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  FCC Form 499 Filer Database Search Results

FCC Form 499 Filer Database


Operational Status = Active Only
Communications Type = Interconnected VoIP

1347 Records Found

499 Filer ID Legal Name of Reporting EntityDoing Business As
829882 011Now Technologies, LLC011Now Technologies, LLC
827953 1 Call Connect1 Call Connect
831224 1klick inc
829392 1stPoint Communications, LLC1stPoint Communications, LLC
828069 1Wire Communications, LLC.1Wire Communications, LLC.
830453 1Wire Fiber, LLC1Wire Fiber
829804 2600hz2600hz
831004 373K, Inc.
828643 382 Communications Corporation382 Communications Corporation
827642 3RD Echelon Corp.3RD Echelon Corp.
829080 4Voice LLC4Voice LLC
829846 7G Network, Inc.7G Network, Inc.
828406 800 Special Services LLC800 Special Services LLC
831575 LLC
825996 8x8, Inc.8x8, Inc.
831244 917 Consulting LLC
827788 A Q Communications, LLC.A Q Communications, LLC.
826795 A&A Communications, Inc.A&A Communications, Inc.
831780 A101 Technology LLCAmp Telecom
830160 A2Z Pro SolutionsA2Z Pro Solutions
830402 AB&T Telecom, LLCAB&T Telecom, LLC
828710 Abacus Group, Inc.Abacus Group, Inc.
830886 Accelerated Voice LLCGoToPhone
829774 Accent Communication Services, Inc.Accent Information Systems
827507 Access Cable Television, Inc.Access Cable Television, Inc.
831165 Access Media Holdings LLCAccess Media Holdings LLC
828252 Access One Solutions LLCAccess One Solutions LLC
830507 Access Tandem, Inc.Access Tandem, Inc.
831164 Access Technologies, Inc.
820846 AccessLine Communications CorporationAccessLine Communications Corporation
831422 Accord Communications, Inc.Accord Communications, Inc.
831525 Accurate Networks, LLCAccurate Networks, LLC
826949 Ace Innovative Networks, Inc.Ace Innovative Networks, Inc.
830939 Acme Voice Services LLC
826577 Acrobat Communications, Inc.Acrobat; Telstar; Telstar Express
830093 ACS Business Systems, Inc.ACS Business Systems, Inc.
826513 ACS Internet, LLCACS Internet, LLC
830746 Active Solutions GroupActive Solution Group
830153 ActiveServe, Inc.ActivePBX
830199 Adalex EnterpriseAdalex Enterprise
826829 Adams CATV Inc.Adams CATV Inc.
831198 AdComp Systems Inc.AdComp Systems
828344 ADG Telecom LLCADG Telecom LLC
831816 ADN Internet Telephone, LLC
828715 Advance 2000, Inc.Advance 2000, Inc.
829675 Advanced Technology Distributors, Inc.Adtech IT Solutions
830677 Advanced TelecomAdvanced Telecom
829575 Advanced Voice Technologies LLCAdvanced Voice Technologies LLC
831011 Advantage Telephone CommunicationsAdvantage Telephone Communications
830935 Advent Technologies, Inc.Advent Technologies, Inc.
827186 Advocate Communications, Inc.Advocate Communications, Inc.
829884 AE&E CorporationAE&E Corporation
831590 AEGIS Concepts, Inc.Aegis Concepts, Inc.
827833 Aeon, Inc.Aeon, Inc.
830421 Affliated Unified Communications, LLCAffliated Unified Communications, LLC
831345 Air Voice IncAir Voice Inc.
829813 Airwave Broadband Wireless, Inc.Airwave Broadband Wireless, Inc.
830261 AKA Management, Inc.AKA Management, Inc.
831854 Akabis, LLCAkabis, LLC
829994 AL3 Enterprises LLCStarr Telecom
829961 Alchemy CommunicationsAlchemy Communications
831015 Alegro Mobile LLCAlegro Mobile
826848 All Access inc.All Access inc.
830593 All Mountain Technologies, LLCAll Mountain Technologies, LLC
829141 Allegiant Networks, LLCAllegiant Telecom
828244 Allen's T.V. Cable Service, Inc.Allen's T.V. Cable Service, Inc.
830562 Alliance Phones Inc.Alliance Phones
830170 Alliant Technologies, LLCAlliant Technologies, LLC
830461 ALSAT Home Electronics, LLCALSAT Wireless
827164 Alteva Hometown, IncAlteva Hometown, Inc
808452 Alteva of Syracuse, IncAlteva of Syracuse, Inc
825998 Alteva Solutions, Inc.Alteva Solutions, Inc.
827446 ALTIUS Broadband, LLC.ALTIUS Broadband, LLC.
831607 Alyrica Networks, Inc.Alyrica Networks, Inc.
827904 AMC Telecom, LLC.AMC Telecom, LLC.
829935 Ameraconnect Telecom LLCAmeraconnect Telecom LLC
829662 American Surveillance Co., Inc.American Surveillance Co., Inc.
828371 American VoIP, Inc.American VoIP, Inc.
831754 Amicus Voice, LLC
831179 Amnet Systems LLCAmnet Technology Solutions
826349 AMP Networks, LLC.PressOne
830020 Amplex Electric, Inc.Amplex Internet
831805 Anax Business Technology, LLC
828926 Ancero LLC.Ancero LLC.
828682 Angeles Communications, Inc.Angeles Communications, Inc.
829264 Anne Arundel Broadband, LLCDBA Broadstripe
829944 Annto Corp.Annto Corp.
826759 Antietam Cable Television, Inc.Antietam Cable Television, Inc.
831721 ApexcueTeleground
831264 APN Solutions, Inc.
826355 Appia Communications, Inc.Appia Communications, Inc.
831102 Applications Technology SolutionsApplications Technology Solutions
829116 Applied Messaging, Inc.AMI
831103 Applied Tech Solutions, Inc.Applied Tech Solutions, Inc.
825551 Apps Communications, Inc.Apps Communications, Inc.
826640 Apptix, Inc.Apptix, Inc.
829750 Aptech CommAptech
830097 Arbeit Software LLCArbeit Software LLC
829218 Arbuckle Communications, Inc.Arbuckle Communications, Inc.
828661 Arctele Communications, Inc.Arctele Communications, Inc.
831231 Area Wide Communications, LLCArea Wide Communications
826122 Arena One, LLC.Arena One, LLC.
831185 Aria Hosted, LLCAria Hosted, LLC
831108 Aristotle Unified Communications L.L.C.AristotleVoIP
830121 Aristus LLCAristus LLC
830680 Arrowtel, Inc
829787 Artisan Infrastructure Inc.Artisan Infrastructure
830361 ASAP Communications CorpASAP Communications Corp
831263 Asia Pacific Network Corporation
830283 Astro Telecommunications LLCAstro Telecommunications LLC
827790 At-Net Services, Inc.At-Net Services, Inc.
830404 ATG Group IncAdvanced Telesystems Group
831510 Athena Broadband G.P.Athena Broadband G.P.
829230 ATI Applied Technology, LLCQuickphones
826123 Atlantech Online, Inc.Atlantech Online, Inc.
826014 Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLCAtlantic Broadband
830027 Atlantic Metro Communications II, Inc.Atlantic Metro Communications
830850 Aurora Telecom, Inc.DSX VOICE
829780 Autumn Leaf Networks, LLCAutumn Leaf Networks, LLC
828057 Avaya Inc.Avaya Inc.
830300 Avolutia, LLCShelby Broadband
828405 Axia Technology Partners, LLCAxia Technology Partners, LLC
828176 AxisInternet, IncAxisInternet, Inc
831713 Axxtel, LLCAxxtel, LLC
829220 B&C Betzen LLCB&C Betzen LLC
829442 B47 Consulting LLCB47 Consulting LLC
826447 Bald Knob Video, Inc.Bald Knob Video, Inc.
830142 Ballantyne Broadband Partners, LLCOptical Communities
826595 Bandtel, LLC.Bandtel, LLC.
826134 Bandwidth.Com,
830314 Barcks CorpBarcks Corp
828401 Barry Communications, Inc.Barry Communications, Inc.
827609 Barry Group International, Inc.Barry Group International, Inc.
828565 Base Communications, LLCBase Communications
830684 Batts Communications Services, Inc.Batts Communications Services, Inc.
831701 BB Holding Group LLC
829808 BBH Connectivity, Inc.BBH Connectivity, Inc.
830712 BCI Mississippi Broadband, LLCMaxxSouth Broadband
830206 BCM Altus, LLC
828163 BCT Consulting, Inc.BCT Consulting, Inc.
805423 Bear Lake Communications, Inc.Bear Lake Communications, Inc.
828629 Benson Security Systems, Inc.Benson Security Systems, Inc.
831180 Bespoke Communications LLCBespoke Communications LLC
829019 Beyond the Box, LLCBeyond the Box Telecom
828140 Big Inc. dba PhonztBig Inc. dba Phonzt
821170 Big River Telephone Company, LLCBig River Telephone Company, LLC
828063 Big Sandy Broadband, Inc.Big Sandy Broadband, Inc.
831838 BillyRonks LLC
831154 Bitboyz LLCBitboyz
828145 Bitcom, LLC.Bitcom, LLC.
828183 Biz-Net Services, IncBiz-Net Services, Inc
828443 Black Cloud Networks, incBlack Cloud Networks, inc
831521 Blended Technology Solutions, LLC
826058 Blue River Communications, Inc.Blue River Communications, Inc.
829936 Blue River Networks, IncBlue River Networks, Inc
826807 Bluebird Wireless Broadband Services, LLC.Bluebird Wireless Broadband Services, LLC.
829420 BlueBridge Media, LLC
829832 BlueCloud CommunicationsBlueCloud Communications
828836 BluegrassNet Voice, Inc.BluegrassNet Voice
831147 BlueWave Computing, LLC
828866 BluIP, Inc.BluIP, Inc.
830423 Borough of KutztownHome Net
828606 Braintree Electric Light DepartmentBELD Broadband
829949 Branham Information Technology Solutions, LLCBranham Information Technology Solutions, LLC
825461 Bright House Networks, LLCBright House Networks
828373 Brightlink Communications, LLCBrightlink Communications, LLC
