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Detailed Filing Information

Proceeding Number: 09-191
Name of Filer: Maneesh Pangasa
View Filing: An End to Competition (1) Apply Open Internet Rules for Copper DSL & Cable Also To Fiber & Wireless (1) Apps for Smart TVs, Smartphones, Tablets & Game Consoles Enable Streaming But Ne (1) AT&T and Verizon Double Dare FCC On Spectrum Consolidation (2) AT&T and Verizon No More Subsidized Tablets Data Caps & Toll Free Data (2) AT&T FaceTime Blocking Harms The Deaf (3) AT&T No FaceTime Over Cellular (2) AT&T Pay Me Screw Net Neutrality (6) Browser Choice Among Windows Desktop and Windows RT Tiled Metro Interface On Mob (1) Line Sharing Rules in Dial Up Enabled AOL, Prodigy, NetZero, EarthLink & Others (1) Line Sharing Rules for Dial-Up Enabled More Dial-Up Competitors Elimination of L (1) Carriers Should Reduce Cost of Service When Phones Paid Off By Consumer (1) Cost of Service Should Decline When Phone Paid Off Or Contract Ends (1) Early Termination Fee (ETFs) Need Not Apply for Phones Consumers Pay Full Price (1) Cord Cutting For A La Carte IPTV Benefits Consumers Yet Threatens Bundled Pay TV (1) Implications of AT&T WCS Deals Proves They Never Needed T-Mobile (1) Splitting Markets By Network Technology Anti Competitive (1) Increased Programming Rates for TV Also Increases Broadband Costs (3) Free Press Blasts Wireless Companies Plan To Favor Some Traffic (2) The Phony Wireless Bandwidth Crisis (6) Verizon Cable WIFI Backhaul (1) What Bandwidth Crisis Sprint T-Mobile & MetroPCS In Unlimited Data War (3) Threats To An Open Internet (2) What Spectrum Crisis Verizon Wireless Monetizes Cellular Video Usage With New Ap (1)
Exparte: No
Date Received: 05/28/2013
Date Posted: 05/28/2013
3562 South 18th Avenue Yuma, AZ 85365-3937
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