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Fee Filer allows you to pay outstanding FCC bills by credit card. To do so, select the Pay Bills option from the Fee Filer Main Menu. Outstanding bills associated with the FRN used to access Fee Filer display. For example: If you have 14 outstanding bills to pay, the following message will display next to Pay Bills on the Fee Filer Main Menu: "You have 14 outstanding bills." To pay a bill that does not automatically display, open the Find Additional Bills page and enter the bill number and FRN from the bill you received in the mail.

A Fee Filer enhancement that helps streamline and add flexibility to online bill payment is the ability to combine multiple bills into a single payment and, if required, pay a bill using an alternate payer FRN. An alternate payer FRN allows you to pay fees on behalf of an applicant or licensee. After successfully making a payment, an online receipt displays that you can print and file for proof of payment. The recipt includes the billing document number, the filer's name and FRN, and the amount paid. You can retain the original bill (Form 159-B) associated with your filing. If your receipt cannot be printed, call the FCC CORES Help Desk (877-480-3201) to have the receipt sent to you by e-mail or fax. If your fee oblication is within range of your credit card limit, the Fee Filer Pay Bills option is ideal for paying these fees online. Other bills that may be due include FCC items such as late regulatory fees, fines, or pre-arranged fee installment payments.

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