829253 Broad Communication Solutions, LLCKey2IP
826885 Broad-Connect Telecom, LLC.Broad-Connect Telecom, LLC.
828587 Broadband Office Solutions, LLCBroadband Office Solutions
828083 Broadbandone,
828242 Broadcast Voice Networks, IncBVN Telecom Group
831676 Broadsmart Global, Inc.
829410 BroadSoft Adaption, Inc.BroadSoft Adaption, Inc.
826005 Broadvox LLCBroadvox LLC
829922 Brooklyn Mailing & CommunicationsBrooklyn Mailing & Communications
829700 BSI, The Answer Group Inc.The Answer Group Inc.
829800 Bulk Solutions, LLCBulk Solutions, LLC
831691 Bulldog Cable Georgia, LLC
830757 Bunn Communications, Inc.Bunn Communications, Inc.
830902 Burwood Communications LLC
831400 Business Communications Services, Inc.
829027 Business Communications, Inc.Business Communications, Inc.
830855 BuzNet CommunicationsBuzNet
830929 C&W Enterprises, IncC&W Technologies
827980 C9 Operations, LLC.C9 Operations, LLC.
825949 Cable One Inc.Cable One Inc.
830202 CableSouth Media III, LLCMedia3
826274 Cablevision of Marion County, LLC.Cablevision of Marion County
830639 Cady Business Technologies, Inc.Cady Business Technologies, Inc.
831627 Caliber Network Solutions LLCCaliber Network Solutions
830350 California Internet, LPCalifornia Internet, LP
826812 California Oregon Broadcasting, Inc.California Oregon Broadcasting, Inc.
831606 California Telecom, Inc.
826655 Call Catchers, Inc.Call Catchers, Inc.
830012 Call Tell, IncCall Tell
831314 Callabyte Technology, LLCCallabyte Technology, LLC
830814 Callifi LLC
819274 Callis Communications IncCallis Communications Inc
831222 CallShaper, LLC
823246 CallTower, Inc.CallTower, Inc.
831083 Callture America Inc.Callture America Inc.
829701 CallUSA, Inc.CallUSA, Inc.
826446 Cam-Tel CompanyCam-Tel Company
831537 Canis Major Group, LLCCanis IT
830000 Capizmo, LLCCapizmo, LLC
830295 CaptionCall, LLCCaptionCall, LLC
830112 Captive CommunicationsOneCloud Networks
831626 Cardinal Group Technologies LLC
829591 Carolina Digital Phone IncCarolina Digital Phone Inc
826666 Carolina Mountain Cablevision, Inc.Carolina Mountain Cablevision, Inc.
831619 Carousel Industries of North America, Inc.
830450 Caryco TechAxion Communications
829924 CCC Technologies, Inc.CCC Technologies, Inc.
828135 CCI Systems, Inc.CCI Systems, Inc.
828938 Celerity Innovations, Inc.Powered by C-Talk from Celerity Innovations, Inc.
829044 Celito Communications, Inc.Celito Communications, Inc.
829847 Central Telecom Inc.Central Telecom Inc.
831429 Centratel Services International Inc.
829889 Centric Telecom, Inc.Centric Telecom, Inc.
828197 Centrix Networks, LLCCentrix Networks, LLC
830323 Chaffee County Telecom, LLCChaffee County Telecom, LLC
830227 Charleston Telecom Solutions, LLC, Inc.Charleston Telecom Solutions, LLC, Inc.
829610 Charter Advanced Services (AL), LLCCharter Advanced Services (AL), LLC
829598 Charter Advanced Services (CA), LLCCharter Advanced Services (CA)
829925 Charter Advanced Services (CO), LLCCharter Advanced Services (CO), LLC
829599 Charter Advanced Services (CT), LLCCharter Advanced Services (CT), LLC
829611 Charter Advanced Services (GA), LLCCharter Advanced Services (GA), LLC
829600 Charter Advanced Services (IL), LLCCharter Advanced Services (IL), LLC
829601 Charter Advanced Services (LA), LLCCharter Advanced Services (LA), LLC
829602 Charter Advanced Services (MA), LLCCharter Advanced Services (MA), LLC
831570 Charter Advanced Services (MD), LLCCharter Advanced Services (MD), LLC
829612 Charter Advanced Services (MI), LLCCharter Advanced Services (MI), LLC
829613 Charter Advanced Services (MN), LLCCharter Advanced Services (MN), LLC
829614 Charter Advanced Services (MO),LLCCharter Advanced Services (MO),LLC
830063 Charter Advanced Services (MS), LLCCharter Advanced Services (MS), LLC
829603 Charter Advanced Services (NC), LLCCharter Advanced Services (NC), LLC
829615 Charter Advanced Services (NE), LLCCharter Advanced Services (NE), LLC
829604 Charter Advanced Services (NH), LLCCharter Advanced Services (NH), LLC
829616 Charter Advanced Services (NV), LLCCharter Advanced Services (NV), LLC
829605 Charter Advanced Services (NY), LLCCharter Advanced Services (NY), LLC
829606 Charter Advanced Services (OR), LLCCharter Advanced Services (OR), LLC
829622 Charter Advanced Services (SC), LLCCharter Advanced Services (SC), LLC
829617 Charter Advanced Services (TN), LLCCharter Advanced Services (TN), LLC
829618 Charter Advanced Services (TX), LLCCharter Advanced Services (TX), LLC
829607 Charter Advanced Services (VA), LLCCharter Advanced Services (VA), LLC
829619 Charter Advanced Services (VT), LLCCharter Advanced Services (VT), LLC
829608 Charter Advanced Services (WA), LLCCharter Advanced Services (WA), LLC
829620 Charter Advanced Services (WI), LLCCharter Advanced Services (WI), LLC
829621 Charter Advanced Services VIII (MI), LLCCharter Advanced Services VIII (MI), LLC
829609 Charter Advanced Services VIII (MN), LLCCharter Advanced Services VIII (MN), LLC
829623 Charter Advanced Services VIII (WI), LLCCharter Advanced Services VIII (WI), LLC
829876 Charter Advanced Services(MT), LLCCharter Advanced Services(MT), LLC
829877 Charter Advanced Services(UT), LLCCharter Advanced Services(UT), LLC
829874 Charter Advanced Services(WY), LLCCharter Advanced Services(WY), LLC
830243 Cherry Capital Connection LLCCherry Capital Connection LLC
831682 Chesapeake Telephone Systems, Inc.
829850 Chronicle 410Voice Asia
829858 Circle NetCircle Net
830724 Cirrus Networks IncCirrus Networks Inc
827067 City of Elberton, Georgia.City of Elberton, Georgia.
827610 City of Glenwood SpringsCity of Glenwood Springs
828893 City of SalisburyFibrant
826834 City of San BrunoCity of San Bruno
829594 City of Wadsworth, OhioCity of Wadsworth, Ohio
827099 City of WilsonCity of Wilson
824348 City Tele Coin, Inc.City Tele Coin, Inc.
829940 CityLink Telecommunications NM LLCCityLink Telecommunications NM LLC
825994 Citynet, LLCCitynet, LLC
826276 Clear Voice telecom, IncClear Voice telecom, Inc
831028 ClearSIP Inc.ClearSIP
831534 ClearSKY Systems, Inc.
830452 Cloud 9 VoIP, LLCCloud 9 VoIP, LLC
829977 Cloud Call Center PBX Solutions, LLCCloud Call Center PBX Solutions, LLC
830346 CloudCall, Inc.CloudCall, Inc.
829513 CloudConnect, Inc.CloudConnect, Inc.
829843 CloudDial LLCCloudDial LLC
831807 Cloudminds Technology
829173 CloudNet Group LLCCloudNet Group LLC
829798 CloudTandem, Inc.CloudTandem, Inc.
829555 CloudWyze, Inc.CloudWyze, Inc.
830172 Cluster Networks, Inc.Cluster Networks
825106 CMC Network SolutionsCMC Network Solutions
827535 CML Communications LLCCML Communications LLC
827615 CMS Internet LLC.CMS Internet LLC.
830671 Cobalt IT, Inc.Cobalt IT, Inc.
828428 CoBridge Broadband, LLCCoBridge Broadband, LLC
828427 CoBridge Communications, LLCCoBridge Communications, LLC
828429 CoBridge Telecom, LLCCoBridge Communications
830537 Cocci Computer Services, LLCCocci Computer Services, LLC
830571 CoEo Solutions, LLCCoEO
828942 Cohere Communications, LLCCohere Communications, LLC
827545 COLI, IncCOLI, Inc
829103 COLLAB9, INC.Collab9
829038 Collins Communications, Inc.Collins Communications, Inc.
828933 Columbia Power and Water SystemsColumbia Power and Water Systems
825948 Comcast IP Phone, LLC.Comcast Digital Voice
826193 Comedia Communications, Inc.Comedia Communications, Inc.
831612 Comm-Works, LLCComm-Works, LLC
831327 Communication Innovators, Inc.Communication Innovators, Inc.
830249 Communications Advisors LLCPacific Wave Telecom
830950 Compass Network Group, Inc.
830301 Complete Interactive Technologies, Inc.Complete Interactive Technologies, Inc.
831427 Computer & Network Paramedics, IncGO2 Tech
827787 Computer Office Solutions, Inc.Computer Office Solutions, Inc.
831174 Computer Technologies LLCComputer Technologies LLC
827574 Computer Telephony Innovations, Inc.CTI
830890 Computol Inc.
830859 ComRes, Inc.ComRes
829592 ComTec Cloud Services, LLCComTec Cloud Services, LLC
829746 ComTech-Cloud, LLCComTech-Cloud, LLC
829162 Comtel Managed Solutions, LLCSimplicity
828941 Comunicaciones Rey, LLCComunicaciones Rey, LLC
831555 Concord Services Group, inc.Voiceopia Communications
830211 Conexiant Communications LLCConexiant Communications
826543 Conexiz CorporationConexiz Corporation
830871 Connected Security SolutionsConnected Security Solutions
828981 Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc.Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc.
