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The module for making FY 2021 regulatory fee payments is now available.

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Enter your FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password or FCC Username and password to log into Fee Filer.

If logging in with your secure FCC Username and password, the Fee Filer system will prompt you to choose an FCC Registration Number (FRN) with a "Manage Financial Info" permission associated with the Username. Once an FRN has been selected, the Fee Filer system will direct you to the Main Menu.

Once you log into Fee Filer, you can enter fee information associated with one or more applicant or licensee FRNs and file this information with the FCC. In addition, you can pay the fees associated with your filing and specify an alternative payer FRN, which allows you to pay fees on behalf of an applicant or licensee.

Please Note: Users are now able to log in with a Username account created through the FCC User Registration System.  Registering for a Username will allow a user to create, associate, and manage multiple FRNs through the Commission Registration System (CORES).  For now, users may also continue to log into the Fee Filer system with an FRN.

Reminders for FY 2021:

1) The DeMinimis threshold is $1,000.00. If the sum total of all annual regulatory fee obligations is $1,000.00 or less, you will not need to submit any payment of regulatory fees.

2) Changes in Service Categories:

- Broadcast Auxiliaries are no longer subject to regulatory fees.

3) Amount that can be charged to credit cards is $24,999.00 per card per day.

4) Television fees are now calculated on the basis of population only. Please see Appendix G of the Commission's FY 2020 Regulatory Fees Report & Order on the fee amount by call sign and how the television fee is calculated. A separate document also lists Appendix G in an excel format. Both documents are located at the FCC Regulatory Fees site.

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Note: The Username is the email address associated with your FCC Username Account.

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