, LLCWegoVoIP
836310 WeIncentivize LLCChosenWireless
827709 Weinlaw Enterprises LLC.Weinlaw Enterprises LLC.
836842 Wells Tech SolutionTelecommunication
835778 Werks Mobile, LLC
830774 West Alabama TV Cable Company, Inc.
825032 West Star Telecommunications, LLCWest Star Telecommunications, LLC
828038 Whenever Communications, LLCSatellite Phone Store
829361 White Label Communications LLCWhite Label Communications LLC
836132 White Omen IT Consulting, Inc.
831031 Whitesky Communications LLCWhitesky Communications
822308 Wholesale Carrier Services, Inc.Wholesale Carrier Services, Inc.
829707 Wholevox, IncorporatedWholevox
835324 Whoop Connect Inc.
827652 Wide Voice, LLC.Wide Voice, LLC.
828191 Wihat, IncWihat, Inc
829788 Wildfire TelecomWildfire Telecom
805503 WilTel Communications, LLCWilTel Communications, LLC
828419 WiMacTel, Inc.WiMacTel, Inc.
826186 Wind Currents Communications, Inc.Wind Currents Communications, Inc.
805035 Windstream Alabama, LLCWindstream
825732 Windstream Communications, LLCWindstream
803136 Windstream Fibernet, LLCWindstream
815924 Windstream KDL, LLCWindstream
820304 Windstream New Edge, LLCWindstream
802491 Windstream Norlight, LLCWindstream
802014 Windstream NTI, LLCWindstream
831732 Wing Tel IncWing Tel Inc
826148 WinSonic Digital Media Group, Ltd.WinSonic Digital Media Group, Ltd.
821736 Winstar Communications, LLCWinstar Communications, LLC
812317 WinStar Wireless, Inc.WinStar
823574 Wiregrass Telecom, Inc.Graceba Telephone
834125 Wireless Brands CoWireless Brands Co
832740 Wireless Brands CoWireless Brands Co
825801 Wireless Consortium, Inc.Prime Mobile
822976 Wireless Facilities, Inc.Wireless Facilities, Inc.
833277 WireSpeed Communications, LLC
827826 Wirestar, Inc.Wirestar, Inc.
829665 Wiretap Telecom, LLCWiretap Telecom
829920 Wiretics CorporationWiretics Corporation
836650 Wiseband INC
829735 Wizie Mobile LLCWizie
830459 Woodstitch LLCWoodstitch LLC
803457 Working Assets Funding Service, Inc.Working Assets Long Distance
812286 World - Link Solutions, Inc.World - Link Solutions, Inc.
832501 world network international services incwnis
834016 World Voice Telecom LLCWorld Voice Telecom LLC
822096 WorldCom, Inc. & Subsidiaries- CONSOLIDATEDWorldCom, Inc. & Subsidiaries
823560 Worldnet Group Telecom, Inc.Worldnet Group Telecom, Inc.
836188 Worx Wireless, LLCWorx Wireless, LLC
826768 WQN, Inc.WQN, Inc.
835551 Wrazzle, Inc.
822454 WS Telecom, Inc.Expetel Communications
826757 WV Fiber, Inc.WV Fiber, Inc.
827756 WWISP, Inc.WWISP, Inc.
831539 Www Washme TvWww Washme Tv
835563 Wyoming Fiber Phone Inc
821794 X2 Comm, Inc.DC Communications
829326 Xact Associates, LLCXact Communications
835857 XBLUE Networks, LLCXBLUE Networks
836795 Xcyte Digital Corp.Xcyte Digital Corp
836320 Xeebi Mobile Inc
834028 Xerox Business Solutions Southeast LLCXerox Business Solutions Southeast LLC
835216 XG Service Group LLCXG Tech Services
835822 XO Broadband LLC
822748 XO Communications Services, LLCXO Communications Services, LLC
824900 Xspedius Communications, LLCXspedius Communications
822558 Xspedius Management Co, LLCXspedius Management Co, LLC
813225 XTel Communications, Inc.XTel Communications, Inc.
827780 Xtreme Mobile Acquisition Company, LLC.Xtreme Mobile Acquisition Company, LLC.
828793 XYN Communications, LLCXYN Communications, LLC
835662 Xyntel, Inc.
826818 Yackie TelecomYackie Telecom Inc
821660 Yak America Inc.Yak America Inc.
832206 Yazatel, LLCYazatel, LLC
832264 YBN Group
829120 Yiptel, LLCYiptel
825421 Ymax Communications Corp.Ymax Communications Corp.
836896 Yorkstream Communications LLC
834032 YouMail Inc.
836141 Your Today Shopping LLCYour Today Shopping LLC
829481 Ytel, Inc.Ytel, Inc.
830398 Zactly Managed Services, LLCZactly Managed Services, LLC
834774 Zathura IT Solutions OPC Private Limited
828003 Zayo Bandwidth LLC.Zayo Bandwidth LLC.
829179 Zayo Canada Inc.Zayo Canada Inc.
828965 Zayo Group, LLCZayo Group, LLC
834015 Zealous Services LLCZealous Services
835973 Zeb TelecomN/A
821908 Zefcom, LLCTelispire PCS
830102 Zendesk, Inc.Zendesk, Inc.
811586 Zenex Long Distance, Inc.Zenex Long Distance, Inc.
828192 Zeus Wireless, LLCZeus Wireless, LLC
826091 Zingo Telecom, Inc.Zingo Telecom, Inc.
827596 Zip Conferencing, Inc.Zip Conferencing, Inc.
827302 ZipDX LLC.ZipDX LLC.
831014 Zirrus, LLCData2Go Wireless
833132 Zoho Corporation
825800 Zonar Systems, LLCZonar Systems, LLC
832738 Zoom Voice Communications, Inc.Zoom
829921 zoomMediaPlus, Inc.zoomMediaPlus, Inc.
825024 Ztar Mobile, Inc.Ztar Mobile, Inc.
834348 ZTelecom LLC
825900 Zues Telecommunications, LLC.Zues Telecommunications, LLC.
830478 Zultys, Inc.Zultys, Inc.

This database reflects filings received by USAC as of Jun. 21, 2024FCC Form 499 Filer Database Software Version 01.03.06 July 21, 2011

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