831041 Connecticut Communications, LLC
828620 Connection Portal, Inc.Connection Portal, Inc.
828830 ConnexionONE Communications, Inc.ConnexionONE Communications, Inc.
829479 Consolidated Networks CorporationConsolidated Networks Corporation
830412 Consolidated Tristate Networks, Inc.Consolidated Tristate Networks, Inc.
830924 ContinuousTouch, LLCContinuousTouch, LLC
829166 Conus Solutions LLCFive Lakes Communications
828799 Converged Communications, LLCConverged Communications, LLC
831566 Converged Technologies Inc
828645 Convergence Technologies Inc.Convergence Technologies Inc.
831223 ConvergeOne, Inc.
830359 Converging Networks GroupConverging Networks Group
827362 Conway CorporationConway Corporation
830572 Core Technologies, Inc.Core Technologies, Inc.
826201 CoreDial, LLC.CoreDial, LLC.
830378 Corvisa LLCCorvisa LLC
826667 Country Cablevision, Inc.Country Cablevision, Inc.
831810 Coyote Telecom LLC
831189 Craig Communications, LLC.
830321 Creative Business Solutions, LLCPC Solutions
830732 Creative Consultants Group, Inc.Creative Consultants Group, Inc.
829197 Creative Mind Companies LLCCreative Mind Computers
829234 Crexendo Business Solutions, Inc.Crexendo Business Solutions, Inc.
831844 Crocker Communications, Inc.Crocker Communications, Inc.
829713 Crosswind Cloud Solutions, LLCCrosswind Cloud Solutions, LLC
831049 Crown Networking Consultants, Inc.Crown Networking Consultants, Inc.
828193 Crump Communications, LLCCrump Communications, LLC
831462 Crystal Clear TechnologiesCrystal Clear Technologies
829562 CTS Technology Solutions, Inc.CTS Technology Solutions, Inc.
831248 CTS/Unitel Inc
830835 Cyber Broadcasting, LLCCyber Broadcasting, LLC
809848 Cypress Telecommunications Corp.Cytel
828363 Cytracom, LLCCytracom
830805 D3UC LLCD3 Unified Communications
830707 D4US, LLCdimension4
831319 Danale Inc
830203 DAST Consulting LLCDAST Consulting
828004 Data @ccess Communication, Inc.Data @ccess Communication, Inc.
830255 Data Stream Communications, LLCData Stream Communications, LLC
831186 DB Networks, LLCDB Networks, LLC
831846 DCI-Design Communications LLC
828372 DCM Cable, Inc.Digital Communications Media
830810 Del Nero Communications Management, LLC
829822 DelmarvaVOIP, LLCDelmarvaVOIP, LLC
831120 deltathree, LLCdeltathree, LLC
830376 Desert Telecom IncAutomated Telecom
830666 DHK Enterprises, Inc
830580 Dice Communications IncDice Communications
827004 Digerati Networks, Inc.Digerati Networks, Inc.
830943 DigiClick Corp
828871 DigiLink, Inc.DigiLink, Inc.
830604 Digital Management Services Technology, Inc.
830659 Digital South Communications, Inc.Digital South Communications, Inc.
828500 Digitel CorporationDigitel Corporation
829964 Digium Cloud Services LLCDigium Cloud Services LLC
828341 Digivoix LLCDigivoix LLC
831466 Dillon Systems, Inc
830895 DiRAD Technologies, Inc.
829094 DirecPath, LLCDirecPath, LLC
828680 Discover Calling, Inc.Discover Calling, Inc.
828278 District of Columbia Government, Office of Chief Technology OfficerDC-NET
826330 Divine Telecom, Inc.Divine Telecom, Inc.
826125 DLS Computer Services, Inc.DLS Computer Services, Inc.
831305 DMC Technologies, LLC.NetComplete
829332 DMCI Broadband, LLCDMCI Broadband, LLC
812295 Dodson Group, Inc.Dodson Group, Inc.
831738 Donet IncDataYard
821968 Dow Management Co., Inc.AVOXI
831824 DSTECH, INC.
831766 dtel telecommunications, incDTEL Telecommunications, Inc
829312 DYL, LLCDial Your Leads
828296 Dymin Systems, Inc.Dymin Systems, Inc.
828638 Dynamic Packet CorporationDynamic Packet Corporation
827968 E Street Communications, Inc.E Street Communications, Inc.
829000 E-N Computers, Inc.E-N Computers, Inc.
828712 E-Vergent.Com, LLCE-Vergent.Com, LLC
830980 EagleZipCom
831751 EARTH TOUCH INC.Telecommunication.
824758 EarthLink, LLCEarthLink, LLC
826450 East Arkansas Video, Inc.East Arkansas Video, Inc.
827719 East Texas CableEast Texas Cable
829597 Eastern Telephone & Technologies, IncEastern Telephone & Technologies
831143 Eastex Celco, LLCEastex Net
825515 Eastlight, L.C.NaTel
830960 Eberly Systems, LLC
831172 Echo IT Consulting, LLC
830978 eCollar Work Inc.
830771 Ecomm Hosting, LLCEcomm Hosting, LLC
831290 Ecommerce National,
829298 Ednetics, Inc.Ednetics, Inc.
829865 El Dorado County Office Of EducationEl Dorado County Office Of Education
827416 Electric Plant Board Of The City Of RusselvilleElectric Plant Board Of The City Of Russelville
829945 Electronet Broadband Communications, Inc.Electronet Broadband Communications, Inc.
831820 Emajee Inc
829893 Embrace IP Inc.Embrace IP Inc.
830756 EMD Networking Services, Inc.EMD Networking Services, Inc.
827499 Empire Unified Communications, LLC.Empire Unified Communications, LLC.
829593 Encore Technology Group, LLCEncore Technology Group, LLC
826741 Endstream Communications, LLC.Endstream Communications, LLC.
830109 Enflick, Inc.Enflick, Inc.
831756 Engage Holdings, LLCiQventures
829307 Engineered Communication Systems, Inc.IDeACOM ecsi
829894 Enhanced Telecommunications & Data, Inc.Enhanced Telecommunications & Data, Inc.
830483 Ennovativ LLCEnnovativ LLC
831600 Enterprise Network Systems, Inc
831740 Epik Networks, LLC
827649 Equinox, Inc.Equinox, Inc.
822086 Equivoice, Inc.Equivoice, Inc.
829164 EssexTel, Inc.EssexTel, Inc.
830317 Estech Systems, Inc.Estech Systems, Inc.
831052 ETC TechSolutions, LLC
829118 Etel Technologies, IncEtel Technologies, Inc
831075 Ethitel Communications LLC
824434 Etollfree, LLC.eTollfree, LLC
829419 Evanston Technology Partners, Inc.Evanston Technology Partners
829079 Everest BBN, Inc.Everest BBN, Inc.
828043 Everglades Technologies, LLC.Everglades Technologies, LLC.
830874 Evolocity Networks, LLC.Evolocity Networks, LLC.
827855 eVolve Business Solutions, LLC.eVolve Business Solutions, LLC.
