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Enter your FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password to login to Fee Filer. Using Fee Filer you can enter fee information associated with one or more applicant or licensee FRNs and file this information with the FCC. In addition, you can pay the fees associated with your filing and specify an alternative payer FRN, which allows you to pay fees on behalf of an applicant or licensee.

The module for making FY 2016 regulatory fee payments is currently not available. We will revise this message when the time comes to begin accepting FY 2016 regulatory fee payments.

Preview of FY 2016 ITSP revenue information is available.

What's New in FY 2015:

1) Beginning in FY 2015, the De Minimis threshold has been increased to $500. If the sum total of all annual regulatory fee obligations is $500 or less, you will not need to submit any payment of regulatory fees.

2) Changes in Service Categories:

- Two new Service Categories were added: Toll Free Numbers and Direct Broadcast Satellite

- One Service Category was removed: Broadcast Auxiliaries

- The Service Categories have been changed to a different format in Fee Filer. The old Service Categories were Cable, ITSP, International & Satellite, Media, and Wireless. The new Service Categories, including the changes made, are ITSP, CMRS, BRS/LMDS, AM & FM Radio Broadcasting, TV Broadcasting, LPTV/TV Translator/Booster, TV Translator/Booster, FM Translator/Booster, Direct Broadcast Satellite, CARS License, Cable System Subscriber Fee, Toll Free Numbers, Earth Stations, Satellites and Space Stations, International Bearer Circuits, and Submarine Cable Systems.

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