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Pay Outstanding Bills Procedure

Complete the following procedure to pay outstanding bills using Fee Filer.

To pay outstanding bills:

  1. Log in to Fee Filer.
    The Fee Filer Main Menu opens. The text near the Pay Bills button will indicate the number of outstanding bills payable to the FCC you owe.

  2. Click the Pay Bills button to begin the payment process. If you have no outstanding bills associated with the FRN you used to access Fee Filer, you can click the Pay Bills button to access the Find Additional Bills page, which allows you to search and pay bills for an FRN other than the one used to access Fee Filer.

  3. From the second Pay Bills page that opens, mark the check box next to each bill you want to pay.
    Note: You can only make one payment for each lockbox. For example, if you have bills that are routed to three separate lockbox numbers, you must make three separate payments.

  4. To clear all check boxes on the page, click the Reset button.
    To add any other FCC bill numbers to your payment transaction, click Add Bill.
    To mark all check boxes on the page, click the Select All button.

  5. When you are finished adding and selecting the bills you want to pay, click the Submit button. The Payment Review page displays the total amount due.

  6. (Optional) Enter your name, phone number, and e-mail address. This information is used in the event the FCC needs to contact you about payment processing.

  7. If you are making a payment on behalf of an applicant or licensee and therefore want to use an alternative payer FRN to pay the selected bills, click the Use Another FRN radio button, and enter the alternate FRN and password.
    If you are using your current FRN to pay your bills, click the Use current FRN radio button.

  8. It is recommended that you generate a report of your bill payments and print it for your file before paying by credit. Click Generate Report and then click Print. Click the Back button to pay.

  9. If you are ready to pay, click Pay By Credit Card.

  10. Enter your credit card information and click Submit to pay. Print and file your payment confirmation.

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