826604 Evolve IP, LLCEvolve IP
828780 Ewart Technologies, Inc.Isle Call Communications
829418 Excalibur Technology CorporationExcalibur Technology Corporation
829143 Executive Systems, Inc.Executive Systems, Inc.
831315 Exitty Inc
830961 Expectel CorpExpectel Corp
829499 Expernet Inc.Xpercore Telecom
828503 Expert Service Providers LLCExpert Service Providers LLC
830898 Express Dial Internet, Inc.KWISP
830955 Extended Office Solutions, Inc.
831638 Extreme Broadband, Inc.
830731 EZ Call Inc.EZ Call Inc.
828254 Ez Network systems, Inc.Ez Network systems, Inc.
830162 Eze Castle Integration, Inc.Eze Castle Integration, Inc.
831849 Fabtel Communications LLCFabTel Communications LLC
828945 Falcon Communications Solutions, Inc.Falcon Communications Solutions, Inc.
828205 Fastmetrics, IncFastmetrics, Inc
829960 Fayetteville Public UtilitiesFayetteville Public Utilities
830768 FeatherShark
829181 FibAire Communications, LLC d/b/a AireBeamAireBeam
830495 FireServe, LLCFireServe, LLC
829552 First Contact Communications LLCFirst Contact Communications LLC
829017 First Step Internet, LLCFirst Step Internet, LLC
830946 FIT Technologies, LLCFIT Technologies
829158 FJB Sales LLCArose Communications
829567 Fleming Consulting, LLCHopDial
830003 Flounders Communications, Inc.Comstar Technologies
829626 FluentStream Technologies, LLCFluentStream Technologies
831457 Flyball Technical Solutions
829669 FMTC Communications, Inc.FMTC Communications
828810 Fonality IncFonality Inc
831605 Fore Street Telecom, LLC
830866 Foremost Cloud Services, Inc.
830583 Forsyth Cablenet, LLCForsyth Cablenet, LLC
829296 Fox Telecommunications, Inc.Fox Telecommunications, Inc.
827536 Fractel, LLC.Fractel, LLC.
830975 Framework Communications LLC
831006 Franklin Electric Plant BoardFranklin EPB
830928 FreelyCall LLCFreelyCall
826096 Freeway Communications, LLC.Freeway Communications, LLC.
830456 Fresh Phone, LLCFresh Phone, LLC
823596 Friedman Computer Solutions, Inc.Friedman Computer Solutions, Inc.
830324 FTX Networks LLCFTX Networks LLC
824548 Full Channel, Inc.Full Channel, Inc.
828114 Full Circle Solutions Group, LLC.Full Circle Solutions Group, LLC.
828790 Fused Technology, Inc.Fused Technology, Inc.
830504 Fusion Voice and Data CorpFusion Voice and Data Corp
830602 Futiva LLCFutiva
827911 Fuze Inc.Fuze Inc.
829083 G12 Communications LLCG12 Communications LLC
827177 Gafachi, Inc.Gafachi, Inc.
831842 Gage Telephone Systems LLCGage
827893 Gans Communications, LPMetroCast Communications
830285 Gargoyle Technologies, Inc.Volo Broadband
830936 Gateway Telnet, Inc.Gateway Telnet, Inc.
830576 Gator Networking Services IncH&R Telephones
830059 GEI Communications Inc.GEI Communications Inc.
830793 Geise Associates, Ltd.AsuroIT Services
831599 Genie Innovations, LLCGenie Innovations Inc.
828259 Georgia Business Net Inc.Georgia Business Net Inc.
825397 GeoTel Communication Services, Inc.GeoTel Communication Services, Inc.
829448 GigaKom, Inc.GigaKom
830657 Giggle Fiber, LLCGiggle Fiber
831071 GIP TechnologyGIP Technology
829629 GKR Systems, Inc. Venture Technologies
829779 Glencom Corporation, Inc.PacificIP
827877 Globafon, Inc.Globafon, Inc.
830824 Global Business Solutions, Inc.
830342 Global Calling CorporationGlobal Calling Corporation
826980 Global Data Systems, Inc.Global Data Systems, Inc.
827219 Global Force Telecom, LLC.Global Force Telecom, LLC.
831312 Global IT Communications, Inc.
830021 Global Network Solutions, LLCGlobal Network Solutions, LLC
826415 Global Online Electronic Services, Inc.Global Online Electronic Services, Inc.
827992 Global Pacific Voice, LLC.Global Pacific Voice, LLC.
831797 Global Telecom Exchange LLC
830868 Global Telecommunications Systems, LLCGlobal Telecommunications Systems, LLC
831403 Global VoIP LLC
823030 GlobalPhone Corp.GlobalPhone Corp.
830481 GO2Tech, Inc.GO2
831316 Golden Gate Telecom, Inc
826131 Goldschmidt Enterprises,
829985 Goodwin Global CommunicationsGoodwin Global Communications
831529 Google Fiber North America Inc.Google Fiber Phone
831684 GPhone LLCGPhone LLC
828294 Grayson CableRocket, LLCGrayson CableRocket, LLC
828713 Greasy Bend Ventures, Inc.LiveAir Networks
822738 Great America Networks, Inc.Great America Networks, Inc.
831731 Greenberry Networks, LLC
826830 GreenFly Networks Inc.Clearfly Communications
831478 GRNLK CorpGreenLink Networks
829010 Haefele TV IncHaefele TV Inc
831449 Hammer Fiber Optic Investments Ltd.
826771 Harlan Community Television, Inc.Harlan Community Television, Inc.
826628 Harris Broadband, L.P.Harris Broadband
831402 Hashtech LLC
827515 Heart Communications, Inc.Heart Communications, Inc.
826129 Heart of the Catskills Communications, Inc.MTC Cable
830626 HEHE Enterprises, LLC
830541 Heritage Communications LLCHeritage Communications LLC
831084 Hewlett Packard Communication Services, LLCHewlett Packard Communication Services, LLC
829002 HI Pro Solutions, LLCHI Pro Solutions, LLC
831610 Hi-Tech Data, LLC
831039 Highbridge Communications, LLCHighbridge Communications, LLC
830968 Hilltop Technologies, LLCHilltop Technologies, LLC
827497 Hinson Communications, Inc.Hinson Communications, Inc.
829456 HIQ Data CorporationHIQ Data Corporation
829926 HopDial LLCHopDial
826443 Hope Community T.V., Inc.Hope Community T.V., Inc.
830625 Hosted America Telecommunications LLCHosted America. LLC
830370 Hosted Connection, Inc.Hosted Connection, Inc.
823992 Hotwire Communications, Ltd.Hotwire Communications
830488 Hunter Networks, Inc.Hunter Networks, Inc.
830514 Hyper Telecom, LLCHyper Telecom, LLC
830728 Hytec Telephone Installation IncR-19
827162 IC Data Communications, LLC.IC Data Communications, LLC.
831140 ICIM CorporationVoitress
830007 Icon Cloud Solutions, LLCIcon Cloud Solutions, LLC
826064 iCore Networks, Inc.iCore Networks, Inc.
827860 Ideacom Solutions Group, LLC.Ideacom Solutions Group, LLC.
828747 IEvolve Inc.IEvolve Inc.
826772 iFiber Communications CorporationiFiber Communications Corporation
831749 iGEM Communications LLCGlobalgig
829433 IIS Group, LLCIIS Group, LLC
827671 Impulse Internet Services, LLC.Impulse Internet Services, LLC.
831602 In-Telecom Consulting LLC
829896 Inc.Apeiron Systems, Inc.Apeiron Systems, Inc.
831032 InCom TelecomInCom Telecom
818114 inContact, Inc.BuyersOnline & United Carrier Networks
830681 Info Advantage, Inc.Info Advantage, Inc.
829970 InfoReach, Inc.SendHub
830552 Information and Communications Services, LLCICS
831746 Infotek LLCInfotek
831557 Infotel Systems, Inc.Infotel Systems, Inc.
829411 InfoWest Inc.InfoWest Inc.
829541 Infradapt, LLCInfradapt, LLC
830037 Innovative Communication Systems, Inc.Innovative Communication Systems, Inc.
830951 Innovative CommunicationsInnova
827249 Insight Communications of Central Ohio, LLC.Insight Communications of Central Ohio, LLC.
826535 Insight Kentucky Partners II, L.P. CONSOLIDATEDInsight Kentucky Partners II, L.P.
826553 Integrated Broadband Services, LLCIntegrated Broadband Services, LLC
831057 Integrated Network Solutions IncIntegrated Network Solutions Inc
829547 Integration One, Inc.Integration One
831574 IntegriCom, Inc.
830494 Integrity Networks, LLCINVOIP
831003 inTelegence Telecom, LLC,inTelegence
829559 Intelenet Communications, Inc.Cloud 9 PBX
829863 Intelligent Technology Solutions, Inc.ITS
831531 Intellocom, LLC
830996 Interactive Intelligence Telecom, Inc.
830528 Interactvie TelecomTelecom Interactive
828597 Interconnect Global Inc.Interconnect Global Inc.
827355 Interface Security Systems, LLCInterface Security Systems, LLC
828791 Interlink Computer Technology, Inc.U.P. Logon
829028 Intermedia Voice Services, Inc.Voice Services
831716 Inventive Labs Corporation
831512 Inviacom, Inc.Inviacom, Inc.
829897 Invision Technologies, LLCInvision Technologies, LLC
826329 IP Communications, LLC.IP Communications, LLC.
828147 IP Living LLC.IP Living LLC.
826434 IP Networked Services, Inc.IP Networked Services, Inc.
829317 iPath Cloud Solutions, Inc.iPath Cloud Solutions, Inc.
830842 IPitomy Communications, LLCIPitomy Communications, LLC
828209 ipSBS Managed Service LLCipSBS Managed Service LLC
830940 IPtelX, LLC
830467 Iron Bow Technologies, LLCIron Bow Technologies, LLC
826866 Irvine Community Television, Inc.Irvine Community Television, Inc.
830325 ISC, Inc.ISC, Inc.
830315 ISG Technology LLCISG Technology LLC
827696 ISLC, Inc.ISLC, Inc.
830525 Isofusion, Inc.Isofusion, Inc.
828162 Isomedia, Inc.Isomedia, Inc.
831505 IT Computer SolutionsIT Computer Solutions
827626 IT Freedom, Inc.IT Freedom, Inc.
831191 IT Geek Consulting LLC
831155 IT Mindshare, LLCIT Mindshare, LLC
831444 IT Support Pros, Inc.EXCEDEO
830254 iTalk Cloud Solutions Inc.iTalk Cloud Solutions Inc.
827024 iTalk Global Communications, Inc.iTalk Global Communications, Inc.
829709 ITC Global Networks, LLCIronton Global and Telzy
831680 ITSP Direct, Inc.ITSP Direct, Inc.
830969 Ivoipd LLC
830703 IXC LLC
830840 J&F World Solutions, IncJ&F World Solutions, Inc
829182 Jabo Communications, LLCJabo Communications, LLC
828781 Jacobs Communications Group, LLCBNCVoice
828678 Jade Communications LLCJade Communications LLC
831115 JAM Broadband Solutions, LLC
830061 Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe EconomicDevelopment AuthorityJamestown Networks
828574 Jamko Force Networks, LLCJamko Force Networks, LLC
831171 JBS Communications, Inc.
831815 JCR & Associates IncAccelerated Technologies
831141 Jeff Howe IT ConsultancyArqnetworks
825981 Jep Communications LLCJep Communications
831660 Jim's Internet Phone Service, Inc.Jim's Internet Phone Service, Inc.
831813 JLPASAP LLCASAP Computer Services
831729 John Baldwin IT llcJohn Baldwin IT llc
831073 JOINK, LLC
831451 Jones Telecommunications, Inc.Jones Telecommunications, Inc
829463 JPB Consulting, Inc.Atlanta Office Solutions
831736 JT (Global) LimitedJT (Global) Limited
831530 Juern Technology, LLC.Juern Technology
831026 Jupiter Networks, Inc.
831636 Justice IT Consulting LLCJustice IT Consulting
830809 k12 ITC, Inc.
830116 Kanobe IncKanobe Inc
831404 Kansas Communication Services, Inc.
831551 Karibu TransfersKaribu Transfers
826751 Ken's Computers, Inc.VDI.NET
812205 Kentec Communications, Inc.Kentec Communications, Inc.
830752 Key Communications, Inc.Key Communications, Inc.
829990 KeyPBX, Inc.KeyPBX, Inc.
829656 Keystone Broadband, LLCKeystone Broadband
826452 Kilgore Video, Inc.Kilgore Video, Inc.
827213 Kinetic VoIP, Inc.Kinetic VoIP, Inc.
830668 Kings County Office of EducationKings County Office of Education
826858 Kmedia, Inc. dba VivophoneKmedia, Inc. dba Vivophone
830281 Kore Communication, Inc.Kore Communication, Inc.
828050 Kraus Electronics Systems Inc.Kraus Cable TV
831692 Kubicek Information Technologies, LLC
831584 Kylin TV, Inc.
829196 Ladera Communications Inc.Ladera Communications Inc.
830843 Lake RegionTechnology & Communications, LLCLake Region Technology & Communications, LLC
829254 LakeNet LLCLakeNet LLC
831563 LAN on Demand,
831720 LANspeed Technologies Inc
826985 Latin Telecom Trade, Inc.Latin Telecom Trade, Inc.
831431 Layered Systems LLC
830769 LDI Networks
826821 LeadingQuest LLCLeadingQuest LLC
829742 LeaperConn International, LLCLeaperConn International
827941 LeFutur, LLC.LeFutur, LLC.
831367 Level-1 Global Solutions
829260 Liberty Electric IncFlex Fone
831237 Liberty IP
826117 LightEdge Solutions, Inc.LightEdge Solutions, Inc.
830066 LimeBox Networks, LLCLimeBox Networks, LLC
830543 Limecom Inc.
829967 Lingo, Inc.Lingo, Inc.
821444 Live Wire Networks, Inc.Live Wire Net
828592 Living Stones IT Consulting, LLCLiving Stones IT Consulting, LLC
828644 Lobo Internet Services, Ltd.Lobo Internet Services, Ltd.
829107 Logicalis, Inc.Logicalis, Inc.
828090 Login, Inc.Login, Inc
831228 Logonmix CorporationLogonix Corporation
826453 Longview Cable TVLongview Cable TV
828724 Loud & Clear Telecommunications, LLCLoud & Clear Telecommunications, LLC
830672 LPS Associates, LLCLPS Associates, LLC
828833 LRM-COM, Inc.LRM-COM, Inc.
830086 LunaTech, Inc.LunaTech, Inc.
827409 Luzip Telecom Inc.Luzip Telecom Inc.
828608 Lycom Communications, Inc.Lycom Communications, Inc.
831296 Lynx Unified Communications, LLCLynx Unified Communications
830367 Lyons Communications, LLCLyons Communications, LLC
830105 M5 Networks, LLCShoreTel Sky
831500 Mai Enterprises LLC
830920 Main Line VoIPMain Line VoIP
828985 Mainstream Communications, Inc.Mainstream Communications, Inc.
831827 Managed Technologies of NY, Inc.
831798 Maquoketa Valley Rural Electric CooperativeMaquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative
830865 Marco, Inc.
827368 Masergy Could Communications IncMasergy Could Communications Inc
829065 MAX Communications, Inc.MAX Communications, Inc.
830015 Maxxtel Communications, LLCMaxxtel Communications
831384 MCC Broadband, LLC
825517 MCC Telephony LLCMCC Telephony LLC
830829 McCom, Inc.USNET
829632 Medicine Wheel Website Design, Inc.Medicine Wheel Website Design, Inc.
831840 MedTel Services, LLC
822052 Megapath Group, Inc.MegaPath Cloud Company, LLC
831389 Mendocino Unified School DistrictMendocino Community Network
830044 Mercury Network CorporationMercury Network Corporation
825982 Meriplex Communications, LTDMeriplex Communications, LTD
830480 Merryville Investments, LTD IncClarity Telemanagement
826744 MetroCast Cablevision of New Hampshire, LLCMetroCast Communications
829761 MGI International, LLCMGI International, LLC
827689 MI-Connection Communication SystemMI-Connection Communication System
830178 Miami Telecom LLCMiami Telecom LLC
828064 Michael D. Lansky, LLC.Avid Telecom
830985 Michigan Hosted Voice, Inc
825833 Mid-Hudson CablevisionMid-Hudson Cablevision
829973 Midwest Energy CooperativeMidwest Connections
829237 Millennium NetworksSilver Star Broadband
827949 MillicorpMillicorp
825979 mindSHIFT Technologies, Inc.mindSHIFT Technologies
830396 MM&G Enterprises, LLCFusion Media
827951 Mocadi Networks, LLCMocadi Networks, LLC
830119 Monarch Telecom, Inc.Monarch Telecom, Inc.
829216 Moontius LLCMoontius LLC
831487 Morefield Communications, Inc.Morefield Communications
827983 Morris Broadband, LLC.Morris Broadband, LLC.
828037 Mosaic Networx, LLCMosaic Networx, LLC
829715 MotherG, LLCMotherG
831089 Mountain Village Metro DistrictMountain Village Cable
826312 Mountain West Technologies CorporationMOUNTAIN WEST TELEPHONE
826043 MultiASP
828368 Multicultural Brand Marketing, Inc.Multicultural Brand Marketing, Inc.
830158 Multiple InvestorsGoCode Telecom
829319 MVD Communications, LLCMVD Communications, LLC
830438 MVP Holdings LTD.MVP Holdings LTD.
830001 MX2 Networks, LLCMX2 Networks, LLC
830882 My-Cloudline, LLC.My-Cloudline, LLC.
829396 Myakka Communications, Inc.Myakka Communications, Inc.
827728 MyFree Tel Int, LLC.MyFree Tel Int, LLC.
831160 N.D. Solutions Inc.Network Data Solutions Inc.
828133 NAS Point Communications, LLC.NAS Point Communications, LLC.
828332 Nath Network & Telecom Inc.Nath Network & Telecom Inc.
831806 National Networks LLC
830674 NDGI IncNational Design Group Inc
829955 NEC Cloud Communications America, Inc.NEC Cloud Communications America, Inc.
828249 Negia, IncNegia, Inc
829672 Nelson County Cablevision CorpNelson Cable, Inc.
831526 Neolink Telecom Inc
828759 Neptuno Media, Inc.Neptuno Networks
826832 Net 56, Inc.Net 56, Inc.
829651 Net Activity, Inc.Net Activity, Inc.
827581 Net Talk.Com, Inc.Net Talk.Com, Inc.
830154 Net Tel One Commmunications Inc.Net Tel One Commmunications Inc.
830228 Net Tel One Communications, Inc.Net Tel One Communications, Inc.
829068 NetDiverse, LLCNetDiverse, LLC
829875 Netech CorporationNetech Corporation
830139 NetFortris Acquisition Co., IncNetFortris Acquisition Co., Inc
830253 NetGain Information Systems CompanyNetGain Information Systems Co.
830992 NetGrinch, Inc.Interactive Telephony
828548 Netitek, LLCNetitek, LLC
831573 NetOne Technologies, Inc.
829717 Netrio, LLCNetrio, LLC
829324 NeturallySpeaking, LLCNeturallySpeaking, LLC
830836 Network Services Telecom Group LLCAnavon Technology Group
831182 Networkitects, Inc.
829453 Netwurx LLCNetwurx LLC
827876 Newcom, Inc.Newcom, Inc.
828628 Nexgen Internet Minds, Inc.Inetminds
822612 Nexpirion, LLCNexpirion
826198 Next Focus, Inc.Next Focus, Inc.
831669 Next Level Telecommunications CoNext Level Technologies USA
827231 Nextiva, Inc.Nextiva, Inc.
831123 NextMetro,LLCBroadAspect
831421 NextPointe Inc.
826077 nexVortex, Inc.nexVortex
826321 NG Telecom, Inc.Vwave Communications
831664 NGA Consulting Inc.
826881 NGC Inc.NGC Inc.
828418 Niagara Community TV Co-opNiagara Community TV Co-op
831227 Nitonet US LLC
829517 No More PBX LLCNo More PBX LLC
827076 NobelBiz, Inc.NobelBiz, Inc.
828954 Nordisk Systems, Inc.NW ComTech, Inc.
827433 Norstan Communications, Inc.Black Box Network Services
831445 Norstar Telecommunications, Inc.Norstar Networks
828267 North Texas Broadband, LLCNorth Texas Broadband, LLC
826515 Northland Cable Properties, Inc.Northland Communications
826497 Northland Cable Television, Inc.Northland Communications
826517 Northland Cable Ventures LLCNorthland Communications
830730 NorthStar Technology Services
827706 Northwest Vox, LLC.Northwest Vox, LLC.
829869 Nova Communications IncNova Communications Inc
828305 Novega Venture Partners, Inc.Novega Venture Partners, Inc.
830741 NoyTel Networks, LLCGTel
825511 Ntegrated Consulting, LLC.Ntegrated Voice
828689 NTInet Inc.NTInet Inc.
829186 NTS Solutions Inc.NTS Solutions Inc.
830764 Nu-TEL Communications of New Jersey, Inc.
830429 Nubefone LLCNubefone LLC
830817 NuTopia Technologies, LLCNuTopia Technologies, LLC
829652 NWN CorporationNWN Corporation
829689 LLC
830422 OA Systems, LLCOA Systems, LLC
827334 OACYS TechnologyOACYS Technology
830862 Oak Run Associates Ltd.DECCA Cable
830965 Office Management Systems Inc.Logista
830247 One Allied Fund CorporationOne Allied Fund Corporation
831336 One Stop VoIP LLC
824864 OnestopcorpONE STOP TEL
826998 ONESTREAM Networks, LLC.ONESTREAM Networks, LLC.
829881 OneTelVoice LLCOneTelVoice LLC
829316 Ongoing Operations LLCOngoing Operations LLC
829042 Onsite Sip Network Inc.Onsite Sip Network Inc.
826871 OOMA, Inc.OOMA, Inc.
831425 Open Tier SystemsOpen Tier Systems, LLC
826063 Optivon, Inc.Optivon, Inc.
824894 Optivon, Inc.Optivon, Inc.
830208 Orangette LLCOrangette Telecom
828633 Orbitel Services, LLCOrbitel Services
831856 Orion Networks, LLCCall-Path
828848 Orion Telecom Network, Inc.Orion Telecom Network, Inc.
828468 Orlando Business Telephone Systems Inc.Orlando Business Telephone Systems Inc.
830193 OSO Communications IncOSO Communications Inc
828325 OV LLC.Optimum Voice
830643 Owensboro Municipal UtilitiesOwensboro Municipal Utilities
826395 P.A. Dominguez, Inc.P.A. Dominguez, Inc.
830217 Pangea Systems, LLC.VOIP2320
830271 Paperless Knowledge, Inc.Paperless Knowledge, Inc.
831544 Park TV & Electronics, Inc.
831546 Park TV & Electronics, Inc.
830082 Parker Technology, LLCParker Technology, LLC
829905 Pathfinders IT LLCPathfinders IT LLC
830831 PC Infinity LLC
830642 Peachtree Communications IncPeachComm
828879 Peak Methods, Inc.Peak Uptime
830974 Pend Oreille Valley Networks, Inc.Pend Oreille Valley Networks, Inc.
831791 Perrins Management CorporationeTelCom
831236 PhoenixSoft, Inc.
827009 Inc.
829213 Phonetel, Inc.Phonetel, Inc.
829070 Phoneware, Inc.Phoneware, Inc.
831646 Phonexa, LLC
829641 Phyber Communications, LLCPhyber Communications, LLC
826451 Pine Bluff Cable Television, Inc.Pine Bluff Cable Television, Inc.
829321 Piratel, LLCPiratel, LLC
830024 Pizza PhonePizza Phone
831399 Plains Internet, LLCPlains Internet, LLC
828237 Plant TelenetPlant Telenet
828202 Plant TiftNetPlant TiftNet
831760 PMCommunications Corp.PMCommunications Corp.
826082 Pocket I Net Communications, Inc.Pocket I Net Communications, Inc.
829526 Porter Burgess CompanyFlair Data Systems
831019 Portland Computer Pros LLCOregon Phone Systems
830826 Positive MSP CorpPositive MSP Corp
827607 Precision Communications, Inc.Precision Communications, Inc.
824460 Preferred Connections, Inc. NWPreferred Connections, Inc. NW
826454 Prescott Video, Inc.Prescott Video, Inc.
829648 Presidio Networked Solutions, Inc.Presidio Networked Solutions, Inc.
828552 Press 8, LPPress 8 Telecom
831286 PrimeVOX Communications, LLC
811564 Primus Telecommunications, Inc.Primus Telecommunications, Inc.
830313 Privatel Inc.Privatel Inc.
830557 PRO OnCall Technologies LLC
831474 Probst Communications Inc.Probst Communications Inc.
831836 Proclaim VoIP, LLC
831418 Professional Development Solutions
829743 Professional Satellite Services, Inc.Home and Business Electronics
831351 Progressive Data Systems, Inc.
829529 Public Interest Telecom of CaliforniaAlternative Technologies
827792 Puerto Rico Cable Acquisition Co.Choice Cable TV
826681 Pulaski Electric SystemPES Energize
829871 Pure IP US LLCPure IP US LLC
828364 QCOL, IncQCOL, Inc
830565 Quality Communications 2, LLCQuality Communications 2, LLC
830360 Quantech CorporationQuantech Corporation
829773 Quest Media & Supplies, Inc.Quest
826110 Quick Connect VOIP, Inc.Quick Connect VOIP, Inc.
830664 Quik LLCQuik
830475 QuoCAll, LLCQuoCAll
830795 Hosting, LLCQWK Net
830801 QxC Communications, Inc.QxC Communications, Inc.
829583 R & M Computer Consultants, Inc.RMSource, Inc.
830466 Radvox LLCRadvox LLC
828920 Ralls Technologies, LLCRalls Technologies, LLC
829654 Ranch Wireless, Inc.Ranch Wireless, Inc.
831804 Range, inc
829534 Rayfield Communications, Inc.Rayfield Communications
826061 Razorline, LLC.Razorline, LLC.
831229 RCI Communications, IncRCI Broadband
828688 Re-Invent Telecom LLCRe-Invent Telecom LLC
829232 Real Time Networks, Inc.Real Time Networks, Inc.
826060 RealConnect, Inc.Real Connect
831005 Recent Communications, Inc.
826053 Red-Ban Communicaitons, LLC.NextPhone
829907 Reflective Group, LLCEllo Tello
829716 Reliance Telecommunications, Inc.Reliance Telecommunications, Inc.
830513 Reliant Data, LLCReliant Data, LLC
829263 Remac Enterprises, Ltd.Remac Enterprises, Ltd.
829309 Renternet, LLCRenterNETUSA
831829 Republic Wireless, Inc.
826445 Resort Television Cable Company, Inc.Resort Television Cable Company, Inc.
831448 Retirement DepotAdvisor Cloud 9
831812 Reyes IT and Trading, LLCHaititalk
828459 Reynolds Cable TV IncReynolds Cable TV Inc
828748 RFCnet, Inc.RFCnet, Inc.
829515 RGE Global Services IncRGE Global Services Inc
830736 RH Partners, LLCClearview Global Communications
828832 Rhode Island Telephone, Inc.Rhode Island Telephone, Inc.
831085 Rigel Voice Inc
827129 Ring Central, Inc.Ring Central, Inc.
830575 RingRx, LLCRingRx
829645 Rival5 Technologies CorporationRival5 Technologies Corporation
831826 River Telecom LLCRiver Telecom
828561 RJ Telecommunications IncRJ Telecommunications Inc
825573 RM Greene, Inc.Cable TV of East Alabama
828224 Rockefeller Group Communications, Inc.Rockefeller Group Communications, Inc.
828132 Rocky Mountain Systems, Inc.Rocky Mountain Systems, Inc.
831017 Rovex, Inc.Rovex, Inc.
831654 Rowe Wireless Networks LLC
830979 Royce Communication Services LLCRoyce Communication Services, LLC
829252 RST Communications, LLCRST Communications, LLC
830364 RST Global Communications LLCRST Global Communications LLC
828400 RunCentral, LLCRunCentral, LLC
830432 Rural Broadband Network Services
829092 SafeCall, Inc.SafeCall, Inc.
829650 Safelink Internet, LLCSafelink Internet, LLC
830074 Sage Communications, Inc.Sage Communications, Inc.
828733 Sage Technology Solutions, Inc.Sage Technology Solutions, Inc.
831033 Sangoma U.S., Inc.Sangoma U.S., Inc.
828228 Savage Communications, Inc.SCI Broadband
831151 Scrypt, Inc.
830410 Sebewaing Light and WaterSebewaing Light and Water
827920 Secure Cloud Solutions, LLCSecure Cloud Solutions, LLC
826455 Secure IP Telecom, Inc.Secure IP Telecom, Inc.
830262 Secured Retail Networks, Inc.Secured Retail Networks, Inc.
829155 SecureNetMD, LLCSecureNetMD, LLC
831592 SecurePoint, LLC
826019 Segovia Commercial Services, IncSegovia Commercial Services, Inc
831819 SelecTech, Inc.SelecTech, Inc.
829224 Semnac Technologies, LLCSemnac Technologies, LLC
827984 Semperon CorporationSemperon Corporation
831507 Service Electric Cable Television of New Jersey, Inc.
828617 Servpac IncorporatedServpac Incorporated
829480 Shen-Heights T.V. Associates, IncShen-Heights T.V.
830134 Sheng Li Telecom International LLCSheng Li Telecom International LLC
829471 Shift8 Networks, Inc.Shift8 Networks, Inc.
827557 Shoutpoint, IncShoutpoint, Inc
826485 Sify Technologies LimitedSify Technologies Limited
830778 Signitel IncSignitel Inc
830073 Simple CommunicationsSimple Communications Inc
831417 Simple Ventures, LLCSimple Net Technologies
831843 Simple Voip LLC
829242 Simplii, LLCSimplii
829589 Single Digits, Inc.Single Digits, Inc.
829168 Single Path, LLCSingle Path, LLC
828157 Sioux Falls Networks & CommunicationsSioux Falls Networks & Communications
829050 Sit-Co, LLCSit-Co, LLC
831772 Skye Telecom LLCSkyetel
830550 SkyNet Cloud Solutions, Inc.
829585 Skynet Telecom, LLCSkynet Telecom, LLC
826086 Skystream Broadband & Voice Integration, LLC.Skystream Broadband & Voice Integration, LLC.
829558 Skytalk Plus LLCSkytalk Plus
829335 Skywave Wireless, Inc.Skywave Wireless, Inc.
830856 Smargasy Inc.
830897 Smart Link Telecommunications LLC
827126 Smart Network Solutions Comm Corp.Smart Network Solutions Comm Corp.
831116 Smart Networks, LLCSmart Networks
829829 SmartEdgeNet LLCEdge Communications
826580 SmartLine, LLCSmartLine, LLC
830910 SMB Networks, LLC
831817 smplsolutionssmplsolutions
831050 Social Communications llc
828660 Solutions Express Ltd.Solutions Express Ltd.
826316 Solutions IT Consulting, LLC.Solutions IT Consulting, LLC., Wareband Wireless
828906 Somapoint, Inc.Aastral Communications
831134, Inc.SONIC.
827193 SoTel Systems, LLC.SoTel Systems, LLC.
826012 Sound Choice Communications LLCSound Choice Communications LLC
831061 SourcIT Technology Services, L.L.C.SourcIT Technologies
827629 South Valley InternetSouth Valley Internet
829236 SouthPoint Communications, LLCSoundCurve
830039 Sparko CorporationUSTelekom
831066 Spectrum VOIP Solutions, Inc.
828316 Speed of Light Broadband, Inc.Speed of Light Broadband, Inc.
830691 SpeedConnect, LLC
827982 Spencer Telecom, LLC.Spencer Telecom, LLC.
829988 Spiral Solutions and Technolgies IncSpiral Communications
829929 Splendid Technology Services, LLCSplendid Technology Services, LLC
825872 Stage 2 Networks LLC.Stage 2 Networks LLC.
827907 Star2Star Communications, LLC.Star2Star Communications, LLC.
831465 SteadyLink, LLCSteadyLink, LLC
830989 Stowe Communications, LLC
831561 Strata Pointe Technologies, LLC
830860 Strategic Support Systems, Inc.Strategic Support Systems, Inc.
831597 Stromberg Technologies, Inc.NexTek
830204 Succeed. NetSucceed. Net
830947 Summit Tech Services LLC
829548 Summit Voice LLCSummit Voice LLC
829040 Sumner Cable TV, Inc.Sumner Communications
831809 Sun Tech Solutions, Inc.Sun Tech Solutions Inc
830870 SundogIT, Inc.SundogIT, Inc.
831752 Super Beagle Enterprises, LLCMynoki
826133 Super-Net, Inc.Super-Net, Inc./Massillon Cable/Clear Picture
831802 SuraTel, Inc.
830137 Surazal Systems, Inc.Savvier Communications
830655 Surf Air Wireless, LLC
829911 Sweeney CommunicationsClear Voice One
826958 Sweetwater Cable Television Co.Sweetwater Cable Television Co.
831070 Swisstok Telnet USA Inc
830365 Switchsoft Inc.Switchsoft Inc.
830634 Syntel Solutions
831858 System Admin LLC
829287 SystemMetrics CorporationSystemMetrics Corporation
828008 T4 Telecom LLC.T4 Telecom LLC.
826448 Tahlequah Cable Television, inc.Tahlequah Cable Television, inc.
831025 Talk IT Up Global, LLCTalk IT Up Global
828943 TampaBay DSL Inc.PBX-Change
831706 Targa Technologies, LLC
831266 TB Consulting, LLCTB Consulting, LLC
831859 TCG Technologies LLCCompany B
829912 TDS Baja Broadband LLCTDS Baja Broadband LLC
830327 Teamgeneis com, inc.Capalon Communications, Inc.
831712 TechSitters, LLC
828311 Techvox Communications, LLCTechvox Communications, LLC
829966 Teck Usa IncTeck Usa Inc
829721 Tek-Hut,IncTek-Hut,Inc
829722 TekLinks, Inc.TekLinks, Inc.
830169 TekScape IT, LLCTekScape IT, LLC
828869 Teksync Technologies, LLCCommunication on Demand
826633 Tel-Star Cablevision, Inc.Tel-Star Cablevision, Inc.
830962 TelAgility Corp
826490 Telcentris, Inc.Telcentris, Inc. dba VoxOx
829330 Telco ConnectionTelco Connection
831082 Telco Cuba, Inc.
830822 Telco Ltd.Telco Ltd.
829136 Telco-Connect LLCTelco-Connect LLC
830051 Telcom Services Installation, IncTSI
830187 Telcom Systems, LLCTelcom Systems, LLC
830103 Tele Cloud LLCTele Cloud LLC
829108 Tele-Systems, Inc.Tele-Systems, Inc.
827878 TeleBlend, LLC.TeleBlend, LLC.
827233 Telebroad, LLC.Telebroad, LLC.
831620 TeleCaaS LLCTeleCaaS
824104 TeleCom Carrier Access, LLCTeleCom Carrier Access, LLC
829971 Telecom Management Group, Inc.Telecom Management Group, Inc.
831320 Telecom Xchange
831329 Telecom, LLCPriority Communications
830064 Telecomp Computer Services, Inc.Telecomp Computer Services, Inc.
828763 Teleconnex Inc.Teleconnex
829522 TeleConsultants Network, Inc.TeleSpeak
830174 Teledigicom CorporationTeledigicom Corporation
829581 TeleFlex Networks, LLCTeleFlex Networks
829520 Telepars Telecommunications Corp.Telepars Telecommunications Corp.
829670 Telepath, Inc.Telepath, Inc.
829112 Telephonix, Inc.Telephonix, Inc.
829348 Telespace, LLCTelespace, LLC
830644 Teletonix Communications, LLC
830297 TeleVoIPs, L.L.C.TeleVoIPs, L.L.C.
831350 teli communications, llc
828639 Telmate LLCTelmate LLC
831822 Telnamix Ltd.
830115 Telnexus, LLCTelnexus, LLC
828958 Telonium Communications LLCTelonium
830590 Telpeer Solutions LLCTelpeer Solutions LLC
828603 Telserv Telecom, LLCTelserv Telecom
830694 Telzio, Inc.Telzio
830127 Teo Communication Services, Inc.Teo
826908 Terra Nova Net, Inc.Terra Nova Net, Inc.
829495 Test X LLCTest X LLC
828300 The Digital Cloud Company LLCThe Digital Cloud Company LLC
828707 The Electric Power Board of the City of ScottsboroScottsboro Electric Power Board
830913 The Garam Group, LLCGCORE Communication
828174 The Hand MediaThe Hand Media
828990 The Harbor City CorpACC TELECOM
829153 The I.T. Workshop, LLCThe I.T. Workshop
828238 The Iserv Company, LLCThe Iserv Company, LLC
830624 The K. group US corpVoiceKonnect Global
829429 The Maynard GroupThe Maynard Group
829536 The Nexus Group, Inc.The Nexus Group, Inc.
830846 The Rite Group
824146 The T1 Company, LLCThe T1 Company, LLC
830740 The Utility Company of East TNTUC Technologies
829628 TheIPGuys.Net, LLCOneNet USA
830009 Third Base International Telecom LLCThird Base International Telecom LLC
830470 Third Generation of Pennsylvania, Inc.Third Generation of Pennsylvania, Inc.
830708 Thoroquel Systems, LLC
831696 Thunderbolt Computing, Inc.Capalon Communications
828130 Tidal Communications, LLC.Tidal Communications, LLC.
826796 TierzeroTierzero
831799 TieTechnology, LLCTieTechnology, LLC
825088 Time Warner Cable Information Services (Wisconsin), LLCTime Warner Cable, inc.
831648 TISD, Inc.True Internet Services
824364 TM Telcomm Corp.TM Telcomm Corp.
830676 TN Investments, LLCVox Link
829457 Tonka TelTec, LLCTonka TelTec, LLC
829915 Top Notch Networking, LLCTop Notch Networking, LLC
831640 TopDog Phone, LLCTopDog Phone, LLC
830245 Torchwood Labs, LLCPointClear Networks
829244 Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.
830270 Total Technologies, LLCTotal Technologies, LLC
831051 Town of Holly Springs
826045 Town of ShrewsburyShrewsbury Electric And Cable Operations (Selco)
830447 Towner ElectronicsTowner Communications Systems
831144 Trans Global Communications, Inc.
829932 Trans-West Telephone Co., Inc.Trans-West Network Solutions
831234 Transera Communications, Inc.Transera Communications, Inc.
829466 TransTel VOIP LLCTransTel VOIP LLC
830776 Trapp Connect, LLCTrapp Technology
831212 Traveler Telecom LLCTraveler Telecom
820186 TRC Telecom, Inc.TRC Telecom, Inc.
828824 Treasure Lake, L.P.Zito Media
827379 Tri-County Communications, Inc.Intelligent Network Communications Inc.
830596 Triad Telecom Solutions, Inc.Triad Telecom
830906 Triada Networks LLC
831098 Trident Communications, Inc
831158 Triggerfish CorporationTriggerfish
829414 Trinicom Communications, LLCTrinicom Communications, LLC
824198 Troy Cablevision, Inc.Troy Cablevision, Inc.
829521 True IP Solutions, LLC.True IP Solutions, LLC.
827096 Truphone LimitedTruphone Limited
831215 Trusted Technical Services, Inc.TrustTek VoIP Services
831096 TuBodega LLCTuBodega LLC
829184 TV Cable of Rensselaer, Inc.TV Cable of Rensselaer, Inc.
826610 TWC Digital Phone, LLC.Time Warner Cable
829357 Twin City Voip Inc.Twin City Voip Inc.
829413 TwinState/Voice.Data.Video.Inc.TwinState/Voice.Data.Video.Inc.
828972 Two Cans and Some String IncTwo Cans and Some String Inc
830406 Ubity Inc.Ubity
829455 UComTel, IncUComTel, Inc
829833 Ultra Communications Group, LLCUltra Communications Group, LLC
830953 Unggoy Broadband, LLCUnggoy Broadband
826732 Unified Communications CorporationTeleblend
831695 Unified Office, Inc.
829231 United Internet Services, Inc.United Internet Services, Inc.
829535 United Telecom LtdUnited Telecom Ltd
830222 UniVoIP, IncUniVoIP, Inc
829646 UnwiredWest, LLCUnwiredWest, LLC
830433 upNetworx, Inc.upNetworx, Inc.
830369 Uptime IT Systems IncUptime IT Systems Inc
825929 US LEC iTel, LLCUS LEC iTel, LLC
831411 US Matrix Telecommunications Inc
828654 UT&T LLCUnlimited Technology & Telephone
826332 V- Global Communications, Inc.V- Global Communications, Inc.
831338 V-Tech Communication IncV-Tech
830544 V1 VOIP LLC
828456 V2 Ventures, LLCV2 Ventures, LLC
829516 VAIX, Inc.Coordinated Telecom, Inc.
831240 Van Ausdall & Farrar, Inc.
830213 VanillaSoft CorpVanillaSoft Corp
830214 VanillaSoft, IncVanillaSoft, Inc
828784 Vartel, LLCVartel, LLC
828826 VastEdge
828825 VAZQ Communications, Inc.VAZQ Communications, Inc.
828071 VC3, Inc.VC3, Inc.
827101 Vector Data Systems, LLC.Vector Data Systems, LLC.
828768 Velantro, Inc.Velantro, Inc.
826127 Velocity Networks, Inc.Velocity Networks, Inc.
828154 Velocity Online, Inc.Velocity Online, Inc.
828491 Velocity Unified Communications, Inc.Velocity Unified Communications, Inc.
830524 Vergent, LLCVergent, LLC
831697 Vergx LLC
827048 Via Talk, LLC.Via Talk, LLC.
829952 ViaSat, Inc.ViaSat, Inc.
829356 LLCVibe
826444 Vicksburg Video, Inc.Vicksburg Video, Inc.
830025 Vida Network Technologies, Inc.Vida Network Technologies, Inc.
830837 Vine Clouds Technologies
831196 Vinix, LLCVinix, LLC
830312 VIP Voice Services, LLCVIP Voice Services
831251 Virginia Everywhere, LLCAll Points Broadband
830252 Virginia Integrated Communication, Inc.Vicom
828396 Virtual Media Telecom, Inc.Virtual Media Telecom, Inc.
829849 Vision CTS, LLCVision CTS, LLC
825156 Vistalmar International, Inc.Trademark Corp.
830195 Voclarion, LLC
829540 Vodex Communications CorporationVODEX
830588 Voice & Data Networks, Inc.Voice & Data Networks, Inc.
829174 Voice Carrier LLCVoice Carrier LLC
829239 Voice Connect, LLCVoice Connect, LLC
831447 Voice Data Systems LLC.Voice Data Systems LLC.
827772 Voice Fox Telephony LLC.Voice Fox Telephony LLC.
830744 Voice Logic LLCvoicelogic
826010 Voice Ring, Inc.Voice Ring, Inc.
826001 Voice Runner, Inc.Voice Runner
831631 Voicecom Plus, Inc.Voicecom Plus, Inc.
826825 VoiceINC.Com CorporationVoiceINC.Com Corporation
826002 VoiceLift, Inc.VoiceLift, Inc.
830053 VoicePro, Inc.The Sater Group
831629 VoiceTerm, Inc.VoiceTerm
831258 Voicisity LLC
830487 Voip
825435 VOIP CorporationVoip
829004 VoIP Networks Hosted, LLCVoIP Networks Hosted, LLC
828944 VOIP Systems USA LLCVOIP Systems USA LLC
826935 VOIP360, Inc.VOIP360, Inc.
829340 LLC
827351 Voipia Networks, Inc.Voipia Networks, Inc.
826554 VoIPStreet, Inc.VoIP Innovations
830628 Voko Communications LLCVoko
827095 Vonage Business Inc.Vonage Business Inc.
825971 Vonage Holdings Corp.Vonage Holdings Corp.
828703 Voonami IncVoonami Inc
829435 VorTech Services Inc.VorTech Services
828997 Votacall, IncVotacall
825950 Vox Communications CorpVox Communicatons Corp.
831747 Vox Tandem LLC
826926 Voxdom LLC.Voxdom LLC.
831703 VOXSignalVOXSignal
830482 Voxtell LLCVoxtell LLC
826128 Voyant Communications, LLCVoyant Communications, LLC
828563 Voyzze Communications, Inc.Voyzze Communications, Inc.
831739 VSBX LLC
831793 VTCSecure, LLCVTCSecure
830233 VTi Communications Group, IncVTi Communications Group, Inc
829790 Vyve Broadband ABCI Allegiance, LLC
829791 Vyve Broadband JVyve Broadband J
827573 W.A.T.C.H. TV CompanyW.A.T.C.H. TV Company
830110 Waddell Solutions Group LLCWaddell Solutions
827098 Wanetics, LLC.Wanetics, LLC.
827457 Warrior Hill, LLC.Warrior Hill, LLC.
826028 WaveDivision Holdings, LLCWave Broadband
830673 WaveNation, LLCWaveNation
831203 WC Fiber, LLCWC Fiber
831242 WDIT, IncorporatedCorsica Technologies
829995 WebFones, LLCWebFones, LLC
829347 Weeks Communications LLCFathom Voice
829091 WEHCO Video, Inc.WEHCO Video, Inc.
830774 West Alabama TV Cable Company, Inc.
826863 West Central Ohio Internet Link, LLC.West Central Ohio Internet Link, LLC.
826161 West IP CommunicationsSmoothstone IP Communications
830667 Westel, LLCWestel Fiber
826617 Western Broadband, LLC.Western Broadband, LLC.
831317 Weycorp, Inc.Weycorp, Inc.
829194 Wheatland Electric Cooperative, IncWheatland Broadband Services
826449 White County Video, Inc.White County Video, Inc.
829361 White Label Communications LLCWhite Label Communications LLC
830460 Whittrio, Inc.Stimulus Technologies
831733 WideOpenWest Georgia, LLCWOW! Internet, Cable & Phone
830789 WIFI NY LLC
830463 Wind Circle Network, Inc.Wind Circle Network, Inc.
826186 Wind Currents Communications, Inc.Wind Currents Communications, Inc.
831410 Windward Wireless LLC
831396 WinNET Communications, Inc.
830192 Wired or Wire less, IncWired or Wire less, Inc
831452 Wires and Phones Inc
828687 Wisper ISP, INCWisper ISP, INC
831383 Wittenberg Wireless, LLCWittenberg Wireless, LLC
830459 Woodstitch LLCWoodstitch LLC
828501 WorkSpace Communications, LLCWorkSpace Communications
831349 WUN Systems, LLC
827756 WWISP, Inc.WWISP, Inc.
827703 Wyoming.ComWyoming.Com
829718 Xantek, Inc.Xantek, Inc.
827705 XMission, LLC.XMission, LLC.
831069 Xobee Networks, Inc.Xobee Networks, Inc.
830057 Xpedeus, Inc.Xpedeus, Inc.
829771 Xpro Networks LLCXpro Networks LLC
829381 Xtelesis CorporationXtelesis Corporation
830879 XtracomXtracom
829938 YipTel Colorado, LLCYipTel Colorado, LLC
829120 Yiptel, LLCYiptel
831666 Zanarkand LLC
829275 Zang, Inc.
831380 Zella Technologies, LLC.
828870 Zellius Telecommunications Inc.Zellius Telecommunications Inc.
826202 Zito Media Voice LLC.Zito Media
827630 ZK Tech Inc.ZK Tech Inc.
829235 Zray Technologies CorporationZray Technologies Corporation
831195 Zthernet LLC
830478 Zultys, Inc.Zultys, Inc.

This database reflects filings received by USAC as of Jan. 05, 2017FCC Form 499 Filer Database Software Version 01.03.06 July 21, 2011

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